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Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
Pink Floyd, Wish you were here

BUT, might we add, we will be busy with speakers!

Between these newly organized autumn shows and events, we will be looking forward to trying something new. Set ups that are advertised as formal, will be seeing a sleuth of speakers we already have on display. So between dates, speaker companies from Reference 3A, ProAc, Triangle, Tannoy, Jean Marie Reynaud, Audio Note, Monitor Audio, Volents and we have forgotten a few on top of that will be having their song sang.

In a way, a sleuth of different systems will be flogged about as new mixes for your pleasure. Now who else can do that!

October is Roksan / Atoll / Triangle / JMR month :

roksan logo.png

Starting Saturday October 12th, our October will be showing several series of Roksan with either Triangle Signature or Jean Marie Reynaud top level speakers. We will also be demonstrating Atoll Electronic. No invites necessary, but if one is interested in any specific model, just give is a call, we tend to know ahead of time what will be playing.

November is Trigon and Triangle Reference month

trigon exxact 4.png

You got it , the exact system that received our system of the year in 2017. Cabling will be by Wireworld, streaming will be committed by Trigon Reference as well. A state of the art affair, an Oxford system to be sure. A rare occurrence anywhere. Triangle Magellan level speakers will be on display. Those same speakers that attracted so many visitors right in the middle of summer. Plenty of time for any of you to visit us and listen to some of the best German audio built today.

December Audio Note day :


audio note meishu.jpg

We are planning this one far ahead for Audio Note fans, not a formal event however. This will be the formal introduction of our Audio Note Meishu's. Our AN clients will be advised ahead of time. The AN Meishu is recognized as being quite literally one of the best tube based amplifier on the market today, or one of the best in the world. Other Audio Note components that match the Meishu's level will be also on display. This one is dedicated to our AN clients. So be forewarned fella's, see you in December!

Autumn is basically here, so here we start yet again!

Thanks for being so patient with us, where our website is concerned.Tweaks will still follow here and there. We have prepared a loaded late year program for the following months for our clients. Our Clearance page should soon appear for you fans out there as well. As we stated before, not too long ago, we will attempt to simplify, and do away with what most shops do not do for their clients. We have even updated Our Info webpage to reflect newer realities.

For reasons beyond our control, we may be closed Friday September 20th, reopening Saturday with Steve and Kris

Our Saturday summer hours will be ending at the beginning of October, right after the Holiday long weekend. For those that are interested, on what we have playing for you, by all means, send us a line, we will be more than happy to share this information. Go ahead, dont be afraid fella's ;-). Coffee and tea remain on the house.

We are just about to plan one or two events for our clients sometime in November and/or December. More info on this at a later date. Reference level Trigon and of course Audio Note. Some will venture a guess what be playing with the latter event. This should keep us busy.

Our Autumn is just about to walk into all our lives, all of us are ready for your visits, see you all soon.