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January 2019

Your month of January will be filled with 4 companies as demonstration goes: Tannoy, Triangle, Lumin, and finally Roksan BLAK level. Do join in on the fun every month. February will highlight Revel, Lumin, Funk Firm, Wireworld cables.

News & Facts

We will be available to respond from Monday December 17th till Thursday December 20th at 1pm. Our hours of operations on the 20th will be from 10 am till 1 pm. Vacation time starts for us thereafter.

Happy Holidays

Why did things go so fast... 2018's defining moments.

Your SPI entire team would like to thank you for allowing us to help you in your quest for great audio in 2018. We look forward to helping you in 2019. Its a pleasure and an honour to do so dear friends and clients. See you next year ;-)


As we are heading into a world that is ceaseless in changes at the retail level, we have been blessed with some incredible folks who have stood at our side now for nearly 27 years. Through thick and thin, we have maintained our own unique rhythms and ways of doing things right. Our commercial operations continue to thrive where so many are being reduced. As for us, we have only our clients to thank for making us into a happy place. We are still excited doing our jobs, and just as one would not think possible, we are still being discovered by many new folks excited to come in when they see these "old teenagers" on this website that still have a zest for what they do everyday. You fine folks must take the credit for that as well. Without the consent of the people, SPI would not exist. A round of applause for yourselves.

Now let us take time to wish our many friends and clients a safe, happy, joyous, healthy and musical Christmas and New Year. On behalf of myself and my aging crew...

Happy Holidays for all.

See you after January 8th 2019.

Over 25 years of seriously great audio

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