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Summer is here...

Our summer hours are now in effect. Which means, we close at 2pm on Saturday or till last man leaves. We do not throw anybody out ;-)... well, sometimes... joking aside !!

Further, we will recommend that you see our Hours and vacation page for added details. We are very close our staff vacation. We do close fully in order to spend time with out family and friends.

We have much in the way of new gear, most that will not see the light of day till we come back from our time off. After mid August, SPI will be a very busy place indeed folks.

On this note, my crew and I would like to thank you for your support... and while we are at it... we would further wish you all, a very beautiful, safe, fun and musical summer ahead. May we all come back rested and smiling and in great spirits. See you all soon folks. Bottoms up !

From all of us at SPI