COVID 19 NEWS 27/04/2021: It seems we shall remain effectively closed till June. For this reason, we shall be in "operational standby". Do expect delays in response times as we patiently await reopening again and seeing you all. Our hands remain tied while Covid rules our province the way it does. We miss you all... we'll mostly all ;-). Stay safe folk.

May 2nd: An unusually high number of service calls over the weekend were asking us to physically intervene (another 1st in terms of requests). At this time, we can only do this over the phone and via emails. We are closed. As such our hands remain tied for as long as we are not legally authorized to be open for business.


April 27th till June we say?

As a service based dealer, we are affected differently than lets say, those that sell online. Its a choice, we choose one way and most go another way. With this 3rd wave we know so many folks are hanging on their TV screens and await when things will get better in Ontario. Even our usual emails and technical questions are slow in coming. I have decided it would be best, as long as our province is not doing well, to remain on operational standby behind the scenes. This is a first in our near 30 year history... and it will be the same for our website. I have opted not to touch our Products page. This simply means we are in sleep mode.

We will clearly be backlogged upon our return, and with the departure of our Stevie Wonder just a short time ago, well, it will be a good challenge to confront. One of many awaiting us upon our arrival. Our supply network may well be further affected like so many business's world wide. We will continue to re-state to our clients and friends, we are really in a good spot where our continued survival is concerned. The moment we are bound to reopen again, we will up shoot in a major way like a pebble in a sling shot into the skies.

So please bear with us as we deal with the many challenges facing us all. Once we can open up safely, then our website will also change into an back in business and out of dormancy mode. So until then, stay safe folks.