January 15th 2021: We will be fully but temporarily closed till further notice, till we can safely re-open again. Expect important delays in response times till we can reopen again. Do not leave voice mails. Stay safe and see you hopefully sooner than later folks.

Our Team


Luc : The owner of the place. I came to this crazy industry quite by accident. Without boring all of you with these details, the only thing I know is that those in this industry that do rather well at our level, are those that have a particular slant towards the excessive and obsessive, for a job well done. The word " standard " is not good enough. On both these points, I plead mea culpa. My corporate view point is that I see and do things rather differently than most, and I hold too my principles even if I loose a sale.

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missing Roger our webmaster

The people at my side, Kris, Roger and Steve all have their role to play. They have backed me up like forever ! They contribute their own OCD ways to this operation, believe me when I say this. We're all on the same page. They remain my eyes, ears and arms.

Our very popular banner ad now reloaded, "Open up a Pinot noir..." on our website resumes our existence and our intense love for music, as well as fine audio. It equally translates into who we truly are commercially speaking.

SPI is the culmination, the essence of this journey, this quest for beauty in the musical and visual arts, this very passion. Welcome to our special brand of appreciating musical reality where there is so much too offer.

We are a team of one, at meeting your exact audio needs.