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"Entering this place is like entering the matrix, the movie"



Our "business scale" is hitting red levels, so please call ahead should you be wanting to listen to planned set ups. So much so, our February Harbeth month will be relegated at a later day.


Saturday May 16th, lets have fun, we compare 3 different Jean Marie Reynaud speakers all day. Why? Why not! We have them, Kris will be master of ceremony. Watch my main floor guy go, he's terrific too watch. Coffee on the house, but of course.

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Yes, our free turntable clinic is back again. Take advantage of me guys, free of course ;-). Spaces are limited and we stop taking tables approx. 1 hour leading to close time. Enjoy our company, our music and our systems... and coffee on us. See you all soon ;-)

This unique yearly clinic takes place May 9th 2020

Audio Note COBRA ( NEW ) and a brief note too our young and new clients

audio note cobra.png

Sometime this summer we shall receive our new AN Cobra's. A very long time coming indeed, years in fact. This is our attempt at treating our younger and newer clients with the same quality approach that our older more established clients so richly deserved.

I believe 4 years in the making if my count is right, one can expect long life, problem free operations for many years, easy too get tubes, and typical of AN amplifiers, much push and drive on somewhat difficult loads. We are awaiting price level in North America. Many may be aware that there is another option too this COBRA, its called the AN P 1 power amplifier or solo source integrated.

audio note p1 - 2.jpg

Speaking of which, as we address our newer clients. Our long held brand that has been consistent at holding a candle where quality, musicality and after sales service is concerned. ..we have added to our affordable portfolio. SPI has added Musical Hall turntables, Triangles Borea series that is a gem and very difficult to find ( and yes sometimes in stock ), Harbeth speakers, Asona cables, Monitor Audio Bronze speakers, Audio Lab and Atoll that many of you have adopted on performance alone.

monitor audio bronze 6.jpg

You have been coming in, and we have been listening. Plenty of quality options too boot.

See you all soon ;-)

What's up right now

Our Harbeth month had too be set aside in February, largely to the fact that we were very busy with demonstrations. We will come back to this when things quiet down. Also our weeks tend to be full of appointments nearly 1 week ahead of time. If thing maintain themselves, March may well be going the same way. Not bad considering where closing shops are concerned, many now know where audio may be going here as well.

So this special message too our client's : All is very good with us.

However we must say, that these water infiltration issues will reappear in late March most likely when spring heat arises. We are ready, the best way we can. Until they find where the leak is coming from, things will be tight maybe even tenuous.

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We should be receiving our Triangle Borea's 03 by about now. Insane reviews, highly affordable but we are receiving but a limited supply. These should run out fast enough. Our planned activity in March and April may cause us to keep things kind of open, but the theme will be too run tubes galore and all the while demonstrate our French connection of speakers : JMR and Triangle.

Since we have banners drawing your attention on this very webpage, please do not forget the free turntable clinic on May 9th and our no stings attached JMR monitor shoot out of enticingly great K 3 Roksan gear ( the following Saturday ). Depending on how market forces play this year, we may pull one last activity in 2020...and that is our December client appreciation demonstration day. As we say, always a way of thanking our clients.

Just as we close off those free events and the remainder of May, Harbeth and Roksan, Trigon, and Audio Note will be pulled out of inactivity.

This brings us to nearly the end of June, more details too follow.

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New beginnings for our beloved SPI.

In less than 13 months we had 3 very important events that were geared for special people and special products, read very higher end. But the last one of December 19th, was a transition date for our remaining years left to work on behalf of our community. We agree, it was high time to invite in a more forward manner all the newer faces we see and hear about through phone, emails and visitations.

The last 5 years, dare I say 8 years or so, we were introduced to wonderful new and fresher faces, most if not all enamored with the way we did things and the shock they felt with the sheer amount of affordable or less affordable stock we had on actual display.

We were smart enough to divide our place of worship ;-) into 2 divides. A great many of you from Ottawa and way beyond felt enamored to walk a voyage through our shop as you were getting to know us... our Green room was your comfort zone for many, lots of affordable high end gear, did I say equipment galore, and when the folks walked into the Blue/Orange room, they slowly would yield to the visual affront to their senses and slowly turn about out of the room (We called it the mayday or lightbulb danse). Our aim is to do no harm BUT not too scare folks away either.

