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Vincent Belanger Cd's and Vinyl will be on hand.

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We have some on his vinyl and CD's on hand, but we plan on having more for those who will be coming. Vincent will be signing those that want to purchase a copy of his work(s).

Aside from playing live, in front of a Reference Audio Note system , we will be coming at you in several ways. Imagine how Vincent will be sounding with our 11 feet high ceiling acoustics, something to remember.

Something for everybody folks

Did I say we are excited guys ?



Did I say that Vincent Belanger will be here in Ottawa playing his interpretations on his Cello for a first time in Ottawa. Dis I say that it will be a first time collaboration between AN and SPI, and further, a first, an Audio Note TT-3 will be playing, a first in Ottawa. Much info has been uploaded to our Facebook page.

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Audio Notes own Super Mario will equally be assisting us here. We expect to be swamped in a big way. Our clients know first hand that we have much by way of Audio Note gear. Still, we will see more on this evening. What a way to start our 27th year in business.

Dates will be figured out very soon between us, our AN clients will have first pick of those limited places within our company walls. We have chosen April as a viable date, as our winter should be close to over by then, god knows Ottawa has been hit hard by lady winter here.

Many pictures will be uploaded after this event, and yes, BTW, our Audio Note web key stays. It was supposed to be completed last December... sorry.

Come and meet... this guy

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..... and this guy


... and a few other AN fans of ours own. A real special line for special people.

This promises to be quite the special event. Seating limited.

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Details to come in a few days. This event takes place in April. There will be many firsts. This is a first time collaboration with Audio Note and Stereo Passion International. Uploads and info will follow about this special event in just a few days.

Vincent Belanger will also be performing his Cello pieces at this event.

Seating is very limited, refreshments served.




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This is the month where Triangle were seen and heard and burning in. Three substantial floor standers, including the Signature Alpha's. They were driven by Audio Note amplification, Aqua DAC, Audio Note CDT 3 transport and reference level Nordost.

We transitioned into Line Magnetic, Tannoy Revolution XT 8's and Atoll Cd player ( read section dedicated to THIS exact system in our RIGHT NOW page ).


In our main room, we shifted into and from Triangle speakers to Revel Concerta series. One see's our shift into more palatable and affordable speaker systems. No one will be able to say that we dont try ;-)

As of this month, we have decided to focus only on turntables costing approx. 1500.00 and or more. Our affordable line ups have been reduced to 2 lines : Adcom and Atoll. The latter is doing extremely well for us.

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