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Serious Audio, Seriously right

"Entering this place is like entering the matrix, the movie"


We would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and New Year. May you all have a loving and musical holiday with Santa Claus.

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** December 19th we are closed for a special by invitation only event.

** On our Happy Holidays days, we are effectively closed and enjoying our own Holidays

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Even more HARBETH's on display and in STOCK, exclusively at SPI

Saturday Summer hours will end permanently effective now, see More Info webpage for more information.

What's new

* Good till the last drop (day)... our Music Hall event takes place on our last opening day of 2020. Seating is of course limited, those interested, please ask us to reserve your spaces. We expect to be full in no time at all. Several important guests will be awaiting you on that day.

* Summer Saturday's are permanently cancelled. Our regular Saturdays are from 10 am till 3 pm (or till last man leaves)

* The month of July, August, ending towards Labor day weekend, are now by appointment only starting in 2020.

* Our X-mas holidays begin Friday December 20th and we reopen Wednesday January 8th.


Its a swinging affair at present, what's up and new now.

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Of course we are being kept busy on many fronts at this time, the MH event has taken much room. Then we have finally taken out of boxes the start of our Harbeth line up. As this is being written, more Harbeth are coming in like... right now ;-). We have just finished off a week with our Premium finish Harbeth speaker.

audiolab 8300 series A.PNG

This month is really also dedicated till the years end to Audio Lab 8300 a series... you folks are taking a shine to both series, who says audio is dead, delivery is quick, but we do maintain back up stock.

Our 2020 year will be seeing our new JMR speakers that are burning in (3 JMR pairs in all), we even have one POYA 2019 winner in these speakers... our miniature Lucia Jubs. New stock of Music Hall Reference turntables, Ifi for phonos and power conditioning all on display during the event. Many new Wireworld products. More in BUT not ready to be introduced to the public just yet.


For those asking about the new just released Magneplanar LRS, they cannot deliver as the orders are backed up for a while yet. We dont know when these will not be backed up. The LRS are somewhat the little brother of the. 7's, no surprise really.


One product that has been lost in all the abundant activity with our wall is that Streamer by Audio Lab, the 6000A series, for 750.00... yes, you read right... this thing has already won streamer of the year in some mags...yes yes yes I say... we have had this for 2 months already ;-). We have been quite busy tending elsewhere...

As to our corporate openings this late December, we effectively close to the public Wednesday December 18th. Once we shut down the Music Hall show, we are all officially out of service till January 8th 2020.

Our new year will be playing the exact system that played for our special guests. Then we shift for the sheer demand of it to Harbeth speakers once again, but still the same Reference system. Folks are coming in to listen already and yes falling in love with Harbeth... oh well, what are we to do guys! Dont worry, we equally have Harbeth's nemesis, Jean Marie Reynaud.

We are warning our clients of many changes in this new year 2020, be warned, we intend to have fun, I hope you do with us as well.

Nearing our 300th show/event, right before Xmas !

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Within the close to 300 hundredth show, we have had classics and never to be forgotten events in our somewhat long history. Many took place on Churchill Avenue, in fact, in close to 18 or 19 years, we funnelled approximately 250, maybe 260 events on that site alone, with the last one taking honors as one of the top 8 events today (This December 5th event was one Churchill event that WAS was supposed to be our last). Some events would last till 1 or even 2 AM, some were Fridays and Saturdays 2 day events. It would have been wise to shut these down as our competition were closing permanently with the few retailers left in city since 2006. Call us hard headed.

I can only see our competition look outside in and say... "god dang what are those boys doing to attract so many folks!". We say, easy, make the shows fun and technically precise... and this one will be no exception dudes.

Nobody in terms of retail here and elsewhere, followed or imitated us through with such events, nor much cared to do any in the same fashion we did. We did however never do "Vinyl Sundays". Though these events were a lot of work for sure, and with near limitless and copious amount of food and drink ( something we never counted the pennies providing these happy "liquid artifacts"), it will be the same again for the Music Hall show. Roy and I will be too busy drinking rather than counting pennies.

As of December 1st, this event is now full, no spaces are available.

As usual systems were chosen way ahead of time, usually OXFORD level systems. Reference level Music Hall, Triangle speakers, Trigon amplifier, Wireworld cables, etc etc etc. Kris and I will be doing our magic with this system. We are rushing the burning in the cartridge big time... before the show.

This event was the one show that filled up in record time, who says audio is dead, not here. I actually had to follow up with some folks to make sure they had seen the invite... a first... as this event was actually filling up very quickly. In our 1100sq/ft shop we have, our smallest place of business by a long shot, we cannot have a great many folks with the kind of gear we have lying about. A true first as well, this event IS taking place on our last day before we shut down for the holidays. Yes, our staff vacation starts the second we finish cleaning shop afterwards, and cleaning it will need I say.

