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Status Quo with regards to our normal weekly hours will return Thursday September 1st...

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We begin now !

sp int.png

Our shop will begin to see gear being brought in starting immediately. Our trucks will see much activity in bringing our new stock into our shop. Forgive the mayhem within our walls but for a brief time. Linn, Focal, Audio Note, Wireworld, Naim, JMR speakers and at a later date, when Covid is more manageable, even more reference level Audio Note gear. An Audio Note turntable will even make an long awaited entry. We should also receive our back ordered Linn LP 12 with everything toy new added... yoopiiii.

Our investments are quite massive at this time. Our Clearance page will see some updates as well by months end. See you all soon.


NEW : We have started to organize behind the scenes all our new gear that will begin its introduction soon after our opening our doors again after our 2nd wave. Much will need to be introduced, but it will be neither here or there as internal visitations will be limited. One of our bedrooms at home is now full of new gear awaiting to be delivered on our business site. Our coco bird is somewhat pissed off at me ( its his room being invaded )... so is my wife, oh well. Stand by, it will be a quick start upon our return.

audio note tt2 delux.png

Audio Note TT -2 Deluxe with AN ARM 2

Arriving soon onto our shores and within our walls , we will have more than a few standard bearing turntables . All on actual display. Why we will need to prepare for our opening, as supporting the amount of turntables takes room. Remember folks, once settled in onto their own shelves, they should not be moved. Let us plan out on having some analogue fun soon enough.

Re: Linn LP 12. Our Linn order will arrive in a few days. However our Linn Krane arm will be back ordered. It seems the Linn Krane is in very high demand world wide, so will need to await our turn in that line up. So sorry folks.

linn majik lp12.png

Audio Note Meishu NEW

audio note meishu.jpg

This AN Meishu will finally be introduced on our floor in a few weeks time. Its truly one of the best in the world. Much like our Audio Note Cobra that we have been awaiting for a long time. They will be seen and heard by you folks pretty soon we dare say folks.

Funk Firm mats NEW


Well we lied, their not new, but they are quite popular. We carry a lot of them but have had some run in's with the 3mm format. We ordered all colors before Xmas 2020...but alas UPS lost them all. So we emptied our our supplier, we have 1 Blue and a shitload of Black. We will order plenty more in every color, including new green.

Jean Marie Reynaud, Lunna, NEW.

jmr banner 13.png

Now playing in our main room

wire world.jpg NEW

We did just receive our new load of affordable Wireworld cables , more is expected . Interconnects, speaker cables, jumpers, power cords and the list goes on. This is part of "We're listening approach" in investing to offering more to our younger clients that are just starting out.

naim_logo.jpg jmr logo.png NEW

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

Our JMR Bliss are burning in with our Naim UNITI STAR at home at the present. Sounding good right out of the box, they shall not take much time before being brought into our shop walls. This cannot be said of our Naim Star, it is starting to sound but only after some 200 or so hours of burn in. Its sounding better and better as burn in wears on.

Hello again folks, let's try for a happier 2021 year ahead of us.

It will be difficult to discern, but our website will be seriously tweaked, yet again. It will simply reflect what is going on in our audio market place.

Overarching all this excitement, for a time, is that dark cloud above our heads called Covid. We suspect it will bring into collapse so many good people and business' everywhere. Despite this, my team and I will make sure we keep a close eye on this drama. Once again we say, we are ready and in really fine shape. We can carry this fight for a really long time.

This was a first year that many of our old clients did not receive a note from me at years end. I had barely managed to hold on, such we were kept so busy.

So I say here to our old clients ( and new one's as well ), thank you for standing at our side and supporting us in those so many years. You are all deeply appreciated by all of us here. We look forward to seeing you all after the storm has subsided. Please have a safe New Year.

linn majik lp12.png


linn majik 140 speaker .png


Linn calls this " the first step into serious Hi Fi, we agree. The Linn Majik 140's have been in production for 15 years, and without a doubt I am quite certain these have been refreshed like most companies would do this. They have the capacity to be placed in active mode, or passive. They are relatively full range, more so in active mode ( you need a full Linn system to go active ), and they still sell well worldwide. We recommend combining the 140's with a Linn system, but hint hint, Naim components have always went extremely well with Linn speakers ( but one will be incapable of going active ). BTW, the inverse was also true, when Naim made their own speakers Linn always sang beyond near belief when associated Naim speakers.

