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Jean Marie Renaud family, sound is everything. 

What is not to like about JMR, clearly walking the line between organic and detail.

Our JMR Bliss, the near baby of the line, has in and for the past 3 months through its burn in process amassed a little army of fans. Coming at you at several levels of shadings, open dynamics, transparency, timbral richness and an emotional maturity that comes shining through the music. These we say are unique sounding, and equally at home with good transistors and yes, tubes. Somewhat inexpensive in high end ways, its will be for your emotional listener, and we really think they are superlative on classical and acoustic music, of the highest order. 

Their sonic signature of our Bliss as well as our Euterpe Supreme is reminiscent of our much more expensive Audio Note AN-E’s that so many love here in Ottawa.

Our Eutrepe Supreme : As many know we burn in our models near and fully, everyone of them. Unlike the JMR Bliss, our Euterpe Supreme held their secret for nearly a full month of burning in. Once the burn in was nearly and done with, the ES provide quite the homogeneous impression as well as being quite transparent. Spatial information was there in spades we all noticed, room ambiance as well as air around clapping hands. A clear window inside the room and the performance all the while maintaining JMR’s distinctive warmth. It relays abundant texture and a wide array of what some call diverse nodal interplay, something one does not get for the less than 4 k price. Typically French performer, offering spontaneity, naturalness of delivery, and what I hear is incredible nuance within the musical message. We expect to do well with this speaker, and for good reason. 

Our Cantabile Anniversary : What many Euro journalist call one of the best pound for pound speaker for the price anywhere. Spatial information and an absolute capacity to lay out everything that the music has to offer. Even if you want it or not. Incredible extension, and elegant in manner, style and precision in all matters of music. Note the word, elegant. For those that cannot afford the best, but who would want to have a hint of what other do at a much expensive level. More dynamic, than our ES, it offers plenitudes of imaging, and a word to the wise, gear begins to matter at this level. 

Our Abscisse Anniversary : Touching a tad less than 5 figures, and just when you think you have tempered the JMR line in ones mind, one clearly goes into another level. Think Volent but with less attitude, a more forgiving and organic delivery as well as that pure Volent predisposition to lays pretty much everything on the line... but our AA’s does it with more softness, some would call soul. Sonics play at what would say an entirely different level, and while one listen to our AA’s, one gets the picture why our Cantabiles come in where they come in, these hint at where our AA’s play at. Another level of texture, transparency, ambience, homogeneous delivery, utter extension and a smooth, organic and full midrange without being soggy, and a full and very clean bass line. A word to the wise, only incredible gear need apply to drive these. 

Should one be interested in listening to these marvels, by all means, give us a call. All of the above require an appointment with no exception.  


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Once again we stated in one of our most recent blogs, that we divide our machine called SPI into a few distinct levels. I for one admit, there are levels and or companies that I hear, see, accept into our midst that must not behave like slime balls. I look at the actors, the shows they do and at what level they do it at, and most of all, the level of passion and commitment they have for their products. In this case, I see JMR, and have stated as such, that some product demand to be treated right. Strong terms coming from a "sales guy ". I don't slum it when it comes from my job, nor do any of my crew.
Once again, Ottawa and our expansive client base will be introduced to something that just floats beyond emotionally and musically than other key product. Clearly a LOUNGE 376, but a company that is in my mind, that must be, heard by many. 
Just in time for our Sim Audio weeks, and yes, we ask for those that come and see us, to get ready for a sonic buffet that I was about ready to explain on line, but that upon second thought, I would rather let your ears discover the true and real meaning of what musicality is... let us burn in our models and we will introduce them to you. You will hear what we have been talking about in our little corner of the world.

