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January 2019

Your month of January will be filled with 4 companies as demonstration goes: Tannoy, Triangle, Lumin, and finally Roksan BLAK level. Do join in on the fun every month. February will highlight Revel, Lumin, Funk Firm, Wireworld cables.

NEW in 2019


Audio Note Meishu ( awaiting introduction )

Reputation or lore and near myths, a substantial one box wonder house of musicality.

audio note meishu.jpg


Tannoy Turnberry

A self explanatory speaker, quite literally one of the worlds best.

tannoy turnberry.jpg


Line Magnetic LM 34 IA

LM 34 ia.jpg




proac DT8.PNG

NEW in 2018


Atoll IN 100 SE

atoll in 100 se.jpg


Triangle Titus

Adding another classic monitor from Triangle, the TITUS, world class at approx. 1K

triangle banner titus.PNG


Audio Note cables

Audio Note Cables, Lexus at all levels, coming soon. We carry more AN cables than anybod, period !!!

audio note cables banner 2.PNG


Lumin U1

Digital transport with power supply, coming soon

lumin u1.jpg


Lumin M1

World class uni source streamer and amplifier, Lumin M 1

lumin m1.jpg


Roksan K3 Power Amplifier

Another 5 star power amplifier, class leading Roksan K 3. We have sold several already.

roksan k3 poweramp.jpg


Roksan K3 DAC

K 3 DAC by Roksan, 5 star with exception of one. Use your ears fella's

roksan k3-dac.jpg


Tannoy Kensington

A self explanatory speaker, quite literally one of the worlds best.

tannoy - kensington.jpg


Wireworld cables

An introduction and wide array of of highly compatibly cables at all level

wireworld fullxx.jpg


Atoll Electronique line up

A down too earth line up that is beguilingly musical, a company that Ottawa has adopted and fallen for in a big way.

atoll banner.jpg

atoll in50.jpg

Atoll IN 50

atoll in80.jpg

Atoll IN 80

atoll in80 CD.jpg

Atoll CD 80

Nordost Super flatline

Who says you need to spend a lot on cables, an old classic just made better.


Triangle Electroacoustique, more than 3 models on display

Fetish line if there was one, we deal with Triangle Antal EZ upward, we have several models. Meant to be a different flavor to our JMR French line up.

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On display

triangle - antal.jpg

On display

triangle - esprit.PNG

On display

Lumin Streamers

Takes a lot of streaming to replace what we once offered, world class streaming.

lumin x1.jpg

Adcom Audio

New and entirely revised classics, this is better described as power house leaders that is affordably priced

adcom - gfa-555ms.PNG

adcom gfa-6002.png

Sim Audio 240i

Known as a super integrated among the 3K amplifier, just add streamer or transport.

simaudio 240i.jpg

Aqua DAC

World class leading digital gear, often compared to Audio Note DAC's

aqua La Voce.PNG

Monitor Audio Studio

A clear attempt by MA to change the waters and guide themselves into leaders of small monitor worldwide

monitor audio studio banner.jpg

Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia

The one that somewhat replaced the all time classic JMR Bliss.

jmr folia.png

Tannoy Mini Autograph

Perhaps the best smallest speakers in the world. Compared to the best out there at this time

tannoy autograph mini.jpg

Line Magnetic LM 845

Discover what many folks love about this 845 tube, 22 watts of glorious Single Ended power

LM 845.jpg

Audio Note OTO Signature amplifier

Speaking of one of the worlds best, one of the most beautiful sounding amplifiers. A real classic.

audio note oto se.jpg

Copland DAC 215 and pre

Stunning beauty and versatility in one box, DAC, Preamp and Headphone amp all in once.

copland dac 215.PNG

Tannoy Eaton

A big monitor by all accounts, a totally revised sound from previous equivalent models. A Prestige level product for less money

tannoy EATON.PNG

Tannoy Revolution, entire series

New series intended that we brougt in to replace The Tannoy Precision, but with more of that historical and relevant Tannoy sound.

tannoy revolutionxt xt 6f banner.jpg


Monitor audio new silver series

monitor audio - equipement.jpg

Entire series

Roksan K3 series

roksan k3 amp.jpg

Entire series

Roksan blak

roksan blak-amp.jpg


trigon exxact 4.png

trigon exxact 2.png

Sim Audio EVO

sim audio evo 600.jpg

NeoT Nemoi cables

neotech cable.PNG

Talk Electronic Edwards table

Edwards Audio TT2SE Turntable.png

Sim Audio DAC

simaudio 280d.PNG

Sim audio 260 CD player

simaudio 260 cd.PNG

Sim Audio ACE

simaudio ace.jpg

Audio Note new replacements of AN-K, AN-E

audio note an-k.jpgaudio note an-e-1.jpg

JMR series of speakers

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

from La Folia to the Abscise, all on display

Revel Concerta

revel - converta 2 banner.png

Entire series on display


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