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Status Quo with regards to our normal weekly hours will return Thursday September 1st...








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When we say precise set up techniques, well, we mean exactly that.

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Luc standing behind the system that represented our brand identity in the "last" AN show in 2012. Reality bit us, we were to add another 60 or so events till December 2019. SPI was about to achieve very close to 300 events. We lied, sue us ;-)

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In my absence during my medical leave, both Kris and Steve appointed themselves New President and Director of sales... funny... real funny !! Steve (L) now retired

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Uncannily looks like one of two Audio Note systems that I have at home.

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Audio Note is our longest uninterrupted service brand.





Our services remain at all levels, and we offer more brands on actual display than any other store in Ottawa, ever.


Our website is the most popular audio retail website in Canada by a factor to 3 to 1, welcome aboard. logo sp - 3.png

roy hall perso 2020.jpg

Preparing for another shop event, we were getting close to 300 of these events. Our last one was right before Covid hit (December 19th 2019). Lots of work but we loved doing these.

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We bring forth many well known people that have equal passion. Its a real treat to have these fine folks.


Kris is heavy at work working on displays. We maintain high inventory level for your benefits.


We have well known products and many unique products on display.

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Our shop remains clean and organized, always mostly ;-)


Proud Kris after finishing our annual Audio Note weekend Xmas set up. December 2nd, 2017.


Our affordable audio room, we service all levels of audio.


One rare sight, we carry much in terms of the best of Audio Note. SPI is self financed, and we own everything that you see and even the gear you dont see.

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We truly know our cables, from affordable to expensive. SPI still possesses the most voluminous cable inventory anywhere.perso 14.jpg



Turntables, we have them and we even repair them. Our clients are covered.

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We cover and service our Montreal Audio Note clients in person, installing a 10,000 cartridge.

perso 2017-11.jpg

Our smallest shop to date in our history, our very quiet and serene but well packed. All meticulously kept organized by our Kris and Steven.


I do practice what I preach on so many levels.

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We offer so much more, there is so much we can do to provide an adequate feel for our new and future clients. We try our best. Hoping that we have chosen the right path for our future clients with our revised website. We stand by you, and hope to one day serve you again. Stay well.


Luc Morin