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"Entering this place is like entering the matrix, the movie"


Saturday Summer hours will end permanently effective now, see More Info webpage for more information.



Lounge376 represents the exclusive and private side of our business. In a way, Lounge376 represents high end audio of the highest order.


"The end of an era... which may have already passed"

Just as we are about to move forward this March with our last Audio Note event, we suffered water damage that may well give us a few headaches for some time. These issues were rectified just in time before it created even further damage, but it will cause our crammed shop to be even more crammed in the following months. This problems will remain suspect till late Spring minimum. Consequently, it may be that we provide this last event as we retire in the years to follow.

Ending these long held activities with our last years November 23rd 2018 privately held event for our old warriors, and our just recently December 19th 2019 that ends all shows with a bang and a cherry on top, is not a bad way to end such activities when one thinks about it.

Because we have so many things on top of us and their after effects for quite some time, should there be a last event, we will advise you all when it happens. Thanks for understanding folks.



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We have 2 different models and levels of the Audio Note Meishu on display

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WE have 2 different models of the Audio Note OTO's on display 




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