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"Thank you so much for your prompt and informative response. You will definitely see me around in the near future!!!! I heard nothing but great stuff about your shop and staff/service from other friends who have purchased their gear there. "

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Saturday Summer hours will end permanently effective now, see More Info webpage for more information.


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Please call ahead before coming too see us, your item of interest may already be SOLD
Reservations apply till days end of agreed or implied date ( 4 pm )
Clients will be notified in writing only when reservations end.
Packing procedures of potential on line purchases will not start until security deposit is given.
Some items are for local sale only.

Many in store specials now available, where we even beat our prices advertised on our clearance page. We will be adding more gear mid month of October

UNICO Primo amplifier, Silver with PHONO stage, 1,400.00 + tx RESERVED

ATOLL IN series amplifier, 50 / 80 / 100 level amplifiers, being replaced with signature models, 30% off retail, with warranted

Naim Nait XS 2 amplifier, in mint condition, comes with everything, 1 owner, we believe in memory serves this is a 2014 or 2015 original purchase @ SPI, a classic, 2,400 NO TAX, cash or EMT deal only NOW 2,000

Benz Micro Lucachek gen 9 version, a classic low to medium low MC phono stage. Come with P/S, with leather clad container, 2,300.00 this one for 750.00, no tax SOLD

Oracle Paris MM/MC PH 200 phonostage, MIII, latest version, paino finish, Mint, comes with manual, box , 2,300.00 for 950.00, no tax SOLD

Music Hall, 9.3 tables, with MC Goldring cartridge, Black Piano finish, approx. less than 100 hours, bought from SPI, 3,300.00 6 months or so ago, gent is upgrading, this one, 2,600.00 no TAX due to consignment SOLD

Jean Marie Reynaud, Bliss Anniversary, in Cherry, mint condition, beautiful finish, does not include JMR stands, with warranty, never sold demo, This model was replaced, 2,595.00, this pair 1,350.00, + TX (Reduced by another 200$), now 1,150.00 + tx

Jean Marie Reynaud, Euterpe Anniversary, Cherry finish, never sold demo model, excellent condition, typical of JMR models, beguiling and emotional sounding, This model was replaced, 4,000.00, this pair 2,450.00 + TX (Reduced by another 350$), now 2,100.00 + tx SOLD

Cary DAC 100, tube based, 6922, 1 owner, recent trade, extremely musical, Silver facia , comes with box, 2,595.00 CDN ( 2K USD ) Discontinued model, less than 5 years old, 1,300.00 + TX (Reduced by another 200$), now 1,100.00 + tx

Advance Accoutique 705 power amp mono blocks, quite massive , not fully burnet in, they look like McIntosh, very powerful, virtually un used, excellent condition, 4,000.00 pair, now this pair sold really below cost at 1,600.00, limited time duration

Advance Acoustique, Black level amplifier, mint, used in Office system, approx. use of a few hundred hours, comes with box, remote, power cords, used very little, bought new from us, 850.00, this one 400.00

Linn Klyde MC cartridge, virtually new, approx. 120 or so hours, I can place my name that this assertion as factual , comes with all, bought new, from us, gent has moved up to Audio Note analogue, 1,400.00 for 750.00, polite counter offers accepted

Naim Arriva speakers, bought new from us, Cherry finish, comes with boxes, owned by Kris, 3,300.00 when new, this pait is 1,200.00

Sim Audio, EVO 650 level CD player, new demo, sparingly used, verified by Sim before being sold here, come with limited warranty, comes with their best remote ((550.00 $)), 2 tone color, still in sealed box after Sim inspection, 9,800.00, this on for 5,750.00 + TX

Musical Fidelity M 3 int amplifier, 2 years old, Mint with box and remote, belonged to our guys Kris, 1,895.00 for 1,100.00

Klipch Palladium 17F stand mount, 94 DB’s, dark walnut, comes will box, when new, were 5,750.00 now these for 2,200.00

Vintage McIntosh CD player, Mint conditioning, no box, with remote, 350.00 cash… SOLD

Merlin Music System VSM, likely to be our last pair sold under our hands (I believe 23 or 24 in all), comes with BAM and a rare

Black Piano finish. I am presently simplifying our home life, why I am selling. When new, 14,000.00, selling this pair for 2.700.00 cash/etm only SOLD SOLD

Audio Cables: All kinds, from 200 or 300 $ to over 10,000.00, mostly always high end, priced to sell, and same reason, simplifying our home life. I will bring even more in time for the summer to start.

Sim Audio NEO 250i, Black plate, new demo model, 2,500.00 for… RESERVED now SOLD 

Kimber Selekt 3038 Silver speaker cable, 8 footers, WBT spade to spade comes with original case, 15,000.00, these 7,250.00.

JPS Aluminata speaker cable, 8 footers, WBT spade to spade, as above, amongst the worlds greatest speaker cable. Approx 12,000.00, these go for 6,000.00

JPS Aluminata I/C, WBT RCA, near 4,000.00, these 1,750.00 ( we have 3 pairs of these )

XINDAK tube phono, 4 tubes, a superb sounding phono, open box new, our last unit 900.00, now 575.00

QAcoustics BT 3, a rare RED pair, B/Tooth ready, nice reviews and musical as well, no box, was 800.00, these 300.00 NO TX SOLD

Klipsch Play Fi amplifier, internal phono which can be deactivated, 100 wpc Class D, streaming capabilities, 192K /24 bits, relatively new product, 1 owner, remote include, very good condition, sells for 699.99, ours is 275.00 + TX NOW 200.00

Project Phono Box RS, 6 month old, comes with box, XLR in and out, RCA in and out, Dual mono design, MC/MM, very versatile,

Black metal casing, approx. 1,100.00, this very recent trade for 650.00 + TX SOLD

Proac 1 SC, Cherry, 1 owner only, comes with box, slight flaw that is repairable / coverable on one of the speakers, gent lost covers in a move, another classic, why this speaker is being sold at 900.00, cash or emt, NO TX SOLD

SEVERAL NEW Vincent models of preamplifiers, integrated Headphone amps and Hybrid power amps @ 40% off. End of line sale, email or call for details.

Sim Audio Moon NEO 430 Head amp, NO DAC version, mint, all black, comes with box and remote, our lowest price ever, end of line sale, approx. 4,700.00, this one unit is… NOW 1,750.00 + TX SOLD SOLD

Tannoy Precision, 6.1 monitors, Piano Black or Walnut, mint, comes with box, should sell quickly at, used for less than a year, 1,300.00 for 600.00, cash deal BOTH PAIRS NOW SOLD

Linn Silver interconnect, 1.2 meter, like new, mint, RCA, 300.00 SOLD

Prima Luna Premium Dialogue power amplifier, Black unit, comes with box, tubes, unused power EL 34 tubes, very little use, priced to sell, 5,700.00 CDN for 2,400.00, sorry no trades.

Aqua DAC La Voce, new state, 3995.00 for 2295.00 + TX RESERVED now SOLD

Sim Audio ACE, with Mind 1, mint demo with warranty, upgradeable if sent to Sim, price provided by Sim as well approx. 3900.00, all Black unit, this demo unit 2200.00. SOLD

Sim Audio 240i, basically a 250i with many DAC capabilities, all Black, 2800.00 for 1800.00 RESERVED now SOLD

Aurum Monitor speakers, Black piano finish, never sold, our demo, ribbon tweeter, needs very good gear as these are as good a monitor gets, 2895.00 for 1750.00

Audio Reference Model 2 speaker, silver editions, rare on the market, well reviewed, ports a monitor speakers that sits on its own independent sub woofer, Burl eye Maple, 8,900.00 for 2250.00 + TX, way under our cost, must go as its been out of view and sitting in its box for the last 5 years in our back room. Not recommended for those that have children. NOW 1750.00

Much of our back up stock in cables, in our back room, over 50% off, please call for details.

