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We are incredibly proud to offer our new clients looking for affordable entry level highly musical products. SPI espouses on display and on demand listening room for our affordable products. For those who say our industry is responsible for not taking in those that have real world budgets, nothing could be further from the truth at this time in our SPI history. While we cannot offer everything, we do offer more than most or everyone at this level, Ottawa and country wide.

On display product one can see, feel and listen, backed up by 5 star service all the way. Communicate with Steve, he will be your man that tends to you. SPI is proud to offer you this at this level just at a time when so much is going sideways in retail worldwide. Many affordable world class brands, under one roof, yes, even at this level. Thanks for your support.


Welcome Audiolab into our portfolio.

Ever noticed black birds going after a crow. They will nip at the crows tail in a most relentless fashion. It's a most beautiful nature's danse. Audiolab are the Blackbirds of our industry ( as with Exposure and Sugden to be open about it ). AL is very focused, and what ever they touch since their creation in 1980, if I remember correctly, they have managed to create many firsts.

They were the first to become "corporatized" by TAG McLaren where a high end company is concerned, and the first to be set free by what may be a bad idea to begin with. They were the inventors of the DAC, beating Musical Fidelity by 1 week if my recollection is correct. Along the way they created many classics, considering they are very heavily focused on few things audio. Middle aged audiophiles will remember their 8000A amp and CD player. Rather than live in the past, AL had many classics to their arsenal. When AL set's it sights on something, they usually win out. Several years ago, they decided to rewrite the book on a 1,200.00 amp. They did and their 6000 series amplifier has consistently had top honors, including beating the now classic Rega Brio ( new and old version to boot ! ) in all the magazines shoot outs. Their 8300 series again wins out again and again. Their DAC's are world class, I am now playing at home, the AL DAC+ on an Audio Note CDT 3 transport feeding an Audio Note Meishu and Audiomat Opera 12 at home, sublime.

audiolab banner 1.PNG

Why bring AL on ? Good questions, when we already Atoll. The later French company is our fave in so many ways, and yours. This is our opinion only, and why we think this, well, its because it sounds like tubes. One wise old bird a long time ago, once said to me... "nobody gives a rat ass about what we think Luc". Something I never forgot. As for Atoll, who gives a care what we think. Audiolab comes in exactly at this level, its a line that competes head to head with anything out there, its a line that reviews extremely well and competes in shoot outs, and always wins out over some very worthy competitors and adversaries. For many, reviews are very important. We get it. Enter Audiolab.

We have brought in both the 6000 and 8300 series amplifiers. Also brought in their premium M DAC+, the standard on the market today at under 2 k, their digital transports. Burn in begins, more AL to come quite soon. For those that are looking for a company that reviews well on line as well those looking for bang buck gear, AL is quite the Black bird. You may prefer Atoll, BUT isn't it nice to be able to compare both award winning lines under 1 roof.

For high enders in mind we have introduced an close to all in one source, the AL CDQ. Just add power amplifier. We added Audiolab mono blocks instead.

We strive to meet the increasing demands of our new and younger clients base. We dont do this via false web pretense, we actually meet this demands with money in mouth and truth in advertising. We commit and buy our demonstration units. We do exactly with all our more expensive portfolio, why not we say. See you all soon folks.

AL is relentless but extremely musical we say ! Dont take our word for it, visit us and simply listen.

We welcome Music Hall

music hall mmf 7.3.jpg

Nearly every company has its slant on the trusty turntable. Thought its one of the things that is the easiest to create, the implementation and design is complex. Some companies believe in mass or high mass, some others believe in rigidity, and some others believe in the same but with lightness of unit rather than mass. Some other companies believe strict minimalist design. It goes on.

For what we are concerned here, Music Hall depending of levels, gets involved in all levels of design work. Needless to say, MH keeps it real and sometimes affordable and real world. I think the latter is necessary. I happen to know for a fact of the many TT companies that make very expensive TT's, well, few a sold.

Getting involved in real world product with TT's required a passion, a bit of time on your shop floor, dedication and a will and a belief that there is room for such a medium.

Within a few weeks time, more than several TT's from MH will appear in our shop. By all means, welcome to vinyl addicts.

Welcome several affordable line ups.

We have added to our portfolio of affordable products. We offer from the well established ( Music Hall ), to the esoteric and extremely musical ( Tri Art ) and then go to the extremely well made but affordable cables that anyone can buy( Asona ).

tri art.png

music hall audio.PNG


Without a doubt our new TRi ART line up is esoteric, it will be for those who love and adore unique looking gear. Built from Bamboo, this is done so vibration control can take a front seat. A bit extreme I admit, we have historically always done well with such esoteric line up. We jumped in nano seconds into the water, a leap of faith. Some of you will too we suspect.

Music Hall needs no introduction. The moral and technical equal of Well Tempered, Rega, and at some lower levels, Projects. These go from the inexpensive to the expensive, in relative terms. We have 3 display models for now. We have even changed our main room around so we could display all our tables. Add the German line up Acoustic Solid, and Funk Firm and Edwards, we figure we have enough to cover most bases by way of Analogue sources.

