@ Play

@ play ( for the month of... )
We welcome our clients to come over and listen to the highlighted audio systems when they have time, of course, great coffee always on the house. Additionally we have more components on display outside these enumerated in this section. 
New in 2018, with few exceptions, we have gotten ready to demonstrate without booking a time. However we cannot guarantee such things due to the intrinsic nature in cases if booked prior or if demonstration is already taking place upon your arrivals. Thereby A QUICK HEADS UP IS ALWAYS PREFFERED. 
Below lists offer components being officially displayed and not complete systems being displayed, unless specified. 
Unison Research, Roksan Funk Firm with Tannoy Speakers, DRACOUSTIC cables, Revel speakers
Sim Audio NEO level ACE amplifier, Acoustic Solid analogue, New series of Silver 6 next gen Monitor Audio speaker
Copland amplifier, Copland DAC, Reference 3A speakers, TARA Labs cables
Roksan BLAK level, Acoustic Solid Analogue, Jean Marie Reynaud Abssise Jubilee speakers
Roksan BLAK level gear, Magneplanar 1.7's speakers, Cary front end. 
TRIGON EXXACT level amplifier, with Funk Firm Gett turntable, Revel speaker
April ( Reference month )
Audio Note, full AN Reference system ( between 17th and 21st, Limited time )
Copland Reference gear, a full Copland system, with Reference 3A speakers ( between April 10th and 14th, Limited time )
Complete Cyrus Audio streaming system, Monitor Audio Gold level speakers
May ( Reference Month )
Nordost May 2018 show
Sim Audio complete system, REVEL speakers, Tannoy Heritage, DRACOUSTIC cables, Nordost cables
Unison Research UnICO, Roksan K 3 complete system
Summer @play will appear laterAcoustic Solid turntables