Canary preamplifier 811 P, independent right and left everything including power cords, all tube, including power supply, 2 chassis, gold plate, incl boxes, RESERVED now SOLD

Cyrus Streamline 2 amp / streamer, 30 watts p/c, no remote, must be bought separately, 2,300.00 for 1,100.00, mint, comes with box and power cord, cash deal

Myriad MX CD player, Silver, with box, remote, 1 owner, many times over POYA winner, gently used, 3,300.00 for 1,400.00, cash deal

Bryston BCD-1, comes with box, upgraded remote, XLR cables, Silver face plate, excellent condition 1,200.00 SOLD

Kef LS 50, SE, with box, trade in to come in early April, gent upgraded, 900.00 including taxes SOLD

Another latest Gen, Naim UNITI Qute, now this one, 2,000.00 firm, now SOLD

ANOTHER trade in of a Cyrus The One, 1,500.00 for 975.00, now SOLD

YBA 3 preamp, Black, with remote and box, part of my office system SOLD

Tannoy Turnberry’s S/E, very recent 1.5 year old trade, one owner, reason for selling, gent moved in smaller condo and upgraded to Audio Note AN-K model, one blemish, comes with boxes. 4,250.00 SOLD

NAD BEE Cd player, BEE level, very recent trade and very well reviewed, still being made, MINT with all accessories, bought April 2016, one owner, gent upgraded for a Sim Audio Transport, 400.00, approx. new cost is 825.00, should sell quickly SOLD

Cantare Floorstanders, made in Maple finish all sides, using cardas binding post, biwire mode, special internal cabling, 2 driver system, approx. 4 feet high 12 inch wide and 20 or so inch deep, they are massive enough in weight, appox 110 pounds, part of my office system, needing to simplify after 2017 flood at home, worth 8,000.00 selling 1,000.00 ( they sound like B&W matix 3 level speakers ). SOLD

Monitor Audio Bronze 6 speakers, a former POYA winner, also multiple award winner worldwide (( like 5 awards ), phenomenal musicality, 2.5 years old, mint, comes with box, Black, 1,400.00 for 750.00 SOLD

Q Acoutics 3050 floorstanding, beguiling award winner the world over (( like over 10 major awards from the press ), trade in, they are new, however blemishes appear on the side, comes with box 1,450.00 for quick sale @ 750.00 SOLD SOLD

Focal/JM Labs Electra 906 BE signature, Burls eye mahogany, 1 owner, mint with boxes, 5,250.00, this pair for 1,500 no tax SOLD

Magnum Dynalab MD 100 in Black, new demo, never sold, extremely low mileage, 850.00 + TX

Sim Audio NEO 220i int amplifier, Black, new demo, 1,900.00 for 1,250.00 +Tx, SOLD

Gale stand, 5 shelve, 229.00 for 80.00, NOW 25.00 with no tax SOLD, will not deliver

Headphones, Grado, LIKE NEW, approx. less than 6 hours use, no tax, no trades, they still sell for approx. 200.00 new, this pair, 140.00 NO TX, cash deal, NOW 100.00…SOLD

Headphones, NAD, VISO, RED, LIKE NEW, less than approx. 6 hours use, no tax, no trades, this sells for 180.00 too 250.00 on

Amazon, this pair 140.00 no tax, cash deal, NOW 100.00…SOLD

Headphones, PSB M4U2, active noise cancelling heads, like new, approx. 3-4 hours use, these sell on Amazon between 200 and 250.00 when new, no tax, no trades, these new state ones for 170.00 cash deal, NOW 100.00

Benchmark DAC 1, a classic, mint with box, 500.00 + tx SOLD

Audio Note DAC 2, making room for new Audio Note, new demo, Black plate, the near same DAC as in the AN 4.1x player, over 5,000.00 for 3,750.00 SOLD

Audio Note P 1, el 84, second gen, Making room for new Audio Note gear, 10-12 watts per, 2,600.00 for 1,750.00 SOLD

Linn Akurate DS, Silver, a classic, we sold a great many of this exact model, this model will sell at 2,150.00, when new it was 7,500.00 SOLD

Advance Acoustique 204 Black and silver tube CD player, both offering are in mint condition, making use of the 12au7a tube, pair, come with all, 850.00 SOLD

Rega Brio R, one of the last made, used sparingly includes box, remote, power cord, Black unit, this one 525.00, no tax, cash only SOLD

PS Aluminata power cord, 6ft, mint, selling fast @ 1,995.00 reserved, NOW SOLD

Pathos Classic I, very good condition, and working condition, NOS included, 80 wpc, 1 XLR input, 4 RCA Inputs, stunning performance with Klipsch Cornwalls, regular price 3,200.00 no box, no remote, prefer local sale, why it is being sold for 700.00 no tax, cash deal, firm SOLD

Summum Picollino, 4 inch deep Oak faceplate, very exotic finish and look, great at imaging and keeping tune with music, when new these monitors went for, 2,200.00, these selling for 575.00 cash no tax, priced to sell very quickly NOW 400.00 SOLD

Klipsch Corwalls III, Cherry finish, no box ( lost in last years flood at home ), 1 owner, some cosmetic flaws on top, technically A 1, very gently used, gent passed away, why selling, no TX, counters will be ignored. Reserved twice over SOLD

Golden Tube power amplifier, S/E 100. Very good condition, works flawlessly, is approx. 100 WPC, very heavy and bulky, local sale only, 450.00 firm, the catch, I will remove my NOS E34L tubes other than the NOS 6SL7 ( the latter cost 150.00 alone ), which means, all you need to do is buy new E34L’s x 10 SOLD

Cyrus XA streamer, Latest upgrades Tidal and Qbuz accessible, still streamer of the year in 2018 winner in many mags, with DAC, new state, Black \chassis, mint, comes with box and all other accessories, 3,500.00 for 1,990.00 + TX

Linn LP 12 Majik, with add ons, relatively rare OAK, new floor demo, new state, comes with cover, box, Dyn MC cartridge, Cardas phono cable, no more than 80 or so hours on this machine. 7,400.00 for 4,000.00 TAX IN – RESERVED AND SOLD

Linn Majik 2100 power amplifier, new state, entirely Black, comes with box, 2,700.00 for 1,450.00

Musical Fidelity A 5 power amplifier, very recent trade, very powerful, gently used by elderly gent now moving on with more simplicity in life, no box, apprx 3,500.00, asking 1,400.00, cash deal only SOLD

Musical Fidelity A 5 Preamplifier, includes Phono, again, gently used by same above gent, some imperfections on top of unit, approx. 3,500.00, asking 1,100.00, NOW 900.00 SOLD

Linn Wakonda preamplifier, great shape and working condition, come with remote, MM phono, gentle use, 450.00 cash deal SOLD

Xindak speaker cable, 8 ft lengh, same design as Alpha Goertz, rich and textured sound, 800.00 for 225.00 no tax

Linn Uphorik phono, all Black, very good condition, MM /MC and everything else under the sun, one of the worlds best, 2,300.00, no tax SOLD

Cyrus THE ONE, new demo int amplifier, Black, BlueT DAC, int phono stage, 100 wpc, this item is basically new, this is an end of line product with 1 year non transferable warranty, 1,500.00 for 975.00 + Tx SOLD

Cyrus Pre /DAC ( 2700.00 ), Cyrus x power ( 2700.00 ) /Cyrus Power supply ( 1900.00 ) each x 2/ buy system, get free HARK stand /, new demo, all mint with box, paper work, remotes, 4,500.00, reserved / now SOLD

Naim ND 5 XS (( with Tuner )), streamer, used sparingly, Class A all the way the world over as far as streamers go in the press, comes with box, remote, PC, upgrade able with power supplies, 5,700.00 for 3,000.00 ( no tax ) SOLD

Micromega IA-60, amplifier, silver face plate, remote can be ordered separately if bought, 60 wpc, 1,200.00 for 600.00 SOLD

XINDAK infamous LP 1, superb tube based ph/amp, 4 tubes, dual chassis, 600.00 SOLD

Kudos X2 series 1, a classic in small tower design, new demo, Mahogany, comes with box, in excellent shape, 3,300.00 for 1,400.00 reserved / now SOLD

Naim Flatcap XS, demo stock, new low price, includes box, cable, power cord, 2,000.00 for 850.00 + tax ( 2 units ) BOTH SOLD

Yamaha 700 CD player, mint, with remote and box, Black, smooth metal tray, 1,200.00 for 550.00, cash deal, no taxes SOLD

Yamaha 1000 Reference level, SACD, silver finish, mint, w/ box and power cord, 1,000.00 cash deal, no tax SOLD

CEC TL 51 x belt drive CD player, Silver, new belt and laser, with remote and power cord, no box, 900.00 no tax SOLD

Thorens TD 166 turntable, an exceedingly rare 1 owner only seen vintage Thorens, in superb shape, has been maintain and rewired several years ago with new cables, come with cartridge installed, even box is in great condition, owner cared for table like no other seen before, 450.00, no tax, cash deal, Now 250.00 SOLD

CAL Cd player, California Audio Lab Icon II player, as new condition, no BOSS upgrade or remote ( many did not come with remote ), comes with MINT box, 350.00 cash deal, no taxes SOLD

PROAC Tablette series 2, Cheery Finish, mint as with mint box, a classic 550.00 cash deal, no tax SOLD

McIntosh 225 Tube amplifier, no box nor cage, in top shape for Vintage ( writing on chassis is still legible ) and has been refurbished by Macintosh, all in fine working condition, local pick up only sale, priced to sell, 1,100.00, cash deal, no tax SOLD

