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Our over 34 year history with Linn analogue.

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Where the Linn Lp 12's are concerned, our name is attached to this Table as much as a few other now deceased and or since retired and elderly actors. One of these pioneers, the most iconic Terry Richardson, the only true and very close best friend in this industry that I hold dear. I was formally trained by Linn UK, one of the last courses I later heard. Also trained on 2 occasions by Linn Canada with their well established expert (G Gagnon). Truth be told I had already worked on LP 12's quite a bit by my 1st training course.

Fast forward till today, I count now over 1,400 Lp 12's worked on. I keep count and yes, I take pics of all of them since the digital camera came out. I carry a ton of inventory for either maintenance or some/most repairs. Oh, yes, on further sell Linn and new Linn Lp 12's on the side ;).

We can cover your Lp 12 needs in this region. Now that I have gravitated to semi-retirement this December 2022, wait times will be greatly shortened. No more of these god forsaken wait time's that were the norm as I ran a successful business. Roger and I will add a great many pics on the Lp 12, maybe others as well. Hang loose till 2023 rolls around.

I will be back guys.

Coming in 2023

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