The process of opening up our company has begun. For a tentative time line, visit our + info page . Let it be said that the info provided can change at a moments notice.


Our clients can link up with our SPI Facebook page to receive micro/minor news about our pending opening.

Our Clearance page will be loaded and updates by mid May.

What's up

May 20th : I suppose life goes on for now... in a different way.

harbeth logo.png

The formal introduction of Harbeth is taking place while we have a Pandemic going on. Changed world indeed. We remain for the next while by appointment and or over the phone or chatting outside. By mid June we should be ready to accept folks inside our shop. Tubes by Line Magnetic and Audio Note driving the Harbeth's. Of particular interest what we will be playing, is supposed to be reviewed in June's Stereophile. It may be by our now recently departed and well loved and respected Art Dudley. He loved Audio Note and was usually assigned Audio Note. Since we have a few of this type of amplifier, well, we can choose after we find out. which one will be reviewed ( I actually know but....)

music hall mmf 9.3.jpg

We will now have time to play vinyl records. We do have a hard time playing records except for prior events. We will look forward in doing this. A great many folks were taken aback at how our MH 9.3 table was playing up until COVID arrived. We will be playing it... but again, by appointement.

There is so much we can do under these new ways. But without a doubt, I will think of something cool sometime this summer. The following months/summer will be unloaded as we have our hands tied somewhat. But life does move on and as long as we play it safe fella's. It will be very interesting where I take Napoleon out walking this summer. Cheers dude's

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About warranty on Harbeth.

This was stated last December 2019, its worthwhile to state this again. For those products that were bought in Ottawa by the previous retailer that sold Harbeth, we are more than willing to see about any warranty issues. All you need is your original POS receipt, and we will take it from there. Our labor will also be free of charge till May 1st 2021. For those other Harbeth product outside warranty limits, we can help without issue.

Harbeth warranties are as following if I understand them correctly. One year P&L, and for those that registered with Harbeth UK, and additional 3 years is applied. The only cost we will not cover will be any shipping. Also we must also rely with the new supplier rules. But overall its great news for Harbeth owners in Ottawa.

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Covid and its tragedies.

We have gotten well out of the way of Covid's trail of damage. Any active business works within an ecosystem, we works and take care of you fella's, someone takes care of us, and so on and so forth. After saying this, somethings are not going to change like taking care of our clients at the same very high level of play. However we will need to revise certain other things that we are wrapping our head across over the course of our summer. Our client base will be kept in the loop.

One thing for certain, so many things will be revised again differently after Covid's 2nd wave. Though I wish to stay the course with our ways, we may well survive Covids Version II, BUT maybe some of our formula's may be reviewed after that one storm. But this will only happen when hell freezes over. Many of our clients call us years after for technical advise... its a great way to connect. Often its resolved as easy as that.

The challenge has been for us here those many who have bought on line and elsewhere getting extremely annoyed when we do not provide what they deem is the necessary help desired and demanded. One thing for certain, this will not change. SPI will remain extremely local based, extremely and oh so not on line and so totally one on one and service oriented, well, you know. This counter intuitive formula works so bloody well.... for us here.

By looking at everything and nothing, I will be trying to salvage anything and everything good from Covid's killer grasps. Wish us luck on this one dear clients.


Tannoy Revolutions XT 8F

tannoy - revolution xt 8f.png

Something happened when we had our backs turned this late year. This one models pegs itself as a relatively affordable speaker system, but a rather large pair at that. Multiple reviews that are all glowing and providing 5 stars ratings all the way, are making this underpriced and under selling pair a surprise. Truth be told, be barely burned our pair in ( well, its nearly burned in ), but it could of had some more burnin. We will have plenty of time to do this in the weeks to come.

One review from a very well known and respected reviewer was bowled over by this model. Our clients really liked the 8th's little brother that one can equally see on our website. The Rev's 6F's have been loved by some of our clients as well as the Rev's standmounts.

It will be this series day under the sun over the course of this odd summer. This entire series is one call away from a demo.


Magnepan LRS

These Class A rated dynamos were held back by Mgnepan at the moment the borders were locked down between us and our American neighbors because of Covid, just as these were being sent. I will be looking at seeing what is up with this exact issue to see if cannot have our awaiting pairs sent to us. More on this later next week.