November / December

Welcome to our sorta new website folks. It goes without saying you have been keeping us quite busy. We are all catching up after a near 6 week absence on my end.

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

The pair of Jean Marie Reynaud Bliss that was loaned to a journalist, are not coming back. He's keeping them, so within 2 weeks or so time, we will be receiving a new pair of JMR Bliss, and we will be also receiving at the same time, our new just released pair of JMR Lunna's ( somewhat akin to a floorstander Bliss ). There seems to be a lot of expectation on this latter model. It may be the price point, at somewhere at 3,500.00-ish CDN. Its big brother which is closer to 4.5k, the Euterpe Jubilee is garnering most exceptional press in a very short time, this models is on display as well. Our burn in is complete. We have the entire line up in fact. BUT do expect as in all line ups a wait time when ordering. As JMR goes, every line up is on delayed delivery time, and you all know why.

audiolab streamer.jpg

Our Audiolab 6000N streamer has finally been replaced again @ 800.00, its a 5 star winner. Its playing on a full Audiolab system in our affordable room. Now our Audiolab Mono block power amplifiers are also on display in our main room, being driven by an Audio Note preamplifier. Our Magnepan speakers have been playing for an entire month of October. Folks that do come in, are quite taken aback by the sound of this set up. A change of speakers are in the mix as of now. Tannoys? Hmmm. Maybe.

wire world.jpg

tannoy EATON.PNG

As we Steptoe through the tulips, we will relegate Tannoy with Audio Note in December. This will be in 2 short weeks already. But for now our Harbeth line is seeing activity for the month of November. Vinyl will see activity, with several high end decks playing and sharing the limelight. Add some Trigon phonostages in the mix and Funk Firm with Nordost cables, well, we plan on having fun.

nordost banner new 3.PNGR

When December rolls around, Tannoy speakers will finish off the year on Audio Note gear. Real nice match up actually.


There remains approx. a month or so before we close on Xmas holidays. Dates of holidays closure are somewhat in suspense at this time as we are keeping an keen eye on the worsening Covid state of affairs in Canada. Lets us touch base again in a few weeks on this NEWS and FEATURED webpage regarding our holidays and what else we have playing for you when 2021 comes around the corner.

We will be adding plenty of new product as of now and in 2021.

Should we not see some of you, then my crew and I want to wish you all a real safe Christmas and New Year with lots of music and liquid cheers !

Stay safe. Luc