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Saturday Summer hours will end permanently effective now, see More Info webpage for more information.


* Our clients will have noticed that those changes we had warned about last October for 2020 have begun. Roger has already started the necessary work. It's a massive change in our marketing ways and reinstating past security measures that we now find essential. We will encourage our clients to come over and see what is happening within our walls, nothing can replace an in store visit. With this new WEB and security approach, the OUR INFO page becomes an important one if one wants to get a sense of our well established company. Better yet, we explain these changes now within that page. Fresh Coffee still on us !

* As stated late 2019, Steve, Roger and I will be working hard to simplify and make room for our clients from a jammed up shop we are. This means Roger will be uploading a REVISED Clearance page sometime this month. We will also be selling some stands, more cables, very esoteric isolation platforms, many analogue accessories etc etc. Keep an eye on our website, should be uploaded towards mid month or soon after folks!

* We have incurred water damage that will cause us headaches with space and floor planning for some time. Consequently our Last Audio Note show is cancelled. I'm hoping that this event will eventually take place but when, we simply do not know.

* Magneplanar have now asked their dealers to carry the LSR speaker. We will, and they will be on order upon our return at work this January 2020. Expect a delay and wait time for these as they are overflowing with orders on this overachieving product.

* Thanks for your patience, once again, for seeing these web and security changes through, necessary they are. They should be just about over if you are reading this.


RE: Magnepan LRS ( Little Ribbon Speaker ) @ 650.00 USD, we do expect to get swamped with purchase requests. Expect wait times up to 2 months time , and home trials are not allowed, 60 day return policy are for US consumer's only. We will try to stock these on site as well, if we are permitted by the company so to reduce wait times to nil. We further have several models already on display


Our website is about too change . Please be patient with us as we clean and organize all relevant information



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