Early Spring time blog.
My oh my, let me correct myself, a little blurb about our Cyrus THE ONE have you coming in our shop salivating and horny to hear this thing For those asking, that standard that I had in my minds eye was not the Naim Nait 5si ( that thing is over 2500.00 !! ) but it was an Advance Acoustic MAP 305. I would say that the Cyrus THE ONE may not be everyone's cup of coffee, I come at this audio thing with a very different perspective than most men and audiophile. This very perspective is sometimes not appreciated by folks and certainly not journalist. 
I don't read reviews or fact I don't give a rats ass about them, doubly more they give me headaches, especially when you know what you are reading is absolute bull. When I listen, I think this thing called "audio", that it is an emotional thing that is supposed to sing and that should song to the heart and not the mind. That is my true benchmark, I like my music emotionally involving, different strokes guys, that's all I am saying. 
I am presently listening to the Musical Fidelity M 3 SI amplifier as I am typing this blog, oh no, this thing is no slouch whatsoever, in fact our POYA 2015 winner if I recall, very different, very suave and classy sound. Is it better, I cant answer for you guys, it may be, all I offer is more choice than anyone else in CANADAAAAAAAA, bar none. You decide what you like, I am here to please and not to offend. 
How about the Cyrus 8A amplifier that I think is world class, its like A Sugden 21a with extreme attitude and power, not cheap and then you add power supply, than it turns like a wild tornado in your living room, all the while maintaining an incredibly smooth and liquid sound. How about the Myryad MX 2080, our Naims, our Advance Acoustics, our Sim Audio's, our Audio Notes, our TEAC's and the list goes on.
Today right before I started writing this, my staff and I have place formal purchase orders for a line that is attracting much attention since we have been toying with it in the last few months... you got it, TRIGON. When I say its like YBA signature sireies, I am not kidding ( how do you know Lucster, well, ahum, I have the latest gen YBA sig series ). These TRIGONS operate at an entirely different level. Didd I say at an entirely different level, this company is what some would call the best kept secret in audio. Its no secret here, even the staff own some. Since last week alone I ordered over 6 amplifiers in total. 
I happen to adore the Sim Audio NEO 260 amplifier, call it a I-5 with again, extreme attitude, a classic reborn, how else can I say it folks. Is it better than this, that and the other things....I cannot say, use your own ears. But WE DO HAVE some of our faves at all level.
Speaking of levels, mostly what I chat about is not about the real bloody serious stuff that make even those that are well financially endowed think twice about, but on occasion, I do like to let loose about those things on my website. Too me anyway this is my first love and it's certainly here where I find like minded folks who demand serious thought about where they have to go next... for me, its like eating Sterling filet mignon with a Cotes du Rhones. Its here that my experience kicks in and ironically, its at this very level that folks follow my expertise to a pitch. BUT I still have fun with my crew doing other levels, Steve has an absolute ball helping folks. Sometimes to help ourselves to help you discover things, we now have the following. 
This is why we are proposing demo weeks that are now informal so folks who want to wet their ears, can without having to pencil in time in their agenda. What is better than that. 
As this is being written, we are in the midst of demonstrating TRIGON and PATHOS this month of February, its ends towards the 18/02 or so then we move onto the next. Very soon, we will be having a full 2 weeks of Sim Audio. We are awaiting more new gear from REGA, Musical Fidelity and Naim, IT DOES NOT STOP in this 4 walls. 
We are now receiving a near record level of calls, as I once stated a few times actually, word of mouth is taking its effects finally after quarter of century. This word of mouth is coming from elsewhere.... and its folks from here in Ottawa on other forums that are chatting about this shop, and its folks here that are saying... " Stereo who? here ? in Ottawa ???
May day may day, after peeking our website... who are these guys..... funny actually !! I know why, when they enter our premises, most folks are blown away that we actually have more gear than, well, who knows. From what we are being told, anywhere, most have between 4 to 7 systems on hand max and subsequent combination's ! Even well established shops in bigger cities than Ottawa. We hear how audio is in a dire place right now, we don't feel it, but we do hear few are in a good place. We hope they make it, really, we need more shops sharing this religion as it were. We are well aware that things can change very quickly, we are in a good place now serving our clients. 
We have been in this good spot mainly because SPI easily can access with various combination on hundreds of different systems QUITE EASILY, no word of a lie. So one can imagine when you come from a bigger city, and see mostly diminished inventory capacities in these dire economic times, and you see Ali Baba's cave with Aladdin on the side. Right before I wrote this, 3 brand new amplifiers were ordered and 6 since last week, all new, all shiny and yes, all in your faces by next week..... now the real work begins....we must burn those in before official demos start. How about that new speaker series that just came in...a little delayed, but here they are and playing. Then we have other speakers that are more part and partial to our LOUNGE376 level, yes finally more Jean Marie Renauds in a few days time, yummie !
Please do not read between the lines, we are not nor am I gloating, its a way to share that if we really did not like what we did, well, I could venture a good guess, that we would not be behaving like kids in their own candy store ! I am just so damned lucky that the formulas of the past that made us survive, have also contributed to making us stand out. 
Enjoy the times that are about to be had here with the abundance of informally planned events, they will not last forever. Folks do keep us busy, and yes, even those coming from elsewhere. 
Ah yes, send us your systems pics folks, so we can share them with others, big or small, let it rain and let it pour, let folks know that you are proud of your systems. It is true we are having much fun and yes, we do appreciate just how bloody busy you keep us. But most of all, we thank you for your support
Enjoy the expanding website.