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Serious Audio, Seriously right

"Entering this place is like entering the matrix, the movie"


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Luxury retailing, expert consultations


Sunday/Monday : Closed
Tuesday/Wednesday : office / emails only / shop closed
Thursday : 11:00 AM till 5 pm
Friday : 11:00 AM till 5 Pm

Saturdays : 10 am to 3 pm

info@stereo-passion.com ( Luc's general mail )

steve@stereo-passion.com ( Steve's general mail )

Nous parlons français, demandez pour Luc


Our mission

Our mission is to make your shopping experience as joyful and informational as possible.

We fully understand first hand your passion and need for music in your daily lives. These needs are reflective of how important they are in our own private lives. We promise to do no harm. We are here to serve our clients without ego nor games.

Our team

We are a team of 6 people working. All are long serving. Steve is my right hand man for daily operations. Kris is my hand right man where floor plan, special events and set up are concerned. Roger is our web guy and equally other related tek issues. Myself, Luc, to those who do not know this is the owner of SPI. Then we have Jeannine, the book keeper and Frank the accounting fella.

Our Location

We are slightly East of downtown Ottawa, off Montreal RD exit. We are not wheelchair accessible as we are on the second floor.

Our Hours

Our publicly accessed hours are "semi private" in nature, however our behind the scenes hours are very extended and way beyond any norm. Our response times often start at 5 am till 9 pm.

Our after care service

Our services are dedicated too our supporting clients only . SPI is a pro client service based company . Equally we now have adopted a 0 tolerance to any verbal or virtual abuse that have gone in an increasing rate . We will stand beside our client base at all times ,  but we cannot save the world from itself where online purchasing activity takes place .

Our website

In December 2019, we began to place our very informationnally extended website on a diet. Business matters will continue to be uploaded in a rather active way (vacations, close time, special day events etc) but we have opted to limit the information about what we stock both for security and marketing purposes.

Unforeseen Events

Sometimes things happen with storm clouds and illness and everything in between .  Should you show up, and our doors are closed with no signage, ( please forgive us ahead of time ). In those times we try our best to offer door signs, if impossible, our voice mail and emails will be up to date and provide all relevant info on those dates. Leave us your Cell # on our voice mail, we will call you back ASAP.

Our delivery days

Our deliveries are on Saturdays only. They take place in the following manner ;

East, Ottawa North and in the Gatineau's, they take place mid mornings.

South and Ottawa West, they take place mid afternoon

We do not deliver outside our city limits ( unless an entire system is bought ).

A surcharge may apply in certain circumstances

Coffee and Tea's

Always on the house

You must be told...

You enter on secure premises, and our location is monitored via camera and other security measures at all times.


Should you see this logo, it represents the exclusive and private side of our business which has been reactivated in 2020. In a way, Lounge376 represents high end audio of the highest order.

Method of payments

Visa, Mastercard, Interact, EMT, certified cheques, Cash

Off times and summer weekend etc

Effective summer 2020 SPI will bring back exclusive by appointments settings between the month July 1st and after Septembers long weekend. These 2 months will also include inserting staff vacations within that time frame. To be clear, the shop will be closed for that vacation time, BUT we will be accessible via email and will still work behind the scenes. Expect some delays in response times during those 2 months.

After Labor day weekend, we reopen regular hours again. Summer Saturdays Hours that are well established, will end permanently as of October 2019. Our regular hours will be 10 - 3pm as usual. We trust this will meet with your approval.

Complaints, we did anything wrong in your regards.

Please call Luc, or email me directly at info@stereo-passion.com

Please make certain that you provide all necessary information so that I may communicate with you in person. Once confirmed on my end, there is virtually no wait times to receive a response or call back.

Technical issues with the gear we sold you ?

Any and all new gear that was bought from us is covered in case of defect. Before and after care service. We even cover shipping costs for an entire year (1 year, original owner). Simply call or email us, and we will take it from there. Questions about your gear, the same, we will provide you with the relevant information you need the proper way about our gear. We assure our clients, no question is useless or irrelevant.

For outside questions emanating from gear bought elsewhere, we direct you to your place of purchase, owners manual or the manufacturer.

ABOUT Audio Note pricing

For reasons that are related to several important factors, we only provide AN pricing in person and at time of demonstration. For those that communicate via email, will be referred to this statement.