Cary SLI 80, new, end of line, 400 -500 hours use, barely burned in, Silver face plate, comes with box and remote and power cord, 5,700.00 for 3,362.83 ( 3,800.00 including taxes ) SOLD

Arcam Movie SOLO, previous gen, all working, in new condition, was 4k ish, priced to sell, 700.00 plus tax SOLD

Monitor Audio Silver 6, previous gen, Mahogany, NOT burned in as in really new, perhaps less 100 hours or so use only, 1,699.00, these 900.00, comes with full warranty. SOLD

Linn 5125 power amplifier, 5 channel, can easily be used a 2 channel stereo, Silver, includes 10 FT NEO speaker cable pair, priced under value at 750.00 for quick sale (( if one wants, for an additional 450.00, I will include a Linn Wakonda pre-amplifier, with MM phono, both were used on my office system ), cash deal, no tax )) BOTH SOLD

Celestion SL 600, classic and still relevant design, these regularly sell for 900 - 1,200.00 in great shape, I am asking 700.00 cash deal, no tax. SOLD

NAD 356 bee amplifier, Integrated amplifier, approx. 1 year old, excellent, comes and remote, recent trade in, initially cost 1,100.00, 650.00 including taxes SOLD

Monitor Audio, Silver level SW 12 sun in Mahogany, stunning finish, 1 owner, mint, comes with box, 8 2,000 for 990.00, no tax, staff consignment SOLD

Musical Fidelity, MX DAC, comes with box, mint, used barely, our last unit, 1,300.00, this one 600.00, still available and current on the new market. Cash deal SOLD

