January 15th 2021: We will be fully but temporarily closed till further notice, till we can safely re-open again. Expect important delays in response times till we can reopen again. Do not leave voice mails. Stay safe and see you hopefully sooner than later folks.

About Us

SPI is a highly skilled, expert level retailer that serves the public from a commercial and semi private location away from center town traffic and with plenty of free parking to spare. In our near 30 years of experience, we have always remained service based, all the way. Everything we do is based on achieving client satisfaction. My entire team strives for this. Our demonstration capability remain a highly precise process in the hope to attaining the most musical experience for you. We have proven this with our near 300 publically held events. Quality audio is inclusive and we do try to make things possible for you. My teams mandate is quite literally that simple, yet, that unique and serious in pursuit.

Our corporate choices yesterday, today and tomorrow.


They don't change nor do we. "Is this a store", new clients often state upon entering our shop.

Our history has never changed regarding our offering a quiet, very homey feel and a relaxed atmosphere at that, where listeners are invited without rush nor pressure, too make a buying decision on your terms and with your budget in mind. Our client based services strive at the utmost to taking care of your passion and love of music. These have stood the test of time. Our choices are one of both serving stability of clients services, portfolio reliability and longevity, as well as providing a most soulful journey from your investment. Nothing else matters, and we have been successful at doing business our own unique way for a very long time.

You will not find us anywhere in any online forums, as counter intuitive it is, I remained steadfast in my vision to serve only people that are standing before my team and I. Passion lives within our walls, " best price " is the only thing to ring any bells in our online world.