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Our regions luxury retailer and analogue expert


analoguemate@stereo-passion.com ( for all turntable requests, from parts too Linn LP 12 repairs/maintenance )

Below is a small sampling of our everyday audio wares.

A refresher for our Linn LP 12 tables as well as any other table you buy from us, we build and put these to spec free of charge for you. This is included in our price. Further, we update and refresh your turntable free of charge up to 2 years after your purchase. Original invoice necessary.

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Green means all is good in terms of brief wait times, rather rare .

Yellow means expect brief delays 1 - 3 weeks wait .

Orange means that there are significant wait times, usually because of LINN LP 12 backlogs .

Red means, chaos and bloody mayhem again. Expected protracted wait times. This happens often!

No matter where we are, all the work we do on your behalf remains un-rushed.


The end of 2020 and beginning 2021 will see a deep dive in maintaining analogue based inventory at our highest level ever. This investment will continue to widen our already impressive levels of offerings where turntables parts and phono stage are concerned. We will reinstitute our Analogue busy-ness scale where Linn LP 12 's are concerned. We have carried from set cartridge screws for your rig too cartridge leads on multiple levels of quality, tone arm cables at all level and so on and so forth.

Our repair services and capacities are presently being tested, its a definitive growth area that we are seeing. One that we will meet head on. Few retailers in Ottawa have or are incapable or willing to meet this labor intensive need. When we say we remain unscathed from Covid, we are adapting here at this levels and in other area's where our retail operation.

Further inroad's are also being offered where affordable cables ( at all levels ) are concerned. We carry on display much in tems of the cartridge leads as mentioned above to power cables and jumpers.

We are here to fully respond to Ottawa's analogue needs. Sometimes one may expect some wait times where these repair services are concerned. Oh yes, our long held promise stands, once we finish off working on your table, you will never heard it sound so good. We never failed at this promise, its really that simple. Its all done the right way and with love and the occasional swear word ;-).

On display / Linn LP 12 / Repairs & Services

In Store and On Display

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SPI carries on display approximately 10 models of turntables give and take, usually from 800.00 to well over 10,000.

We also maintain a very high inventory of analogue accessory inventory.

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Repairs of Linn LP-12

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We are one of the last truly trained by Linn LP 12 technicians. We hold expert LP 12 certification in this domain. Further, SPI possesses most likely the highest Linn LP 12 parts inventory anywhere. We only use certified and true Linn parts to fix your Linn turntables.

Our establishment has worked on an estimated 1,000 Linn LP 12 's since we began.



We equally can modify and or repair your turntable. There are some things we no longer do, we will advise at time of call

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Cables, Turntables + TT parts, Cleaning accessories, phono amplifiers, cartridges, mats, platters, record brushes, bulk cables, RCA's, Linn BNC connectors, headphone amplifiers and much more 

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Headphone amplifiers (All on display and more)

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Turntable parts

SPI has over 1,000 turntable parts by the following companies (by and large Canada's largest)

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