Audio Note P2, silver signature, black plate, one owner, with box, 4,500.00 SOLD
Monitor Audio, Silver level SW 12 sun in Mahogany, stunning finish, 1 owner, mint, comes with box, 8 2,000 for 990.00, no tax, staff consignment
REGA DAC, NON R version, trade in, Black, mint, with box, 500.00
REGA BRIO R, Silver, mint with box, new demo ( replaced by new R/BRIO in March 2017 ), 700.00 SOLD
Naim CD 5 Si, new demo, mint with box and remote, P/C, 2,500.00 for 1,400.00 + TX SOLD
Archives (Archives are sold!!!) Naim pre-amp combo, 152 XS + 155 XS, demo, with box, remote etc, associated snaic, retail is over 6,000.00 for 3,300.00, RESERVED, SOLD
Naim Nait 5 XS, series 1, a classic, with box + access, 1,650.00 SOLD
Naim Nait 5 XS II, latest series, box and access included, 2,500.00 SOLD
Naim CD 5 XS, 2014 model, looks like new, with box and remote, 5,000.00 for 2,800.00 + tx SOLD
Naim Hi line, 1.0 meter, 3 units with box, 1500.00 for 750.00 + tx SOLD
Naim Power Line, only 1 unit left, new demo, 1100.00 for 650.00 + TX SOLD
Naim Flat cap power supply, XS level, new demo 2,000.00, with box and relevant cables, 1,000.00 + tx SOLD
Naim Hi Cap, non DR version, very low mileage, new demo with box, new, this cost 3,000.00, this model is 1,5000.00 WITH and including Taxes SOLD
Naim XPS power supply, for CDX 2, DAC, 8,500.00, please call for price
Naim Qute series I, streamer amp, 1,300.00 + TX, RESERVED SOLD
Naim 5 pin din NORDOST FREY interconnect ( pls note this is not a SNAIC ), our demo, 1.0 meter, mint, over 1,750.00, this one for 900.00 TX included SOLD
Rega Elicit R, new demo, very lightly used, comes with box etc, 3,800.00 for 2,400.00 + TX SOLD
Rega Elex, new demo, very lightly used, comes with box etc, 2,2000.00 for 1,300.00 + TX SOLD
Rega P 1, Black, opened and used for one demo only, repacked, 30% OFF SOLD
Rega P 2, Black, unopened, with cartridge, 30% OFF SOLD
Rega P 3, Black, Black, Unopened with Elys 2 cart, 30% off SOLD
Rega FONO M/C, 500.00 for 250.00 + tx SOLD
Rega mats, all colors, we have approx. 20 of these, 25.00 + tx SOLD
Rega Brio R, mint, new demo, 750.00 + tx, RESERVED SOLD
Rega Apollo R, mint demo, little use, comes with box etc, 750.00 + tx SOLD
Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800, mint demo, 15,000.00 + tx, SOLD
Musical Fidelity CD 6 S, silver, low use, demo with box etc, 3,800.00 for 2,400.00 incl TX
Myryad Cd player, MX level, multiple POYA award winner, Black finish, was 3,000.00, this unit is 1,800.00
Linn Majik 109, new demo pair, mint, with box, walnut, full warranty, 1,700.00 for 1,200.00 SOLD
Linn Majik 2100 amplifier, new, mint, with box, all Black, 2,400.00 for 1,600.00 SOLD
Linn Majik Isobariks, stunning cherry veneer, now discontinued, comes with boxes, 5,800.00 for 3,600.00 SOLD
Myryad MX preamplifier, Black, approx 400 hours of use, new demo, with remote, box, 2,200.00 for 1,500.00 SOLD
Naim MUSO, one box streaming solution, demo, mint 1,000.00 SOLD
Totem model 1 signature, Black model, mint, box included, 1,400.00 includes taxes SOLD
Totem Storm sub woofer, Mint, no box, 600.00 SOLD
Totem Rainmakers, B stock, slight manufacturers visual defects, otherwise in perfect shape, no box, 600.00 SOLD
Q/A speakers, all sold
Myryad MX Power Amplifier, only 200 burn in hours, mint, new, box, $3,400.00 for $2,000 SOLD Rega Saturn CD player, in very good condition, includes remote and box, was 3,000. 00, now 800. 00
Usher 7581 II, in beautiful wood finish, one of the best speakers out there at this time, 7,000. 00 RESERVED/SOLD
Linn Majik preamplifier, Silver, very good condition, includes remote and box, 4,200. 00, this one for 1,350. 00, will sell quickly, SOLD
Linn Krystal MC cartridge, new sealed, new is 1,900.00, now 1,400.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate 2200 amplifier, latest gen, Silver mint, box, now 2,600.00 SOLD
Prima Luna PL 2, KT 88 ‘s, Just in, silver, 1,000.00 SOLD
Linn Majik 2100 power amplifier, very good condition, comes with box, gentle use, Silver finish, 1,200.00 no tax, staff consignment SOLD
Kimber Palladium 10 power cord, Kimbers reference cord, 1 owner, 800.00 SOLD
Acoustic Zen power cord, Krakatoa, 6 foot cord, 1 owner, 850.00 SOLD
Acoustic Zen, Tsunami, 6 foot cord, 1 owner, 325.00 SOLD
Kimber 12 TC, bi wire with spades, 1 owner, superb performer, 1,000.00 SOLD
Hovland HP-200 preamplifier, a classic, mint, rather rare, goes for 10 K USD, this one is 3,800.00 CDN, no tax, staff consignment SOLD
Nordost Red Dawn, 1.0 M, RCA, 400.00 (new is 750.00), 2 years old SOLD
Nordost Red Dawn Power cord, 450.00 SOLD
Cardas Golden Cross Interconnect, RCA, 400.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate Preamplifier, last version, Silver, remote, 2,950.00 + taxes SOLD
Linn Akurate DS, Black, Mint, with box, recent trade, 2,800.00 + taxes( NOW SOLD )
Linn Akurate DS, Silver, near mint, with box, remote, should sell quickly as above, 2,500.00 + Tax SOLD
Linn Sneaky DS, Black, mint, with box, 1,700.00 SOLD
Linn Classik Movie, latest gen, Silver, 5,700.00 for 1,000.00 SOLD
Linn Majik I int amplifier, Silver, with box, 3,300.00, this one with remote, clean 1,750.00 SOLD
Tannoy Precision 6.2 Limited Edition in yew piano finish, 1 of 275 pairs built in the UK, 3,000.00 SOLD
Isoclean power conditionning bar, certified authentic, very rare, 1,550.00 for 600.00 SOLD
Foundation Research LC 1, power cord, 300.00, consignment SOLD
Foundation Research LC 2, power cord, 525.00, now 400.00, consignment, no tax SOLD Naim UNITI, Mint, relatively rare, all included but box, 2,800.00, reserved, now sold
Audio Note, DAC 4. 1 x, Black plate, mint with box, extremely rare on used market, well over 30,000.00 this one 14,000.00 firm, NOW SOLD
ISOCLEAN power conditioner, certified authentic, very rare on used market, mint with box, 1,800.00, reserved and sold
Richard Gary 400 Power conditionner, now 1,100.00, this mint one is 675.00 firm SOLD
Naim Hi Cap power supply, with box, mint, 2,100.00, now 1,800.00 SOLD
Naim CD 5 i CD players, both units are near mint condition, with remote and accessories, both are 900.00
Musical Fidelity X-A1, with external power supply, mint, no box, asking 550.00, NOW 400.00 SOLD
Mission 750 Limited Edition 25Th Ann pair. Tiger ribbed Mahogany, comes with box, 800.00, NOW 450.00 SOLD
Shure SRH1840 Headphones: Top of the line high resolution and high efficiency open back headphones in ultra mint barely broken in condition with all accessories and packaging, asking $300
Yamaha CD-S700 CD player: Very high quality sound and build. Practically no mileage. Ultra mint condition. All accessories and packaging included, asking $500 RESERVED AND SOLD
Linn Akurate CD Player: The best CD player ever from Linn. Ultra mint condition. Very low mileage. All accessories and packaging, asking $2300, now sold
2 pairs of heavy metal speaker stands: Each stand has 4 square columns. 21" high. Top plate 7 x 9". Spikes. Can be filled with sand, asking $250 for one pair SOLD
Linn Akurate cd-player, black, very low mileage, BMS II power supply, will all accessories with box, $2,700.00 RESERVED - NOW SOLD
Naim Flat CAP XS, mint, with accessories, $1,300.00 incl taxes RESERVED and SOLD
Mystere PA21 power amplifier, personal unit, absolutely mint, now RESERVED and SOLD
Linn Magik I, amplifier, mint, silver, $1,000.00 SOLD
Totem Rainmaker, mahogony, one owner, no boxes, $600.00
Musical Fidelity M1, headphone and pre-amp, new unit, comes with all, $500.00 SOLD
Musical Fidelity M3, cd, series I, new mint, comes with all, including CDN warranty $1,200.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Linn Akurate amplifier, mint, $3.500.00 plus taxes RESERVED and SOLD
Amplifiers / Preamplifiers
Naim Nac 152 xs (2 y/o) / Naim Nap 150 x, with boxes, mint, remote, sold together for $ 1850.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Rega Brio, 50 watts / channel, phono stage $ 750.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic MAP-101, 45 watts / channel, ( up to 10 in Class A ), phono stage, $ 250.00 SOLD
Operetta AP2410A power amplifier, 70 watts / channel, $ 400.00 SOLD
CD Players
Advance Acoustic MCD-200 $ 250.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic MDX-600, coax / toslink, digital inputs, balanced output, USB A / B inputs, $ 600.00 ( SOLD )
Audio note DAC1, modified $ 700.00, now 450.00 SOLD
Q Acoustics Concept 20, 2 way monitor, piano black finish, $ 900.00 sold together with below stand, SOLD
Q Acoustics Concept 20 speaker stands, piano black finish, $ 450.00.00, SOLD
Elac BS244, 2 way monitor, boka finish $ 1000.00 SOLD
Usher X-718, 2 way monitor, piano black / cherry finish, $ 800.00 ( SOLD )
Audio Note AN Z 2, Walnut, high efficiency, new dems, 4,800.00 for 2,800.00, reserved, now sold
McIntosh Air integrated audio system, amplifier, integrated speakers, built in Airplay, $ 1750.00, now $ 1,500.00 RESERVED and SOLD
Linn Movie entertainment system, amplifier, CD / DVD player, AM / FM, $ 1500.00…now 1,000.00 SOLD
Xindak LP-1 tube phono stage $ 650.00, now SOLD
