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Merci / Thanks for being patient during our stay away from our duties and limited work hours. Roger and I have been spared this year, loosing only valuable time tending to our homes. Let the shop duties begin...



Yes its for real folks !

audio note meishu (2).JPG

Our mascot, Marius Maximus reflection, overseeing my picture

Some of you called us to task about having 2 Meishu's available and on display. Why you say? Its just not something you see anywhere! So I write back and state : "As stated countless times, I permit no BS on this website. We do have these".

When will they arrive at the shop, please dont hold your breath, why you say, both need substantial burn in, and especially the top of the line Meishu !

Having taken time to carefully listen to the Meish Sil Sig phono, yesterday evening, it will need plenty of burn in hours. They are both resting one on top of another in my listening room ( real pictures to follow on this website ), Summer is my listening time, its when I have theoretically more time to listen... I did say theoretically ! Another thing I said... you folks are keeping us busy.

Audio Note is not for everybody, granted, and certainly not these amps, but in many ways its our mandate to properly demonstrate these, and so this means only when they are ready. We will try to rush one of these Audio Note Meishu's post haste in early Autumn.

I hear you all screaming... "Luccccc stop keeping these just to yourself you mofo". My oh my, I do have the knack for pissing my clients off. My wife says, "not just your clients Luc, pretty much everybody Luc". At least I excel a one thing guys !

Its true and its for real, its refreshing that in an environment that is constricted that an Ottawa borne retailer can have so much Audio Note.

Start date near June 20th

oxford collection logo.jpg jmr logo.png

Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile Jubilee will be displayed with Roksan BLAK series in our main room. Together with Wire world cable, Lumin streaming, Music Hall. This system will be on display till MID August. Again this is our new longer display times, that should be noted, seem to be striking a note with you Ottawa folks.

A well balanced system it is, as we have already had this on demonstration, and it was extremely good.

Our back room will have AudioLab on our Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia

PS: Next up in August and September: ProAc speakers


Clarification on trades and our shop

With many audio shops disappearing here in Ottawa and elsewhere, we have noticed many new faces getting in touch with us regarding our clearance page asking us to see if we accept trades from elsewhere. Despite stating this on our page in bold letters, folks find a way to miss or ignore this. To be clear:

We only accept trades that were bought here at SPI.

The reasons are many for this, but the main one is after sales service should things go sideways with you store bought trade. We can cover ours, and know where we stand where service is concerned, BUT we cannot guarantee this with trade in stock bought elsewhere. Its really that simple.