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June 2018

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 This is the month where Triangle were seen and heard and burning in. Three substantial floor standers, including the Signature Alpha's. They were driven by Audio Note amplification, Aqua DAC, Audio Note CDT 3 transport and reference level Nordost.

We transitioned into Line Magnetic, Tannoy Revolution XT 8's and Atoll Cd player ( read section dedicated to THIS exact system in our RIGHT NOW page ).


In our main room, we shifted into and from Triangle speakers to Revel Concerta series. One see's our shift into more palatable and affordable speaker systems. No one will be able to say that we dont try ;-)

As of this month, we have decided to focus only on turntables costing approx. 1500.00 and or more. Our affordable line ups have been reduced to 2 lines : Adcom and Atoll. The latter is doing extremely well for us.

July 2018

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The month of June started out with Trigon amplification, then we shifted to tubes. Its like we had an unofficial tube month of sorts in June. Now in July, we shot at 3 different levels.

As promised this July, we will have our "French connection" without the guns, violence and mayhem that this movie had. We will have on this system a Funk Firm GETT table. ATOLL, Jean Marie Reynaud and a new French cable line up.

atoll integrated in 300 banner.jpg

If there is one affordable system that should be heard this year, it is this one system. Extremely musical, our expert set up man Kris, will be going all out for this system... yes, with this more affordable system. This is what we think this system deserves, our total attention, and yours as well.

This system will be driving the word finesse thought one's ears and heart. Bring your music folks.

Copland took up duties in June with Triangle Signatures Alpha's, a behemoth system if there was one, but not a financially mind boggling one. By mid June, we add to this system by adding a pair of efficient REVEL's 36 F speakers, then add a Copland tube based DAC, and the world class leading SIM Audio transport. This system will relay into July from June, why we mention this system. Actually, the system is partially built and its a first for such a combination within our walls. Our first test yesterday June 16th confirms, despite the REVELS not playing for quite sometime, that it will be a very pleasant and musical set up. Now most likely by the time you read this, Kris will have shifted his attention to our BLAK Roksan level amplifier on the same Revel Concerta's. Where our Roksan BLAK amplifier is concerned, our clients will hear what Finesse and brute power feels like. This is a mid level amplifier tagging in a slightly less than 6,000.00. Again we will be toying with the word... FINESSE. Obviously, it will be this summers theme.

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System will also include several DACS at 4,000.00 and above. Most of all this month will be Copland and Aqua DAC to take up the mantles of this July system. Then remember folks...

We are closed for approx. 9 days in July.

August 2018

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We are closed for over 2 weeks this month.

Upon our return, and we will add more information for August, but what we have planned with certainty and in addition will be on Jean Marie Reynaud upper levels speakers, one of my faves, the Cantabile Jub's, the JMR Eutrepes Jub's. Digital by AQUA, world leading DAC, Lumin streaming with MQA level music, and continuing on with Roksan Reference level BLAK ge

jmr abscisse.jpg

Other than having our JMR Cantbile Jub's and Euterpe's Jub's driven by Sim Audio products, this month will be an easy breezy one for us.

September 2018

2 main themes will underscore this month, the pursuable of our Jean Marie Reynaud speaker theme, in addition to Triangle speaker theme as well. System theme's will be coming out as soon as late July.

We will be also be concentrating on Hybrid technologies with Pathos amplifications, several models, Tube Single Ended Triode with Line Magnetic amplification backed up by Streaming by Lumin. Many will know that we have greatly simplified our streaming portfolio after very heavy involvement for well over 12 years.

We stated several times that we decided to cancel our Linn LP 12 clinic in October. This Linn LP 12 clinic will not be offered again with exception to our Linn clients needing their treasured Lp 12 serviced.

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October 2018

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Summer Saturdays will be ending.

In early May, close to 2 months ago, we advertised our last LP 12 clinic. We needed to have early confirmation that some of you were interested because of the work involved in having one of these clinics. This early confirmations were in fact necessary evil from our side. This was a gift refused of sorts, no offense taken guys. As we received no planned interest, very surprising I admit, a first where these clinics are involved, we therefore pulled this planned Linn LP 12 clinic from our schedule. What we need to say however, and this must be said, that our Linn clients that have bought Linn LP 12's from us will continue to receive technical support from SPI.

