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Status Quo with regards to our normal weekly hours will return Thursday September 1st...


This year's vacay's


As you know ( 05/08 )

We are working hard behind the scenes, but this would be hard to know looking in from the outside. Several things are happening for the remainder of August, amongst these our vacation. Towards the August 11th or so we will be slowing down behind the scenes in order to enjoy our summer, and thereafter, we will get ready to reopen for September 1st as per our regular hours.

What is in essence the harshest summer on record with all the unrelenting things happening around our shop, my team and I will stand ready to reopen fully as September rolls around.

On this note, have a pleasant remainder of summer folks, see you all in September in full view.

New Audio Note displays ( 19/06 )


audionote m2.jpegaudio note dac 3-2.jpgaudio note tt2 delux.pngaudio note loudspeaker cable.jpg

NEW and more

Several AN piece's will soon be on display as we increase the throttle up to your SPI this coming September. Level 2 and 3 pieces will be in the offing. Burn in will take place at my home, but it will be a brief stint at home, Let's not forget those newer AN piece's that were received not that long ago at the beginning of the year.