Our regions luxury retailer and analogue expert

Hey guys: Our 30th year is coming soon!

Construction: Yet again, at the end of this month and into the 1st few days of October. The city of Ottawa and its many main 417 transport arteries are going to be fully blocked for days on end, so we will be closed Saturday October 1. Full details on line. So sorry, again.


A boulder just splashed in a river, near you !

With the unrelenting amount of construction and who knows what else awaits us, we will be significantly reorganizing our beloved SPI. Perhaps once in my overly verbose life, I will bare you the boring details as they are not born out nor clear in my mind's eye just yet. After close to 3 years of pandemic, quite damaging LRT chaos and an economy in much taters, and lastly dealing with a supply network that is upside down and grasping for air and serious back health issues, I will have chosen to make our lives here at SPI, simpler for my team and I.

What this means, I am not sure yet. Can we continue? why hell yes, do we want to continue as is? not so sure, but will we change things up on our long-vested formula? you bet. This is all that I am willing to state at this time. We will add more details when time will be appropriate, and any changes one sees on line or at our physical location will be associated with our present reality. But we do consider this an internal matter, so much will be completed behind the curtain without much ado.


PS: Our hard core and well established client base will be communicated in a near future.