As Kris and I go through our paces with system building 2 full weeks before the event ( the desired system is now in place ), I will be choosing my music for that special day way ahead of time. A few of you did ask about what happened to our very beloved and yearly Xmas based Audio Note event. It may take place in April again, we could not do 2 shows at one time. Also not to be discounted as a upcoming idea, is that SPI floor traffic may become a little harder to handle with so many shops closing after xmas. Just as we were intending to slow down these shows in 2018, manufacturers then heard about these events, and the kind of torture we place ourselves through in order to have these impeccable shows... and many are now asking about doing these in tandem together. Surprising, as none of the shows I committed to were about sales.

Here you will be seeing pics of the gang and all, including Roy and myself after we come back in 2020. Roy and I will be inebriated count on it, maybe even Steve ( strike that, he will be ). These pics will be uploaded after the holidays. As I think about where our " audio thing " is going, and how it has changed, sized down, become scarce and kind of bleak for many...we still need to feel and see these shows through. I suppose the relationship thing is still and will remain at the forefront with us, maybe for a long while yet.

The owner of Motet stated this morning that no one in Canada does these events nor do they even remotely close, something we know, and that even in the USA, events like these are an extreme rarity and really never at this level of intensity and play. I would have loved getting down and about my 300th show event to place a 300 candle birthday cake, then retire these events permanently. I may not get there as these events are running their natural ending sooner than later. They are fun, lots and lots of work, and an incredible exercise of brand building. I think we made our point in our so many years of being here at your side, dont you ? A friend of mine stated just a few days ago that our events are kind of magical ( the nicest compliment received I thought on our shows ). The challenges are many in our future we all figure. How many events do we have left under our belt... is unknown.

Time to honker down with final show stages, I will have hoped that those invited had a ball indeed. I am certain it was a pleasure for Roy to have come down too meet and greet our client base. Even Roy seems to be taken quite aback at the level of activity that takes place in our events.. .lets make that old boy proud ;-)

Taking time to thank first and fore most our indelible Roy Hall, and our marvellous Motet distribution, Lily and her network, our house musician, Ms Corriveau, a truly gifted musician, and Lawrence, rep extraordinaire for the help. HOWEVER...without MY team of Roger, Steve and Kris, these events would no longer take place, so thanking them is also crucial. I say to them.. ." the torture endured by these events, is about to end guys ". . .I swear ;-) me I do !!!!

On behalf of my passion team, Roger, Kris, Steve, Jeannine and Frank, and myself, we wish you the following :

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy 2020 New Year.

Do take care folks, see you again soon in 2020.

Winter 2019

No spaces are left for this special analogue and musical event.

In 3 weeks time...

This special show will take place, there are few places left. We will have a final version of a Oxford system already in place. As a speaker we have decided to place our overall POYA 2019 winners at the pedestal of this show as far as hardware is concerned. Reference Trigon amplification, TRiangle Duetto Magellan (POYA 2019 overall winner) Plinius phono stage, WireWorld Eclipse 8 (POYA 2019 winner), Music Hall 9.3 table, our iconic Roy Hall, Isabeau Corriveau our lovely and talented Harpist (we will have some of her on Vinyl), several other folks on hand, and myself (please don't run away ;-). Music, drinks will be provided. We suspect by the weekend of December 1st, all available spaces will be taken. For those that we will see, plan on having a great time.

sp int.jpgmusic hall audio.PNGmotet logo.png

December 19th 2019, a special event ( details will follow )


As stated elsewhere, we will be celebrating the presence of our iconic Roy Hall on the very last day of 2019, right before we head out on Xmas vacation. Further to this, we will equally have a surprise guest musician from Montreal, play something rather special for those that come and see us that day.

music hall mmf 9.3.jpg

Special products will be displayed that are new too us. Aside from showing the many MH turntables we have, we will have a MH 9.3 table on display. Amplifiers have not been decided yet, but we will also be introducing the Triangle Signature DELTA, the most reviewed and prized Triangle speaker. Also the new affordable and sought after Triangle BR series that many of you have been calling for, so something for everybody. Nothing however, will be matching Roy Hall omni shadowing presence during that day and the pleasure of having live music.


Both they and we will be there for you all, December 19th, details to follow. Many of you will be personally invited to attend... this one will be fun... AN EVENT FOR THE AGE'S I assure you !

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It may surprise some, but we carried this brand iconic brand ( as we did Spendor ) well over 20 years ago. The adventer lasted close to 4 years ago. We even have one of our crew remain a Harbeth die hard, Sylvain now has the 30.1 's.

Times were very different in those days, we had 4 models at different price points. Harbeth was not expected to survive much longer, as many other brands btw, brands that did not make it. Harbeth did over the long haul, alas our Canadian supplier did not survive at that time, and Harbeth did not see the light of day till over 10 or so years later back in country.

harbeth - banner 2.png

Several models were ordered, some will arrive soon, and some others will arrive later. We will even have some new back up models for our clients, yes you heard right. Many will be in premium finishes. We further intend to tend to take up any warranty inquiries that belong to Harbeth and the pre existing Canadian supplier here in Ottawa.

