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Our regions luxury retailer and analogue expert

Friday November 12th: We shall be closed, I will be attending an event. We reopen Saturday the 13th.

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It's begun

So soon out of the gate, we have had to have had to dismantle our protracted event /demonstration. So the few systems that were to last 2 weeks time have become virtually impossible to sustain. Yes, what are those... yes, we still maintain much demo gear for your listening pleasure. So we will try to at least maintain that Audio Note event, but not for 2.5 weeks, but for one week or a weekend only, we will try our best.

Life goes on. Lately Naim is shining greatly, you folks are deep diving in, good, supporting local is great.

Seems like our Vincent Belanger from Audio Note made great strives to asserting with his set up at the Toronto audiofest 2021 event, that even Audio Note that is affordable is great and still highly musical. I thinks, despite being surrounded with kilo buck systems, I read quite a few of you folks called our AN room, winning room of the show. I am glad so many discovered what I have been saying for many years, even affordable AN gear has some magic too it. Good... so the secret is out. We will emulate or replicate nearly the same AN system at the Toronto show. So those Ottawa folks will have a chance to hear something close... without driving to Toronto. We will serve wines, beers and coffee on the house. Saturday in question. This will apply only is Covid remains stable and will be subject to cancellation for said reason.

When... we are aiming, for late November on a Friday and Saturday ((November 26 and 27th, less than 1 month away)). A 2 day event, we could manage that much. Read tentative planned system in below article. Looking forward to it folks.

Xmas is within 2 months time, there is only so much we can achieve within such a brief period of time. Thanks for your support, let us try to have some fun folks.

Analogue work

With exception of the heavy work surrounding Linn LP 12's on our benches, all other TT work should be delivered by mid December. We are at this time, saturated with partial or full rebuilds and will be for the foreseeable future. Also, there now exist a small line up of clients that are awaiting their turn.

Our table work scale is now Orange, 10 weeks wait time coded. More info on our Analogue page.

Our NEW turntables, in stock but not on display yet.

Covid has turned things inside out , and by default, I still have not worked on 3 full and quite substantial table that were received last March. We will be rushing the building of our floor LINN LP 12. I'm hoping to have this at the ready by November 1st or 2nd week max. There are 2 more substantial tables to be built, I can offer no date at this time. Thanks for your patience

Toronto's Audio fest this weekend ( Oct 22-24 )

aduio note banner.jpg

Our musical ambassador, Vincent Belanger will be demonstrating the increasingly popular AN Cobra, with the aid of an CDT 1 transport and making use of the AN-J's. I believe he will be using AN Lexus throughout the system. He should be playing snippets of some of his music... and if you look closely the left banner... well, you will see him pictured in the same banner as well. Tell him we sent you!

Don't forget our own Audio Note event this coming November foks ;-)

audio note banner 2_0.png


So it goes... our premium line, Audio Note.

Ontario and Quebec are in fine Covid states ( for now ), should this remain so later this year, we will make certain that we let our clients know which Audio Note system will be playing in a limited and by appointment event. The latter will be necessary so we can respect health protocols that are likely to be still with us.

But one thing for sure, the following will be on display, dates to follow :

audio note cd 4.1x.jpg

* Audio Note Meishu ( which model is still not decided upon )
* Audio Note CD 4.1 x
* Audio Note AN-E speakers
* Audio Note Sogon and AN-vx cables
* Vinyl rig, still undecided

There will equally be a secondary Audio Note system at a different time. This will be most likely a first introduction system of the Audio Note system after such an protracted introduction date.

audio note cobra_0.png

* Audio Note Cobra
* Audio Note CD t 3
* Speakers still undetermined, AN -Z , or AN-K's ??
* Audio Note Lexus and AN VX cables
* Vinyl rig, still being decided upon.

Dates to follow later this October. Let's cross fingers and see if we can achieve this. This latter event will also be by invite / appointment.