Arcam Solo Movie 5.1, 5 channel amplifier ( 50 watts / channel ), built in universal player ( CD / SACD / DVD Audio / DVD ), HDMI input / output, digital audio input / output (less than 3 Y/O), new was $ 3,900, now $ 1,750.00, now $1,500.00 SOLD
Floor Demo
Amplifiers / Preamplifiers Advance Acoustic MAA-406 power amplifier, 150 watts / channel, $ 1000.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic MAA-705 monoblock power, amplifier ( pair ), 200 watts $
Advance Acoustic MPP-206 preamplifier, phono stage, balanced output, $ 350.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic MPP-506 preamplifier, phono stage, balanced output / CD input, $ 450.00 SOLD
Micromega IA-90 integrated amplifier, 45 watts / channel, phono stage, $ 750.00 SOLD
CD Players Musical Fidelity M1CDT transport, DACs, $ 900.00, SOLD
Advance Acoustic MDA-503, tube DAC, balanced output, $ 800.00
Speakers Linn Majik 140, 4 way floor stander, maple finish, $ 1200.00 SOLD
Rega RS1, 2 way monitor, cherry finish, $ 400.00 SOLD
Power Cords Acoustic Zen Tsunami III, 6 FT $ 300.00 SOLD
Kimber PK14 AG, 6 FT $ 300.00 SOLD
Kimber PK10, 6 FT $ 175.00 SOLD
Below is archive but gear still available
Naim Uniqute streamer amplifier, with box, mint, 1 owner, 2 years old, 1,500.00 will sell quickly SOLD
Micromega CD 20, very french, very well reviewed the world over, Black unit, box, 1 owner,1,995.00 for 1,250.00, now 1.000.00 SOLD
Xindak X-LP 1, classic tube phono stage, 4 tubes, 4 years old, 1 owner, 600.00 SOLD
ELAC BS 244, Boka wood finish, with box, mint, 1 owner, 1,400.00 SOLD
Naim CD 5 XS, demo, mint, never sold, full warranty, box, 4,000.00 for 2,500.00 SOLD
Naim Hi Cap DR, new, demo, never sold, 2,900.00 for 2,400.00 will sell very quickly SOLD
Naim Hi Line phono, world class MC low output, 4,500.00 for 3,300.00, will sell quickly SOLD
Monitor Audio GX 200, walnut, our demo pair, we bought only less than 2 years ago, these have small visual flaws that were bought this way. Full warranty, barely broken in, one of my fave pairs, have sold many of this same model. Buyer beware, will need good to great gear to reach potential. New pair cost 5,750.00, our demo pair is at 2,500.00 SOLD
NEW - Cardas Golden Reference interconnect, 1.0 M, good condition, personal pair, RCA 600.00 SOLD
NEW - Naim CD 5i, mint, boxe and remote included, for 850.00 SOLD
NEW - Musical Fidelity Nu Vista M3, with external PS, boxes, remote, PS leads, one for 500 units in the world, sold below value, 2200.00 SOLD
NEW - Musical Fidelity Tri Vista 21 DAC, redone at SPI, new tubes, boxe, mint, 850.00 SOLD
NEW - Usher 718 speakers, 2 YO, mint, boxes, a terrific buy at 800.00 SOLD
NEW - JPS Power Cord, the power series, for power amplifiers, 750.00 for 350.00.SOLD
NEW - JPS Digital, XLR, 1.0 Meter, 3 level cable (son of Aluminata), 375.00. SOLD
NEW - JPS Aluminata, Power cord, 20 AMP, for power amplifier or power conditionner, 1350.00. SOLD
NEW - NeoTech 1001 interconnect, equal to Kimber Select Silver, 1200.00 for 400.00. SOLD
NEW - Cardas Gold Power Cord, 2.0 M, SOLD
NEW - Advance Acoustic Digital Transport MD403, 1699.00 for 800.00. SOLD
Raysonic CD 128, tube design, Silver, mint, one owner, 4x 6922, comes with remote, box. 850.00 + TX Reserved SOLD
Another pair of Mahogany LSA 1 Statement monitors, well reviewed, superb and big sound for a standmount, ribbon tweeter. Very good condition, 1 owner. 1,000.00, now 900.00 SOLD
B&W CM 9’s, New version, mint piano Black finish, floorstander, bought beginning 2012, 3000.00, these will sell for 2,000.00, now 1,600.00 no tax, no boxes, 1 owner, upgrading to better speaker SOLD
Headphones Shure SRV 840, 200.00 for 100.00 SOLD
Headphones Audio Technica, M 50 model, 180.00 for 90.00 SOLD
Headphone Ultrasone Pro 750, 500.00 for 250.00 SOLD
Headphones Ultrasone PRO 900, 700.00 for 350.00 SOLD
Yamaha X 550 and X 650 each, 80.00 ADC Sound shaper M II, 100.00 SOLD
Naim NAC 202 pre amplifier, 2,200.00 SOLD
Rega Brio R, Black, used, recently bought in 2012, mint with box, remote, 750.00 SOLD
Linn all in one Classik 2008 version in Black, mint, with remote, no box, little use except radio, quite rare version, 2,900 when new, this unit for 950.00, will sell quickly SOLD
Project Xpression Carbon Turntable, mint, with Blue Ortophon, reason for selling, upgraded to Rega, very little use, comes with box, looking at 750.00, cash deal, now SOLD
Audio Prism, top of line model, line conditioner, with 20 amp cord, cash deal SOLD
Audio Research C 50 tube integrated, with 6550 tubes, mint, remote, fine working condition, 900.00 SOLD
McIntosh Air, all in one table top system, in mint condition, come with remote and box, is approx 3,300.00 for 2,100.00, now 1900.00
Naim Uniti, 1 st generation, rarely used, older gent is moving away into retirement, no box, comes with remote, works flawlessly, used as CD player and amplifier. Streamer never used, for a new one 5,795.00, this one 1,500.00, cash only deal. Will need to call, not on site, will bring in. SOLD
Advance Acoustic infamous 305 series II, powerful and very musical, no box, with remote, look quite stunning like McIntosh gear. 2,000.00 for 750.00 cash deal SOLD
Neotech Cables interconnects, now rare and exceptional good 1000 and 2000 level RCA connect, 1.0 meter, will sell between 300.00 and 400.00, cash deal only SOLD
Cyrus Cd player with power supply, no box, comes with remote, still in working order, 1,000.00, includes Neotech interconnect, cash deal only SOLD
JPS Alunimata, power cords, 6 feet, several units of length’s, between 2,500.00, ALL SOLD
Advance Acoustic Cd players, Transport and DAC, mint rarely used, with remote, no boxes, both for 1,500.00 inclusive, cash deal only. SOLD
Kimber 12 TC with WBT Banana plugs, 12 foot, bi wire pair, cash deal only. Reserved SOLD
Countless Kimber power cords, many types, many lengths, will sell from 150.00 to 250.00, please call, ALL SOLD
Usher DMD 1, Walnut, with Black piano finish front, demo, Diamond tweeter, approx 4,500.00 for 2,950.00, warranty. SOLD
Naim CD5xs, mint Demo, with warranty, close to 4K, ours 2,595.00 (2 units available) BOTH SOLD
Naim 152 XS preamplifier with Naim 155XS power amplifier, both sold together, was 5K m these, 3,500.00 SOLD
Naim Hi Cap DR, 2,895.00 our mint demo, 2,195.00 (we have 2 units), BOTH SOLD, BOTH NON DR version SOLD
Naim CD2X, with Naim XPS, both mint, are 18,000.00, these 2 are now 7,250.00 BOTH SOLD
Naim Super line phono, MC, 1 owner, not even 3 years old, our trade in unit is 3,500.00 SOLD
Naim 282, preamplifier, mint, our demo, used sparingly, 7,995.00, our for 3,995.00 (reserved) SOLD
Naim 250, power amplifier, our demo unit, 6,995.00, for 3,495.00 (reserved) SOLD
Naim DAC, our demo, mint, over 4,600.00, our unit, 2795.00, we even have the dedicate power supply if desired, please ask for price SOLD
Naim Nait XS series I, one of the last ones built in 2011, mint trade in, for a new one 3,695.00 for ours 1,495.00, come with box and remote SOLD
Aragon 24K preamplifier, mint, with box, 1 owner who cared for this well, 450.00, now 400.00 cash, now 350.00 SOLD
Acurus A 250, great power, insane stability under any load, again as above owner, well loved and cared for, 450.00, now 400.00, now 350.00 SOLD
Graham Slee SOLO headphone amp, superb condition, 1 owner, 550.00, NOW 450.00. SOLD
LSA statement 1 speaker pair in beautiful Rosewood. Many great reviews, one of the top 10 American mini monitors at this time, over 3k, this pair is 1,400.00, NOW 1,200.00 SOLD
Flatcap XS, with box. Mint, with box, practically new, comes with all, 3 years old, no more, 1 owner, last gen PS, 1,100.00 SOLD
Naim 202 pre, with box, Mint, with box, bought in 2012, now over 4 k, this one is practically new with warranty, for 2,600.00, now 2,200.00 SOLD
Naim 155xs Power amp, mint with box, bought 2011, practically new, over 2800.00 now, will sell 1,850.00 SOLD
PSU Naim, 2012, new in box, 1 owner as above, 375.00 SOLD
EAD (Enlightened Audio Design), T 1000.00, mint transport, Black, sold as set with EAD 1000 III series DAC, HDCD, Mint, very well cared for, matching Black plates (both units 600.00), now 300.00 SOLD
TOTEM ARRO, in Cherry finish, very good/near mint condition with box and support plates, recent trades, these will sell for 700.00, NOW 600.00. Interested, please let us know ahead of time as we do not keep this box on our premise’s due to its size.
Rega RS 5 speakers, cherry, mint floor models, boxes, warranty, $2195.00 for $1900.00, now $1,400.00 SOLD
Xindak V 30, all tube amplifier, KT 88, 50 wpc, mint, remote, box, $2099.00 for $950.00 SOLD
Usher 6311 speakers, mint, box, stands, piano Black, a classic Usher model now discontinued, $2500.00 for $1300.00 SOLD
Usher 718 speakers, non Diamond version, placed Usher on the map, mint, boxes, $1800.00 for $800.00 SOLD
DK Design amplifier, hybrid design, massive power, superb phono, mint, remote, box, new tubes will be included, son of the LSA amplifiers, now a classic amp on Audiogon, $1000.00 SOLD