Sim Audio will be in the spot light this month. More information later.

November 2018

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Ok here we are, this is the month where we start hitting hard and in much deeper waters in a way. We are showing our teeth, and also just how deep we can bite audio wise. Part of the reason is that calendar issues in December are forcing us to close earlier than usual initiating some changes for upcoming December. Tannoy Kensingtons will be seeing its spotlight with Audio Note gear. We have chosen, one of the best and most used at audio conventions ( and for great reason ), the AN OTO Signature amplifier and Audio cabling. A lovely 14 wpc or so, most will be falling hard for this set up. We have an idea for source, it will include AQUA DAC for sure, but we will tidy things up.

tannoy - kensington.jpg

Later in the month, then we will be adding on Copland again on Tannoy Kensington and later in another room Copland will be sharing duties with Jean Marie Reynaud speakers Euterpe Anniversary. Later towards the end of the month, we, then we go at a different level and we sort of lay down the law earlier than usual. So November will be our heaviest month of the year in a rather big way. Kris and I will be earning our wages. We like to go this route in December to do this, but instead we shave to start this month. Take advantage of this usually dem cycle, it is heavy and exciting thing to see us work our wands around our Reference systems.

December 2018


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Having tried to figure things out way ahead of time regarding our Audio Note day, we will instead go with continues display of 3 full Audio Note at all times. More on this later, but it will interest most, that few worldwide offer so many AN display items. We intend to take advantage of it, and while we are at it, only one other item will share duties with AN this month and this will be Tannoy Prestige level speakers. Again, I believe we are the only Audio Note dealer to also carry Tannoy, and yes, we have said many times, both these companies are in utter sinc with one another.

Many AN signature products will share duties with Audio Note AN-Z, AN-K and finally AN-E's speakers.

We close at an unusual early date of December 15th. Consequently, demonstration cycle end Friday December 14th.


January till March : To busy to have any shows/events

April 2019

Audio Note event

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Thank you for attending, till April 2020

May and June is Triangle Magellan month 2019.

Triangle Megallan.PNG

Several reference level systems will be on display with the Triangle speakers on display. They will be driven via tubes and transistor. Planning will begin very shortly, most likely to start with the 845 Beam Triode amplification, and Audio Note source. Of the more than several folks who have heard this level of Triangle series, all were taken aback by their performance level. Rather than call this an event, it simply a very long display time, just for you fine folks!

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Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile Jubilee will be displayed with Roksan BLAK series in our main room. Together with Wire world cable, Lumin streaming, Music Hall. This system will be on display till MID August. Again this is our new longer display times, that should be noted, seem to be striking a note with you Ottawa folks.

A well balanced system it is, as we have already had this on demonstration, and it was extremely good.

Our back room will have AudioLab on our Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia


From MID June till early September 2019

There are no event planned till summer ends. We would like to thank the very many who came in to listen the Triangles Magellan on several systems during the course of late April till now. We do hope you enjoyed yourselves.

August and September 2019

A rare sight in August, Audio Note Level 1 display, on Audio Note AN-E speakers, then Triangle Australe speakers, Roksan sources and yes, our Lumin brand of streamers.

We shall be changing over to an entire and complete system of Roksan K 3 level gear by late August, then place our new Monitor Audio  New Gold" series. What we suspect thereafter will be a frontal assault on your senses with a great many models from Jean Marie Reynaud speakers.

This Autumn will be fraught with many challenges for our industry. Nonetheless, we will be demonstrating more new arrivals as never before at all levels. From NEW Audiolab, NEW Atoll, up to new Reference levels Audio Note Meishus. New reference level cables from Wireworld are burning in at present. Much changes to our industry, committed  through either fright or flight have made us equally look at reducing our portfolio though no fault of ours. The names for this news are somewhat beguiling if not major , we expect some level of turmoil and chaos, what else is new. It changes nothing, we will still have a tough time being able to demonstrate what we have brought over the course of summer and through late year for our clients. Have a pleasant summer all ;-)