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What's up in late summer!

We stated in Next Quarter key that we would have a bit of a tough time demonstrating our audio wares even this late this summer. We are already in mid cycle and arriving fast at our September set ups.

Upon our return in very late August from our 3rd week of vacay, we will be shifting gears with Triangle Alpha signature level. Late September will see our other French line up, Jean Marie Reynaud. Burn in will begin at home of our Euterpe Jubs, and further our Bliss Jubs burn in will be at our shop. But later in late month, upper levels of JMR will start their work cycles. The now well revered and reviewed Abscise are slated. Let not forget our new JMR Lucia.

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Roksan begins to take up more space as we will it to grow even more. It truly is incredible in absolute real word terms. No surprise, really. Complete Roksan systems are available here at SPI.

Our website will be changed in one fell swoop, Roger and I have decided to par it down and make it more incisive and quicker to access. I was the one that over rode Roger on this, and I will be the one changing my mind to confirm Roger was right. This means, we will be providing just enough info in quick succession for our clients.

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We look forward to seeing you all in September, its been one of the best and most wonderful summer's in memory. Let us wish you even a bit more. Its now time for my crew and myself to rest and recreate starting Friday late afternoon on August 15th. May you all have a safe and fun remainder of summer.

Cheers fella's.

Roksan K 3 system

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We have been proposing Roksan audio as a viable option to anything we have for quite good reason for at least 2 years. It's a highly focused line that proposes great looks, reliability and longevity. Further it has undying high standards where Musicality where 2 channel is concerned. Its mates super well with all speakers we have on display. Made in London England, its been a stable and haven for analogue, where our vinyl world is concerned. These sounds like attributes of Linn of yesteryear past.

The K3 integrated amplifier remains a benchmark, where awards , musicality AND sheer power of unit. Listening to either the amplifier and or power amplifier, when one listens, one is hit with a ground swell of dynamics. Having an actual 230 watts @ 4 ohms under the hood, they both have the ability to do that.

The new BLAK series is nothing to sneeze at either. Garnering, if not stealing accolades from other British companies where journalist are concerned, where mid level to high end is considered a dense level of offerings. There are reasons why our BLAK get to shoulder much responsibility within our commercial walls on play time. Our BLAK is far from being a slouch. Caspian level gear is also about to take hold during this time . When we commit, we commit dare we say friends.

We are told few sell Roksan, we carry Roksan well within our shop walls as should be expected. Expect a ground swell of Roksan to be playing till the end of October, just in time for Autumn to set in when we will be switching to tube gear to warm us up.

See you all soon as summer slips into memory for us all in virtually no time fold. Roksan on display NOW.

This month of August.

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roksan k3 poweramp.jpg

Civic long weekend is amongst us in just 2 days , but we have received some high end WireWorld interconnects and speaker cables, we have equally just replaced our Roksan K 3 power amplifier ( which you fine folks adore), already received One of 3 Jean Marie Reynaud speakers with 2 more classic models to come before we leave on vacay Aug 16th end of day (the New Bliss Jub and Euterpe Jub, see our More Info page). We have much to burn in.

We have just released from extended play our Triangle Magellans which you people adored , we suspect over 80 some odd visitors came in to listen to these exclusively. Next up will be Triangles Australes on Audio Note amplification with our new ( more or less ) Lumin D 2, which again you folks adore.

All further updates will go from our Right now key to our NEW... More Info web key at this months end . By the time you read this , this new web key will be operational. Thanks btw for your patience while we were reworking our website "live". On that note, have a most wonderful rest of summer girls and boys ;-)