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We are Canada's Premier house of hi-fives. Component of the year awards.

2018 awards from the world over from IN print sources (Haute Fidelite France, Diapason, Stereophile, Absolute Sound, Hi fi Pig, Hi Fi World, VU Metre, Diapason, Haute Fidelite, Hi Fi +, What Hi fi, Hi Fi Stereo, as well as other magazine across Europe)

Need to listen to any of these ? We carry virtually all the stock below on absolute display with some very minor exceptions. When we say we have Alibaba's cave, well ;-)

The list represents what we noted as POYA's with all the above magazines.

What is in BLUE, we actually have in stock for your listening pleasure. What is in RED, will be coming soon to Ottawa shortly.

***** Means our own SPI Products of the year awards.

***** Our top 6 SPI 2018 winners are at the bottom of this list.

(Kris or Luc or Steve favorite) in Green means one of us loves this products.

Wireworld 7 Platinum *****, and Eclipse
Sim Audio 240 I amplifier
***** ( Stevie's fave )
Sim Audio 430 HAD
Monitor Audio Silver Silver 100 , 200, 300
Roksan BLAK amplifier
Rokan K 3 CD I , K3 integrated amplifier and
K3 power amplifier ***** ( Luc's and Steve Fave )
Revel Performa2 M16 Monitor speakers ***** ( Luc's and Kris faves )
Proac Tablette 10 and Proac DT 8
Jean Marie Reynaud Abscise ***** ( one of Lucster's fave ), Cantabile (Kris absolute fave speaker ), La folia
Sim Audio 700i and Sim Audio 600i2
Atoll 400 S/E amplifier
Atoll IN 200 + CD 200
Atoll IN 300
Atoll IN 100 S/E ( Steve fave's and he adores the entire Atoll line up )
Advance Acoustique K-11s floor stander
Triangle TITUS EZ
Triangle Antal EZ

Triangle Australe EZ ***** ( Staff fave )
Triangle Signature Delta
Triangle Signature Alpha ***** ( Luc's top pick )
Tannoy Eaton monitor *****
Tannoy Revolution XT 8F ( Steve's fave )
Tannoy Kensingtons
Magneplanar 1.7 I
Monitor Audio Studio
Monitor Audio Gold 100's
Sim Audio ACE
( Kris all time fave )
Aqua La scala DAC
Aqua La Voce
Audio Note CDT 1
Sim Audio 650D Cd player
Sim Audio 740D preamplifier ( now discontinued )
Line Magnetic 518IA 845 based single ended amplifier *****
Union Research Primo amplifier
Audio Note DAC 2.1 sig

Revel Performa 106 stand mount speaker
Monitor Audio Platinum PL 300
Pathos In Control
Pathos Ethos amplifier *****
Pathos INPOL amplifier
Revel Performa2 F 36 Floor stander

Our main 3 POYA winners for 2018 :

1) Triangle Australe EZ speakers : The Australe represents state of the art sound for less than 6K. It demands great gear up front, and once this is met, this product can give you world class sound for a pittance. A product that is clearly designed for those who love their music up close and very personal. The Triangle Australe EZ replaces one of my old fave Triangle speakers way back when that had won multiple POYA awards.

2) Roksan K 3 power amplifier : Both a power house amplifier within a velvet glove. It has finesse beyond belief, and the sonic's come dangerously close to amplifiers costing twice as much...with power to spare on top of that ! (( second time winner )). This one K 3 component may well be Roksan's best component and for a relatively low 2K.

3) Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile speakers : A Kris fave, but more than this, a client fave when deciding for a 7K speaker. When this speaker plays in house, most are attracted to its sweet balance of detail and emotionality. This speaker makes people sit down for a rather long time and listen. The JMR Cantabile manages neutrality while it draws you emotionally in. I should be saying that this speaker was one of my faves from the get go and I had given it equally a main POYA winner in 2017. It still manages to come up with a POYA this year again, so a second time winner it is. Had it not been for how folks take to it when playing, I would have chosen the Tannoy Eaton for the same 7k price.

Absolute 2018 POYA winners ( Luster picks )

Triangle Signature Alpha's : How does one chose between 2 very different speakers, at all levels of play. Do I choose the Jean Marie Reynauds Abscise or the Triangle Alpha's. At days end, what ever I chose, I chose a kind of over arching speaker that competes at many levels with many competitors costing much more. God knows we have extreme competition within our own walls ( we have 4 other speakers that are more expensive than this model ), but this is just an extreme fighting machine in a way. A UHC, no holds barred performance speakers. Without explaining why ( well fella's, they must be heard ), its a speaker that sets the tone for most speakers under 20K. This Is a Volent Paragon 3.5 speaker for less money, some of you will know what this means.

Copland CTA 405 KT 120 tube amplifier : Copland needs no introduction as a company. Perhaps the 405 is one of the worlds best bargains in terms of tube amplifier. It offers many attribute's in terms of options, from power, great looks, tube internal phono stage, extreme reliability, and yes that suave velvety and powerful Copland sound. This is my top pick as component of the year. Any wonder this is being used in one private affairs this November with some of my worthy old clients that still have golden ears. The Copland will have no problem winning my old audiophiles warriors over on that special day.

Hope you enjoyed the read of our POYA 2018 ;-)

May you all have a special Christmas and New Year that is filled with love, laughter and music. From Kris, Steve, Roger, Jeannine, Francois and myself, happy and safe Holidays, see you after January 8th 2019.

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