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January 2019

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What is being offered in February is a near French system. It's a tweaked version of something not hideously expensive, but a bit of a signed system where performance will be up to the point. The JMR Euterpe have just received another acclaim, the journalists claim that that this Euterpe ports a very directive and chiselled sound, extremely structured. Dynamics are on the live and explosive kind. This is not your polite JMR speaker. One journalist stated that this may well be the model that offers the most in the line up. This will be playing in our main room. No need to book an RV, bring your music. On display for a few weeks only.

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Multiple introductions of ATOLL gear in the coming weeks, power, finesse and tube like sound.


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What else can we say, one of our pound for pound prized fighter's within our walls, sonic's are simply sublime!


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Between 3 Conquerors in our past, 2 models upper levels Conq's on display, and our own fan fabulous Audio Note Meishu, we have our Audio Note fans covered in a big way, like no where else. Check out our Audio Note show later this year... a SPI classic show that happens once a year.


Audio Note SOGON cables

The funniest joke surrounds this very product... why Sogon...well we do warn you in advance... : say SO-GONE to your money. An extremely serious product for like minded folks.

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