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Our brand has been known from the beginning when SPI was born as one where we offered quality and service above all and at the highest level in everything we do and offer our clients. No one on my team would have it any other way. 
* SPI is a luxury retailer, we are SEMI PRIVATE but not home based but we do operate from a " normal " commercial venue. All are welcomed.
* SPI can cover nearly all levels of high end audio, from the merely but qualitatively affordable to the insane levels ( Oxford systems and Oxford systems for small rooms ).
* As a matter of fact, SPI possesses one of the largest high end inventories in Canada. 
* SPI is locally owned and privately funded. 
* We have a highly dedicated team that covers all necessary areas to make your visit a productive one. We never pressure anyone to buy, never
Our Team Our Team
* With the exception of affordable audio, all demonstrations are by appointment only, no exceptions. 
* We offer more tube based gear than any other retailer in Canada. We are equally SET specialists and experts. We can demonstrate 90 % of all tubes available in audio. No one is even remotely close to this level of offerings.
* SPI is equally the second retailer in North America to have offered high end digital streaming systems as far back as 2006. 
* We equally specialize in matching cables at all areas of costs, and possess most likely the largest cable inventory in the world as a retailer, approximately 200,000.00 on actual display. 
* The owner of SPI is the last formally trained Linn LP 12 specialist expert. We were deemed LP 12 expert over 25 years ago, and we have 30 years experience repairing the LP 12. This reputation is recognized as long established public domain ( expect wait times other than when a new LP 12 is bought, build times takes less than 4 working days once your new Linn LP 12 received ). We also maintain a Linn LP 12 floor model and help maintain your cherished Lp 12's.
Linn LP 12
* We are equally experts in most turntables, and possess the largest original part inventory anywhere ( original parts only, Linn, Rega, Nottingham etc ).
* SPI is a full service and knowledge based dealer, we do service what we sell as new ( details in store ). However we have never been discounters and do not compete on price.
* SPI makes it a point, not only to maintain one of Canada's largest inventory, but we also make it a point to have many components that are only available right here in Canada. 
OUR GARANTEE : SPI is extremely fact based. We do not feel the need to compete with anyone but ourselves. All that matters to us here is that when you leave our little corner of our world, is that you think to yourselves ( like Arnold S )... " I will be back ". For us, that is good enough.