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Our mission

Our mission is to make your shopping experience as joyful and informational as possible.

We fully understand first hand your passion and need for music in your daily lives. These needs are reflective of how important they are in our own private lives. We promise to do no harm. We are here to serve our clients without ego nor games.

Our mission statement explained

Demo times and after hours appointments.

Should you show up for a demonstration without booking a RV time, it is possible as long as 3 issues are not at play :

 - We do not have a pending appointment on or near the time of your visit.

 - Dem's need to be simple to set up from a set up stand point, and from companies that are plug and play, in nature.

 - Complex or protracted set ups are by appointment only.

After hours appointments are offered Thursday and Friday evening, starting at 3 pm.

Scale of offerings

We try to offer a wide ranging assortments of lines from the affordable to the prestige levels.

Method of payments

Visa, Mastercard, Interact, EMT, certified cheques, Cash

Complaints, we did anything wrong in your regards.

Please call Luc, or email me directly at

Please make certain that you provide all necessary information so that I may communicate with you in person. Once confirmed on my end, there is virtually no wait times to receive a response or call back.

Technical issues with the gear we sold you ?

You bought this from us ? You are having problems or have questions ? We have an entire system in place in order to tend and service these problems in a very efficient manner. This applies even to old gear we sold you years and years ago ! Please call or mail the above yellow highlighted email account.

Thanks for supporting your local dealer.

Over 25 years of seriously great audio

Since March 1999, we have more than 1,200,000 unique visitors to our website.

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