This is our way of responding to the need of offering our SPI clients even more at a time when 2 channel has been terribly affected in a most negative way in our city. Again we say to our Ottawa audio community, let us offer even more gear, more services, more commitments by a wide margin, once again.

harbeth - banner 3.png

So we say, welcome back Ottawa.

harbeth logo.png

Surprised many, especially with the vast amount of choices we already offer our Ottawa clientele. Our Harbeth's are starting to come in dribs and drabs. Most will know that these are of limited production capacity ( like JMR ), first our 7's came in ( in now ), in a special finish. Several 3's are coming sometime in December, then come the 5's in January. Then we will not stop there. Its a new venture for us with this line up we had been involved in prior in our past.

So integration will happen as quickly as models are made available to us. Expect tube gear to be on display on these Harbeth, just in time for winter

triangle logo.jpg

triangle - antal.jpg

Speaking of lines we had represented before, We will be mixing things up with several models, at several levels in the coming weeks.

From the well reviewed and sought after and incredibly rare to be seen Signature Delta models, our Triangle Magellan Duettos, we may even get into the Magellan Cello models, all truly high end and all taking place in the frisky months of December and January.

No worries, we will be introducing our Esprit range once more to the public, Triangle is not for the rich and famous, its also for the normal folks like you and me ! The Australe's are ready to go, the replacement of the classic Zays, and maybe right after this we should receive the incredibly new and very special ANTAL Special 40th anniversary ( No pictures yet ), a strictly very limited edition dedicated for the Triangle Connoisseur. I may even keep one myself... like I need another pair of speakers at home…

A real push with rather well healed speakers throughout the winter months, and after giving our tube gear a half year break...well its time to kick that up several notches as well.

Tubbies here, tubbies there, tubbies everywhere... more to come.

PS: We have started to offer the Triangle BOREA series. Already just under 8 calls at time of writing, this just IN new series, that is very well made, very, strike that, extremely musical, have made us raise our attention on something quite special that are equally affordable. As many shops become less and less efficient a supporting inventories, we have made it a point to remain busy, BUT also remain hungry at offering options for our client base that are just starting out.

jmr logo.png

jmr banner 12.jpg

Speaking of many options, in the haze of figuring out what to do with our website, some may have overlooked that we have received the last Jubilee pairs of JMR Lucia, Bliss and Euterpe 's. We have the entire series on display.

It must be said that there will be a partial POYA 2019 awards this year. We simply ran out of time. BUTTTTTT, check out who would have made it in our unofficial POYA. It would have been the first time ever this happened this particular way... only 4 products + 1 system of the year were chosen... read up and enjoy guys.

Some have mentioned the new La Voce and its particular ways its being noticed to great fanfare. Nearing close to 12,000.00 CDN, its no chump change and that does not include the stands. Possible show event event later, who knows, but eventually there will be NO room left in our cozy and extremely well stocked shop.

jmr logo.png

We have the entire JMR lineup

perso 20191107-02.JPG

perso 20191107-03.JPG

I needed a well deserves sabbatical from turntables folks !

linn - lp12 banner.jpg

Linn LP 12

perso 20191107-04.JPG

Ok I am back and swinging from a 2 + year self imposed sabbatical fixing turntables. I let be known that it was permanent, as I was not ready to bet that I would ever have the appetite to return to my love of fixing tables, specifically Linn Lp 12 ( after fixing somewhere close and between 900 to 1,000 LP 12's in my like time. I'm the first to say, wow, I even did not expect to find the passion to do this ever again. Many will know, I am the last formally Linn trained LP 12 technician. I believe I am the last classified LP 12 expert in North America. There are many in Europe that I know personally but here on this continent its something else. I never sold my huge inventory of original Linn Lp 12 parts, just in case. We equally have direct access to parts only with Linn.

This nouveau joie de vivre at this time had me integrating as many as 10 TT's or so on our shop floor, at all levels this early summer.

Behind the scenes, I did return with a vengeance this September and October after our staff summer vacay, going as far as Montreal for the services of a rather special Audio Note job. I even jumped on one of my LP 12, and gave it a much needed TLC and super major cartridge upgrade. I'm now eyeing my Sota / SME 5 / Benz setup with a vengeance TLC session soon enough.

I'm actually playing LP's again ( PS: I still detest hearing " analogue rules " diatribes and doctrines, these diatribes still give me fuckin headaches, some things dont change folks ). Tables are now being accepted for TLC and or repairs or cartridge upgrades, and btw, these TT jobs have already begun entering our domain for TLC/repairs, yes that quickly. That 2+ year break was a necessary evil, even chatting this up, I feel giddy. So it can be said, I'mmmm back, I even can smile when I see a TT now come in for repairs now.

