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Atoll IN 50 Signature (latest edition), NEW, ON DISPLAY

linn majik lp12.png

Linn LP 12 NEW Finally after 9 months, on working display

naim naitxs3.png

Naim XS 3 NEW Now on display

Naim Atom NEW Finally on working display

Linn UPHORIK NEW, Awaiting delivery

Linn SEKRIT DSM NEW, awaiting delivery

Thorens tables NEW, Several models, all levels, On display and awaiting delivery

Audio Note TT2 NEW, awaiting introduction

NEW cables, from Nordost Jumpers, Wireworld, Jelco tone arm and many Jelco accessories and quite the massive load of new Audio Note cables

lumin d2 streamer.png

LUMIN D 2 streamer, NEW, awaiting delivery, some Lumin in stock

iFi, accessories, and phono stages, NEW, awaiting stock

Triangle speakers, 40th anniversary models, NEW, awaiting delivery

Trigon Reference Phono stages, NEW, on display

Nagaoka Cartridges, NEW, MP 110, 150, much stock

Analogue accessories, at all levels, NEWLY added, on display and in stock


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perso 20191107.JPG


oxford collection logo.jpg12/2019

Our AN clients will be contacted directly about this set up. It will be something real special, we promise. At time this page is uploaded , our AN clients should get the precise info regarding this day. This is an exclusive private client event and of course those invited will be treated like royalty, I would not have it any other way ;-). Date to follow in our communication and, pictures to follow a well.

Audio Note event in late 2019


audio note - show 3.JPG


Wireworld Eclipse 8 series, on display

wireworld eclipse 8.png


jmr logo.png


In our green room...

We present a full Audiolab 8300 system on display with a Audiolab M 1 DAC. We add a Gett table to the mix, and we finish off with a brand new JMR Euterpe Jubilee speaker.

On display for several weeks.


audio note Conqueror 300 B silver.PNG

Look but don't touch !

We are ready to wager to retailer in the world or very few possess 2 Audio Note Meishus amplifiers in stock and ready to play anytime. Consider this a heads up to our AN clients base that in this 4th Quarter, one or both will be accessible for your prying eyes and desires.

To prove we are damn silly boys indeed by any standards, even more than any Canadian standard, we also have the 2 top level 300 B Conqueror power amplifiers. This makes 4 300B Audio Note amplifiers in all. We are silly and maybe just not rights in our collective heads. So it is we have much to offer, anytime where Audio Note is concerned.

For special events exclusively.


trigon banner 01.JPG

Audiolab 6000N streamer.

star.png New

audiolab streamer.jpg


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jmr bliss jubilee banner.jpg

"... a complete success, this new Bliss Jubilee is for those that want a mini monitor experience, a sober neutral presentation, with a beautiful finish and supremely musical..."

Haute Fidelity magazine , Paris


jmr logo.png

JMR Jubilee series will be in complete display

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

JMR Bliss Jubilee

jmr euterpe jubile.PNG


JMR Euterpe Jubilee

jmr lucia.PNG

JMR Lucia New

We may not know where these will go within our walls, as we are fully loaded with speakers, including other JMR products as well but I suspect we will find room. Of course as always, we expect some improvements over the previous models. The Euterpe Jubilee has just been granted of or the 7 top speakers available in Europe. Quite the honor, it just barely came out.

Summer is here, but much activity on the sales floor of SPI. JMR buffs, see you all soon.

jmr logo.png

jmr banner 7.PNG

It might be said that the Folia has more in common with the Bliss Silver, but walking with a smaller stick, lighter on feet, and it will be fun if not important to hear the differences. The Lucia is said to be quick and fleet footed, giving breath and a sense of airiness and pin point accuracy where instrumentation are concerned. Why not decide for yourselves and test the journalist that are lucky enough to write about such audio product. If we are to rely on JMR feedback, La Folia focus of attack will be more towards the Bliss Jubilee than the Anniversary. I do admit the Bliss anniversary are loved. Another point of contentions, odd it may be, European audiophile that are JMR fans have been buying the La Folia and Lucia's in droves. I believe folks here are awaiting the Bliss Jubs.

jmr folia.jpg

Fun in the sun for sure. Driving duties will be via several companies. The system will be at the level that is somewhat real world and reaching towards the high end. Coming sometime coming sometime this Autumn.

More of these set ups will take place as the year progresses

jmr banner 8.jpg

PS : One of the best review magazines worldwide has adopted the The Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia in permanence in their office system

NEXT : Differences between Monitor Audio Gold 100 and New Gold 100's, late August 2019


Yes its for real folks !

audio note meishu (2).JPG

Our mascot, Marius Maximus reflection, overseeing my picture


Monitor Audio GOLD series.

monitor audio.jpg


monitor audio gold 100.jpg

We already have focused a specific system that will play on our Golds. After burn in ( at my home ), and upon their formal introduction, simply give is a call. We will be super happy to oblige.



