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Starting noon Friday July 5th till Thursday the 25th, we shall be completely closed. We will be completely inaccessible. During this first portion of summer vacation, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy summer.

Where this summer is concerned...

As stated prior, we will have our backs turned to many changes happening in our industry while on our July vacation. Some will inevitably concern us and will affect us. Many of these changes will be explained to our client base verbally, but we have been affected by three somewhat important one's in the last week alone. We expect more affectations . No worries, SPI has in effect been preparing for any of these faltering's since 2016, we expect no ripple effects within our walls for now. However our clients will be affected.

Roger and I will be looking at our present website in late summer. The changes may be drastic web wise, we say may...

We are now closed and on vacay fellas, have a great fun summer !


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Canada day closures:

For our relatively new clients, some will notice that we occasionally and usually close on Canada day weekends. We only close when this July 1st National Holiday is either and between Friday to Monday. The normal heavy chaos that our city is at where celebrations are concerned make us frightfully un-busy, and for good reason. Now our new clients know.

Happy Canada day to all.

Clarification on trades and our shop

With many audio shops disappearing here in Ottawa and elsewhere, we have noticed many new faces getting in touch with us regarding our clearance page asking us to see if we accept trades from elsewhere. Despite stating this on our page in bold letters, folks find a way to miss or ignore this. To be clear:

We only accept trades that were bought here at SPI.

The reasons are many for this, but the main one is after sales service should things go sideways with you store bought trade. We can cover ours, and know where we stand where service is concerned, BUT we cannot guarantee this with trade in stock bought elsewhere. Its really that simple.