Fact is you have kept our affordable Green room as occupied as ever in our history, congratulations folks. You have kept Steve and Kris very busy and on occasion myself as well carefully tending to your audio needs. Behind the scenes, we happen to know that it's hell on earth for many who own an audio business at this very time in our history. Many are disappearing, as too us, our real challenge will be how to adjust to the influx of new faces that are not " high enders". I've stated on this website, its really easy for us venture this side of the "affordable pond" so that we may better respond to these new demands on us. We are feverishly trying to make room and reorganizing our shop too accommodate these new demands in the upcoming months. We've been told "not to go there" by many of our colleagues, but I admit that my crew and I are going into a deeper dive into this real world domain.

As we have waved a respected hand shake with our old friends in 2019 (PICS are available on MusicHallShow key), we have begun too make room for the plenty of newer faces that have begun to make themselves felt. Some, or many would say... "about time guys". Dont blame my crew folks, this one is totally on me. Rome was not built in a day.

To make our point clearer, even our month of March will be displaying affordable Audio Note. A ship does not turn in mere seconds, it takes a wide space, but we have started already, and we will get there. It sort of took a mishap to happen to actually and formally think of starting going this route officially. This idea was there for quite some time, but it had to bump off an already most excellent pre existing formula. As Readers Digest says, "Life is like that". Of course I would like you to join our experimentation into a deep dive, yes dear folks, it was long in coming, should have been done much earlier, but at present, we have arrived to our destination point. We just need to prep our floor plan.

The point to remember is now SPI will have 2 fine listing rooms for those that have a real world budget by the end of February. So yes, we will be really turning a new leaf, very soon Ottawa... and... we really do have more affordable gear than anyone else. We will be keeping our eyes out for more world class affordable audio. ..for our new clients.

So welcome to the new us...



grandinote logo.png

grandinote shinai.jpg

The Grandinote Shinai has been called on many occasions the best amplifier on earth by some of or many of the best journalists in our industry. It is the only amplifier that has been compared favorably to amplifiers costing 10 times more, and many include Audio Note in those comparisons.

The Grandinote Shinai is graceful, majestic and plays into the extremes of music making. It simply make's it, its "habit" to wrench out music that you never thought you had on any disc. We will be demonstrating this amplifier in the coming weeks or so. For those that are looking for a particular slice of heaven, then take advantage for this showing for the next couple Saturday's where it will set the record straight by merely singing away on Harbeth speakers.

We have taken a turn into affordability in 2020, but most will see that we have not forsaken our roots.

harbeth logo.png

audio note meishu.jpg

Harbeth will begin it's formal introduction with state of the art gear, a first in Canada. Audio Note and Grandinote will appease your senses but for a limited time in February. Later in the month, we may bring in one of our Audio Note Meishu's. SPI offers the world of choices in either affordable and less affordable, and yes sometimes, even in world class products. ..right here in Ottawa.

music hall mmf 9.3.jpg


Take advantage of our demonstration of our MH 9.3 that we happened to show during our Music Hall event with Roy Hall. Further, we will be also adding Trigon phono stages that equally have the reputation for making as good as it gets phono amps. Dont take our word for it, listen for yourselves.

jmr logo.png

jmr lucia.PNGjmr folia.pngjmr bliss jubilee.jpg

Lets really play, no strings attached folks

When one follows some of the on line forums surrounding JMR, many simply dont know why this company amasses s much praise. Many will have heard me chat about all the models, but certainly more about the higher level JMR... for good reason.

So here we are, as we are about to make ourselves more available to the wonderful dedicated masses. We will dedicate 2 Saturdays, on comparing all 3 JMR models on the fly. I will lay Kris out at your service, where he is particular good at doing these things. Speaking of Kris...and being a fan of JMR's, he owns a pair of Cantabile, so he knows a thing or 2 about JMR first hand.

