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January 2019

Your month of January will be filled with 4 companies as demonstration goes: Tannoy, Triangle, Lumin, and finally Roksan BLAK level. Do join in on the fun every month. February will highlight Revel, Lumin, Funk Firm, Wireworld cables.

News & Facts

Bad and good tidings to come in 2019.

Without getting into specifics of our market place and beyond, there will be perhaps onslaughts of surprising news that would not be seen as good. We will deal with this in our usual manner, cut cancers quick and clean. We promise. Were good at doing this.

All we need to state is that we know the denigrating conditions on the audio world worldwide will continue, many will notice that we have maintained our quite heavy investment cycles, our web growth take shape January 9th 2019 (our less is more web "move" of last September was a miserable failure, our website grew back by over 70% in one day Jan 9th), we could not achieve this less is more "vision", we simply have way too much to work with. We also need to let our clients know that we have been lucky and are not seeing nor feeling what others feel. This year will continue too see and witness an increase in events, much new gear, some very high end gear, we will, shows, extension of demo times and make sure we... remain in touch with our client base.

We are now about to open a new port way for our Quebec clients, these web pages will be of a very different feel than that of our English web pages. I assure all. We will be getting very specific on offering extensions to our "by appointment" demonstration's. Overall, we believe you will keep us busy and we will also be keeping ourselves busy. SPI is going nowhere, we stand firm despite the shit storms around us. Just wear glasses and a hat we say... and march forward.

Obviously this is what we are doing, with what can be called a massive introduction of many new components since November. Just to let our clients know... Its all good at SPI, we remain strong, solid and forward looking. Its a pleasure to serve you all.



Plenty has happened while we were away and...

Our website will have seen both a diet and soon to become "transformation". Knowing full well that we have a fan base that is far reaching enough, it will be our first time that we will also need to account for our clients coming from elsewhere that do come in and visit us in our actual shop.

In the coming weeks, our website will disappear for a few hours then come back refreshed if not reinvented. The changes will not be light nor superficial. We are just trying to have an increased client experience from our web platform. We know you will all enjoy the ride, thanks for your patience once this begins to happen btw.



Well another year bites the dust !

January-February 2019

You may think we are open once this is uploaded, but alas, we open our doors January 10th. This was written before our departure in December holidays.

One last time, let us start the year and wish all our fans, friends clients, all of you, a happy and healthy new year.

Our year will start off with several brand new systems never assembled before. The new formula gives us a quick succession of systems. Maybe a little too quick, we are not sure, but we will test this new way of doing things.

Our first component will be one of our Product award winner for 2018, our Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile speakers. This speaker takes effect but for one weeks time.

jmr cantabile jubile.png

One of the big news components in 2019 is the introduction of our new Line Magnetic LM 34 IA amplifier. Leading foot forward from this very performing tube amplifier, will be Tannoy Turnberry Prestige products. We are giving these set up's approx. 2 weeks play time in store. I dare say is I never really heard the level of music making for such a low price. By stating a similar sound to Airtight gear, it's a complement.

tannoy turnberry.jpg

In our main room, we are also introducing ProAC speakers in our main room. The all new ProAC DT 8 tower speakers. The newest member of the ProAC team and newest addition to our family with the aforementioned Line Magnetic amp, the ProAC's came out in summer 2018, they have already garnered several yearly speaker awards from several magazines. Rightly so, the DT 8 deserve them all. A word to the wise, for those that love vocal, acoustic music as well as Choral music, would be well served by our DT 8's. My time at home burning both these components were relishingly good in the near 2 months I listen to these before Xmas.


Just as January wears down and the 1st half of February takes over, our Kris will be bring in another level of system to our monthly party : Both in expense and performance it must be said. Our Triangle Signature level speakers will be driven with the relentless Roksan BLAK amplifier and Lumin streamer. Get used to hearing about the latter, Lumin products have been world leading streaming technologies, leaving but few unaffected by its sheers grasp on leading this most highly competitive group of companies. One listen, and usually one finds out why they are where they are after 10 or so years.

Please give us a call should you be interested in listening any of these. We can even make these dems private should one desire this. See you soon, more recommended set ups to come in the latter part of February.

