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Our Clearance page will be loaded and updates by mid May.




Dear clients, this is how our new COVID realities will affect us.

We will NOT be the same for quite some time. Till this time, SPI will be happy to be back in order to serve our client base.

Please read the following.

1) We are now completely by appointment till further notice. Should someone show up unannounced, our doors will be locked.

1a) Our days for appointements will be Thursday and Saturday to start with sometime in June. They can and will extend on Fridays at a moments notice, when we gather our new footing. On both those days, we shall remain on premises. NEW HOURS yet to be determined.

1b) Appointment times will vary between 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on nature of visit .

2) We will be serving up to 2 clients at a time maximum. What we will be able to do over the phone, we shall do.

3) Once our RV's have entered our shop, our doors will be locked behind them till we open these again for next booked client.

4) We will need time to disinfect our premises between appointment.

5) Our demonstration protocols will change. These will be explained verbally.

6) If you have cold / flu systems, please refrain from visiting us. We can serve you over the phone.

7) We will provide curb side delivery of your purchase to your vehicle.

8) Very sadly Covid 19 will have killed our social chit chats and gatherings within our shop walls for quite some time.

Plausible COVID 19 after effects :

1) We do expect serious national supply chain affectations. We buy from national suppliers, some may not have survived. Expect some closures throughout the industry. Consequently, our portfolio will be affected permanently. In fact, count on it.

2) International currencies and purchases outside our borders, will be affected ( meaning price increases ) for a quite some time.

3) Because of the unpredictable world we are in today, our company may initiate appropriate adaptive changes. The changes we initiated are designed to stay as long as necessary.

3) We may have to close yet again in this second wave later this year if predicted correctly.

4) We will be at the ready and make certain that we deliver goods that were stalled elsewhere before COVID hits us again.

5) As organized as we are, count on that there will be things making us dance sideways. We will react accordingly and quickly, we assure you.

We dont have to make this complicated, simple will do better. SPI is looking to come back to some normalcy soon we hope. 2020-2021 will be long year for so many of us. We miss many of you and we dearly hope to see you all after this nightmare is over.

Our information is liable to change without notice.

Thanks for understanding and your patience. Stay strong.

Luc Morin
Stereo Passion International