Should these comparative events work and we have a ton of fun doing these, we will extend such activities too other areas. No strings. ..and we even provide free quality coffee.

Magnepan LRS ( Little Ribbon Speaker ), Triangle Borea 03

magnepan.png triangle logo.jpg

Both speakers are brand new in design, one is a bigger bookshelf and the other is the entry level planar speaker. The first is 699.00 CDN and the other is 650.00 USD. Both have been already called future classics. We offer both but with a caveat... its interesting to note that as SPI starts to insert itself more at this entry or affordable level in order to become even more inclusif, both models require a wait time due too very high demand.

Expect a 10 week wait time for the Maggies, and at least this much for the Triangle Boreal 03. We do have the Borea 02 and 06 on display. As too the Borea 03's models, 40 such had been received, all had been pre sold. We have ONLY one model floating in the city at this time. We just want to make folks aware of the wait times.

Highly musical and affordable ASONA cables.


We've replenished our ASONA stock of affordable cable. Extremely well made, and yes, I can vouch that these are very musical. With our new pending floor plan where affordable products are concerned, we will be spreading our cables and they should be and will be seen more in open site.

We equally offer some Neotech and Wireworld cable in this entry level category.

For those that love tubes...this February will be it!

lm-audio logo.jpg

The formal introduction of Harbeth speakers with tubes galore. We will start with the bean 845 tube that so many may not have heard. The 845 tube is emotional and all encompassing. Available one week only where we proceed for another week with Audio Note 300 B amplification, Audio Note EL 84 and finally KT 120 tubes finish the month. A great way to get introduced in the world of tubes and Harbeth speakers.

RE: Magnepan LRS

( Little Ribbon Speaker ) @ 650.00 USD, we do expect to get swamped with purchase requests. Expect wait times up to 2 months time , and home trials are not allowed, 60 day return policy are for US consumer's only. We will try to stock these on site as well, if we are permitted by the company so to reduce wait times to nil. We further have several models already on display

Magnepan LRS.jpg

Ten weeks production time, after ordering

ANOTHER Oxford set up for several weeks in ( OCTOBER )

oxford collection logo.jpgroksan logo.pngjmr logo.pngwire world.jpg

A system that introduced 2 lines that are now well established here in Ottawa, but also a Oxford system that ran away with honors with System of the year in 2017. Our POYA was a highly popular portion of our website every year, yes, it will appear yet again this year. Our piece of resistance will remain our ROKSAN BLAK amplifier fronting our own Jean Marie Reynaud Abscise Jubilee. Pictures will be provided and uploaded when time is appropriate.

We are changing the mix with cables however, so we are going with Wireworld Reference and class leading cables series. The sonic's promise to be something else. Wireworld cables will make this system sound like really spooky in the up close and personal, yet, it will remain its hallmark neutral despite offering more neutrality than the prior Nordost cable that was used in late 2017.

Not to worry, just in time for our POYA article being uploaded soon enough in November, we will make sure to go to the next level. We are demonstrating what remains out there as basic knowledge, one of the very BEST amplifier in the world today... many of our fan base already know what I am implying here... stand down, stop jumping guys, the record will skip... ahh go ahead, Jump with joy.

This system will be properly described and well advertised way ahead of time. We may even place this under a special events category... who says audio is dead here in Ottawa and elsewhere.

TRIGON is ( later in October )

trigon enegy.png

So it goes, now 3.5 years old in our midst, Germany's has won more consistent awards with their brief existence with us that any company we have. Even our Stevie Wonder has one of their components. Trigon has managed to also take 2 systems of the year awards outright. Relatively unknown to what is a conservative city like ours. However our client base are very if not keenly aware of this very high end brand. Having taken a few weeks of Septembers lime light, its now being expose yet again for your listening pleasure. What a pleasure that the TRIGON will be leading up to the November system. This company will still walk away with good memories despite being followed by and elaborate system. See you soon folks.

