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January 2019

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What is being offered in February is a near French system. It's a tweaked version of something not hideously expensive, but a bit of a signed system where performance will be up to the point. The JMR Euterpe have just received another acclaim, the journalists claim that that this Euterpe ports a very directive and chiselled sound, extremely structured. Dynamics are on the live and explosive kind. This is not your polite JMR speaker. One journalist stated that this may well be the model that offers the most in the line up. This will be playing in our main room. No need to book an RV, bring your music. On display for a few weeks only.

All present and near future planned system of the month and both spring events are suspended due to exceedingly high demands on our services. These will come back at a later date.

Simpler, better, easier... a new monthly feature.

November's system

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A rather exclusive system. Few if any offer both these brands under one roof. Somewhat if not more expensive than the prior monthly systems, the sound will be deemed by most who listen as very British affair as very organic, suave and velvety. This is high caliber match up if ever. Few will remember hearing the type of sound or music that they are about to hear. For the romantics in us.


This is done by also using Audio Note cables throughout, from source to speakers. In order to keep this on the relatively affordable end of things, we opted to display and use Aqua DAC. The Aqua company is known to be one of the only worldwide competitors to that Audio Note sound. These Italian can play ball where DAC's are concerned.

The analogue duties are taken over by our relatively new Funk Firm GETT. If there was one system that one should make time for, it would be this one.Approximate system cost is a tad over 20,000.00

Octobers system of the month.

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This is basically the French system we promised but could not just last August. I do like the French sound, just something about it that make my ears tingle. Many will know that Atoll and JMR are French lines, but in addition to this, they both play marvellously well together. Many Euro dealers offer both these lines not for any other reason than this.

The upcoming system will match the simplicity of Septembers British system. It's delivery will be somewhat different in perspective, This would be an understatement.

Precision, decisive rendering of musical messages, quite transparent but both French companies offer a passage way into organic and warmish timbral overflow. Effectively dancing between both the warmish presentation and the addictive ways that resolution and details are presented.

We place our forwarding French system with an award winning table under the Edwards brand. Phono stage duties will belong too Atoll as well. The speakers that will deserve the attention this month, will be the JMR Euterpe. Crossing the bridge between their smaller siblings and their reference floor standers ( both on display ), The JMR Euterpe will manage to portray both an exquisite and highly musical message.

The cables used in this set up will be the highly appropriate Wire World cable company. On display for the entire month of October. Approximate system cost is 12,000.00

November's system will be an entirely British affair, hear from us soon enough folks.

Septembers' highlighted system

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Now as you read this monthly article, it will be because our Next Quarter key was in fact getting too complex, especially where I wanted to bring it in. Consequently, Roger and I did away with it. So it is, I thought that it would be much easier simply to have a really nice set up per month that is always ready and playing.

Let it be said, these set up will be in our second dem room, the green room. NO appointment necessary.

I asked Kris to make a really nice set up around simply 3 classic lines that are attainable too most audiophiles : Roksan and Monitor Audio Silver series. MA will also be playing in our main dem room at the Gold level it should be noted. A note, these monthly recommended systems will all be at the same level that are attainable too most folks, month after month.

The system will be kept with the Roksan K 3 system, quite a lavish yet affordable set up, that equally looks great and plays quite literally at the level of its looks. So K 3 system CD DI player with the K 3 amplifier, partnered with a Funk Firm GETT turntable for those analogue lovers. Vinyl will be set aside and close by, for those that want to listen to it.

Lastly, we will be playing an extremely competent design and musical speaker, the Monitor Audio Silver 300's. A tower design that is not too large for medium size room. This entire series is about those that need to have a peak inside their music. They remain vibrant, quite transparent and quite incisive. There is no guessing where the music is at with this speakers. Emotional content is not missing, power and well as dynamics will be omni present, with the hard driving K 3 amplifier ( The K 3 power amplifier was in fact one of our POYA in 2017 ).

FYI, this entire system remains below 10,000.00 ( without turntable )

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