Linn Majik LP 12 turntable, maple, mint, box,SOLD
LSA Signature amplifier, hybrid design, mint, comes with NOS tubes, remote, box, one year Canadian in house warranty, $8500.00 for $3400.00 SOLD
Prima Luna PL 1 amplifier, new sealed product, all tube amplifier, black unit, no phono, warranty, $1150.00 SOLD
Prima Luna PL 1 amplifier, demo, mint, approx 200 hours only on it, MM phono included, warranty, box, $1250.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic 705 mono block power amps, 200 wpc, discontinued, very little use, boxes, $4000.00, now $2200.00
Advance Acoustic 406 power amplifier, a classic AA product, 100 wpc, mint, $2000.00 for $1100.00
Quadral M-5 speakers, replaced by M 50, black piano finish, superb speaker, with boxes, $5500.00 for $2500.00 SOLD
Aurum Montan VIII speakers, less than 1 year old, black piano finish, boxes, was $9500.00 and up, these $4900.00 SOLD
Monitor Audio RX 6 speakers, just now discontinued, rosenut finish. full 5 year warranty, new this June, $1600.00 now $1000.00 SOLD
Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers, virtually new, white piano finish, slightly damaged in accident, $750.00 for $450.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate DS, silver, fully upgraded, 4 years old, mint, box, remote $4200.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month or so, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Rega P3-24, black body, very good condition, one owner, with box and external power supply, come with elys 2 cartridge, $875.00 + TX SOLD
Audio Note AN-VX interconnect, rarely traded in, sublime, delicate and transparent on all systems, recommended on tube a tad more, 2,200.00, this trade in 1,450.00, now 1,150.00 SOLD
Audio Note DAC 3 Black, 3 years old, XLR and RCA, mint, with box, 8,000.00 firm, will sell quickly SOLD
Audio Note Conqueror “full load”, top of its AN Conqueror class, Black plate, mint, comes with new extra 300B’s, box, trade in, 8,500.00 (no trades accepted) SOLD
JPS labs Aluminata interconnect, 1.0 meter, recent trade, mint, 2,250.00, should sell quickly SOLD
LSA center speaker, statement edition, in beautiful mahogany, comes with center stand, incl box, 800.00 SOLD
Harbeth 30.1 speakers, very recent trade in, priced to sell, Cherry, box included, were 4,995.00, these will be @ 2,300.00 + TX, sold at straight cost, should sell quickly SOLD
Project 5 S/E with Blue point special, 1 year old, mint, recently upgraded to Rega, trade in, record weight incl, comes with box, geared for quick sale, 500.00 + TX, straight cost, should sell quickly SOLD
Nak Casette deck, in new condition, rarely used, one of the last one’s made by them, 1,100.00 when new, this one, 450.00 (For a bit more, we have new sealed Metal and chrome premium tapes that may sell with this unit) SOLD
Monitor Audio BX 2, approx 9 month old, trade in on upgrade, mint in Walnut, a classic in affordable speaker design, no boxes, 400.00, now 265.00 SOLD
Xindak V 20 amplifier, all tube, EL34, 18 wpc, mint, remote, box, $950.00, now $650.00, reserved, now sold
Xindak V 30 amplifier, all tube, EL34, 18 wpc, mint, remote, box, $1,100.00, sold
Xindak MT-1 amplifier, all tube, EL84, 12.5 wpc, mint, remote, box, $650.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic 506 preamplifier, mint, phono, remote, box, XLR and RCA, $500.00 SOLD
Tonar Vinyline phono stage, MM / MC, mint, $125.00 SOLD
Simaudio Nova CD player, black, excellent condition, box, $800.00 SOLD
Cyrus 1 amplifier, working condition, $150.00 OBO SOLD
LSA Statement home theatre speaker package, model 1 front SOLD, model 2 rear and centre SOLD, mahogany finish, mint, $4500.00 (may be sold separately)
Musical Fidelity M3 amplifier, with external power supply, box, remote, triple mint, SOLD
Naim CDX2 CD player, certified by Naim Canada, a classic, HDCD, box, remote, 1 owner, $3300.00, now $2650.00 + tx SOLD
Audio Note DAC 3, rare, black, mint, box, 1 owner, 2.5 years old, seller buying Linn Klimax streamer, $8000.00 OBO SOLD
Audio Note CDT 3 transport, rare, mint, box, 1 owner, includes digital cable, seller buying Linn Klimax streamer, please call for price, serious offers only Reserved SOLD
Linn Akurate DS, black, 2-3 years old, mint, box, remote, $4500.00 Reserved SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Integrated Amplifiers
Advance Acoustic 305, 100 watts pc, high current, great phono stage, B stock, box, 1 unit left, new $2000.00 for $1350.00 SOLD
Xindak 6950, partial class a, 100 watts pc, mint, a work of art, new $2000.00 for $1300.00 SOLD
Pass Labs Int-150,basically new, remote, class A, super integrated, high recommendations world over, state of the art sound, new over $7,000 USD, this one for $4250.00 OBO, now $3700.00 SOLD
Air Tight ATM 201, real classic, 8 x EL84, wood casing, highly sought after, should sell quickly $2800.00 3 units available (two sold, one left) SOLD
Tube Technology SE, hybrid integrated amplifier, very high end, rare, no remote $1000.00, now 500.00 SOLD
TRI V-P Mini88, tube amp, KT88, single ended class A, 15 watts pc, extremely liquid and smooth, can be used with a preamplifier $800.00, now $550.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Power Amplifiers Classe 70, one owner, some cosmetic flaws on top and front cover, hand flung wiring, a classic and now getting extremely rare, perfect working order $750.00 firm SOLD
Linn LK-140, Power amplifier, mint, one owner, box (most be sold with Linn Wakonda pre amp), $900.00 for pair. Now for $700.00. now for $400.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Pre Amplifiers
Classe DR5, quite rare, 1 owner, very good condition, phono stage, no box $750.00 firm SOLD
Audio Research LS8, 4 x 6922, very good condition, no box $700.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
CD Players
Naim CD2X, classic CD player, very good condition, certified by Naim Canada, remote, box $2750.00 SOLD
Advance Acoustic MDA 503 DAC, tube based, 3 power supplies, 24 bit / 384 Kh, 6 digital inputs, new $1500.00 for $875.00, now $600.00
Bryston DBA-1 DAC, black, triple mint, glowing reviews worldwide, no box $1000.00 SOLD
Copland 266, HDCD, mint, 1 owner, with remote, no box $550.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate, silver unit, all Hi Rez formats, non dynamic version, remote, no box $3800.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate, silver, mint, all Hi Rez formats (SACD, DVD-A), 1 owner, a classic cd player that is highly sought after, new $8500.00 for $3,700.00, NOW 3,000.00 SOLD
Naim CD5i, refurbished April 2012, mint, 1 owner, with box $950.00 SOLD
Linn Movie 05 music and movie centre, silver, 1 owner, mint condition, box, remote, new $4800.00 for $1750.00
Linn Classik 2 music centre, 2008 version, with Classik 1 upgrade (better remote, power supply, latest transport, near Akurate level tuner), black, 1 owner, very good condition, new $2900.00 for $1300.00 (package deal with Linn Katan speakers available… call for details) SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
B&W 686, mini monitor, 1 owner, mint, black finish $250.00 SOLD
Linn Katan, mini monitor, classic Linn design, mint, maple finish, with Linn stands, boxes, new $2000.00 for $600.00 SOLD
LSA 1 Statement, small cosmetic flaws, 4 years old, good all round performers, new $2800.00 for $900. SOLD
Tannoy Cheviot, 12 inch dual concentric, rare dark rosewood finish, technically flawless, 1 owner $850.00, SOLD
Klipsch Cornwall 3, latest edition 2008, more than 102 db efficient $2700.00. Cherry pair SOLD, one Walnut pair remains SOLD
Klipsch Cornwall 3, latest edition 2008, more than 102 db efficient CHERRY PAIR SOME COSMETIC FLAWS at $1,600.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Turntables Sota Sapphire Series 1, with arm boards, no arm, working condition $ 300.00 SOLD
Project 9 Series 2 Tonearm, less than 1 year old and never used $425.00 SOLD
Benz Lucachek Phono Stage, state of the art sound, low output MC only, 62 DB, quite rare on the used market $1400.00 SOLD
Linn Axis, Linn Basik arm, use for parts, all parts in very good condition with exception of motor, dust cover, box $250.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Linn Akurate, now extremely rare on the open market, stated as one of the best tuner’s out there at this time, new $2500.00, now $1500.00
Magnum Dynalab MD100, $1500.00 SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Headphones 1 owner, mint, very little use, wood case, new SOLD
As we only update our Clearance page approximately once a month, we recommend that you call before coming down, as the gear may have been sold
Clearance Archive Rega Brio Silver, recent trade in, remainder of warranty, remote, mint, 750.00 SOLD
Rega Brio Black, recent trade in, remainder of warranty, remote, mint, 750.00 SOLD
NAD 375 BEE, very recent trade, 150 wpc, comes under their reference class line up, reviewed many times by mags all over, Massive HC amplifier section, remote, box included, recent model, 1500.00, this one for 800.00 incl taxes, should sell quickly SOLD