PSS: We have just inserted onto our company portfolio, my all time fave GOLDRING cartridge company.

goldring logo.png

About our company at this moment in time :

sp int.jpg

The cat is now out of the bag. Most people know our 2 channel world is being devastated worldwide. We expect much change and many shops to disappear in the coming months. Supply management companies are being tested like no other time. The cancer is now fully spread throughout our system. This was highly predictable. We dont operate in a vacuum BUT we still have our jobs to do with our client base. FYI, We are going no where. Our sales at the present time are very good considering outside realities. When we see where we are as opposed to others, we are doing extremely fine. This being said and done, we still have our eyes on what we will need to focus on supporting our clients OVER THE LONG TERM. We have attested a somewhat sharp rise in externally purchased " warranty " or service calls and emails coming from folks having bought elsewhere. Understandable, really with what we see elsewhere. We know for a fact this aspect will get far worse than better as time progresses. We will be more than happy and glad to refer you to the appropriate sources of help. That's the best we can do. We cannot save the world from itself.

SPI is making our ways at adapting ourselves, in the most transparent ways. OUR INFO web page is being revised as these pesky things are playing out.

The only thing we can say to our clients, we are being somewhat affected by this huge suck out in our industry at this time and because suppliers are being affected, BUT no where near or remotely even close to what we are seeing elsewhere. We feel blessed and lucky that we can still offer so much on display gear at so many levels for our SPI clients.

We thank you all kindly for your support !

audiolab.PNGlm-audio logo.jpg

audiolab banner 1.PNG

Its our pleasure to play continuously Audiolab products since this October. We are just about to start up our Tannoy XT series with Line Magnetic amplification this month . We even have the new and just out... and very well reviewed AL 6000 streamer @ 750.00, no need to book an RV for this set up effective, November 8th or 9th it will be. Pictures of this set up to follow.


perso 20191107.JPG

Trigon Reference set up on Reference 3A is on display this November as this is being written. By Mid Month, we will be switching to Triangle Magellan Duetto's. BTW folks, a real world Oxford class set up.


oxford collection logo.jpg

Our AN clients will be contacted directly about this set up. It will be something real special, we promise. At time this page is uploaded , our AN clients should get the precise info regarding this day. This is an exclusive private client event and of course those invited will be treated like royalty, I would not have it any other way ;-). Date to follow in our communication and, pictures to follow a well.

Audio Note event in late 2019


audio note - show 3.JPG

Our AN clients will receive exclusive invites for this rather Audio Note event in late year. Of course libations and foods will be provided. A special Canadian first as far as what will be heard. A first ever in Canada will take place on this evening. Only our Audio Note clients are to be invited in this rather exclusive event.

Show systems descriptions and other important details will be sent directly several weeks before hand, where those invited will need to confirm their presence.

Clearly an Oxford level set up will be on demonstration. Serious audio, seriously right, for serious fun only.


Wireworld Eclipse 8 series, on display

wireworld eclipse 8.png


jmr logo.png


In our green room...

We present a full Audiolab 8300 system on display with a Audiolab M 1 DAC. We add a Gett table to the mix, and we finish off with a brand new JMR Euterpe Jubilee speaker.

On display for several weeks.


audio note Conqueror 300 B silver.PNG

Look but don't touch !

We are ready to wager to retailer in the world or very few possess 2 Audio Note Meishus amplifiers in stock and ready to play anytime. Consider this a heads up to our AN clients base that in this 4th Quarter, one or both will be accessible for your prying eyes and desires.

To prove we are damn silly boys indeed by any standards, even more than any Canadian standard, we also have the 2 top level 300 B Conqueror power amplifiers. This makes 4 300B Audio Note amplifiers in all. We are silly and maybe just not rights in our collective heads. So it is we have much to offer, anytime where Audio Note is concerned.

For special events exclusively.


trigon banner 01.JPG

Back here again.

World class Trigon gear that became our co system of the year in 2017 is now playing for your pleasure once again. The streamer, the TRigon Chonolog ( 10K ) and the TRigon Epilog starting at 13,900.00 to 17,500.00 depending on options are playing on Magneplanar speakers. Nordost and XLO reference cabling throughout.

Don't be a stranger to danger folks, another OXFORD level system on demonstration right here in Ottawa.

NEW, on display

Audiolab 6000N streamer.


audiolab streamer.jpg

Our least expensive streamer to date ever. SPI has been selling streamers since April 2006. World class streamers with what some would call, world class price. We believe to be offering a 5 star rated British streamer at an ideal price point that most can afford.

Comes in both Silver and Black finish, and priced at 750.00. Of course on display very soon.


jmr banner 5.PNG

On the Euterpe Jubilee: "...incontestably one of our favorite JMR models in the new line up... it's a rejuvenated if not reinvented Euterpe that provides to near technical maximum capacity, and a well structured sound..."

VU Metre magazine, Paris
(the same magazine that uses the JMR Lucia for their corporate offices)


jmr bliss jubilee banner.jpg

"... a complete success, this new Bliss Jubilee is for those that want a mini monitor experience, a sober neutral presentation, with a beautiful finish and supremely musical..."

Haute Fidelity magazine , Paris


jmr logo.png

JMR Jubilee series will be in complete display as of this summer.

We have just received word that the JMR Bliss Jubilee as well as the Euterpe Jubilee will come out mid summer just as we about coming back from our first summer July break. Burn in will be power for the course for our 3 new JMR speakers. We have just ordered the remainder and new entry of the JMR Jubilee team.

