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"Entering this place is like entering the matrix, the movie"


Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
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Positive feedback & Google Reviews

Very Happy, they sound great, thanks Luc


Steve and Kris were great, service was great, they had lots of patience for me and for my daughter that was with me.


Thanks Luc. That is good news and a policy I have always adhered to so coming from an expert such as yourself.

As for enjoying myself, right now the novelty of my new toys (interconnect included) is so new and I have so many CD's that need to be heard as if for the first time, that I've been pretty much listening non-stop. I have never heard a lot of the detail in some of these recordings before now.

So awesome.

Thanks for the advice Luc and again for the great service.

Amazing customer service


Superbe service encore une fois

Mr Moncion

...aside from the very fine customer attention you give us , Stereo Passion offers more gear than anyone else that I know of . Thanks very much for tending to us


"Entering this place is like entering the matrix , the movie"


Hi Luc,

Just to complete the loop ... the speaker wires are connected and working fine.

I wanted to again thank you for the exceptional care and support you provide. It can be daunting to go to a high-end place when you have lower-end stuff, but I have never felt that with you guys. Whatever my problem was, you have always made me feel like it is your biggest problem as well at that time. You have helped me upgrade my system in a way that has been very pocket-book friendly while still feeling really happy with what I have.

Merci beaucoup!

Bernard C

Bon matin Luc,

Je voulais prendre 2 minutes pour te remercier de ta grande disponibilité envers moi. Je me sens vraiment privilégié de pouvoir utiliser tes services et surtout ta grande expérience. Je comprends maintenant pourquoi ton entreprise connaît autant de succès.

Jean Claude

Roy Hall (( Mr Music Hall )) would love to visit your store Luc and greet your client when you need him... Roy said if we had more dealers like you, we will do well in Canada

From a supplier

Merci. All good! J’adore la qualité de ton service à la clientèle: une référence et un standard pour les autres...

Marc B, Gatineau

Luc.. Tu es le conducteur, nous sommes tes musiciens...

Louis Philippe, Ottawa

Tu nous guides toujours vers la bonne destination Luc, encore une fois, merci.

Andre, Ottawa

A full life as an audiophile makes me assert with certainty, that your level of expertise, care, planning is unmatched and unbridled Luc !

Pierre, Ottawa

As you know, I travel a great deal Luc, I visit every high end place I can, and few can even come up to your knees... wild selection seen no where else, expertise beyond belief, long life to your crew and SPI

Gerry, Montreal

La référence canadienne unique dans l'audio haut de gamme, et ce, sans l'aide de Plurison.

Richard, Montréal

Un magasin plein d'équipement haut de gamme, et d'expertise à haut volet... et la plus grande sélection d’Audio Note jamais vue. Quand aller vous déménager a Montréal, Mr Morin ?

Richard K, Saint Bruno, Québec

HOLLY SH*T does that thing sound AMAZING!!!! Imaging to die for right out of the box........ WOW!!!!


No surprise here Luc. You and your crew are simply the best at making sure we love what we buy from you. Thank you very much sir.

Timothy, Ottawa

SPI est véridiquement la place audio la plus recommander de ma part. Vous n'avez pas de comparaison. La passion et la musique sont toujours au rendez-vous avec toi et ta merveilleuse équipe Luc.

Wayne, Québec

Arafat Rubaiyat

As a consumer I value exceptional service above all else. It is this quality of service that makes SPI a truly incredible company in my opinion. Couple their quality of service with their incredible selection (probably the best I've ever seen), knowledgeable and helpful staff and you've an audio dealer that you can deal with confidence that your particular needs will be catered to with care and attention and any and all detail will be executed with your needs as an individual in mind, regardless of whether you're spending a modest amount or thousands upon thousands! This is the kind of service that elicits loyalty and I can say they have a loyal customer in me and I will never hesitate to recommend SPI to anyone.


Talking to Luc and his team is always a rewarding experience. The reason is simple, they pride themselves in sharing their interest and deep knowledge about audio and music. They will diligently guide you in making the right decision. Not many audio stores have been in business for more than 25 years. Clearly, there is a reason for that and its called dedication.

