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Our planning in 2022 (January-February)

This should be a NEWS items, but it really is an audio problem. The dilemma is the following :

A quick word to our clients as we reopen in 2022. Whatever we had planned audio wise will be pressed into reality till later in spring. We will have received much new gear during and after the holidays, and we do mean A LOT. Much will deemed as New for a long time with our protracted nonstop closings, as much has not seen the light of day and remain boxed up. They are often introduced months, up to 9 months, we can even say more sometimes. Several Audio Notes pieces have been held upwards 2 years, since Covid began. As much as we will be active behind the scenes, do expect some perturbations with our usual well-oiled procedures. It will not mean that our, 2022 year may just turn out to be one of the most exciting years ever where NEW gear is being introduced.

In fact, we will never have so much new gear awaiting introduction on our sales floor, never. We will do this, once we are allowed too safely. Much is happening behind the scenes, so we will also get ready way ahead of the curve, for these upcoming changes.

Please be patient with us as we go on at figuring out how this 5th wave will affect how we do business, as I guide our company through another shit storm. Our ship remains in a very safe waters, I must say again. On this note and on this 5th wave of Covid, thanks for your patience and support folks.

So I say...Forward we go guys !


Its alive...

...and yes we are ready. This only means, we are anticipating getting very busy upon our renetry in 2022. We will need to make certain that you fine folks pencil an appointment in order to make sure we are able to sustain social distancing between ourselves. We're getting hit with inquiries about the Atoll IN 50 Signature. Its a gem, and it is modular. Fact is, everything that is Atoll, stands it's ground with much of everything out there when compared to its level of gear. We also have more Atoll on display. This french line up was Stevio's preffered line up !!!

atoll in50.jpg

As usual, our Audiolab line up got to be really busy before Xmas. Several new components are on order. WE HAVE THE ENTIRE A/L line up. As we reopen, we will have in our main room Mono power amplifiers and a unique and very well reviewed CDQ pre-CD player on Nordost Cabling of course.

audiolab 8300 series CDQ.PNG

Speaking of Nordost, they will be coming out with cables that are dedicated to Naim. It's just out, and we are awaiting more info on these. Of course we will bring some in for Ottawa. Further more, Nordost will be adding affordable cables that all can afford. ..more on this later as well.

We're truly hoping to pursue our Audio Note displays this late March or April is more likely to be. A truly special systems. We might just replicate close to the exact AN system at the Toronto show in late 2021. Forum's seemed to be lit up about this sensible room that Vincent was tending. Yes it is his personal system btw. Perhaps bringing in some more AN gear, we do have a ton, and just maybe I could play one of my AN systems at the shop. ..we'll see ;-)

Naim gear is very popular at this time and has been more or less all year long. Once again, The Naim Uniti STAR that Kris and I adore, is the chef d'oeuvre, our filet Mignon that must be heard. Quite the beast. We have received our Naim UNITI CORE, it is still in the box like approx 10 other boxes... in fact I'm running out of room as the many boxes are blocking my access to my massive vinyl collection in our storage room... on both sides of the room... gadddd, heaven forbid. Our Naim Super Nait 3 is a little late in coming, but it should arrive by late January. That one we will also need to burn in at home... the crosses I bear for you guys. :)

linn selekt.jpg

linn klimax.png

linn majik.jpg

Linn Products will and should take over as market reopen after this latest wave. Our Linn LP 12, has just been introduced, our Linn Uphorik phono pre has also just arrived awaiting to be introduction, The new Majik DSM, will equally be introduced. Then a much more substantial Linn system will take over in the new year. More info on this later.

On the business side of things, there are limitations as to how many people we can safely have in house. Not sure as to when we will reopen under our normal hours. Time will tell. So within the next 5 or so months, we have several systems from Linn, Audio Note and Naim etc. Further, we have more planned as we are expecting more new lines as we speak. Plenty of audio over the long term.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Cheers.

Mid January

Thanks for the well wishes regarding my health. Appreciated folks. I'm slipping back into normality...

We will not be planning much while we deal with Covid. We will remain quiet and on standby, much behind the scene work will be done. This should last a while yet. A reminder that it will be the same system that I was so impressed with that is pictured on our Home web page. Triangle speakers, Trigon amp, Linn analogue, Trigon phono, Lumin streaming, Nordost cabling.

Our first official system of 2022 will be a Linn system. Details will follow when we can open our doors fully.

I will be looking forward to seeing ourselves out of this wave once again. Stay safe folks.