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About feedbacks

Without a doubt, all positive and negative feedbacks belong in the public domain. Sometimes they may be from Google Hack jobs (folks that try to achieve "their" 1500 google glory score points at whatever cost, where they assign a very high ratio of 1-2 star ratings) and yes sometimes these may be based on real life and realities.

The latter we do not object to, not at all. We address the latter criticisms with a zest and action, should we be allowed by these clients. We do make things right at all times, believe me, we do.

All reviews are responded to, negative and positive. For transparencies sake, we include our responses to the negative reviews on this webpage so people can gage for themselves what was leveled at us (our comments also are documented on Google review apps). Also people can gage for themselves our predisposition to address all forms of criticisms'.

As we have long established on our Info web page, should we have dropped the ball with any of you, please let me know, I am here to fix any issue, its my job. For those that are about to visit us, should you read any positive OR negative review of us, I am certain you can make up your own mind about the services we offer everyday. We have not come so far in our near 30 years existence, without having so many of you leaving happy and satisfied with the services we offer you... everyday. You have my word on that folks.