The process of opening up our company has begun. For a tentative time line, visit our + info page . Let it be said that the info provided can change at a moments notice.


Our clients can link up with our SPI Facebook page to receive micro/minor news about our pending opening.

Our Clearance page will be loaded and updates by mid May.


On display / Linn LP 12 / Repairs & Services

In Store and On Display

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SPI carries on display approximately 10 models of turntables give and take, usually from 800.00 to well over 10,000.

We also maintain a very high inventory of analogue accessory inventory.


Repairs of Linn LP-12

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We are one of the last truly trained by Linn LP 12 technicians. We hold expert LP 12 certification in this domain. Further, SPI possesses most likely the highest Linn LP 12 parts inventory anywhere. We only use certified and true Linn parts to fix your Linn turntables.

Our establishment has worked on an estimated 1,000 Linn LP 12 's since we began.



We equally can modify and or repair your turntable. There are some things we no longer do, we will advise at time of call

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