We're back....

sp int.png

What a wonderful summer we all had, one of the best if memory serves, but storm clouds are gathering over our heads as I write this. Everywhere, not just our audio industry. As to our industry, communication that is often necessary in times like ours, would do considerable good to assure our existence as an industry. Sadly, it's not taking place. "A" listing dealers, those that move considerable amount of audio goods ( say hello to your little friends at SPI ), are even being kept out of the loop. Dont worry folks, we are taking measures upon ourselves and cleaning house. It would seem we excel at this. Why we seem to be grappling with pending changes and being somewhat open about this, but we will not be throwing away the baby with the bath water for sure. Communication is key, especially with out clients. Why we are being very careful on not changing too much in way of communicating with our client. A bit of an about face indeed.

Despite the above, a round of applause for our clients. Our second quarter was one of the best ever in our history. Thanks for your supports, really !!

In the last 3 or 4 months, in fact the entire 2019, we have invested a tremendous amount of capital in inventories. But in the last 4 months alone, We are breaking bad, or maybe breaking trends would be better termed. In fact as our industry is in dire straights it would seem of withdrawing ourselves would be prudent, instead we have done quite the opposite, your SPI has invested in summer like never before ( a term that President Trump likes to use, yikes ), but in our case, its true.

We have brought in a substantial array of gear at all levels. To name a few below.

* Audio Note Meishu's, both standard and Silver Signature phono, unheard of anywhere
* Roksan amplification
* Atoll, several models of amps, phono, DAC's S/E etc
* THE ENTIRE LINE UP that is AudioLab
* Triangle Reference models that beguiled quite a few of you this summer.
* Jean Marie Reynaud, 3 models in all, The Euterpe, the Bliss and the Lucia. ..we are now a hair away from having 60 speaker models.
* TRI-ART speakers.
* NEW Reference models of cabling of Audio Note and Wire World at substantial cost
* Monitor Audio NEW Gold's 100's
* Lumin D 2, and Lumin M 1 amplifiers

SPI is eyeing more investments at this time, replacing companies we have dismissed over the course of summer. We are really beginning to stand out like a sore thumb at this time. ..without the use of the internet, go figure ;-)

Truth be told, our website is a vehicle we use like a whip, stated this many times, but it has dawned on me that pulling back with our communications as stated just a few weeks ago, would seem to make BUSINESS sense at this tumultuous time , however, in our view, a perceptual cluster fuck it would be. Intuitively, speaking to our fan base and clients and friends, is the best way to promote audio in our own back yard.

Negative overflows are bound to happen in the months to come, many that we will not guess at. We will deal with them as they come. But what concerns our clients is by far is our financial capacity to offer so many different options. Our website will offer stability rather than change, with added information but not in the voluminous ways of past.

Behold the next date, several surprises will be offered at once : November 1st. Should be fun guys.

Many new introductions are being slated for sometime October/November . Never have we burned in so many components at the same time ( 8 items in all right now )

As you know plenty of French manufacturers are being demonstrated in our Autumn cycle. Jean Marie Reynaud and Triangle speakers are playing and on display right now.

One particular item is being introduced in late November. Unique, very high end, an Oxford level system of the highest order. A system to remember I promise, an open ended invite it may be, we will decide if we can go this route at that time. November will be the month.

Ok that's it for now...real work awaits. .. Stay in touch, we have slated many things in the coming months, of course advertised right here way ahead of time. Thanks for your support and yes, keeping us busy this year.

See you all soon folks

Triangle Alpha's with Copland ( SEPTEMBER )

Copland 405A.jpg

Just in time for the Labor day weekend in our main room, our Triangle Alpha's will be playing on the massive KT 120 Copland amplifier. Truly a wonderful match by the way. Driven by several sources, but one should expect a surprising sense of drama and verve. The Copland is a power house in terms of sheer tube driven amplification. Our amp even has a 4 tube internal phono stage for those analogue addicts.

This will be a tube set up that will be in effect till sometime mid September.

perso 2017-3.jpg

Audiolab Reference set up on display for the month of September ( SEPTEMBER )

audiolab 8300 series CDQ.PNG

monitor audio.jpg atoll logo.png nordost.jpg funkfirm.jpg

On display in our secondary room, an entire AL system, la crème de la crème as it were. A power house indeed coming from those Mono block amplifiers, driven by the benchmark 8300 CD player. Several other companies are assisting our set up. Prestigious companies such as Monitor Audio Silver 300's, our French company, Atoll and cabled by Nordost.

