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Starting noon Friday July 5th till Thursday the 25th, we shall be completely closed. We will be completely inaccessible. During this first portion of summer vacation, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy summer.

Who we are.

We are a small team of very dedicated and caring individuals that tend to our client base with utmost care and respect. We aim for 5 star treatment of our clients and 5 star feedback.

What we know.

We specialize in everything that is exclusively 2 channel Stereo, we are experts in most areas of this 2 channel world of ours.

People behind Stereo Passion International

In absolute terms, we are a small team, but in our world, we have one of the largest teams in this Canada.

We have Kris, Steve, and Roger that assist the owner Luc. These long established team members assist the work load at hand, all in their very own special way.

Kris is in charge of floor maintenance and technical set up man or specialist, as is the owner, when needed. He is also deeply involved in streaming technologies and keeping pace with their constant evolution and contant advances. He is the one who keeps our company meticulously clean and organized, a difficult thing to do on many occasion but he always comes out on top. His mind is more on the technical side of things. He loves all that is rock, pop, folk and is finally beginning to adore some classical music...and I say finally !

Steve is my do all man, but he is crucial in keeping me abreast of most things that are office and client based, as well as tending to new clients demonstrations. Steve takes care of new faces or clients and tends to them very well. Though the oldest, he is our newest member. Steve is equally a life long audiophile. He is quick to offer free quality coffee, and yes, he is the one that opens up early. He plays a critical part at keeping things organized with inventories, computers updates, machines, office, and, as in all things that are paper and people based straight with Luc. Steve is usual your first point of contact. He is big on Blues, folk, vintage and lounge jazz.

Roger is our tech wiz and do good man, from computer and DS maintenance to keeping and maintaining our very intensive and highly popular website. Rarely seen, he is much behind the scenes but a very critical part and back up of our entire team. He plays a ultra special role in marketing the company publically and should we be hacked or otherwise interfered with on the virtual plane, he is the counter measure to stop this virtual non sense. At this level, he is exceptional at his job. He loves classical music, symphonies in particular and some Quebecois music.

Your truly, known as Luster, I am in effect the man who manages this Motley Crew. Many think of me as the scary one ;-)...hell dont ask why, I dont know ! It's a privilege to serve you all in the best possible way. I am equally the website blogger and author and designer in many ways of my company. Rather intensive in my approach in all things, I get quite technical if not geeky, and yet, I am the one that will stay the course on making sure that our message is one based on serving music and the very way our clients perceive this musical message to be. Some have called this approach as utilizing " mind games" on certain forums, not at all, everybody likes a sound in particular and my quest is making sure that one's perception is serviced by the very choice you make. In many ways, the behind the scene's architect of a rather successful business where many in our industry are failing outright, we have done this by being forthright with our clients. I am also the one who makes the decision on what comes and what goes within our walls. But my crew is an essential and very intricate part of my business vision. This SPI of yours is not a one man show. I tend to gravite with Classical Chamber and modern classical music, all kinds of Jazz, vintage particularly and new jazz and I have an insane music collection to die for that spans my entire house on both floors. I walk in both the technical and musical plane at all times.

Jeannine and Francois, are my true admin stars and accounting crew. I equally oversee the work done at this level, but it is they that make me jump and demand how high I do ! They both love pop music only... why I keep these 2 in the background ;-)

The there is Bill, our engineer agent that fixes and repairs things for us at the highest order, he work on our behalf behind the scene. He and his wife love classical orchestral music.

Our approach to audio

In few words, it means that we are quite detailed and intensive regarding what we do with all our clients. We are equally very service based, a rare perceived quality within our industry in our present history. Tight, wound up, but caring and humane with our clients. We will go to hell and back to make sure we get 5 star ratings and service all the way to our client base. However we have chosen not to compete on price but rather on meritorious service above all. Why I think we are here today and stand the test of time. We are not like any other audio company, I will assure you of this up front.

Disclaimer :

There are none, we simply aim to please at the highest order, its really quite simple !

Thanks for visiting us folks

L Morin Stereo Passion International