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Our website will be revised in order to reflect our new realities, in the coming days.


New approach for our services as of 2022.

As explained below, I have updated the way we work on our analogue starting 2022. Longer wait times should be expected, and delays may be experienced for the work as well. SPI carries much in terms of turntables parts and accessories, but this can only so much far for specialty parts. I have attempted to make these changes as simple as possible to understand.

1. For clients that buy a cartridge or parts from SPI for their tables, the following will be available:

- We can offer a light to medium TLC coverage as we install your cartridge / new parts on your table. Should you buy upgrade parts for your LP 12, the same applies as long as the parts are bought in house (SPI purchased). The above does not apply if one only buy's a new mat expecting the above Linn LP 12 services... but to keep it light, we do have in stock a lot of different mats.

I no longer do the following:

- I no longer install new copies / fake Linn parts bought elsewhere or used vintage parts such as arms or power supplies or anything that is vintage Linn LP 12. This includes with other tables.

What does not change:

- Our clients that have bought their tables from SPI are exempted from the above. Our clients will see no cutting back of our analogue services. My services will remain dedicated 100% at servicing your analogue needs.