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

JMR Bliss Jubilee

jmr euterpe jubile.PNG


JMR Euterpe Jubilee

jmr lucia.PNG

JMR Lucia

We may not know where these will go within our walls, as we are fully loaded with speakers, including other JMR products as well but I suspect we will find room. Of course as always, we expect some improvements over the previous models. The Euterpe Jubilee has just been granted of or the 7 top speakers available in Europe. Quite the honor, it just barely came out.

Summer is here, but much activity on the sales floor of SPI. JMR buffs, see you all soon.

jmr logo.png

jmr banner 7.PNG

It might be said that the Folia has more in common with the Bliss Silver, but walking with a smaller stick, lighter on feet, and it will be fun if not important to hear the differences. The Lucia is said to be quick and fleet footed, giving breath and a sense of airiness and pin point accuracy where instrumentation are concerned. Why not decide for yourselves and test the journalist that are lucky enough to write about such audio product. If we are to rely on JMR feedback, La Folia focus of attack will be more towards the Bliss Jubilee than the Anniversary. I do admit the Bliss anniversary are loved. Another point of contentions, odd it may be, European audiophile that are JMR fans have been buying the La Folia and Lucia's in droves. I believe folks here are awaiting the Bliss Jubs.

jmr folia.jpg

Fun in the sun for sure. Driving duties will be via several companies. The system will be at the level that is somewhat real world and reaching towards the high end. Coming sometime coming sometime this Autumn.

More of these set ups will take place as the year progresses

jmr banner 8.jpg

PS : One of the best review magazines worldwide has adopted the The Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia in permanence in their office system

NEXT : Differences between Monitor Audio Gold 100 and New Gold 100's, late August 2019


Yes its for real folks !

audio note meishu (2).JPG

Our mascot, Marius Maximus reflection, overseeing my picture

Some of you called us to task about having 2 Meishu's available and on display. Why you say? Its just not something you see anywhere! So I write back and state : "As stated countless times, I permit no BS on this website. We do have these".

When will they arrive at the shop, please dont hold your breath, why you say, both need substantial burn in, and especially the top of the line Meishu !

Having taken time to carefully listen to the Meish Sil Sig phono, yesterday evening, it will need plenty of burn in hours. They are both resting one on top of another in my listening room ( real pictures to follow on this website ), Summer is my listening time, its when I have theoretically more time to listen... I did say theoretically ! Another thing I said... you folks are keeping us busy.

Audio Note is not for everybody, granted, and certainly not these amps, but in many ways its our mandate to properly demonstrate these, and so this means only when they are ready. We will try to rush one of these Audio Note Meishu's post haste in early Autumn.

I hear you all screaming... "Luccccc stop keeping these just to yourself you mofo". My oh my, I do have the knack for pissing my clients off. My wife says, "not just your clients Luc, pretty much everybody Luc". At least I excel a one thing guys !

Its true and its for real, its refreshing that in an environment that is constricted that an Ottawa borne retailer can have so much Audio Note.


Monitor Audio GOLD series.

monitor audio.jpg

Its just a great start, we are introducing a Golds series from Monitor Audio. Coming in various exotic finishes, now for the first time, all at the same price. MA figured, all their finishes are exotic, so why have different prices.

Much work had been done throughout their design, and this series remains the descendant of the Platinum series, but for less. The lineage and DNA of sounds remain the same.

monitor audio gold 100.jpg

We already have focused a specific system that will play on our Golds. After burn in ( at my home ), and upon their formal introduction, simply give is a call. We will be super happy to oblige.


Meek, not so mild but brutal just the same.


We offer now several 2 box solutions at several levels. Our Sim 240i with 260T ( transport ) is one of them, and also quite the performer. These 2 Sims stood alone at the 5.5k ish mark. We did have for a while before both were discontinued, 2 TEAC component at around 1,700.00. These played very well, but for our clients, the Sims were key considerations for the most part.


audiolab 6000 series.PNG

Now with Audiolab we can offer the 6000 series, making use of AL transport and AL 6000 amplifier with internal DAC. No one will argue about esthetics with all our AL gear, but these 2 clock in at around and a tad over 2,000.00 or so (( playing as we speak )). This same amplifier has garnered top honours surpassing in all shoot outs the now classic Rega Brio ( quite the feat, we know, w must of sold in excess of 40 to 50 of those Regas ), AL 6000 did quite the feat, we know first hand.


audiolab 8300 series A.PNG

Then we have the AL 8300 series. Again using the same 6000 series transport however with a 8300 level amplifier. Offering more than just power over the 6000, it add more texture and emotionality to the music. More control as well. Hovering at about 3,000.00 or so. So this makes now 3 offering of 2 box solutions.


audiolab 8300 series CDQ.PNG

So perhaps we should say is our 4rth, is give it to AL to come out not that long ago a AL CDQ all in one CD, DAC, PRE-Amp and a phono stage that is not negligible and further more offering much more than what this implies. Just the CD portion of this machine is a 8300 CD player... with many more bells and whistles.


