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September 2021

We've noticed that much false pretense where deceptive marketing techniques are happening elsewhere in our industry. It was always a problem, but now much more than before. So we will state this again. Here since we began, we have not sustained ourselves with any of these common false premises or deceptive marketing techniques. What we are essentially saying, is we only advertise what is actually represented in store and have... in store. Nothing less and nothing more.

Here is another reminder, is as we are being burdened with Analogue repairs, is the fact that some folks may think that is all we do. We have attempted the best way we can to be clear it is not our own business activity. First we run our daily activity, then we get to our analogue repairs ( with exception of those who buy new tables from us, work turnover is very prompt.)

We will soon update our Analogue webpage in an attempt to clarify this information for any new clients of ours. I trust this meets with your satisfaction.


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Audio Technica, Solid Teck stands, Neotech cables, Nagaoka, Rega, Copland, Musical Fidelity, Magneplanar, London Decca, Atoll, WBT