We're here, we're safe, we're still standing, and yes, we're open.

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Dear clients and friends :

As we embark into Autumn, we warn you that our plans to open up on Thursdays this September are tenuous and may change at a moments notice. With great uncertainties Covid has instilled worldwide, we remind you that all well laid plans are liable to change without notice under this Covid virus. Mask are now required to enter, we are in better position to offer social distancing, a wash hands table are now awaiting you at our door, our curbside remain highly used and popular.

As to our clients, SPI has caught up with approximately 90% of our 4 month backed up work load. Those awaiting services from us will be contacted post mid August. The challenges have been many indeed considering you have kept us very busy.

Let us enter early Autumn and see what may happen. This is quite literally the best we can do together. Stay safe folks.