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Our 29th SPI birthday is starting to be felt.

Within just 7 weeks time, or there about, your SPI will be celebrating our 29th year. God time flies. As I look back and ahead, challenges were many and we suspect we will live many more with what seems to be a chaotic existence for so many of us. Without your support, we could not survive of course , and we do appreciate it. Our Stevio having barely just left in late March, our many companies that have disappeared on us with any word, and yet, we still are having fun. Our 29th year will likely be challenging but we have continued to prosper despite Covid, so we are ready to continue well into our 30th. Having just lost a few good friends and clients to cancer this summer, when we look back on the roads taken, it does make it seem like a long time in business.

We do this for our clients and we do it for us... as long as we continue to have fun then its game on. Once again, thanks for your support folks.

Clearance page now on.

Our Clearance page is about to be uploaded or now is folks. We have much overstock to add in the 3rd week of September . Many reference cables, as well as end of line gear. So... have a ball looking at it ;-)


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As October and November turns around, we'll be looking at displaying Linn and Audio systems. More information to come. Especially some new gear that was received as far back as April will be brought in and or built so we can display it by late Autumn.

Watch for our newly reloaded AN webpage, and Reference webpage. Much will be added on those two web pages. By mid month September, we should be back in full swing mode.

Streaming and more...

Our Naim Star, all in one unit will be finally introduced to our clients for the month of September on JMR speakers. I do use it a lot on our dem rooms, it took for ever to burn in. Soon and later in September, it will be Linn DSM turn to play nice for us on, you guessed it, Linn Majik 140 speakers. Super simple but very musical set up.

roksan - attessa.PNG

naim uniti star.jpg

By October, we should be receiving our new toys I hope. New toys by Roksan we dearly hope after a rather over long year and a half wait. The Odessa has a few components including a turntable.

audiolab.PNG funkfirm_0.jpg

We have placed our Funk Firm table on permanent display. Its mated with a full Audiolab system. The most decorated 8300 level amplifier with internal DAC and phono stage, with AL CD transport and AL streamer. This is playing through another JMR speaker, the new AND LATEST award winning Lunna.

Now with what we will be looking to get in terms of new, we will need to see when we will be receiving. Our October and sometime November, we will be displaying full Audio Note systems. Oh boy, ohhhh yummie.

Later we're hoping to have stability, so we can display Roksan systems. ...then we hold some hope for Audio Note.

roksan balck.jpg

Its been over 18 months that we have not played actively an AN system. All we will say is our AN-E's will be playing. The system behind it will or should be a first in Ottawa. With so much in the air at this time, we can dare to dream. But the wise thing is to keep things a little loose and not set plans so far in advance.

Thanks for your support, see you after the long weekend. See our home page, we will be closed for a few days here and there as I will be away seeing family.

Be good

We're trying to make it...

...so we keep things simple and fun. As September encroached on us with all its uncertainties, Kris and I will be proposing real nice systems for listening in the coming weeks. Linn and Naim will be a stopping point this early Autumn. We have plenty to play with. Soon after, it will be another British duo, Audio Lab and Roksan.

linn majik dsm.jpg

jmr banner multiple.png

Jean Marie Reynaud will be refocused on in our main room. Its been quite some time we have not had our JMR Abscise playing with everything going on. As you have read this, the above set ups will be already set up and playing within our walls.

We will further be pushing our turntable work, perhaps before something happens Covid wise. Speaking of turntables, we have just ordered more analogue accessories at all levels, more on this as we update the following. Our Analogue web page will be revised with a lot of precise details, as you've all noticed, it has not been touched with our present info-web diet. The stock we keep in such things as general audio accessories is mind boggling, not to mention analogue things which is even more mind boggling. No word of a joke, its serious ;-)

At days end, in our near future, we boys at SPI, will keep things light and fun. Should some rather unfunny Covid wise stuff happens once again, we will this time around, continue behind the scenes and serve our clients as best we can.

Lastly as we turn the corner in this early Autumn, I will be looking forward to bring in more new gear for our clients. Both Naim and Linn have taken up position with our clients. So lets keep things light and fun folks. Ok enough said, looking forward to seeing you all and let us hope for the best this last remaining months of 2021.