2019... a crystal ball look

Last thing we want to hand over is some bad news. We try to minimize this while at the same time letting our clients know what may happen. We expected market downturns starting to affect some of our business partners. We have seen these since 2015, and I suspect we will continue to see this in increased fashion in 2019. Clients are going to pay the price for this. We will do everything in our power to minimize this where our clients are concerned. I truly hope that things will not play themselves out the way I am predicting in 2019.

Where SPI is concerned, is that since 2017, SPI has introduced much new product by way of stronger business partners. Our investments were in fact quite massive. Many will appreciate that our clients will need to back us up with our offerings. I do think that we have much for a city our size. We can support by investing and offering the worlds best. ..folks will need to decide if they want to support the offerings we have invested on display on our shop floor in the last few years. So should this fail, it is no ones fault than ours, we will simply need to readjust accordingly. Let it be said, we do try to make folks excited about audio.

Private and by appointments dem times have been widened in 2019. These will take effect in February, but we now close earlier in the week in order to allow this, as well as Saturdays. More information will be delivered very soon in order to make this clear for our clients. This is a major return to our roots of way back when. In fact, our new and very tweaked web format will make it easier to make these upcoming business tweaks easier to spot in a short time.

So our website has begun going through a much deserved nip and tuck. Roger and I will make the visuals lines much cleaner and easy to read. Far from staying static, your SPI is about to push through much renewal in the first few months of 2019. Welcome back and see you all soon folks.


Here we are already...

Just about to close our doors down for the holidays. Many may have noticed that our website went on a instant diet. It did and it has, its not your imagination. You see folks, I have an idea, it may well work, or it may not. It is that counter intuitive way of ours...instead of showing what we have in our entirety ( something I always stated was an impossibility for us to do )), we will state little of what we have on our website that we actually have on our shop floor ( a welcome relief for those who have been burned by the inverse with other shops ). We can do many things without our website, and truth be told, we can display many pictures on our social media platforms as well as simple pix, and let folks browse. For social media, we have chosen 2 only. Our Facebook is live, and our renewed and regenerated Twitter is live as well right now.

fb.jpgtwitter logo.png

Simply said, by placing our SPI website on a diet, we will be able to have our website reflect monthly activities instead where systems are concerned. Streamlining our website will make accessing this information much easier.

As of December 2018, our little corner of the world has never been so packed with new gear. These many offerings are a clear contradiction of what many people are seeing elsewhere worldwide at this time, both at the retail and distribution levels. The change of negative public impressions are finally happening with the younger crowd, meaning, being drawn like a magnet to a shop because their website seems to offer everything in the world, only to be visually and practically disappointed upon entering said shop premises. Most now dont like to be suckered into driving across the city based on a faulty and misleading website This never happens to us, we assure you all. We have always stated, no one will be quite ready to be hit with the amount of massive choices SPI provides our client base. For SPI, we sort like keeping things close to the vest, and whamo, we assail your senses. Either way, no one leaves disappointed, in fact, quite the inverse.

What we say is the following, even upon closely inspecting our PIX page, there will be no amount of getting ready for us till your actually come in too see us. None. At last count, we had over 50 speakers, approx. 35 CD players, over 200,000 of cables, 4 high end streamers, 8 turntables, we cover more tube gear... more so than anyone in this country by a country mile. Well over 60 tube amplifiers, power amplifiers, preamplifiers etc ! We propose access to ROON, Tidal and over 4,000 songs for our streamer. We have little time to play vinyl, but we do try. We try not being doctrinaire about anything, at this level, everything sounds great.

We do try to offer gear at entry levels and we certainly offer gear well beyond the financially reasonable...right here in Canada, right here in Ottawa. We can even further add, no one audio shop in the history of this city ever, with no exceptions, has even remotely gotten close to what we offer everyday. It's our pleasure to do so backed up with plenty of services and a smile.

Our 2019 looks good for us, and we will make sure that we further make inroads into offering more great gear.

In a way, all the work we are doing and pursuing makes of us... Made in Ottawa, enjoyed by Canadians everywhere.

We invite you for a visit and let us see if your as impressed as many that have come before you. See you all soon.

Cheers folks

Luc Morin SPI

Over 25 years of seriously great audio

Since March 1999, we have more than 1,200,000 unique visitors to our website.

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