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We're still highly accessible... (19/06)

A quick note,

Please send us an email and we will respond quickly with some brief delays till the end of June. We had not anticipated the LRT creating havoc to this extent , but we are working through it the best way we can. Thats all we can do. My team and I are pushing through much behind the scenes . We are told there some better days than not to get to our shop. So it's not all bad.

Kris and I will be pushing new gear and systems when we come back from our 1st vacay, we're still working despite our realities.

Thanks for your patience folks.

This year's vacay's


Here we go folks, our vacation dates. From July 1st till the 18th. Our 2nd portion of our time off will be Sunday August 21st till the Wednesday 31st. We come back to our regular weekly hours (Thursday to Saturday) as September roll's around.

Linn is swinging hard with new add on's for their LP 12.

linn sondek lp12.png

Effective today, The Lp 12 will start to sport 6 or so different and new options. These Lp 12's will equally be called something else. Every model is being touched and tweaked with exception of the Klimax.

Majik LP 12's will now come in 2 models, one in MM and the other Magik Twin will be in MC. The Akurate Lp 12 will now be called the SELEKT Linn Lp 12. New arms and cartridges will be added, and some older skews are now being discontinued in the weeks to come, or till stock runs out.

More info is now available on the Linn website. Don't forget our incoming LP 12 clinik July 23rd. For those that emailed me, I do not charge for anything while this LP 12 clinik is ongoing. However should you need some parts or a belt, those are charged. Equally, I cannot proceed with any repairs.

Of course a Linn system will be playing all day folks.

As one would have it...

We noticed an unusual low traffic count this year, with exception of where unrelenting problems are concerned, we thought there was something else involved. Several things happened that I don't need to remind anybody on. I thought the unrelenting nature of these problems were causing the slow down. But it seemsmore than we originally thought that the LRT work that is in full swing right in our back yard IS CREATING MORE HAVOC on some weekends.

Kris and I communicate a lot on when to take the Blair Exit ramp on 417, when we come West to East. Taking this Blair exit and taking Montreal RD East, will save you a ton of time. This project has followed us on all our 3 locations, it is a pain, we know. So, all we want to do is warn you about this construction. I know a little late for this, sorry!!

I'm hoping this will settle down soon enough folks :)

We making much headway with...

linn select dsm.png

Burning in much of our new gear at home. Just this week alone we're taken out another 3 new components that will see the light of day as this is being written. This is one thing I did not want to touch, but we may change our ways and simply do our burn in at work instead at home.

Several new pieces from Linn will be introduced. As we rush this burn in, we have equally formalized our planned weekly reopening this coming September. We have several new pieces of new Naim gear that are now ready to be introduced this late summer. We know this world of ours is complicated, but we would still like to push this demonstration venues over the long haul. Guess what, we still have much to introduce.

We have seen 3 cycles of LRT construction, and not 2 as stated elsewhere. Yes these are harsh on accessibility, but they do end eventually. We just had the bad fortune of following these planned projects Eastward. As I tend to do, we always plan an event when this construction ends.

naim uniti star.jpg

I have stolen my Naim Uniti Star for the summer, while I get busy with all our vacation times. Don't worry it will come back folks.

Audio Note event is just about... now !


We're just about set up and ready to play our Audio Note system. A slight variation over last year AN Toronto set up, but one thing we have not toyed with is the AN Cobra amplifier. Of course, this will be a full AN set up with exception of the table. It will be a Linn LP 12 instead of an AN TT 2 table (which we on have hand btw). Please don't forget, coffee's and tea's will be served on the house.

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend folks.

Linn Product weekend w/ Magnepan's

linn logo.PNG

Just as we will be returning from a well deserves summer break, dare I say, as we both leave for this, Kris and I will be working on the Linn display system for the LP 12 Clinik. We will be fronting the Linn system with our top seller Magnepan 1.7's. Just as we'll be fine tuning this system, WireWorld cables will be at the fore front for the remainder of the month of July and August.

Kris and I will be ready for those that bring your LP 12 for a look and see.

Lumin streamers.

lumin logo.PNG

Lumin will be also taking part of the Audio Note systems display (perish the thought). Our top selling D 2 is always a joy of a listen. Just spent one week listening to Lumin at home. One will notice quite a high compatibility ratio with AN in general. What we're looking for is trying to keep ourselves busy during the summer months. Can't blame us boys in trying hard at this. :)

Much NEW NEW NEW stuff on hand...

...and about ready to be brought in during the course of the summer. We're looking at placing on display new gear never displayed for the Ottawa public.

Kris and I will hopefully plan for after our 2nd install on a brief 1-week vacay in late August.

Magnepan Products


We are awaiting a most likely visit from Wedell Diller and his wonderful wife Elizabeth. He will be bringing with him a new product, the big brother of the already iconic LRS. No dates are set and it may be that with some complications in the market place and or Covid upswings, it may be cancelled on us.

So we hope to be able to make you folks meet one of the most iconic actors in our industry. Wendell has drank and swore with the best in our industry (think of a classy version of Roy Hall). The moment we know more... you will know more.

Our really odd hours (12/06).

Just so you all know, with all the many changes and challenges that affected us in 2022, much has not changed. We still respond to our client base during the week. Our Saturdays only hours, are for summer only we're hoping. We're really sorry for throwing so many details at you folks (guilty as charged), that some may be a little mixed up. Sorry folks, it was not our intention. These new hours have allowed me to catch up with much important work. Thanks for understanding.

Also we've equally tried to make life easier to choose from with our lines. Some things just happened and some others we initiated. This makes our lives easier as well as yours.

Our revised Linn LP 12 services

With the above changes taking shape at this time thus giving us more time to address this issue, we will be able to return our original offering of servicing any and all tables, especially the Linn Lp 12. Our Analogue page will be revised in a short time. Keep an eye on it. This is great news for many as I will now have much more time to tend to these analogue services.

Our last LP 12 Clinik ?

linn logo.PNG

With the LRT project creating major havoc and with even more havoc this coming July, I have chosen to relegate your LP 12 upkeeps, at a later date. Those that booked an appointment will be communicated with in order to do these sometime in August. We still plan to play a Linn system as we will be open July 23rd.

Apologies ahead of time for this.

Saturday June 18th, Audio Note.


We have more detail on our sister website, but for one day only, we will be displaying a working Audio Note display. Though planned out, we reserve the right to change it. It will be kept secret till a week before hand. The way the world is turning on us so quickly, we dare hope nothing will happen.

Vacation time

Our 1st installment of your SPI crew time out away from work, will be the following :

Friday July 1st till Tuesday July 18th inclusive

Our 2nd week off will be later in the summer. We all wish you a safe and happy vacation time.

Quite soon this June...

linn logo.PNG

...will be dedicated to Linn Products. Additionally, Magnepan speakers will be focused on, Linn Products are a great match with MG speakers. Don't be a stranger to danger folks.

Later on this summer starting August, well into September, Linn Klimax products and Selekt DSM will see the light of day.

Please note: That all we have planned for our clients, is still reliant on an open market place public health wise.