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Spin Away

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Please note, due too water infiltration issues, only our main orange room will be available for demonstration purposes till further notice.

This month the system that will be highlighted, will be , a table by Music Hall , the 9.3 with Goldring cartridge, Trigon Reference amplifier, Lumin D 2 streaming, iFi phono stage and with Triangle Alpha speakers. Nordost cabling thought, with some variations. This is virtually our December 19th event systems display.


It will be a very busy month of demonstration cycle. Harberths first introduction within our walls.

Harbeth month with several tube amplifiers will be running the honors throughout the month. From Beam triodes, the 845, 300b's, and KT 120,s Acoustic Solid table, with Trigon phono stages.

Then we add in there, is that is damn possible what many call the worlds best amplifier, bar none: The Grandinote Shinai. I must add that we are all entitle to dream a little bit.


March has historically been a Oxford/Lounge376 designed month. This year is no exception.

If any month tends to be on the higher end scale, March is always the month. We will be displaying several levels of Audio Note gear and speakers, as well as Triangle speakers. Now that we have gotten Magellan high octave speaker level out of the way, we will give our more than respectable Australe's and the all time classic Antal's playing time's. Music for the masse's as Depeche Mode would say. Let there be music, at all levels of play.


Our last display month before summer sets in, till October. Audio Lab with Triangle Borea speakers. Also the entire month dedicated too Jean Marie Reynaud speakers (The entire JMR line up)


Very busy month. This month will be dedicated to our new clients. May 9th is our back in form with our free Turntable clinic. One week later, May 16th, will be Kris enjoying himself with a first time comparative shoot out between 3 smaller stand mount Jean Marie Reynaud speakers : The Lucia's, the Folia's and finally the Bliss... yum yum !. Driving will be done through Roksan K3 level gear with Nordost cabling.

Finally, May and June will be dedicated a special system heard NOWHERE else. Our own special creation. Another yum yum moment.