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News and facts

Many will have noticed what may be significant investments in our company in the last few months. One would be right. The Montreal show is right now, and we will be seeing about the future guidance in 2019. Your fave website will go through some changes as we speak, this never ends. We have never been so busy as NOW, there is a real hunger that we can quench because if our financial means. 

It will be quite the spring for you and for us, and we will cap it off in April with the first Audio Note of its kind. We are active because you keep us so... and on this note...

Thanks kindly for your support folks.

Exciting times !

For you and us... as we are working out to make more room for our new gear ( its a challenge guys ), we are equally bringing in near amounts of new gear.

We will be welcoming companies like Music Hall analogue at all levels on our shop floor, as well as new just released Lumin streaming gear.

music hall mmf 9.3.jpg

Absolute reference quality gear the likes of Audio Note gear has made its introductions in Ottawa. You folks are keeping us so busy, we have had to cancel any planned events at this time, and this includes the one by Line Magnetic and Audio Note. Its a first ever at SPI, we always managed to make due, not this year.

We have been forthright with you folks, Ottawa IS getting on board with Atoll Electronic. This is not a joke, its happening. Atoll 200 series is making it's introduction as we speak. This to is a first folks.

More introductions are now happening with ProAC, Roksan, more Audio Note, Wireworld. Many very interesting companies are under my vest as we speak.

All of this would be impossible without your support of course

Lastly we will be reorganizing some of our web keys with a week or two, as we are seeing overlaps... and we are somewhat late... but... wish our website a happy 20th birthday.

See you all soon.


February / March 2019

2019 starts out with a veritable bang.

What can we say, we nearly pulled a rare code red, something we do when we barely meet the demands imposed on us by our clients and friends. It's mid February, its still dicey on this red code. However our recommended monthly systems have been placed on hold for the time being, a first actually. This gave us the space needed to deal with the influx of activity. Until it quiets down a little, there will be no recommended monthly system.

On another point, if one wishes to listen to anything, appointments for the time being are required. We have no choice in this matter.

Our 2 planned spring events have been cancelled, again, impossible to proceed under the present conditions.

Several new lines are making their appearance on our shop floor. Of interest, a new analogue line we had been eyeing and awaiting its new supplier. The moment this was done, we bit. More news on this very soon. We should be receiving our stock very soon.

Our company will be better focusing our line ups. Work had stated 1 year ago, with little fanfare, under the less is more story telling. Difficult to do this when you are being visited it seems by a boat load of clients coming from all over the province of Quebec and Ontario. Consequently, what we will need to do is make sure our website alludes that we mostly have something for everybody. Its a change of direction, but its a good move for the right reasons. You will all see what this means sooner than later on our website. Just too difficult to explain, but for those that are into affordable audio, shall be calling us not to see if we can serve them, but will be calling us to see what we have for them, and yes, we already have plenty. Our Stevie Wonder will take care of you.

Our 2019 is being assailed with overall bad news and tiding. More shops and suppliers are closing or being sold off. We are lucky, as we run real deep with our clients. It seems we are picking up the pieces and running with it. It's a boon for our clients. This will be further increased as the year wears on I am afraid.

One thing for sure, the more we move forward, the busier we get, so we will be tweaking at many levels what needs to be adapting to these present positive changes we are grateful for.

So it must be said, we thank you all for your kind support. See you all soon.

All the best

Our present reality.

As far as we know, we are the only company that's provides some form of heads up relating to our national market place. Somewhere in this webpage, I stated that we had approx. 60 %more gear that was plausibly correct to have for a city our size. Then just last week, we stated as a company that we would choose lines that were all time fave's of ours in a near future. As a last idea, we also would need to see about working more with like minded suppliers. Place this under the light of disappearing or simply greedy unreasonable suppliers, well...

We have now arrived at our departing point.

The time is about too turn a corner in the coming weeks and months. Just as we need peoples permission to be able to offer so many lines, it must equally be said that we need to feel safe with the manufacturers and companies we work with day in, day out. Dare I say, the latter is a must, especially with the amount of service we offer to our clients. The audio business has an underbelly that is anything but smooth. This should be no surprise too most, its business.

Our alliance's are strictly with our client base and those suppliers that have stood with us through think and thin.

While it is true, that the market forces are changing, and not for the better we feel, then we are left with options that are not totally bright and shiny. We will need to pick our poison. At days end, what this means is that from our view, we need to protect our clients first and foremost and our long established brand a close second. Other than this, we still maintain that audio is supposed to be fun at all times, it's a must in our books. We will do everything in our power in order to maintain that idea, that fun and pleasure, is essentially the main ingredient of our existence here at SPI.

Expect things to happen soon enough folks without further warning.


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