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We would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and New Year. May you all have a loving and musical holiday with Santa Claus.

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** On our Happy Holidays days, we are effectively closed and enjoying our own Holidays

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Poya 2019

A miniscule POYA is better than no POYA at all

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This POYA ( Product of the year awards ) would have been written by mid September, but alas it was not. So here we go, the following products had been so decisive out of the box that they were essentially chosen as quickly as they came out of their boxes. The contradiction of this POYA, is as we are seeing an industry in full crisis mode, as never before with few being lucky enough to sustain growth, its simply befuddles my senses that we as an industry, still are coming out with most likely some of the most musical products in the history of our industry.

There are several first's with this half baked or partial POYA, its a first that happened to be like this one here. Secondly, its a true first that 3 bookshelves speakers take away the honors in such a demeanor as to think when you hear these that they are blood brothers under the skin. But all are incredibly musical and continue to astound the senses when one hears these. No one can make a mistake choosing anyone of these. ..budget rules, doesn't it folks.

Once again this 2020, we must thank you all dear supporting clients. Here we go guys.

The 5 winners in our POYA award list are the following :

The Jean Marie Reynaud, Lucia Jubilee, our second is our Monitor Audio ( NEW ) GOLD 100 's, Wire World Eclipse 8 speaker cable, our April Audio Note event and lastly our Triangle Magellan Duetto's.

Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia Jubilee

jmr lucia.PNG

All 3 models set a tone right out of the gate, with the JMR setting a decisive and disciplined treble that is at once transparent, exquisite, with glorious flow ( treble goes on for ever giving it that live and vibrant feel ), it's a beguiling and hauntingly musical small speaker. Even Samuel ( JMR Canada ) and myself were clearly taken aback once the music started on these our of the box : this should not of happened at this price, we both happen to sell this very product and still we were both somewhat stunned upon hearing these. At less than 1,600.00, its a gem.

Monitor Audio NEW Gold 100

monitor audio gold 100.png

As Kris said when we took those out of the box, this product takes it to the next level where fit, finish and pride of ownership takes shape. Where the new latest Gold's 100's take it to a near extreme level is how they can sound, very highly revealing, staying the course on neutrality and romantism AT THE SAME TIME !!!, while at the same time picking a fight and stringing every note out of your music in a most unrelenting fashion. I tell you, its like watching extreme UFC combats, music runs like a mouse being chased by a hungry cat. ..your senses take a hit …and you seem to run out of breath listening to these.'s a most beautiful thing, and to play with your minds folks, it remain gloriously musical to the umptieth degree despite it's very unrelenting nature. A must however, what you just read comes through superlative gear. .it's a must I'm afraid. Our floor pair is we all admit are top 3, or 5 best looking pair we ever had the pleasure of looking at home or on our shop floor. Less than 3,000.00

Triangles Magellan Duetto's

triangle magellan.jpg

Its very difficult to explain, in some ways they are the polar opposite of the Monitor Audio, in that these are even more so unrelenting in nature BUT, they do this through sublime texture and smoothness. One of the most delineated big monitor I have heard ( think Tannoy Kensingtons ), they bring details at the forefront with an easefulness that is disarming and damn comfortable to hear. Where sometime I sensed I was running out of breath listening to the MA Golds 100's, the Triangle Duettos took any music and brought SOUL into the foreground. Think Reference 3A, or some of the Audio Note speakers, but they stand on their own. One cannot ignore how they achieve this velvet sense in 50 year old scotch routine, top of the class all of the way. In a way, these must be experience, I can only say this. December 2019 will be dedicated to these very speakers.

Wire World Eclipse 8 speaker cable, latest generation

wireworld eclipse 8.png

Wires or cables continue to amaze me, something so simple by general concept, can turn one system totally sideways or into what dreams are made of. I am never here to argue with nay Sayers on cables, you believe or you dont, it's got nothing to do with me. But we sell truck loads of cables, so I say, there are a lot of folks that come to see us who hear and understand how cable can improve you system, sometimes drastically. The following is one of these cables, and yes, we have already sold some of this over 3,000.00 just out new generation cables already out of the gate. Dont gasp...I call this cable a great beginning guys.

The improvements are quite dramatic over previous generation cable, this is both a thinking man cable cloaked in neutrality, with an near beguiling sense of details that are all allocated their precise location. A true prized fighter if there was one in cable land and one that is looking at bigger fish to stamp. I truly love this cable even in my own systems, it's overarching in reach, it keeps on point with the musical message with all the big boys and many know that I have the worlds best on some of my home system. Its a cable, like the this year POYA winner, that must be experienced and listened.

System / event of the year.

audio note - show 9.JPG

April 2019 Audio Note event

It was one of the shortest and quickly planned events we ever had on record. We had 2 weeks of planning after the Montreal show. Of course, foods and wines were served, we had planned this in conjunction this event with Audio Note UK soon after the Montreal show. Vincent Belanger was also helping Mario do the set ups. We quickly invited our usual Audio Note crazy train folks and kept 7 spots for the public, in case they showed up unannounced, more on this later. The event started at 3pm, and on the dot our invitees started to arrive, by 4 o'clock, most folks came in, and the few others did come in by 4:30. It was a full house.

What happened that day, was perhaps and some may say, the best set up we ever had with our new set up procedures. Its explained elsewhere on this website, but doing the honors in a big way, was the AN-J's Hemp version, how can a 8K ish speaker be soooo good. Let it be said, what was BEHIND this system HAD something to do with this.

At days end, we heard one of the best systems ever, one of the shortest events ever ( it ended at 9:30 with us kicking some guys out ;-), this event had a most select group of true music lovers. There was a mild disappointment however. When we hear that High end audio is not inclusive, and then see that many drive to Montreal to attend shows, that's business. But when we saw 7 " public " reserved spots go unheeded or unclaimed from the public yet again, we assumed it was a sign of the times. Hence it was time to permanently change a few things about all our events. Sad to declare this, as of now these Audio Note events have become private and exclusive events since April 2019.

The POYA winner is : The Triangle Magellan Duetto's.

triangle logo.jpg

triangle magellan 2.jpg

It would be a travesty if I choose the Monitor Audio. The reason is simple, if I chose the NEW Gold 100's, many would barely believe it was as good as I stated. In the time we advertised the Duettos with a simple banner on our website for approx. 3 weeks in May, about 80 folks came in to listen to these exclusively. The average listening stay was approx. 1 hour or sometimes more. THESE FOLKS came only to listen to the Duetto's exclusively. So I say, dont believe us, just believe those 80 or so fine folks that heard and yes believed that this Duetto was one of the finest speaker specimen heard in their lives.

I hope you enjoyed the read folks,

Please let us take time and wish you all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may your holiday's be full of musical moments with Santa.