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Saturday Summer hours will end permanently effective now, see Our Info webpage for more information.

Recent news

The world of audio is changing very quickly...

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28 years of service, and counting

... and rather than try to follow these changes, we should perhaps just let it hang on our public forum, our website. Where we are finding out some things that can be called drastic in our business whirlwind world of ours (its everywhere folks, as you know, not just our audio world), trying to keep pace with these retail changes have been a full time job in 2019 (the economist in me I suppose).

We will keep what does not affect our clients behind the our scenes, who needs all this drama, but nevertheless, forewarn our clients when they get affected. That is the best we can offer.

We will continue events, we will maintain our joie de vivre where audio is concerned, and we will continue offering a lot to our client base. Status quo will continue in near accord to our past behaviors.

We are bringing back select by appointment settings for the month of July and August permanently, life for us will continue. Our summer hours, at the pleasant surprise of many will now permanently cease right after THIS Thanks Giving weekend because of the following paragraphs.

We will no longer need Saturday Summer hours since we will using our old well worn system of ours, by appointment it will be. Why ? I have decided not to compromise where service and expertise lies. But this being said, I have pushed through adaptive changes for our new trends we are seeing in our market place.

Consequently, following Our Info web page will be very important as I have changed things up for SPI, so we could adapt and remain relatively unaffected by these rather drastic and altering market place forces.

In the area where competition in Ottawa is concerned, let us call a spade a spade, 2 channel competitors have virtually disappeared in Ottawa, and many are disappearing elsewhere. I dont think this is an accident by the way. Other than some summer periods (where we totally close for vacay), folks here in Ottawa have a way of keeping us busy. No surprise, we do have a lot to offer by way of world class brands that are ON DISPLAY.

Yet SPI still pulls in well stated events at no cost to our clients. These events are not light by any stretch and they are costly as we do not hold back anything. We still offer free shipping in case of defect,, still provide what is an expensive website to push through at the service of clients, we still provide quality replacements when we await your repair. SPI still takes care of everything relating to cost of maintenance as all things around us is going south. The inventories we hold in order to service our clients are mind boggling. Some things for the time being will never change. There are so many things we did right in our past, that will continue at the behest of our client base. Deliveries, technical assistance with your gear, expert guidance if anything goes wrong with anything we sold you... etc etc... all free to our clients. A I say, go big or go home.

The changes happening in our industry locally or elsewhere are in fact not negligible by their very nature. Because of this, the wider the choices we offer our clients, the more our boat will be rocked by the present changes as many companies we deal with are being rocked on their side as well. Lines and companies may disappear around us, we will remain exactly where we are. Our ship is solid, and we are aware that icebergs are close. We have a very good history at manoeuvering around these.

At day's end, for those looking in at our hour glass called our website, our business world and life can only be supported and justified if our local clients and citizenry that support local. On this plane, we have been very lucky as we have been exemplary at delivering to you, our clients. We thank you all immensely and appreciate your support.

We do have a fair amount of mileage now behind us, our sore backs and hands, greying hairs or lack thereof, and all the problems that comes from lifting in this job or in life in general, was mostly pleasurable... for the most part ;-). Mileage can wear us thin, but its equally part of our game. But fun it is, and fun remains here at SPI.

So now you know we are still having much fun, if and when we loose that, the old boys at SPI will withdraw and retire. Were NOT there yet by a long stretch. But we all realize here at SPI, its no longer fun for a lot of folks out there... and maybe one day, we will not be immune as we are not robots. Our ecosystem is crumbling.

We plan on looking forward into our ( your ) future together, and this for as long as we can. On that note, thanks for reading, and as I say consistently... you are all in good hands with us.

Very Sincerely


Autumn is basically here, so here we start yet again!

Thanks for being so patient with us, where our website is concerned.Tweaks will still follow here and there. We have prepared a loaded late year program for the following months for our clients. Our Clearance page should soon appear for you fans out there as well. As we stated before, not too long ago, we will attempt to simplify, and do away with what most shops do not do for their clients. We have even updated Our Info webpage to reflect newer realities.

For reasons beyond our control, we may be closed Friday September 20th, reopening Saturday with Steve and Kris

Our Saturday summer hours will be ending at the beginning of October, right after the Holiday long weekend. For those that are interested, on what we have playing for you, by all means, send us a line, we will be more than happy to share this information. Go ahead, dont be afraid fella's ;-). Coffee and tea remain on the house.

We are just about to plan one or two events for our clients sometime in November and/or December. More info on this at a later date. Reference level Trigon and of course Audio Note. Some will venture a guess what be playing with the latter event. This should keep us busy.

Our Autumn is just about to walk into all our lives, all of us are ready for your visits, see you all soon.