Advance Acoustic 305 amplifier, over 100 wpc hi capacity, unique looks, remote, great phono stage, box, B stock, was 2000.00, these 2 units 1,350.00, both SOLD
LSA 1 standard amplifier, standard, loads of power, crystal quiet and extremely musical phono stage, Mark Levinson like iron grip, tube hybrid design, remote, box end of line 5,500.00 for 2,600.00, being offered at never heard pricing, manufacturer’s warranty. NOW SOLD
Musical Fidelity XT-100 tube design with power supply, phono stage, in mint shape with box and remote, this was bought only 5-6 months ago from us and. Now at 950.00. SOLD
Musical Fidelity X150 amplifier, with remote, great phono, 50 wpc, no box, 1 owner, $450,00. NOW SOLD
YBA receiver 201 series, mint, no box, 50 wpc, remote, black unit, one owner, excellent built quality, 1,100.00 for 650.00. SOLD
NAD 316 BEE Integrated amplifier, mint, Black, rarely used, 1 owner, 200.00 SOLD
Unison Research SR-1, Hybrid amplifier, 6922 pair/tubes, unique look, infra red remote made of wood, mint condition, boistrous and smooth, liquid, very dynamic, deep prodigious bass, Beautiful, when new, 3,500.00 this unit 1,100.00,reserved, now SOLD
Audio Analogue, all in one player, one 6922 tube buffer, superb tuner section, 50 wpc, cd player section does not work, but this system can be added to with alternative source, remote, no box, mint visual, tested on work bench, new tube added, was 2,000.00, this one is 500.00. Many great reviews. SOLD
Naim Nait XS, 1 owner, triple mint, box, remote, used less than 1 year before gent upgraded with other Naim gear. 2,800.00 for 1,750.00. NOW SOLD
Rotel 985 BX Intgrated amplifier, 100wpc, 1 owner, very good condition, box inclided, $300.00 now 260.00. NOW SOLD
KW 500 Intgrated, slight cosmetic flaw on top cover, 1 owner, box, remote, priced to sell quickly, $2500.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Rega Mira, integrated amplifier, phono stage, black, demo, mint with box new $1400 for $1000.00 NOW SOLD
Rega Brio R, integrated amplifier, black, trade in $700.00 NOW SOLD
Vincent SV-233, integrated amplifier new $3000.00 for $1000.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Musical Fidelity XRay V8, hybrid integrated amplifier, with best power supply, phono stage, mint, remote, boxes new $2800 for $950.00 NOW SOLD
Exposure 2010s, integrated amplifier, Stereophile and Europeen class A rated, mint, remote, box, personal unit, comes with 1 month limited warranty $850.00 NOW SOLD
Advance Acoustic MAP 101, inegrated amplifier, demo, mint $350.00 NOW SOLD
Vincent SV-388, integrated 6 channel surround amplifier, mint, box new $3000.00 for $1000.00 NOW SOLD
Audio Analogue Puccini, integrated amplifier $400.00. NOW $300.00 NOW SOLD
Musical Fidelity X-T100, tube integrated amplifier/Triplex-170, power supply $1100.00 for pair NOW SOLD
Antique Sound Lab 845, Triode tube integrated amplifier, great condition $1500.00 NOW SOLD
Marantz receiver, last of the great one’s by Marantz, mint, model 1550, must be seen, technically sound and good, 300.00 SOLD
KR 32, Triode tube power amplifier, new KR 300B tubes, mint new $9500.00 for $ 3000.00 NOW SOLD
Bryston 3BSST II, Black, as new, recent trade from ALM, bought only a few short years ago, box, asking 1,500.00 for quick sale SOLD
Prima Luna 4, power amplifier with EL-34 tubes, sold as new demo, with box 40 wpc, self biasing tubes, 4 input tubes, Black unit, 2300.00 for 1,200.00 SOLD
Sonic Frontieres SFS-50 very good condition, 6550 tubes, cage with other extras, $1,000.00 RESERVED, NOW SOLD
Audion PX 25 reference power amplifier, from Classic series, comes with additional 2 brand new pairs of PX 25 tubes, unique and magical sound, glorious perspective, serious offers, selling for 4500.00. NOW SOLD
Naim 180, with NAC 72 pre amplifier, mint olive series, sold as set, $1,250.00. NOW reduced at 1,000.00 SOLD
Croft twin pole, hybrid amplifier, classic, $1,650.00 with box, will sell quickly. SOLD
Bryston 4BBST power amplifier, Black plate, triple mint, comes with box, recent trade in, gent bought Audio Note amplifier, this one will sell quickly, selling at cost, 2,000.00 NOW SOLD
Linn Akurate 2200 power amplifier, mint, black chassis, 1 owner, Dynamik Version done here, near 7,000.00, this mint unit is now 2,500.00. SOLD
Sonic Frontiers 3 Mono blocks, triple mint, 6550 Slets C tubes, NOS 6922 tubes all around, boxes, gold plates will sell, boxes slightly beat up, 2,400.00 firm, will sell quickly RESERVEDNOW SOLD
Audio Research D-60, power amplifier $600.00 NOW SOLD (if sold with SP-9 $1300.00)
Naim 150x, power amplifier/Naim112, preamplifier, mint, perfect working order new $4000.00 for $1300.00 NOW REDUCED TO 1,000.00 NOW SOLD
Pass Labs Aleph J, power amplifier $1200.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Rare and very new trade, PP2 SE from Audio Note, triple mint, black plate, less than 1 year old, reason for selling, another AN upgrade, 4000.00 firm, with warranty, will sell quickly, RESERVED and now NOW SOLD
NAIM 250 power amplifier, mint, never abused, last generation, should be used exclusively on Naim system, 4,500.00, with 6 months warranty NOW SOLD
Naim 180 Olive power amplifier, mint, with box, 2 owners only, 850.00 SOLD
Audio Research SP-9, tube preamplifier, a classic $900.00 (if sold with D-60 $ 1300.00) NOW SOLD
Musical Fidelity KW, preamplifier, tube, perhaps their best series ever, extremely rare on the open market, mint, remote, no box, has an output capacity to drive up to 22wpc from its rear outputs jacks, drives all amps, a real gem new $5500.00 for $2000.00. Now $1,500.00. SOLD
Hovland 200 pre-amplifier, silver, a classic design, remote, box, lovingly cared for by one of our crew, near 10K, asking price 3,800.00. NOW SOLD
Audion 1 reference 2 chassis tube preamplifier, black plate, 6922 based, with remote, seperate external power supply, 5 inputs, mint, glorious tubey sound, many Audio Note parts in this design, rock solid design. $1,700.00 SOLD
Passive Preamplifier, a real classic, the Bent Audio Nah, audiophiles would kill for this one. Comes with 2 pairs of RCA jacks in as well as a pair of XLR ins as well. It has 2 PAIRS RCA outs. Still upgradeable if owner wants more. Can drive long lengths of interconnect no issue, has remote control option included, weight in a somewhere 8 lbs, a real high end devise and now a real blue chip component on the used market, will sell for 1,250.00, should sell quickly. NOW SOLD
Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Black plate, 60 pounds, 2 chassis design, fully balanced, personal unit, I had 3 of these, still a reference in my books, making room for others, this unit still feel very new, boxes, 1500.00, will include 8 new 6922 tubes in deal SOLD
YBA 3A, preamplifier new $2800.00 for $900.00 SOLD
YBA 3 Delta, preamplifier new $2400.00 for $1100.00 SOLD
Linn Akurate DS, all upgrades included, mint, Black, 7,800.00, this one will sell for, 5,750.00, now SOLD
ANOTHER Naim CDX 2, triple mint, one owner, 10 YO unit, verified by Naim Canada as A ok, box, remote, relatively rare, reason for selling, moved up with Naim DS upgrade, SOLD
Audio Note DAC 3.1 X Bal, very rare, this non kit, UK built only unit, Silver plate, Triple mint, 1 month warranty, with Box, 4,000.00, reserved and sold within minutes
Audio Note CDT 3, non gold plated version, triple mint version, Black model, remote, is over 12,000.00, this one will sell for 5,000.00 NOW SOLD
Audio Note CD 2.1 x, silver plate, box and remote, full 2 year warranty, tube design, a classic, 4700.00, for 3900.00, now SOLD
Naim DAC set, mint, one owner only, he is upgrading, just in as trade in, boxes, manual, most units bought in 2010, can be sold separately, asking price of 8,900.00, prices for separates will be stated over phone or mail SOLD
Sonic Frontiers Transport 3, Gold plate, with remote, mint and in fine working condition, 10,000.00 for 1,500.00. SOLD
Musical Fidelity DVD-1, mint working condition, no remote, substantial player 3,600.00 for 750.00. NOW SOLD
CEC 51 belt driven CD player, now classic player, many superb reviews, near mint, well cared for, with box and remote, 750.00. SOLD
Sonic Frontiers DAC 3, 10,000.00 when new, no boxes, otherwise mint, comes with Is2 digital cable, a Linn cd 12 competitor of the day, looking a good home, 1,500.00 RESERVED, SOLD
Linn Sc Unidisk, Black chassis, mullti format dvd cd player, dynamik version done by SP, 1 owner, mint, over 6,000.00 this unit goes for 2,000.00 SOLD
Naim cd 5 with Naim flat cap, mint, 1 owner, with boxes, rarely used as this was office system for a gent. New puck, $1400.00 SOLD
KW CD Player SACD, in mint condition, remote and box, $2,000.00, gorgeous piece, $8000.00 when new, will sell quickly RESERVED SOLD
Naim CD5X, mint, remote, no box new $3400.00 for $1700.00 NOW SOLD
Linn SC, latest edition, silver, cosmetic flaw on top cover $1400.00 RESERVED - NOW SOLD
