We're here, we're safe, we're still standing, and yes, we're open.

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We would like to acknowledge the serious deleterious effects that COVID has had on the world of all business. Our client base is wide and runs deep, we have worked hard to keep you all at our side. We thank you all for this.

What will become crucial and important in the sea changes of metamorphosis, is the facts that SPI will continue to exist in a way that has made us so different from others. The sustenance of warranty issues, the offerings of wide plane pro consumer servicing. We will continue precise demonstration techniques and will also continue repairs and turntable works. Read below, one will notice where SPI standouts.

Those that will have bought with us will continue to have long term access to assistance free of charge, just call or visit us. We will now offer, in this Covid age, a focused platform of solid companies within our portfolio. We will graduate from prime selection to prime choice. As many in all industries are folding before our eyes, we will strive to protect our well established client base from the ravages of Covid business failures.

We would like to thank you all for your support and kindness. Excellence and proper ethics shall remain the cornerstone of my company. Thank you all once again.



13th August 2020:

SPI is about to embark in a most challenging time in our existence as a 2nd wave may embark on us an epic tragedy. We suspect this will affect somewhat certain well established ways of ours for the foreseeable future. We maintain we are in a good spot to continue servicing and offering some of the best in audio. The moment Covid play itselves out into 2021, we will know more as us all.

We look forward to providing as much services to our clients as well as weathering as much as the storm that lies ahead for the time being.

We are very grateful for the continued support of our clients and friends. WE shall open on Thursdays as of September 10th.