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We shall not be advertising up to date COVID 19 rules within our pages. However Stereo Passion will be following the COVID 19 community and provincial instructions of the day, in near immediate fashion. We may consequently be incapable to changing our door signage in case of near immediate ordered retail closure. All rules are subject to change without notice. Please accept our apologies in advance.


Luc shall be returning progressively after September 22nd. Folks may still experience a slight delay in response time for a few weeks time. I thank you all for your patience and well wishes.


Luc will be fully operational @ SPI by the last few days of September

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* As a temporary measure, we will be keeping our website "leaner" than usual and for a foreseeable future.

* We are hoping to attain near normalcy again in our weekly in store activities, by end of this month... lets say it loud... yoopiiiiie !!

* Lines that are being demonstrated this month are Roksan and Jean Marie Reynaud... in our main room.

* Those with repairs due out will be happy to know they should all receive their toys this month. As of now, repairs and turntable works will be somewhat difficult to terminate. It may spell the end of our repair services. More on this later.


Please note: Thank you all for your patience and well wishes. I will be coming back in the week of September 21st. Before this medical issue came to visit yours truly, we were working very hard behind the scenes to find out what the hell was going on with our supply chain. Its not good, and we will be affected on our repair platforms. Once we wrap our heads around this and other effects yet to be seen, we will advise our clients. About 25% of our lines have been affected by Covid, which means approximately the same ratio of gear on our website we no longer have access to.

Our website will need to be modified as to prevent erroneous information. Our week day opening were delayed till October, and with Covid coming at us again we may go back to phase one. There are so many uncertainties at the present time.

As stated we are playing for you folks Roksan/ JMR this month. Our website will be updated once I return from my forced medical vacation. Im looking forward to seeing you all, and coming back to near normalcy (if we can say this). I know Steve, Kris as well as Roger came through for you folks in my absence. Lastly, we will be rushing our backlog of work upon my return.

Thanks again folks.



I will be fully back by the last few days of September, its nice to be back. Steve and I will also be back by Thursday October 8 th. Please see our home page for times.

Covid will be taken a much smaller place on our web pages. We will be following the COVID instructions of the day. In the 1st wave, this took much away from our own our factual information within our pages. Its our way to keep our website less Covid convoluted.

Its official, several of our services will have to be withdrawn. Our Turntable services will be limited to our new tables and or our clients only. The pending TT works are being upheld. We attempted to negotiate with some parts manufacturers, but to no avail. Many seem to be closed. However my insertion back into the fold after a month of being away, will be a relief for many. No no, I did not have Covid nor heart issues, just life happening. But its all good now.

Effective today as this is being written, those awaiting my call or delivering on promises will so get some action quick enough. Much will have been completed by the 26th.

On the fun side, we will still be running a different level of JMR speakers and Roksan gear for October. Our clearance page will reappear towards the end of the month of September or so.

Our last Saturday where we close at 2 pm will be after the October long weekend.

Mask are required to enter our premises folks, we have NO CHOICE in this matter. As things get hectic and heavy Covid wise, we shall stop handing out free coffee to our clients. Even my brief time away with my medical issue I was noticing from afar that while my hands were tied behind my back, that so many things were changing not for the better in our retail world. The only thing that we have to do is to service our clients the right way and keep them happy.

As I come back I will be looking at placing some order ( which has already begun prior to my issue ), our world and our clients need this. Looking forward for October with our prolonged hours, add a bit of normalcy and sanity to our insane world.

Thanks for your patience all of you ;-)



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After a few weeks of JMR and Roksan, and by mid late October, we will be looking at plugging in our LUMIN M1 streamer amplifier that is extraordinarily well reviewed, and several Tannoy products. It's a real world system of sorts and one that is very musical. I have been playing with the LUMIN M 1 at home.

Depending on where this pandemic goes, and if we are lucky enough, I shall be bringing some Audio Note gear back into our shop for a late year play time. No shows nor events of course, but we are following our December dem time for this company.

Right as COVID arrived we had ordered and gotten ready to burn in so much stock. You folks kept us so busy for the first 2 month of 2020, many new gear were barely burned in, and virtually all were not introduced before Covid hit us. When I say many, I mean well over 15 or 20 so new products. That's a lot of products to sit on as it remained inactive while we were open and while we were closed as well. Its time to introduce many of these in late 2020.

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Steve and Kris will get an ATOLL system ready with an analogue rig quite soon. What will be interesting will be the ATOLL 200 power amp driving some HARBETH speakers. SPI is aiming at another real world system. This will be for a few weeks in October and early on in November.

We should be able to achieve this as Steve and I will be opening up our access time by Thursday October 8 and the following Thursdays and Saturdays. We will be at the ready by this date. That will be what we can do in these rather special times.