Advance Acoustic MCD 200, demo, mint $400.00 NOW SOLD
Sonic Frontiers 3, transport, DAC and power supply, transport has new laser & refurbished by SF, remote, DAC has 4 x 6922 NOS tubes, 1 owner, well cared for new $20000.00 for $3500.00 (plus tax) SOLD
Raysonic CD128, tube, HDCD, silver, metal remote, no box, 1 owner $900.00 RESERVED NOW SOLD
Teac D 700 and T 700 DAC and transport, now selling for 375.00… sold at time of uploading, now SOLD
Yamaha mint with box cd player, CD-S700, superb transport system, mint, little use, unit still available, 800.00, this one for 350.00 NOW SOLD
Cabasse Sloop 500, very recent trade, mint, one of Cabasse’s very good and long lasting series, exquisite performance, great on 300b tubes, efficient design, no box, 1500.00. SOLD
Totem Mani 2 signature, client has traded this back in on more expensive pair, black finish, very good condition, with box, $2,500.00 SOLD
LSA 1 Statements, a classic, Ribbon tweeter, a ton of great reviews, including in Absolute Sound, 1 pair only, Mahogany, 2,900.00 for 1,400.00, Man warranty SOLD
Naim Arriva’s speakers, Cherry, mint with box, great on tubes or of course Naim gear, 3,400.00 for 1,100.00. NOW SOLD
Tannoy Oxford speakers, well liked, very good condition, cherry finish, 93 DB efficient, will sell at $400.00. NOW 325.00 SOLD
Tannoy Berkeley speakers, super rare 1 owner, well loved, very good condition, with boxes, 15 inch, dual concentric, sell quickly, at $1,400.00. NOW 1100.00, NOW SOLD
B&W CM 1 and 2, super mint speakers, reduced from 550.00 to 450.00. NOW 375.00. SOLD
Sonus Faber stands, for Signum speakers, or Totem model type speakers, very expensive, works of art, these are being sold for 600.00 SOLD
Volents VL 3.5 stunning performer and visual appeal, by far our most sold speaker, will sell extremely quickly, a sight and a sound that is not easily forgettable, 21,500, this will sell for 16,500.00, now reserved, and SOLD
Sonus Faber, Signum model, a delight and a feast, beautiful Walnut finish, mini monitor, 1 slight scratch that is not too noticeable, can be fixed by a professional, sold with stands, both were over 8,000.00- 9,000.00 when new, barely used as ex owner travelled away for work soon after buying these, with stands, 2,000.00. SOLD
Volents VL 3, one of the best speakers in the world 3 years running. Over 10,000.00, this unit will sell for 5,750.00. 1 year warranty included. We do not sell our demo’s but now this unit has been replaced by an SE model now selling close to 12,000.00, comes with boxes. SOLD
Murata super tweeters, walnut finish, top model in the Murata line up, very rare on the open market, new, these were over 3,300.00 + taxes, these will sell for 1,500.00 incl taxes. SOLD
Proac D-18, walnut finish, mint, 3000.00, very appealing, upgrading SOLD
QUAD ESL 57’s, by Wayne Picket, sparling condition. Reserved, NOW SOLD
Pierre Gabriel Presence, his best, efficient and tube friendly, new $7000.00, for $1200.00. SOLD
B&W Matrix CM1 / CM2 woofer enclosure, mint, white finish, for those who like classical, jazz or acoustic music, the CM`s held the mantles of one of the most musical speakers of their day $600.00 NOW $550.00, NOW SOLD
Musatex 1, electrostatic hybrid, in fine playing condition $200.00 / pair SOLD
Naim Credo, black, mint, boxes $800.00 NOW REDUCED to $600.00 NOW SOLD
Merlin VSM, piano black, mint, no boxes (will deliver for additional charge) new $14000.00 for $4000.00 NOW SOLD
May add Merlin BAM for $800.00 (a $2450.00 value) NOW SOLD
Q Acoustics 2010i, demo, mint $275.00 NOW $195.00 SOLD
Q Acoustics 2020i, demo, mint $375.00 NOW $250.00. SOLD
Q Acoustics 2050i, demo, mint $875.00 NOW $575.00 SOLD
LSA 2 Standard, mahogany, new sealed pairs, beautiful tower speakers, spacious imaging, deep tuneful bass, several pair in stock. new $2800.00 for $1900.00 (taxes included) All 4 pairs SOLD
ALSO Cherry pair, some cosmetic flaws, 2009 version, 2800.00 SOLD
Totem Mani-2 Signature, 2008 version, black ash, triple mint, boxes, 1 owner, 3200.00 includes taxes Reserved – SOLD
T4 stands that come with above totem, 450.00 tx in SOLD
Rega P-3 -24, Black/Charcoal, with TTPSU, Stereophile recommended as well as the world over. mint, box, little used as gent had several other Regas, now that he has Rega RP6, well it’s on the block… $800.00 SOLD
Dual 704 Table, with Shure V cartridge, 1 owner, $100.00 SOLD
Various LP 12 parts for sale, all good condition, all 1 owner, all priced well, please call for more detail, georgous wood base, one of the nicest I have seen in 20 years of working as a pro on LP 12’s (for local sale only, we will not ship parts elsewhere). NONE LEFT
Rare Linn Black Ittok arm, mint, $700.00 SOLD
Project 9 arm, series 1 is 350.00 SOLD
Clear Audio Wood, standard arm with Benz cartridge (MC), upgraded to other table, 12000.00 now 6000.00 RESERVED SOLD
Audio Note TT-2, black, never sold, used at Audio Note shows only, cabled with AN-V arm leads from AN cartridge to AN RCA jack, fully adjusted, 1 year warranty $5500.00 SOLD
Graham Slee Gram Amp2 Special Edition, phono preamplifier new $500.00 for $200.00 SOLD
Acoustic Solid, German made,with arm and Linn Adikt cartridge, external motor, external power control unit, very high end, upgradeable, mint, cherry base, approx. 45lbs, 5200.00 for 2700.00 plus tax SOLD
Rega RP-3, black, bought December 15 th 2012, use approx 10 hours, gent paid full retail, reason for selling is gent is upgrading, this unit would sell for $1,000.00 + tax* SOLD
Musical MMF 2.1 turntable, with 2 cartriges, 1 owner, mint, with box, 240.00. NOW 200.00. SOLD
Xindak Tube phono, X-LP 1, mint 6 months old, trade in, 4 tubes, quite massively built, reason for selling, upgraded to Linn Uphorik, this should sell fast @ 650.00. SOLD
Another rare Black Linn Itokk arm, with Linn Lp 12 base, mint, 600.00 SOLD
Xindak X-Lp 1, tube phono stage, 4 tubes, MM, now highly sought after 650.00, will sell very quickly. SOLD
Linn Axis, with Linn Ittok arm, mint, “cherry” finish, with box, dust cover, in fine working condition, Ortophon MC-1 turbo moving coil cartridge, 850.00. Now $600.00 without cartridge SOLD
Linn Axis, with Linn Basik, used for parts, all parts very good condition with exception of motor, all included even dust cover, even come in box, $250.00 SOLD
NAD C426 FM tuner, Black, mint, rarely used, 1 owner, 200.00 SOLD
Magnum Dynalab, Etude, mint 400.00 SOLD
Magnum Dynalab, 102 tuner, Black plate, new demo, never sold, 950.00 plus taxes SOLD
Musical Fidelity A-3, tuner, ok guys, strike while the iron is hot, mint, extremely good British tuner (as they all are), substantial design, 600.00, a steal. Now $350.00 SOLD
Cardas Golden Reference Power cord, 1 pair, 5 footer, sep ground, latest technology, 350.00. SOLD
Kimber PK 14 Gold, 6 ft power cord, 475.00, this now 275.00. NOW SOLD
JPS Aluminata power cord, 6 ft, 4500.00, this one 3,000.00. NOW SOLD
Das Kable Copper, spade with banana plug, 8 ft pair, a classic, 125.00. NOW 100.00 SOLD
JPS Power 6 foots, substantial, unyelding, extremely good on power amplifiers, 400.00. NOW SOLD
Kimber 3033 speaker cable, mint, 8 ft long, comes with brief case, and with WBT termination, bought here new, less than 18 months old, reason for selling, buying Audio Note speaker cables. sell for 1,800.00 SOLD
Naim NaCA speaker cable, 10 ft, biwired, meaning 2 full pairs, partially terminated, $175.00 SOLD
Audio Note cable, AN-Vx98 version (lastest version) 1.0m interconnect, RCA term, used 3 months before gent upgraded to World Class SOGON, one of he worlds best, now 1300.00 SOLD
Cardas Power cord, Golden Cross, 8 ft, 375.00 SOLD
QED, Top Notch Silver Spiral, very substantial speaker cable, many cable of the year awards, recently discontinued, 11 FT pair, was over 2000.00 now 750.00 SOLD
QED, Second below S/Spiral.some call these a crowning achievement for QED, superb on Naim gearas above, was 1100.00, now there sell for 350.00 SOLD
Jumper, very good quality, Canadian made, spade to spade, by Pierre Gabriel, 150.00 for all 4 units. SOLD
Neotech 5004, RCA, 1.5M $120.00 SOLD
Kimber 1031 RCA interconnect, 1.0 meter, 625.00 SOLD
Neotech 5004, RCA, 3.0M $160.00 SOLD
Wireworld Solstice $60.00 SOLD
Neotech 3002, locking RCA, 1.0M was $380.00 now $220.00 SOLD
Audio Reference digital, 1.2M $200.00. SOLD
Pursang Silver Reference XLR,. 8M $300.00 SOLD
Transparent Ultra, RCA, 1.0M $400.00 SOLD
Acoustic Zen Matrix XLR $220.00 SOLD
Audio Reference Furtech, RCA, silver,. 8M $400.00 SOLD
Neotech 3002, RCA, 1.0M $190.00. SOLD
Cardas Cross, RCA, 1.0M + XLR, 1.5M $350.00 SOLD
Audio Note Lexus XLR $400.00. SOLD
Neotech 3004, spade, 8 ft $350.00 SOLD
Kimber 8PR, spade/banana, 8 ft $150.00. SOLD
Xindak FS-2, monocrystal, 2.5M, new $500.00. SOLD
Gutwire Basic $125.00 SOLD
MIT, 10 ft $150.00 SOLD
Foundation Research LC1 $275.00 SOLD
Foundation Research LC2 $375.00 SOLD
Foundation Research LC2 $375.00 SOLD
Naim XPS power supply SOLD
Rega headphone amplifier with xternal power supply, no box, in perfect working condition, 200.00. Now $160.00. NOW SOLD