audiolab 8300 series.PNG

We have opted to invest with AL power mono blocks. Made to be mated with the above CDQ, la piece de resistance is that both these components were designed to be played together. Absolute power mated with texture and smoothness. The mono's are not meek and mild, their 250 WPC, will make one think of the grip that the likes of Naim, Krell, Exposure and Sugden possess. Does power absolutely corrupt, absolutely it does. Coming in at over 5,200.00 for the pair, they both compete with most of not all 2 box solutions that I know of. The CDQ can also be used with a smaller AL amplifier ( 200 wpc ) or other power amplifiers from other companies. Im looking forward to combining the CDQ with the Atoll AM 200 power amplifier. Something will tell me that it should be another special combo... I will advise at a later date.


audiolab m-dac.PNG

On official display once fully burned in. As all that is stated on this website, we have them all on actual display just for you folks.

revel logo.jpg

revel banner.PNG

All present and near future planned system of the month and both spring events are suspended due to exceedingly high demands on our services. These will come back at a later date.

Autumn 2019


Atoll AM 200 power amplifier.

atoll logo.png

atoll am 200.jpg

Extremely substantial, in design, in built quality, in musicality, and yes, in power. Making use of 2 MOSFET transistor in each channel, its sounds substantial and full bodied. It can push upwards and over 200 watts per channel without clipping. It does this though a full dual mono design... are we surprised with these guys, they tend to go dual mono and nearly all levels. This still sounds like the sound of tubes, warm and full bodied. Its can be intoxicating when this warmish-ness and dynamic wallop come at the same time. Upper level extension matches our also unique Roksan K 3 power amps. Where the Roksan K 3 amp comes at you, is its utter transparency throughout the presentational gamut. Its concerned with finesse, while the AM 200 is mainly concerned with control and dynamics. Dont get me wrong the Atoll still competes willingly if not forcefully at this level, but the K3 is king in the area of transparency. This is also offered in the IN 200 integrated amplifier skew. This too as well will make its appearance at SPI in the coming weeks.


roksan k3 poweramp.jpg


It will be ready to demo upon its burn in cycles finished, sometime by late February.

Trigon in Ottawa


It is a relatively new line up at SPI, since 2016. It's placed where it belongs, in the middle to upper high ground of high end audio within our walls. The line up starts at somewhere between 4-5,000.00 and up from there.

trigon trinity.png

In 2017, this one TRiGON line up managed to amass 2 the best shows within our walls where transistor gear is involved. They have fronted 2 Nordost yearly events. The Trigon Trinity all in one, managed to be awarded THE component of the year ( Called POYA awards ) in 2016, surpassing our own Sim Audio Ace. In one of the first Nordost events, The Trigon Energy blew away the entire group of attendees, being backed by nobody else than a Volents Paragone VL 3.5 speakers. People still recall this event and the performance they heard, yes still. One of our crew possesses a TRIGON amplifier, just try to take this amp from Steves dead cold prying hands. As Judas Priest song sing... you got another thing coming

trigon exxact 2.png 

Trigon will now effectively see growth in our main upper line ups. The sound is on the complex side to explain, but think it better to come and see our TRIGONS right here at SPI. Like most folks will have experienced, hearing TRIGON will not leave you indifferent. We promise !

Our nasty winter. About Climate or weather advisories.

A reminder for our clients. Should winter be more than nasty on any particular day or should a catastrophic day (( like the one we saw last September day where 6 tornadoes have touched down in Ottawa )), we do not open the doors for any business as usual activity. The last thing I want is any of my crew to drive in those conditions, including myself... and you folks as well.

These shutdowns are rare, why I need to remind our clients of this. We will do our best to communicate with those that have pencilled in a visit or RV with us.

atoll logo.png

April event, a hybrid tube approach !

lm 218A.jpg

audio note cd 4.1x.jpg

audio note meishu.jpg

triangle ostral.PNG

Better known at swinging the kitchen sinks at your collective heads. This is being planned out we believe on April 13th. There may be slight tweaking of dates. This is our last planned event till later in 2019.

We can virtually guarantee that no one else in this country that will demonstrate what we have planned for our clients on this day... no one, nowhere. Put us to the test folks... we are ready ;-)

Several tube types will be heard on this day. We may opt to go much higher than the Audio Note Meishu, again we will know once our planning is polished off.

Fronting these systems on this day will be our Triangles. More on this later.

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

JMR Euterpe Jubilee received honors

Join us on the fun with several JMR models on comparative display, a real first for us ever. Our Euterpes will be on one system, while both our Abscise and Cantabile models will alternate. Folks will be able to hear what the magic is about with this brand. A unique experience awaits those who come and visit us.

Dates and details to follow very soon.

Bad and good tidings to come in 2019.

Without getting into specifics of our market place and beyond, there will be perhaps onslaughts of surprising news that would not be seen as good. We will deal with this in our usual manner, cut cancers quick and clean. We promise. Were good at doing this.

