Our regions luxury retailer and analogue expert

Our website will be revised in order to reflect our new realities, in the coming days.

NEWS 1 (Present Facts and News about our company)

Saturdays storm (24 June)

We are temporarily closed to the damages and power outages caused by the storm. We will keep a daily eye on this rather unpleasant situation, and reopen up when it is safe to do so. Thanks for tour understanding and god speed.

We are reachable via email.

The shoe we were warning about has fallen.

After successive warnings of what our audio market was going through in this last year, we will be moving ahead a tad quicker than originally thought with many of our prior plans. The successive loss of approx half of our portfolio/lines in the last 4 weeks and the inability to see anything good come from these losses have forced us to dive into deeper waters where high end is concerned. These changes will start occurring now and will start reflecting this recent reality. Do expect practical changes with both our websites starting now.