Our 31st year, Thank you

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Our Xmas holidays will start Saturday December 16 at 2pm. Kris, Roger and I wish you all a perfect Xmas holiday and of course new year with those that you love. I will start again January 6th 2024.

My team

My Team

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Here we are on our Xmas party in late March 2021. We always have had these parties they took place especially in my home, the boys preferred this, nothing wrong with that ! On your left is our Stevie Wonder bread head and he was the last to join my team and stayed nearly 10 years, now retired since March 2021. He was invited to this party, because mostly, Kris and I just loved verbally abusing him. Don't pity our Stevie, he gave as good as he got. Towards the middle, sitting down with our Mascotte Ozzy, is our famous Roger, our tek, Streaming and the one that is really responsible for our very popular website. Within a very short 2 years or so, Roger will have been with me for 20 years. Sitting behind Roger is our very well-known Kris, a necessary and main cog that kept the ship running flawlessly and he permitted me to push our retail part of our business at the highest level. He still is a very well appreciated member of my team, and our clients tell him so. He is due this respect. When we go out for deliveries, he is at my side, he learned how to promote with proper set up protocol by yours truly, and today, Kris has replaced his teacher in the art of fine and proper set up technique. The last boy on your right... well its Lucsterhead, hey don't laugh, its better than Kris's name, dough head.

We are here to serve you the best way we can. Look behind us, on the walls, you will find music everywhere in my home, mostly up the ceiling, rooms and rooms full of music including my bed rood (I kicked my wife out of my room... a boy needs his toys. Funnies aside, so when it's time for us to serve you, we know 1st hand how very important music plays in your lives. Our clients make our jobs fun, and we find grace and honor in serving you all. Thank you.

On behalf of Roger, Kris, and I, happy holidays.