Our Team


Our long established team tends to operate like a hot knife in butter. Our low and unstressed ways make it easy to deal with us at all level. We try to offer world class brands that are known values worldwide. As you will have noticed, everyone of us have our role to play where servicing our well established clientele with a consistently well stocked store. We allow no false claims or information on our shop floor or our popular website. With a good dependable team at the ready, we will be at the ready to offer such stability at a time where there is little to be found. We are a team of one, at your service.

Our team :

Steve : Client services, affordable systems set ups & Luc's admin sidekick
Roger : Client services, High Tech services and Webmaster
Kris : Client services , Floor and equipment maintenance, Luc's technical, delivery, systems set up and event coordinator
Jeannine : Book keeper
Francois : our long established Chartered Accountant ( C.A )
Luc : Owner, Director... "I think therefore I am"

steve christ.png