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Covid Times

Our present day Covid, as of 2022

We are initiating a new if not drastic COVID protocol that will resemble the one of early summer 2020. Upon our New Year entry in 2022, and for a temporary period, we will be working behind the scenes at home and we will be accepting appointments only for Saturdays as a way to limit the number of people coming into our shop.

We will work behind the scene from Tuesday till Friday, but we will also be able to open on Saturday strictly by appointment. For those with allergies, we should warn you that anti-bacterial spray will be used after each appointment. There are additional new measures. We can accept no more than 2 people at a time / per appointment.

More details to come in the new year. We all know what to expect by now, so please remain safe and sound during this holiday season. The best and only way to communicate with us during the week while this protocol is in effect will be at info@stereo-passion.com

Thank you for understanding.