Welcome Naim and Focal just in time for xmas...

naim uniti star.jpg

Welcome our NEW Jean Marie Reynaud models, the BLISS Jub and the LUNNA Jub.

Coming very soon, Audio Note Cobra, just in time for 2021

Coming before Xmas, and early in the New Year, several NAIM streamers, CD player and NAIM amplifiers will be available for audition

Coming soon, we have a sleuth of Wireworld and Audio Note cables on order, should arrive before Xmas or after in the new year!

Our last 4 weeks.

We shall be closing and on xmas vacation Saturday December 19th at 3 pm. We reopen January 7th 2021.

Remember, we are deemed non essential retail , so we may be asked to shut down for a time. Our website is the best way to stay advised if this happens.

This website will also soon advertise what we were up to with the integration of new line up's as we enter 2021. Our featured key will start with our December system with Roksan, Audio Note with Tannoy speakers. More to follow with our featured January 2021 systems.

Your keeping us quite busy at this time , so please bear with us. We are just about to upload the multitude of new gear we have ordered. So 2021 will be strictly very exciting, if we keep Covid out of the equation.

Let us take the time to wish all our old and new clients a Happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Please stay safe folk.

Whats coming with Naim

naim_logo.jpg naim cd5si_2.jpg

We shall be introducing more than several components from Naim audio. Again we will cover our new younger clients and will also be covering our established client base. So in a way we are attempting to cover most everybody. Several sources, as well as several amplifiers and yes some accessories to back up our Naim line up. This is an exciting line up that we are investing in an unprecedented level in a rather unsafe time. We are ready for the gamble, its barely a gamble in our books.

We are able to do this because we have made quite of bit of room to store our displays within our shop. This line up starts at somewhere @ 2,500.00 dollars and it goes up from there. Something for everybody.

Welcome Focal

Focal aria 926.jpg

We are looking at accumulating an array of Focal speakers as Xmas rolls around, before and after. The entire catalogue will be available sometime in the new year. No longer the unknown company from France when we started with JM Lab, Focal is amongst the giants. What is important, is with the size of the company that own both Naim and Focal, waiting times should become a thing of the past. Sadly, smaller suppliers mostly, dont have the stamina to deliver in these pandemic times and quite a few have disappeared into the sunset without a trace or a goodbye.

We have rectified this problem now, and plan on widening what we offer from Nain and Focal. This is good thing for our Ottawa clients, in terms of choice and after care services.

December 2020, Whats new... plenty in fact !!

musical fidelity.png

Our investment cycle is making itself felt within our industry. We are intensively seeing to meeting the needs of our new clients in 2021. We are buying into new lines and yes, new components. Life continues despite Covid.

We are eyeing our investments on Musical Fidelity at all levels, some of which will be starting to arrive by mid December.

Much new cables by Wireword, Asona, Audio Note, boxes and boxes of them awaiting their arrivals. We will have our new clients covered in new affordable cables and some less so.


Naim is sending many new components, The Uniti Star, the Uniti Athom, entire Naim series are on their way starting at Novembers end and continuing on December.


Focal will begin to make its introduction in December 2020. Careful planning will be a must. But 2021 will be the year for this well known brand. Too vast to plan haphazardly, and yes like Naim the expenses required some fortitude where pricing is concerned

jmr logo.png

In the better late than never category, our new JMR speakers, the BLISS Jub and the new LUNNA will be arriving quite later than expected, mid month December. We shall not have adequate time to burn those in, until the new year. Its about the only line up we know that contains the world CLASSIC on nearly all of their series.


audio note cobra_0.png

In a word finally ! We will see some Audio Note return to form onto our floor space. The late arrived and Covid delayed the AN Cobra. Why I state FINALLY.

So we are working hard for our clients in the new but still uncertain 2021. The new year will see more investments in some serious Audio Note gear but let us get through this one first. One day at a time folks. Thanks for keeping us busy.



naim_logo.jpg naim uniti star.jpg

Welcome Naim and Focal folks. We will be looking forward to opening up the valve on both of these lines. Further, the entire line up will be made to open up for us after contractual paperwork between both suppliers are completed. Naim supplies streaming source, streaming amplification, amplifiers and other options as well. As many know, Naim is a premium line up that provides premium performance. They provide an outstanding performance ratio and their gear is built to last.

Both Premium line up's that go well together, and with Naim's affinity with Harbeth, we do have others that go well with Focal, this is not to say both do not go well, they actually do, something we discovered over 20 years ago. Further we have been advised of something we must hold to ourselves for the time being, we have been told of something that should appeal to so many folks. We were sworn to secrecy. As we were told, its right up our alley, and yes, I hope this happens because it is exciting news for our local clients.

There are more to follow, all and all exciting year ahead for us... and you !

We're listening !

As Covid is playing its dirty little tricks, well, not so little, you folks have been keeping us very busy. I have said our many clients are getting younger and seem more exited at having just discovered us nearly 30 years into this happy place. We have noticed this seismic shift in the last years and especially this year, and the excitement is real and long lasting. Consequently, we will adapt and offer even more toys for you new folks. We are in the process of negotiating many new lines, once done, we will heavily invest in these new arrivals. Believe me when I say, investing heavily. Most will be heavy hitters. Some will be high end for our established silly boys and girls. I assure you the news will be fun to see on this very website.

This serious investment cycle should and will play out in the coming short weeks. We continue to invest heavily while so many companies are at their wits end, I take no pleasure in saying this, its a tragedy really ! Again, lets us assure, we will continue to impress our very fast and growing list of new clients.

Keep an eye on our website to have more news as we integrate affordable quality audio and yes, high end as well. Real classic lines will be added very soon. Once again thank you all for your support.


Very important to pencil in your visit, as we are getting bookings nearly through the days. Steve is wonderful at helping folks do this.

Now if all goes as planned, and Covid does not close our doors because of surges, SPI should remain open till Friday December 18th or Saturday the 19 th of December. We always close over the holidays. We hope for the best on these dates.

Thank you all for your web visits... see you all soon.