Analogue duties are taken up by Funk Firm table. Plan on hearing the sweet sound of analogue. BTW, the Monitor Audio will be setting the tone with the class leading MA Silver 300's. For the entire month of September

perso 2017-2.jpg

What's up in late summer!

We stated in Next Quarter key that we would have a bit of a tough time demonstrating our audio wares even this late this summer. We are already in mid cycle and arriving fast at our September set ups.

Upon our return in very late August from our 3rd week of vacay, we will be shifting gears with Triangle Alpha signature level. Late September will see our other French line up, Jean Marie Reynaud. Burn in will begin at home of our Euterpe Jubs, and further our Bliss Jubs burn in will be at our shop. But later in late month, upper levels of JMR will start their work cycles. The now well revered and reviewed Abscise are slated. Let not forget our new JMR Lucia.

jmr logo.png

Roksan begins to take up more space as we will it to grow even more. It truly is incredible in absolute real word terms. No surprise, really. Complete Roksan systems are available here at SPI.

Our website will be changed in one fell swoop, Roger and I have decided to par it down and make it more incisive and quicker to access. I was the one that over rode Roger on this, and I will be the one changing my mind to confirm Roger was right. This means, we will be providing just enough info in quick succession for our clients.

jmr banner 10.jpg

We look forward to seeing you all in September, its been one of the best and most wonderful summer's in memory. Let us wish you even a bit more. Its now time for my crew and myself to rest and recreate starting Friday late afternoon on August 15th. May you all have a safe and fun remainder of summer.

Cheers fella's.

Roksan K 3 system

roksan logo.png

We have been proposing Roksan audio as a viable option to anything we have for quite good reason for at least 2 years. It's a highly focused line that proposes great looks, reliability and longevity. Further it has undying high standards where Musicality where 2 channel is concerned. Its mates super well with all speakers we have on display. Made in London England, its been a stable and haven for analogue, where our vinyl world is concerned. These sounds like attributes of Linn of yesteryear past.

The K3 integrated amplifier remains a benchmark, where awards , musicality AND sheer power of unit. Listening to either the amplifier and or power amplifier, when one listens, one is hit with a ground swell of dynamics. Having an actual 230 watts @ 4 ohms under the hood, they both have the ability to do that.

The new BLAK series is nothing to sneeze at either. Garnering, if not stealing accolades from other British companies where journalist are concerned, where mid level to high end is considered a dense level of offerings. There are reasons why our BLAK get to shoulder much responsibility within our commercial walls on play time. Our BLAK is far from being a slouch. Caspian level gear is also about to take hold during this time . When we commit, we commit dare we say friends.

We are told few sell Roksan, we carry Roksan well within our shop walls as should be expected. Expect a ground swell of Roksan to be playing till the end of October, just in time for Autumn to set in when we will be switching to tube gear to warm us up.

See you all soon as summer slips into memory for us all in virtually no time fold. Roksan on display NOW.

This month of August.

roksan logo.png

roksan k3 poweramp.jpg

Civic long weekend is amongst us in just 2 days , but we have received some high end WireWorld interconnects and speaker cables, we have equally just replaced our Roksan K 3 power amplifier ( which you fine folks adore), already received One of 3 Jean Marie Reynaud speakers with 2 more classic models to come before we leave on vacay Aug 16th end of day (the New Bliss Jub and Euterpe Jub, see our More Info page). We have much to burn in.

We have just released from extended play our Triangle Magellans which you people adored , we suspect over 80 some odd visitors came in to listen to these exclusively. Next up will be Triangles Australes on Audio Note amplification with our new ( more or less ) Lumin D 2, which again you folks adore.

All further updates will go from our Right now key to our NEW... More Info web key at this months end . By the time you read this , this new web key will be operational. Thanks btw for your patience while we were reworking our website "live". On that note, have a most wonderful rest of summer girls and boys ;-)

perso 14.jpg

perso 2017-11.jpg