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Who are we ?

In a short few days we will be celebrating our first day of our 27th anniversary. Somewhat astonishing considering the deplorable and present state of retailers at all levels worldwide. My background in economics and policy matters has propelled me to always keep a keen eye on such issues in my business life. This I believe has always kept my company alive and vibrant, and never in a quicksand type environment. We have survived some wicked storms and lived to become even stronger.

So there is a type of business models that is followed: the model is that of strict rationality where numbers are concerned. If one wants to survive when conducting a non essential business, one has no choice.

On quite another different level, and equally important matter is that such pursuits must pay attention to this one thing in our industry anyway, it is "cette condition ephemere", that elusive ephemeral french quality that can be better defined under artistic and emotional conditions. Music to it's core cannot fully operate in strict business sense, not today. However near everybody listens to music. Quite literally, I walk between both worlds. The men at my side, are also required to do the same.

Ethics surrounding our brands, our work, behaviors, our words and messages to you, all follow one paradigm. One of simplicity and honesty. Our client's and this simple honesty remain our most solid core and quality, and many stay at our side as friends. My corporate profile also espouses die hard loyalty to our portfolio and clients. There is something deeper when someone decides to stay beside your company. That's why I maintain and keep my team for long and protracted time spans at my side. Its not a joke nor an accident. Loyalty can be central, yes even in business matters. This very level makes my company difficult to gage from a business standpoint.

I often say that the companies we represent are loaned to us but for a limited time. Reality dictates this, whether we must part ways on the merits of dirty politics, lack of numbers and local support, or simply disappearing from a supply chain standpoint. The thread that makes most, if not all our portfolio, is one of musicality within the confines of reliability and after sales support. I do have some favorites, we all do. I never let this get in the way, preferring to provide much in the way of offerings and options. Sometimes, things must change to reflect the present market place. We dont change regarding this "condition ephemere", but our portfolio's do come and go. This is life in a way and in many ways, it is outside our control. Like our friends, or family, they are loaned and eventually leave their separate ways.

I have seen music be used for incessant testing, contant criticizing of gear and fellow audiophiles yet music was never meant to be for this. The approach I use with my clients, is all music is good. It may not be to our taste, but it's all good. The main underlying issue is, do you like your music through that instrument you are listening from ? This simplicity of approach makes the process full proof and simple, as long as one listens with their ears, heart, and not from the eyes, brain, friend-consultants, articles, scripts etc, then no mistakes are committed. These people you rely on, are not the ones buying and listening over the year's to your choices. However, I am adamant about not fighting city hall, should one feel the latter is the way to go, like we say, it's all good.

There is a prophetic if not poetic side to our calling, those of us who were chosen to hear and feel the beauty in chosen music forms. So when one enters our walls, you are entering into a kind of poetic heart felt domain. We know if you come in, you must love music as much as we all do here, maybe even more. Shops like the one I and Steve, Roger and Kris run with glee and passion, are sometimes scary places. Remember, that my company got this far by respecting your love of music and understanding it's primal importance in your life. Nothing to take lightly there.

For the most part, music listening is a solitary activity, on occasion, shared with few like minded friends. The musical message is sublime by its very nature, why I insist on correct demonstration procedure's. The internet cannot by its very nature even begin to do this. I realize that for some folks, the above is an irrelevant and self serving procedure. But for us, should I not offer this options, then where else are the folks that require and demand such services receive these in turn.

In many ways, my company is a very intuitive business model, for reasons that many of you already know. But what I do know is without my heart felt ways and very essential and respectful intrusions into your musical lives', there is no way I would be doing this kind of business as a commercial activity.

Music plays morning, noon and night, either at home or in our shop. My crew and I are who we are. How else am I and you, keep your sanity in this increasingly insane if not turbulent world where change's for the sake of change is turning our minds and emotional lives upside down. Music dare I say is a stably sane platform. Music reminds us that there is a difference between listening to beauty and listening to informational rubbish that surround and inundate us 24 hours a day. Music stops and smooth the savage heart in all of us.

No matter what we prefer, tubes, Hybrid technologies, transistor, Class A, B, D, AB, AD, CD players, analogue rigs, Streamers, analogue radio, its all good, I and my crew can fit you in at virtually any level. My crew and I will try to squeeze music at every turn in your considerations, it's a must, for you long terms happiness and yes, our commercial survival.