All we need to state is that we know the denigrating conditions on the audio world worldwide will continue, many will notice that we have maintained our quite heavy investment cycles, our web growth take shape January 9th 2019 (our less is more web "move" of last September was a miserable failure, our website grew back by over 70% in one day Jan 9th), we could not achieve this less is more "vision", we simply have way too much to work with. We also need to let our clients know that we have been lucky and are not seeing nor feeling what others feel. This year will continue too see and witness an increase in events, much new gear, some very high end gear, we will, shows, extension of demo times and make sure we... remain in touch with our client base.

We are now about to open a new port way for our Quebec clients, these web pages will be of a very different feel than that of our English web pages. I assure all. We will be getting very specific on offering extensions to our "by appointment" demonstration's. Overall, we believe you will keep us busy and we will also be keeping ourselves busy. SPI is going nowhere, we stand firm despite the shit storms around us. Just wear glasses and a hat we say... and march forward.

Obviously this is what we are doing, with what can be called a massive introduction of many new components since November. Just to let our clients know... Its all good at SPI, we remain strong, solid and forward looking. Its a pleasure to serve you all.



Plenty has happened while we were away and...

Our website will have seen both a diet and soon to become "transformation". Knowing full well that we have a fan base that is far reaching enough, it will be our first time that we will also need to account for our clients coming from elsewhere that do come in and visit us in our actual shop.

In the coming weeks, our website will disappear for a few hours then come back refreshed if not reinvented. The changes will not be light nor superficial. We are just trying to have an increased client experience from our web platform. We know you will all enjoy the ride, thanks for your patience once this begins to happen btw.



Well another year bites the dust !

January-February 2019

You may think we are open once this is uploaded, but alas, we open our doors January 10th. This was written before our departure in December holidays.

One last time, let us start the year and wish all our fans, friends clients, all of you, a happy and healthy new year.

Our year will start off with several brand new systems never assembled before. The new formula gives us a quick succession of systems. Maybe a little too quick, we are not sure, but we will test this new way of doing things.

Our first component will be one of our Product award winner for 2018, our Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile speakers. This speaker takes effect but for one weeks time.

jmr cantabile jubile.png

One of the big news components in 2019 is the introduction of our new Line Magnetic LM 34 IA amplifier. Leading foot forward from this very performing tube amplifier, will be Tannoy Turnberry Prestige products. We are giving these set up's approx. 2 weeks play time in store. I dare say is I never really heard the level of music making for such a low price. By stating a similar sound to Airtight gear, it's a complement.

tannoy turnberry.jpg

In our main room, we are also introducing ProAC speakers in our main room. The all new ProAC DT 8 tower speakers. The newest member of the ProAC team and newest addition to our family with the aforementioned Line Magnetic amp, the ProAC's came out in summer 2018, they have already garnered several yearly speaker awards from several magazines. Rightly so, the DT 8 deserve them all. A word to the wise, for those that love vocal, acoustic music as well as Choral music, would be well served by our DT 8's. My time at home burning both these components were relishingly good in the near 2 months I listen to these before Xmas.


Just as January wears down and the 1st half of February takes over, our Kris will be bring in another level of system to our monthly party : Both in expense and performance it must be said. Our Triangle Signature level speakers will be driven with the relentless Roksan BLAK amplifier and Lumin streamer. Get used to hearing about the latter, Lumin products have been world leading streaming technologies, leaving but few unaffected by its sheers grasp on leading this most highly competitive group of companies. One listen, and usually one finds out why they are where they are after 10 or so years.

Please give us a call should you be interested in listening any of these. We can even make these dems private should one desire this. See you soon, more recommended set ups to come in the latter part of February.

2019... a crystal ball look

Last thing we want to hand over is some bad news. We try to minimize this while at the same time letting our clients know what may happen. We expected market downturns starting to affect some of our business partners. We have seen these since 2015, and I suspect we will continue to see this in increased fashion in 2019. Clients are going to pay the price for this. We will do everything in our power to minimize this where our clients are concerned. I truly hope that things will not play themselves out the way I am predicting in 2019.

Where SPI is concerned, is that since 2017, SPI has introduced much new product by way of stronger business partners. Our investments were in fact quite massive. Many will appreciate that our clients will need to back us up with our offerings. I do think that we have much for a city our size. We can support by investing and offering the worlds best. ..folks will need to decide if they want to support the offerings we have invested on display on our shop floor in the last few years. So should this fail, it is no ones fault than ours, we will simply need to readjust accordingly. Let it be said, we do try to make folks excited about audio.

Private and by appointments dem times have been widened in 2019. These will take effect in February, but we now close earlier in the week in order to allow this, as well as Saturdays. More information will be delivered very soon in order to make this clear for our clients. This is a major return to our roots of way back when. In fact, our new and very tweaked web format will make it easier to make these upcoming business tweaks easier to spot in a short time.