Lastly we need 4 essential things to happen where affordable cable design is concerned : Relative high pure copper count, very good shielding, and good tight connect. If all is well offered, the fourth thing that should be heard is : MUSICALITY

We have all of the above in ASONA cables. This company even offers affordable jumpers. Really interesting line, as we are tickled pink for our many new clients just starting out. So welcome all 3. Our MH have already been received and are on their way to being installed.



Adcom is a line that was revived like many others that have a well established history. Such history is seen through all the company's history, from Cd player (no longer reproduced, I believe the most sold CD player in high end history ever, many still working 25 years later !!!), through Preamplifier and in particular its phono stage ( designed by a world famous phono stage designer), their classic tuner (still a classic today and extremely rare to find) and their piece de resistance (their power amplifiers).

adcom gfp-815.png

The latter caters to those who cannot afford high price / high power amplifiers. Their recent introductions still cater to this one fact : they still hold that one candle that refuses to be blown away by the winds of change. On quite another front, Adcom is known for another thing that is not negligible when one is on a budget : They just dont break down. Some idiots have tried, and there are many idiots out there at the time, few managed to win that war of bring Adcom amps to their knees.

adcom gfa-555se.png

All of the above are great, but it must withstand the following criteria, is it musical ? Of course they are. Its stands that they have more expensive amplifiers that are more powerful, these have an incredible power ratio. It is the only one company that nearly managed to kill off one of our Canadian institutions way back when : Bryston!! For this it deserves more than just lip service. All remaining products have been tweaked and improved with todays advances and technology as of today.

The looks have remained the same, a displeasure for some folks. I tend to like it still. Need a dem, just give us a call and we will warm it up for you before hand.

Hidden gem in Ottawa

Since 2003 we decided to offer what could be interpreted as affordable audio. However no more so than in the last years. As younger folks are discovering us, and sharing their feedback with peers, as are the older audio types now, we have tried to offer consistent and solid line up, yes, even at this level.

Many that have visited us have discovered things they only see in magazines or on line. Like either the multiple award winning Monitor Audio Silver series, or the Tannoy Mini Autograph, or even add the smaller affordable Revolution XT series from, Tannoy. It does not end there.

monitor audio silver 2.PNG

It continues with multiple models in Magneplanar speaker, TEAC turntables, Music Hall tables as well. Cd players are also at the forefront.

atoll cd 50.jpg

Many of you will be happy to know we offer up to 8 or even 10 times more gear than most, all on display. Much is hidden out of view because of their small size...just ask, and we will take it out for you too see. Even affordable cables are in that mix under the Wireworld brand, on display. Many email us asking us with their impression that they would like to visit but dont know if we are capable of helping choose great affordable audio. As for myself, I usually start out my response. ..dont be afraid and yes, of course we do ;-)

teac - pd-301.jpg

In fact SPI offers more on display gear than anybody in Ottawa, we know this for a fact... and yes, you even get to hear it first hand. Ask for Steve, our own Stevie Wonder many call him, should you need a demo or have any questions. You will notice he has the quickest wild western draw at offering a free coffee on the house.

SPI has even one of the most elaborate Clearance page on the planet... yepper folks. When you enter our website, or if you have been in the last 3 years or so, you are entering the most visited audio website in Canada *.

I can say with virtual certainty, that my company will have you covered in the widest possible way. As I said... dont be scared, we are just guys having a ball doing what we do... and you will be having the same fella's.

All the best


* According to Bing, Google, Bell media

We draw no difference at any level.

For those looking at out affordable line up, on high moving items, we tend to carry back up so our clients can leave with something. Where there are different finishes, we order as we cannot predict where our clients will go on this point. If you see it on this page... or anything on this website... then we have it on display.

On this level, or any other level, SPI is nearly unheralded in terms of buying power and capacity to demonstrate. We stand behind whatever we sell you. No pressure is applied, buy with confidence. Because we apply no pressure on anybody, our return policy is nil. Should we think you are making a mistake in buying one of our products, we will advise. Ask any one of our old timers. So when we say, buy with confidence, it takes on a new meaning.

Our sole aim is to have you come back because you trust us and you will know we stand behind you all the way. It has never been different at any other time. This is the SPI difference, with no fine print.

At your service : Atoll Electronique, Music Hall, Teac, Edwards, Wireworld cables, Nagaoka, Adcom, Tannoy, Jean marie Reynaud, Monitor Audio, Magneplanar and much more in accessories.

Welcome to our newbies ;-)

A new key for our new clients. Our mighty fine service does not start with our prestige level products. None of us here views a service line between affordable and less so. All our clients merit our 5 star approach, no exceptions.

Its really only after 27 years of existence that we can see this level as a true continual growth area, and we are more than capable of meeting present increasing demands

Roger ( our webmaster ) and I will be working this introductory key for new clients within a short time.

Hence we take time to say Welcome Music Hall analogue product. Espousing affordable tables and less so, we will look forward to seeing our increasing new clients at this level. More news on this in a flash.

So hang tight folks, we will come back in short order with more details, we promise.



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