We offer now several 2 box solutions at several levels. Our Sim 240i with 260T ( transport ) is one of them, and also quite the performer. These 2 Sims stood alone at the 5.5k ish mark. We did have for a while before both were discontinued, 2 TEAC component at around 1,700.00. These played very well, but for our clients, the Sims were key considerations for the most part.


audiolab 6000 series.PNG

Now with Audiolab we can offer the 6000 series, making use of AL transport and AL 6000 amplifier with internal DAC. No one will argue about esthetics with all our AL gear, but these 2 clock in at around and a tad over 2,000.00 or so (( playing as we speak )). This same amplifier has garnered top honours surpassing in all shoot outs the now classic Rega Brio ( quite the feat, we know, w must of sold in excess of 40 to 50 of those Regas ), AL 6000 did quite the feat, we know first hand.


audiolab 8300 series A.PNG

Then we have the AL 8300 series. Again using the same 6000 series transport however with a 8300 level amplifier. Offering more than just power over the 6000, it add more texture and emotionality to the music. More control as well. Hovering at about 3,000.00 or so. So this makes now 3 offering of 2 box solutions.


audiolab 8300 series CDQ.PNG

So perhaps we should say is our 4rth, is give it to AL to come out not that long ago a AL CDQ all in one CD, DAC, PRE-Amp and a phono stage that is not negligible and further more offering much more than what this implies. Just the CD portion of this machine is a 8300 CD player... with many more bells and whistles.


audiolab 8300 series.PNG

We have opted to invest with AL power mono blocks. Made to be mated with the above CDQ, la piece de resistance is that both these components were designed to be played together. Absolute power mated with texture and smoothness. The mono's are not meek and mild, their 250 WPC, will make one think of the grip that the likes of Naim, Krell, Exposure and Sugden possess. Does power absolutely corrupt, absolutely it does. Coming in at over 5,200.00 for the pair, they both compete with most of not all 2 box solutions that I know of. The CDQ can also be used with a smaller AL amplifier ( 200 wpc ) or other power amplifiers from other companies. Im looking forward to combining the CDQ with the Atoll AM 200 power amplifier. Something will tell me that it should be another special combo... I will advise at a later date.


audiolab m-dac.PNG

On official display once fully burned in. As all that is stated on this website, we have them all on actual display just for you folks.


Atoll AM 200 power amplifier.

atoll logo.png

atoll am 200.jpg

Trigon in Ottawa


It is a relatively new line up at SPI, since 2016. It's placed where it belongs, in the middle to upper high ground of high end audio within our walls. The line up starts at somewhere between 4-5,000.00 and up from there.

trigon trinity.png

trigon exxact 2.png 

audio note cd 4.1x.jpg

audio note meishu.jpg

triangle ostral.PNG

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

JMR Euterpe Jubilee received honors

Join us on the fun with several JMR models on comparative display, a real first for us ever. Our Euterpes will be on one system, while both our Abscise and Cantabile models will alternate. Folks will be able to hear what the magic is about with this brand. A unique experience awaits those who come and visit us.

Dates and details to follow very soon.


jmr cantabile jubile.png



atoll logo.png

atoll IN 200 signature.jpg

atoll cd 100 se.jpg

atoll phono ph 100.PNG

atoll dac 100 Signature.jpg

triangle antal ez banner.PNG

atoll logo.png

atoll IN 200 signature.jpg

Atoll is the only line that we have never taken a trade in on. Buyer satisfaction is actually unmatched. When folks buy Atoll, well, it seems it's for life. Equally we have heard about a defect in a CD player (( CD 100 )) last November that decided to die well into its 20 years. It is extremely solid stuff. It's the only Atoll we have heard that went defective in the hundredor so we sold previously in over 20 years time. The Atoll CD 100 was our Product or the year for a consecutive 4 years running, so for our long terms clients, Atoll is NOT an unknown entity. Atoll offers quite literally the following :

* Bespoke sound and build quality : They dont break and they sound like tubes, hard thing to do
* Making historical use of MOSFET transistors
* Hand made in France
* Making use of oversized power supplies even for their entry level gear, then they like also going dual mono
* Premium quality parts throughout
* Reliability with the likes of Linn, Naim etc
* Its an all inclusive line, providing streamers, phono amps, tuners, etc etc

atool n400.jpg

atoll sda 200.jpg

The above points are where they demark themselves from others. For the better part of months before 2018 ended, we were caught between offering more Atoll gear because we must give people what they want, and having little shelve space to accept more Atoll... so we were between a rock and a hard place. Then we saw things for what they were... seeing our supplier as a now rare breed, an honest, caring, soulful man that has not sold his soul to business. With the massive amount of selling of souls in our industry, it is no wonder why we are seeing the mess we are. Its a win-win, a caring supplier and a line we all love right here in Ottawa.

Usually getting lines on board requires leaps of faiths, always. Not this time around. Why, you say ? Atoll stands up to anything we have and more. There we said it. We just dont think this, you do as well. I have stated, lines need the support of the people in order to survive, even well known line ups have not survived in this city... this one has because of its little prima donna ways that seem to tickle people's ears and heart string. Winter 2019 will now see Atoll taking much deserved room and influence... now you folks can applaud we say.

atoll cd 100 se.jpg

Music to our collective ears !

A word to the wise !

Nordost superflatline.jpg

Cables can be fun, they can also be a pain. We have tried not to get into cables debate for at least 10 years if not more. I am glad I can share in on our knowledge base with what we know. I was reminded of 2 things that I stopped elaborating about many moon's ago.

I learned that many will use what they learned on this very website, and buy cables blind to place into their systems at home. I know this happens BUT I had really placed this in the back of my mind. Should I recommend anything cables wise, it comes with one caveat... I have tested the cables on several systems usually at home.

Many cables are great, yes even inexpensive one's, but even at this level, cables can turn a system inside out and sounding not right. This is why I always offer the following few words of caveat... the cables have low compatibility ratio, or medium of high as the case may be. SOoooo, should you be one of these folks that do this, make absolutely certain that I am saying that such and such cable have a medium or preferably high COMPATIBILY ratio. I can speak about cables that are superlative, but that have a super low compatibility ratio.

The last thing I would want is having instilled the idea that great cables are great no matter where they are installed... reality sadly is different than a one size fits all in our audio world.

I hope explaining this aspect of our website helps you fine folks.