Most that know me, will know the following, at home, on a Saturday evening after a rather long work week, my preferred activity is listening to music. Sometimes between work duties on Sunday and in the evening, I still listen to even more music. Monday evenings are the same. Music plays while I work in both my offices, now I am listening too Faure Piano pieces. My insistence on listening to music in my daily life does not operate in a vacuum. Why I get very ill tempered when politic and doctrines get in the way, as I find these unnecessary and vile in the way I view music. Music is one of the only places in our daily reality that should be exempt from this.

Our first quarter century + 1 is about to end, and with our first days of our 27th upon us, never have I rarely spoken personally in this fashion to any potential client or on this website. Quite literally, our Less is more becomes... way more than we originally anticipated. Within the sea of change in our industry, and my insistence that music must take center stage in all we do for you here, that no matter what happens, music offers continuity of emotions and yes, soothing pleasure. As a French philosopher once wrote, music rides on a higher plain. It may be even the opiate of the masses, like religion, as one well known psychiatrist once wrote.

My crew understand this first hand. Our love comes first, gear comes second, always.

We are having (and had) a musical evening with our long time friends and supporters, on that evening, music will bind (or bound) our souls together with laughter and humanity. This is what we are all about.

With that simple wisdom, I hope that this model based on beauty and ethics will continue to assure us our following for long years to come my dear clients and friends. Should times remove our ways as useless, redundant and old, then we will need to remove ourselves from the public fold and serve privately, like we once did, as we would rather not have any other way in our daily lives... something tells me, folks like us just the way we are. On that note, stay safe and happy.

Very sincerely and fond regards

Luc Morin

Epifany !

As I am feverishly cleaning house, and have been since last years flood, I must decide what sells, what I donate to my son and what stays. As to second point, no, I am not asking to have your application for adoption... the answer is no !

But having just terminated reading an Art Dudley article, it dawned on me that its getting more and more difficult to belabor what stands out from the crowd. In the cleansing of my audio hoarder ways at home, I placed a simple system that few would know, with exception of speakers. What happened after I did build this system, I have been listening to is perhaps one of the best systems I have laced my ears on. Simple, very understated, with gobs of finesse and musicality. This begs the point, have I mislead my clients all these years, thought these components were under my roof for years, never had I listened to this combination. I had no clue whatsoever, don't I feel stupid, maybe a bit ignorant is better... maybe both.

Maybe now that I know so much about this audio thing, perhaps I now know far less today. Fact is audiophiles can criticize anything good and nice. They take special glee in kicking a man when he is down. Ok I know, its hyperbolic guys.

As I often stated, some components come out as accidents, as they were not meant to sound so good. Sad fact is they are most likely not to sell more than a deplorable sounding one. If I were bring this system at work ( nop nop nop I will not ), I'm pretty sure I would have folks salivating about. Perhaps they would soon forget about it, in our quickly forgotten overloaded world.

The biggest tragedy, would be, even if I wanted too, I would not be capable to sell this system but once, but I will not sell this on system as I will be listening to this with a very good friend of mine tomorrow. I may even listen to this system till after X-mas... but my dilemma is the following : Why is it that none of my clients don't have this system. I can easily place this one system at any high end show, and might even get away with show honors.

Fact is, audio has become highly convoluted, its business practices even more so, maybe even fatally so. I will not pull a Corey Greenberg from Stereophile, after he claims to have listened to a gods starburst happening of a particular record written by apparently a very mentally ill musician. He quit his job, he quit writing for Stereophile, he walked away from perhaps the hugest fan base the mag had ever had still today... nop nop nop, I will not do that.

The quandary I have, after beginning my journey in audio, I say, why now. Despite testing so many times in my life, why is it that I never listened to this one system. Never clued in. Which begs for me, is a plea to always remain humble in this audio world that goes beyond the doctrinaire and self saturated egos stroking their grey cells in mindless absolution.

The final conclusion to my clients, how I wish I could turn the clock back. Life is like that I suppose. I have just learned, there is always better, but sometimes, well, you know sometimes, there isn't. That is where my mind is at... now enjoy your systems folks.

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