Our 30th year, Thank you



Some changes occured with AN in Canada (24/01)

Let us see where this takes us, but we do have a LOTs of AN gear. Not sure what this will do in terms of wait times, perhaps it will shorten wait times. Prices will also increase, not by a lot. So a ton of movement everwhere it seems and not for the better with different makers and suppliers . AN and Linn have been somewhat spared from this drama. Great just what we like to hear folks. Chat soon folks.


Rough start (18/01)

It was a rough start; we just found our business computer and we will be setting it up. Those that are awaiting invoices will be advised directly. Those changes that we warned you folks about should start later today.

At this time, we're not closed but we are dealing with record breaking amounts of administration... you got it, mountains of paperwork. We will be at cruising speed after we deal with this, soon enough.

Those buying our specials on our Clearance page 2 things... counter offers will be politely ignored and secondly, we cannot send pictures of the gear as it's all packed up. Lastly, for those buying our wares, will be met on the Gatineau side to a place that is easy to find. ETM must be received before I move to fetch our gear. Warranties will still be serviced, but may be limited by the manufacturers/suppliers. We will do our part to help.

Simple as that folks. Prices may be reduced as any point in time, or page may be removed temporarily.

We are simplifying our portfolio (18/01)

Keep an eye on our brands page. There will be much streaming down of our brands page. Most or many are companies that about or have disappeared. No surprise there really.

As we have only just started this 2023, we will be looking at formalizing our brands within a few short weeks' time.

Looking forward to... more Linn. (18/01)

linn logo.PNG

I've noticed a thing or 2 about working from home. One positive is it gives me more leverage with certain things like repairs, and or taking even more time to chat folks up. Even though I have been reorganizing much while keeping an eye out of another location for our shop on the Gatineau side, I have begun reorganizing our multiple work benches that are squeezed with many Linn LP 12. Lots to plan out. Our present final move of last December 3rd away from 1010 Polytek, has made me think since then of bringing newer fresher ways to service all that is Linn LP 12's or other tables in terms of repairs, upkeep and maintenance.

Much will become tighter, all that is being done at this time, will be easily transferable to our new location, should I decide to go that route. With the exception of our LP 12, all that is Linn is boxed up at this time. I'm looking forward to setting up Linn gear. 90% of our Linn gear was never introduced, and most of our clients know why and the reasons thereof. It was neither our fault or yours if our clients could barely get to our shop. I'm hoping to wave my magic with Linn. Something to look forward to.

I've let you folks know that it was a tough start in 2023 but with the tons of stuff to do, its no surprise, but we will be making headway in other areas and with other lines up.

Purchase orders in 2022, some may be up in the air! (18/01)

I am sad to say there are remnants of orders that were not fulfilled bearing the end 2022. I will be making follow ups to see if we can still get these. Once done I will communicate with all that have these purchase orders in suspense. Give us one week or so. I will get these settled one way or the other.

linn logo.PNG

Linn Products prices are going up on January 20th. As the world turns, it's the way of the world at present.

What we are seeing now (18/01)

As we're trying with some difficulty to getting our traction going, we've noticed quite a lot of disappearances in the world of audio. Not anything new, just a bit more voids over and above from 2022.

We're also looking forward to keeping a few lines within our new status quo. Without a doubt, this year should spell a worsening of overall conditions. We hate to be right on this point, but right out of the gate, it's not great. We'll be working Audio Note, Linn, and perhaps a few more lines. Thats it folks.

Additionally, much will be liquidated in the coming months. Working from home will be the way we go about these days. Lets just say, 2022 was so much in turmoil, the top half of our Gearhead web key was never formally introduced, not one, so we remain to introduced so many new components. We spent over 50 K in investment cycles, never thinking LRT was to choke us out for the entire year.

As promised, our website will be tweaked here and there. Let us see where our reality goes. We will all soon find out what we perceive in our good and bad reality in 2023. I am trying to organize our post moving out reality at this time. Lots of work to be done.

Our best times to communicate via email will be before 12 noon max. Its an open week format, should I need a few days to tend to my back issues, then Ill be able to do this.

Lastly, we've begun to look at new locations for our shop on the Gatineau side. I'll be hoping to see something that is secure as a priority. Wish me luck folks as our cursory hunt for a new place in late 2022 was a tad more difficult than originally planned for. I will not be opening anything on the Ottawa side. Still a lot to do, at this level.

Our Clearance page is active and we will add new stuff that we are no longer representing by mid-January I hope. We will be chatting you guys up in early February. Until then, take care of yourselves.

It's a massive change (04/Jan).

Without a doubt fella's. We continued to work setting up and or organizing our massive inventory, we finished mid day January 2nd. As for me I finished just in time to have my wife give me, her rather painful up my ass flu/cold. I will now give myself off time since there was no off time in December trying to organize our massive inventory. The 2nd portion of this transfer will start after I start feeling human again.

Thanks for the many well wishes folks. While the future is daunting for many, we will take time to set a course towards new beginnings. I'm hoping that I see something left in our crystal ball, it seems that the amount of warning on just how bad the LRT train project was, well, it was way worse, It explans a lot.

I am debating opening up a new store on the Gatineau side, somewhere where there will be NO construction. Some of you asked that we look at reopening again on Churchill Avenue, our old shop is apparently still empty. Please stop asking, its empty for good reason, commercial rents are insane... so I mean stop ;). But our Churchill location were the golden years for close to 18 years, they all were but the world of audio was a softer place to walk into.

There is a chance of a Gatineau store opening, but I will need to really think about this, as all our futures look bleak in 2023 till signs of discovery in mid late 2024. When I make my mind up if this should happen, all will know post haste. Still leaves the tender issue of my back health. We will see.

Our Clearance page will make an apearance yet again late January/ early February. Our expanded office network will take shape before the months end. This concerns invoicing.

There are many things that may change in all our audio land. I have seen some rude things going on. This is food for thought as 2023 rides forward. As I write this, the latest and most dangerous Covid strain has made her entrance in BC. Its by far the most dangerous. So all this planning and forward thinking may be all for nothing.

So Please Stay safe in this pandemic winter of ours. Chat again soon enough fella's.

Just a few words.

It's taken us much longer to prepare our move. But what needs to be said is where invoicing and any consequential administration, we should be able to get this started by about the 3rd week of January or so. Without a doubt we will be at the ready to respond towards the same time, in the morning. Our responses should be quicker. However, I will not be pile driving like I did for the last 30 years. 

Much change will happen beside us. It will be interesting to see where our industry ends up. However, one can take this at face value, many will not where we are going until it happens. We look forward to serving just a few lines. This should make your existence and ours as well, simpler and cleaner. Back in vacation mode folks, till a few weeks time.