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Oxford, superior musical systems

Some throughout our many years, sometimes ask us what OXFORD means. The definition of what we brand as OXFORD set ups are that they are unique and mostly only seen and heard right here, within our own SPI walls. By default, since we are dealing with a superior set ups, these are built to spec and extremely and carefully designed to play and sound like real music.

On another perception plane, most OXFORD set ups start and cost more than 30,000.00. Most of the times, they average out between 50,000.00 to 90,000.00. I stated that we have well over 30 designed OXFORD systems that are in stock and on display, all over 30,000.00. It does not mean that we sell the very best as seen in shows, but what can be said is that nobody but a few folks can display, support, intrinsically know in and out and demonstrate so many systems under one roof.

We happen to know for a fact that we are one of 2 dealers that have that capacity to offer so many systems in Canada. We can even design OXFORD systems that are focused for small rooms, as one of our clients has been quick to add. The thread that is a must is that all OXFORD set ups are carefully calibrated.

By definition, this can also imply that OXFORD can also swim under the current. Meaning that even some of our systems can swing OXFORD definitions like our own creation of Tannoy XR revs with Audio Note amplifiers and Line Magnetic CD player seen and heard no where else in North America. We shy away somewhat from this, mainly because if one were to hear the above and then hear the more than often real set ups in our Orange listening room, some may see why we would be hesitant to add that logo...but I wager that we are damn close to our standards where OXFORD is concerned.

We have a new page that will show our fan base what OXFORD is about. It will equally show that we are here as antithetical as it gets. ..that our website is equally about real facts and not make believe virtuals that so many audio shops seem to be unconcerned about deceiving their client base. Pics will soon follow of our more than multiple OXFORD set ups. Yes we will even add those set ups that are below the usual price point. We will even have our older archived pics of OXFORD set ups that do not count as a today standard of what we propose.

All OXFORD set ups are advertised on our website way ahead of time. Much work to be done on this page, but Roger and I are about to start this summer. Until then visit us and listen to our very new OXFORD set up of Triangle Signature, Copland KT 120 amplification, Lumin streaming and Acoustic Solid table and TRigon phono amp. A new family member and yes, still extremely unique and only right here and no where else but in Ottawa.


Tubes gallore, more than anyone else 

Proud Kris, Dec 5th Audio Note day set up. Only half or our Audio Note gear

Where else can one get all these high end brands 

Sim Audio and Magneplanar, in stock and display

Alas my main listening room, there is still 5 more pairs of speakers and countless Audio Note gear behind. This was taken several years ago.

Jean Marie Reynaud Abscise Jubilee, 10,000 and up

Audio Note level 3 to 6 and New Tannoy Heritage Eaton's 

Sim Audio EVO level on display

Audio Note AN-E in Olive wood, cable by AN 

Our October 21st JMR and Roksan BLAK level show 

Part of pour JMR collection, played on Roksan K3 system 

Audio Note and Linn, Acoustic Solid table at the ready, cabled by several cable brand 

Triangle Acoustic Signature Alpha, why go anywhere else, cabled by Nordost  

One of over 30 different OXFORD level systems on display, system cost, over $60,000.00

sys_16.JPG voila, another OXFORD level system 

Nordost show of 2018, with JMR speakers 

speakers, speakers, speakers, more than 40 available models on display 

Marius Maximus, one of my audiophile dogs 

Volents Paragone speakers, 30,000.00, on display, we sold 5 pairs 

Another one of our OXFORD level systems, Tannoy and Cary 


We represent Audio Note level 1 to 6, no guff, no kidding and for real, over 23 AN components on DISPLAY

Part of my testing system on one of my sound rooms at home 

In our McArthur Avenue location 

Revel speakers on Sim Audio