The process of opening up our company has begun. For a tentative time line, visit our + info page . Let it be said that the info provided can change at a moments notice.


Our clients can link up with our SPI Facebook page to receive micro/minor news about our pending opening.

Our Clearance page will be loaded and updates by mid May.

+ Info

We're here, we're safe, we're still standing and we're open

As stated so many times on this website, we were awaiting for a relaxation of provincial rules. These have arrived. Our door open's Saturday May 23rd. Kris, Steve and I will be full hands on deck. Since there will be a virtual line up for folks wanting to bust our doors down for a several weeks, we need to limit appointments as we also need to align with our decontamination processes.

I am looking at placing our website fully back on line and live soon, website visits have become saner, somewhat. Further visit our COVID 19 webpage. It will have up to date and refreshed information. Our full week or 2 will be rough on us as a team because we are dealing with a lot of pent up business from our clients. Repairs, demonstrations, new decom procedures to make sure we keep each other safe and... etc

I have learned plenty through COVID and will learn more still. This COVID crisis was not even in our top 5 crisis that SPI lived through. I equally learned even more that I had a supporting base of clients and friends that were " unkillable " and very concerned for us and my team.. and vice versa I dare say. Many stayed in communication with us by calling my home or emailing me. All were patient, as stated, many of my older clients called me at home to see how I and my guys were doing. I kept in touch with national, US and local business newspapers to gage the damage imposed by COVID.

Despite being not optimal, having closed doors for any business, we managed to be exceptionally lucky. Could not have predicted this one. But mark my words... we will start getting ready for this second wave of COVID. This will not be IF, but WHEN. My mistress SPI would like to stick around some more. So effectively, we are starting now to get ready to open up. I am not arrogant enough to say all will be good the 2nd time around. My focus is serving our clients and getting ready for what is to come later this year.

There will be immense challenges when we do open, we figure some of our smaller suppliers will not have survived. Our portfolio of lines will take a beating. There will be other news to follow, but we will deal with deal accordingly.

So we are here to stay folks, please be patient with us as we get used to a new world and new retail rules as well. We're here to go... by appointment.

Thanks for your patience, your concern about us was heartfelt, and let us now move forward. Stay safe. See you all soon.



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Time line for the month of May... (( 12th May ))

Our emails responses will be much more active as of now. State of emergency has been extended till June 2nd.

1) We will be operating at the above level for a temporary time we believe, for the month. One thing I have noticed... things change daily. Our messages are uploaded then deleted at the fastest pace ever in our web history. So please forgive us is this annoys you, we simply need to be message focused.

2) The second week of May ( Working behind the scenes ), will be taken to organize our ducks in the row for our clients, and it will be a team effort to pack boxes at the ready. Roger, our webmaster, was a god send during this Covid time as we have been working closely together from remote locations. Our directives were affected nearly daily by Covid. The provided timeline may be changed or disturbed again at a moments notice. We suspect we will remain highly reactive, well, we prefer this than being dead closed :-)

On this 2nd week ( Working and preparing behind the scenes ), we will be a lot more reactive to request as we expect responses. Those suppliers that are located in Montreal island or in Laval will remain entirely closed. We may have back up stock on hand, or we will be willing to sell our floor models ( something we dont tend to do ) if its warranted. We can last an extraordinary long time selling our inventory.

3) By the end of the 3rd week ( Some Operational readiness ), we should begin to be physically at our location on Saturdays. Curbside service only is authorized by the Ford government at this time. Our Clearance page will be uploaded as well as revisited in a timely and weekly manner. No visitations or demonstrations allowed but pricing will be lowered to reflect this.

4) By the end of May and continuing in June ( we should be operational by early June ), we should have some semblance of cruising speed but on Saturdays only. This is the max we can venture at this time. We shall await other new rules as these are made by our provincial authorities. I trust this helps our clients. Details may change at a moments notice.

We miss you all ;-)

Cheers and stay safe