So our website has begun going through a much deserved nip and tuck. Roger and I will make the visuals lines much cleaner and easy to read. Far from staying static, your SPI is about to push through much renewal in the first few months of 2019. Welcome back and see you all soon folks.



Atoll is coming strongly.

atoll logo.png

There were a few good luck stories for our business in 2018. Atoll came into our region and basically started to get traction in our fair city.

To say that we will not further invest in this line, would be mistaken. Atoll offers much reliability, much power, beyond what is available in virtually any audio line, and its sense of musicality is extremely tube like. Even the less than 1K Atoll IN 50 SE portrays and bestows space and voluptuousness in the lower frequencies.

atoll IN 200 signature.jpg

atoll cd 100 se.jpg

atoll phono ph 100.PNG

atoll dac 100 Signature.jpg

New products are coming out very soon with Atoll, not to mention a Atoll DAC 300 Signature with a most appealing internal architecture. The internals look stunning, and my spider senses are illuminated. Of course Atoll will be mated with our Triangle line.

triangle antal ez banner.PNG

Discover why Ottawa has bitten on our Atoll line up like nowhere else . We have further arranged with our supplier a much quicker delivery time effective immediately. This is only just a start, most of our client know this to be true... let us go into overdrive with Atoll.

Life is like that !

atoll logo.png

I still find it surprising that after a fair bit of time between having sold Atoll for about 6 years before the company lost its Canadian distributor way back when and now, that the story would replicate itself exactly as before.

Atoll made its introduction like the prima donna line it is, a French line, an outsider, being introduced in one of the most conservative cities from an audio standpoint on the continent, and being accepted from the get go from that so called conservative city. It is the only one, with Kron, to have done so. Let it be said that it has happened again but in a more substantive way. The new Atoll now start from the reasonable levels to the high end expensive. It is a way more expansive and inclusive line. Since so many of you have made the commitment to accepting this ATOLL line into your homes already, then we say we think it fair that we commit to the line even more. Give the people what they want we say.

Atoll now goes from the merely affordable to the Reference level.

atoll IN 200 signature.jpg

Atoll is the only line that we have never taken a trade in on. Buyer satisfaction is actually unmatched. When folks buy Atoll, well, it seems it's for life. Equally we have heard about a defect in a CD player (( CD 100 )) last November that decided to die well into its 20 years. It is extremely solid stuff. It's the only Atoll we have heard that went defective in the hundredor so we sold previously in over 20 years time. The Atoll CD 100 was our Product or the year for a consecutive 4 years running, so for our long terms clients, Atoll is NOT an unknown entity. Atoll offers quite literally the following :

* Bespoke sound and build quality : They dont break and they sound like tubes, hard thing to do
* Making historical use of MOSFET transistors
* Hand made in France
* Making use of oversized power supplies even for their entry level gear, then they like also going dual mono
* Premium quality parts throughout
* Reliability with the likes of Linn, Naim etc
* Its an all inclusive line, providing streamers, phono amps, tuners, etc etc

atool n400.jpg

atoll sda 200.jpg

The above points are where they demark themselves from others. For the better part of months before 2018 ended, we were caught between offering more Atoll gear because we must give people what they want, and having little shelve space to accept more Atoll... so we were between a rock and a hard place. Then we saw things for what they were... seeing our supplier as a now rare breed, an honest, caring, soulful man that has not sold his soul to business. With the massive amount of selling of souls in our industry, it is no wonder why we are seeing the mess we are. Its a win-win, a caring supplier and a line we all love right here in Ottawa.

Usually getting lines on board requires leaps of faiths, always. Not this time around. Why, you say ? Atoll stands up to anything we have and more. There we said it. We just dont think this, you do as well. I have stated, lines need the support of the people in order to survive, even well known line ups have not survived in this city... this one has because of its little prima donna ways that seem to tickle people's ears and heart string. Winter 2019 will now see Atoll taking much deserved room and influence... now you folks can applaud we say.

atoll cd 100 se.jpg

Music to our collective ears !

A word to the wise !

Nordost superflatline.jpg

Cables can be fun, they can also be a pain. We have tried not to get into cables debate for at least 10 years if not more. I am glad I can share in on our knowledge base with what we know. I was reminded of 2 things that I stopped elaborating about many moon's ago.

I learned that many will use what they learned on this very website, and buy cables blind to place into their systems at home. I know this happens BUT I had really placed this in the back of my mind. Should I recommend anything cables wise, it comes with one caveat... I have tested the cables on several systems usually at home.

Many cables are great, yes even inexpensive one's, but even at this level, cables can turn a system inside out and sounding not right. This is why I always offer the following few words of caveat... the cables have low compatibility ratio, or medium of high as the case may be. SOoooo, should you be one of these folks that do this, make absolutely certain that I am saying that such and such cable have a medium or preferably high COMPATIBILY ratio. I can speak about cables that are superlative, but that have a super low compatibility ratio.

The last thing I would want is having instilled the idea that great cables are great no matter where they are installed... reality sadly is different than a one size fits all in our audio world.

I hope explaining this aspect of our website helps you fine folks.