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Somewhat of an insane world, isn't ?

We will be taking a 9-10 day vacation from the somewhat tenuous conditions we are all under. We kept ourselves busy while Covid was hitting us hard, and we maintained our workload after when we were allowed to open again. We are indeed catching up and yes staying afloat quite well but many of you are still awaiting a touching base from us...we have not forgotten you.

Our Saturdays will be our only main day for the coming months. Between what many are saying a long and hot summer and the Covid tragedies dramatically remerging south of us, we may all be bound to affected all of us. We have also made much in road with our adapted Covid website. This is our new normal for a long time I am afraid.

Our Clearance page will come back Mid July at the latest with much new addition.

Needless to say, we will be looking forward to chatting up on audio and gear. Till we come back from our break folks, stay safe.

Kindest regard's


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