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Stereo Passion makes it a point to stand out far from the pack, yes, even at this entry level price point. SPI makes it a point to also offer full operational systems, either through analogue rigs or digital sources. We also make sure that what we do offer is of the highest order musically speaking and that it must show that it performs over the long haul from a technical standpoint.

Offering more on display gear and yes, even accessories, is fine, but knowing this gear before hand and making sure it is musically compatible with whatever we offer in house is a point we like to make and offer our clients.

Absolute long terms service, in depth knowledge, copious amount of on display and live systems matching are always offered... again everyday. Something we have always done with our clients, new and old, is making sure we respect your budget at all times. Our supply of gently used trade ins and used is beyond belief by any standard. No one has as much ON display affordable stock than us here right here in Ottawa and elsewhere, we guarantee this.

Should you be looking at service and selection above all, look nowhere else !

This is the SPI difference

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