Philippe-André Morin

I bought a complete Cyrus system from my dad and he helped me set it up! I learned much from that experience. Man of great knowledge, I saw an aspect of my father when he was installing my system. Now I know why people give him 5 stars.

Thanks Dadio

Rob Annan

Bought several pieces of equipment recently. I can’t say enough about the quality of gear and the exceptional service I received from Luc and Steve. They patiently answered all my questions and set me up perfectly. Highly recommended you check this place out.

Francis Vermette

Purchased multiple items from Stereo Passion and have always been extremely satisfied of their service. Not trying to upsell you, they will listen to your needs and make suggestions based on that. Their honest feedback and answers have made me a return customer.

Thanks Luc!

Steve Rathwell

Great experience - very very knowledgeable and patient with me as I tip-toe into audiophilia. Service like this just does not exist anymore - nor does the product expertise. If you want QUALITY equipment and exceptional service - go see Luc and Steve - a hidden Gem in Ottawa and a dying breed of retailer who cares about their clients!

Benoit Guilbault

Tucked away in a light industrial neighbourhood in Ottawa's East End, Owner Luc and Manager Steve go out of their way to make their business friendly and laid back. But don't let this intimate, low-pressure approach fool you: these guys are pros! Thanks to their expert advice and an opportunity to audition fantastic gear, I was finally able to take my first step towards audio nirvana.... Thank you gentlemen - looking forward to many more. BG

Howie Mackie

I had an awesome experience with Stereo Passion. Luc answered all my emails and helped me settle on some great speakers. Highly recommended!


Ottawa only choice in high end Audio ! Great guys and better gear :)

Thomas Franzky

Excellent establishment!

Actual Yellow Page Reviews


Stereo Passion is awesome. I spoke with Luc who took a lot of his spare time to answer my questions. Very happy indeed. Highly Recommended!!

Actual Facebook Reviews

BG Guilbault

Unparalleled customer service! Luc and Steve have enabled me to carefully select components - through extensive conversation and auditioning - that work well together and are within budget. The result is a system that brings me joy and satisfaction every moment I spend with it. These guys are professional audio advisers, and value service and expertise over simply moving boxes. I would recommend anyone looking for serious performance from a 2-channel audio system make the trip out to Gloucester!

Francis Vermette

Best Hi-Fi selection in the region by far. Luc and his crew know their stuff inside out!

Yvon Audet AND Adam Wesley


Negative Reviews

Robin Murray

I wrote these clowns on Friday morning as I would be in Ottawa over the weekend.. I called and wrote several more times and have yet to recieve any reply.. Great customer service.. I think not..

Response from the owner

This above somebody from Durham GTA region manages to give 1 and 2 star reviews (mostly 1 star) at a rate of over 40% on his Google account. This somebody also manages to insult and lie 3 times in the second sentence ALONE in his review of us. Quite a feat I say. It says a lot about his negative predisposition and mind set when he sets out to destroy reputations publicly.

Here are the actual facts. WE DID communicate with him 35 minutes after his first e mail in the early afternoon. The irony of it all, this person received one of the fastest response times in the 225 or emails of the 3 weeks we were in a home based situation (as half our staff was dealing with flood issues at home). All clients were warned to expect delays on our voice mail, our web home page, our email auto responder, our voice mail and yes even in my initial responses to him ). So to make it clear, HE DID NOT call us, NOR left any message with us .I take note nobody has left you ANY feedback on your website. You must remove these as they come in. Google review was not designed to be used by such an unethical, vitriolic and vindictive person. You give Google a bad name , as well as your own business. I will say what I have said to all your types as this is not my first rodeo... please refrain from visiting us or calling us as in ever, we dont need your business nor support and we will refuse to serve you as well. I hope this is clear enough! To make matters even clearer, we will even include this review in our feedback page on our website WITH our initial email response... let the facts and reality speak for themselves, something you seem to have a real tough time with!

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