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Linn LP 12 parts... (7/12)

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I have preceded with ordering substantial amounts of Linn LP 12 parts, power supplies in particular. Also, power supplies that are standard and quite excellent from 3rd party companies. This is for our client base in this region. Furthermore, in order to supplement our existing stock of Linn belts, that I am about to receive more significant amounts of Linn Belts on order.

I have received a few Linn Axis repairs orders. Sadly, the tables have been deemed "end of life" by Linn themselves quite a few years ago. This means , parts are really not produced any longer. The motor in particular. No motor, no table, it's really that simple. My Axis part inventory is running out. I may still mod or fix these, but before I proceed with anything , they must pass a motor stress test. I have a mountain load of other Linn parts as well that I will not be running out anytime soon.

The Linn Majik 109 speakers are now out of production. They had been in production since 2006, which is very long for any model to last. Does this mean the iconic Majik 140 is about to disappear. I have asked Linn to clarify the moment they can. It may mean that this will not happen.



Hercules II power supply and Majik LP 12 power supply

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We carry both types of power supply nearly at all times, and we may be able to help you with your old LP 12. The older LP 12 motors that are 50Hz may need to be replaced with a 60Hz motor if one is looking at the Herc II p/s. At time of replacements, this job may in some cases, turn out to be a level 2 should we be lucky, but usually it turns out to be a TLC 3 level job.

I offer these exclusively to my clients. We don't ship these out.

Vintage LP 12 parts and more...

Sometimes LP 12 parts break, or stop working. Getting these may be very difficult. Everything under the Linn stars, may be available for you under our one roof. Just send me an email with the part you may need. I may be able to help you out without the gouging on Ebay. Even on Ebay, at time of writing, these are quite difficult to find.

Even shops that sell all kinds of banana plugs do not sell these.

Further, speaking of gouging, we have a very big bag of old new ( NOS ) Linn Banana plugs, you all us Linn freaks know the kind. We saw insane prices surrounding these very BNC plugs. Our prices are still and remain at 60.00 for a set of 4. Tons of stock and maybe for years to come.

Our system behind LP 12 works behind the scenes ( 13/11 ).

Most people will be able to confirm that when a LP 12 client calls for us to work on their tables, I get a little technical in response, and I attempt to tell you folks what level of service your table is to receive. I rarely make a mistake in my calls, but occasionally I do. I often ask for about 3 pics of your table. My eyes quickly assess where we must go. One often hears these codes like TLC 1 or TLC 2 and or TLC 3.

These codes just refer how much of a deep dive, I think I may have to do in order to make your TT's play as new or as close to new as possible. My very long held promise is to make your LP 12's sound beyond what you are used to, always apply without exception with my work.

First what does TLC mean ?. Simply just a cute way to say, Tender Loving Care. The higher we go number wise ; the more work is required. Before I start, I conduct a stress test on your LP 12. I am simply making sure that your motor is good for the long haul. No use TLC-ing your table if I will loose all the work done by placing said table on my jig upside down thereby wasting your hard-earned money in the process. I do this without fail. Its a must.

Also, Its like when you bring your car to the garage. You are charged parts and labor. No surprise there.

Let me clarify, for TLC 1, it's a relatively minor work load, usually no more than 1.5 hours or so. Usually, it's tweaking your baby back to health. Sometimes it's replacing an easily accessible part. I have, in my arsenal of Linn LP 12 parts, a vast if not monumental amount of these parts. I am willing to wager, more than any other Linn dealer on this N/A continent. I can even raise a dead LP 12 from the dead, but this lies outside my TLC codes, and it can be bloody expensive, why no TLC codes are applicable at this level. I will even let you know ahead of time if this is appropriate $ wise.

A TLC level 2, I begin to take a deeper look at all systems at play, from cartridge tip to phono cable. While I tend to do this at TLC 1, I tend to get more extreme in the way I inspect things. A TLC 2 tends to take no more than 3 or so hours till completion. More often than not, parts are thrown in on the expense tally on top of the work. Again, I carry most of everything at the multiple levels, which means I have everything to cover any level of intervention ON HAND. I have Linn carts, but some will need to be ordered. But everything else part wise is in stock.

A TLC Level 3 means a total rebuilding of an LP 12. This includes everything and quite often everything tends to be replaced as new, from Grommets to cart cables and everything in between, I have it all on hand. Because it's not a simple rebuild, it must be rebuilt, yes, but also totally readjusted, which is easier said than done. Do not look at your clock at this level, as it does take time to rebuild and tweak to fruition. So, I don't impose a time as the above levels.

In 2018 or so, I stopped installing third party LP 12 parts. As is happened, I occasionally did not like what they did to my work. You pay good money for my work, but alas I am not willing to sacrifice an ounce of performance. Also sometimes, as in everything, table can turn into Frankenstein tables. This means, they loose their soul and magic and yes I can hear it, but so will you sooner than later.

When things get hectic and busy, I initiate a color code that refers to wait time, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. You have guessed, as you go up in color, the longer the wait time for my services. As winter sets in, it's not rare to see orange and red codes. You may have been recommended, let's say a cart by a dealer, if you know ahead of time that you will refer to my services, do let me know ahead of time the choice of carts, I can let you know whether the design is appropriate for any Linn arm.

Parts : I use Linn parts exclusively.

As this is being written, I have 4 LP 12's, mostly at the Level 3 to deal with. By next week, I will have 5. I will send pics to upload on our website. Its a fun way to keep you guys involved.

My services at this level are now quite fast to deliver, but I don't race with any of your tables. This is certainly true for Level 3 service. If you, by chance, change your mind in the middle of the process, especially Level 2 and 3, you will still be charged the labor for building back your defective table in the " as is " state. This happened once in my over 35 years. So why I say make sure you are certain that is what you want to do because you are charged for all involved labor. Also, should your table be battered and used up ( it happens actually ), it may well be its questionable to salvage it. Some out there say any LP 12 can be saved, yes, but and I say BUT, my experience is quite a bit different sadly. Difference between rebuilding back your table, and making it sound great again ( Hell I sound like Trump. yikes ). .. I am a hell of a lot more concerned about the latter.

I now work out from my home, always did for most of my LP 12 work with exception of minor work but now, it's here that all work happens, so delivering your table in the cities East end will be a must. One thing our client's like, is when I send pictorial follow ups of the tables, this way they can follow the progress. You boys get excited when I send pics to your cell phones. I am happier to oblige.

I hope this helps clarify the services rendered to you fine gents :)

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Our over 34 year history with Linn analogue.

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Where the Linn Lp 12's are concerned, our name is attached to this Table as much as a few other now deceased and or since retired and elderly actors. One of these pioneers, the most iconic Terry Richardson, the only true and very close best friend in this industry that I hold dear. I was formally trained by Linn UK, one of the last courses I later heard. Also trained on 2 occasions by Linn Canada with their well established expert (G Gagnon). Truth be told I had already worked on LP 12's quite a bit by my 1st training course.

Fast forward till today, I count now over 1,400 Lp 12's worked on. I keep count and yes, I take pics of all of them since the digital camera came out. I carry a ton of inventory for either maintenance or some/most repairs. Oh, yes, on further sell Linn and new Linn Lp 12's on the side ;).

We can cover your Lp 12 needs in this region. Now that I have gravitated to semi-retirement this December 2022, wait times will be greatly shortened. No more of these god forsaken wait time's that were the norm as I ran a successful business. Roger and I will add a great many pics on the Lp 12, maybe others as well. Hang loose till 2023 rolls around.

I will be back guys.

Coming in 2023

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