We will look forward to demonstrating our entire Linn set up's later in the year when Covid starts to leave us.


linn logo 2.jpeg

Welcome back Linn Hi Fi just in time for 2021.

linn logo 2.jpeg NEW

The many new insertions of bigger companies is our contribution to maintaining the best we can a steady and stronger supply chain for our clients. This attempts in pushing this through will be solidified this beginning in 2021. By providing Linn we will be able to provide added options where technology are concerned. From either Exactbox technology, analogue Linn Lp 12 parts and repairs and display, amplifiers and streamer. Also add to this Linn active speaker. Our orders were just on the verge to being sent, but have been delayed as Covid shutdowns are happening worldwide, including in Scotland.

We are hoping to receive the many skews very soon.

naim_logo.jpg NEW

We have already received quite a few Naim Uniti's as stated on this very webpage. They are all burning in. We are awaiting now quite soon Naim Nait level series, XS level series as well as others. We are not certain how or when these will see our hands on box as it were, again, most will know why. Upon entry in the month of March, we will have these all on display for your listening pleasure.

jmr logo.png NEW

jmr bliss jubilee.jpg

Having received all our JMR speakers right on the 24th of December, well we could not demonstrate these until this new year. On January 9th, the only day where we were open to prepare our pending closing, we hurriedly open and placed our JMR Lunna's and listened to these. I was the first to be taken aback, and quite so. Having called Kris over, he to was taken aback, and yes, quite so. Upon setting these up, the JMR Lunna's displayed a great sense of Holography and coherence while sounding extremely organic... OUT of the box. Small in stature, these will be good in small to medium size rooms, and the Anigre finish ( think 1st generation JM Labs Utupia's, right, you know what we mean ), mean the looks match the sheer volumes of class and musicality.

As I write this now, the replacements of JMR Bliss have been taken out of the box at home and will see burn in on a Naim Uniti Star, which need more burning. Entry of these models will be when we open up again.

linn logo 2.jpeg NEW

linn majik dsm.png

As we just started dealing with Linn, we did notice plenty of new components that were just starting to be released into the market place. Then when it was time we bit, these many new moves from Linn were available to be brought in into the Ottawa market place. It was an easy insertion.

linn majik dsm banner.jpg

What comes out as NEW and revised, are the Linn Lp 12, a NEW Krane analogue arm, the NEW Karousel bearing which we will all have on display on our sales floor.

linn krane.png

Entirely revised and NEW Majik DSM and NEW Sekrit DSM. But we will also receive NEW Linn Majik 140 speakers. We will be adding further to these skews. I have a good idea, but shhhh, its a state secret for now. We will be able to demonstrate a full Linn system and for those many that have not heard any Linn, perhaps when the markets open up again, well, give us a call.

Welcome Naim and Focal

naim uniti star.jpg



audiolab 8300 series A.PNG


Should I have decide to write up a POYA list ( our infamous Product of the year award ), the 8300A little brother, the 6000A, would have been a sure winner of the year. There are several reasons for this. Between offering an internal MM phono, DAC and musicality with finesse on top of all of this, it was ladies and gentlemen, a sure winner @ 1,295.00.

By sheer forgetfulness, I just noticed I never replaced the 8300A that was sold right before Covid started. The moment I took note I hadn't, I ordered one. MEA Culpa. The 8300A is simply a better and more powerful mouse trap. Offering more power, more control, a phono that is better and that accepts MC cartridges, an amplifier section that offers more than 50% more power at 4 Ohm's. They look identical other than being a little bigger and heavier than its little brother. It will be on display this week.

naim nait_5i.jpg


For those that are looking at a more purist approach where 2 channel is, we will have on hand our Naim Nait 5si. Both the models are class leading in every respect. Our new clients are well tended with budget high end amplifier


oxford collection logo.jpg

Promises that will need...

...to wait their introductions once again. We promised bringing in much of our AN gear back into play so many new folks can see for themselves what the hub bub is about. We decided not to proceed as long as we were closed to Covid. We did this for security reasons. As we enter the very dark period before us, I look beyond this tragedy and actually look forward to opening up again. What I miss most, and I am certain my crew, are those small informal events focused on specific lines that are telegraphed way ahead of time on this very website, and our AN has been cherished in this regards. Once we are okay to open up again, well, Kris and I will start doing our magic on our sales floor. It will be a fair bit of work bringing all our AN gear back.

Looking forward to also display Linn and Naim. We have now uploaded our Events and LOUNGE376 web key. Look for those keys in a sub menu.

We further look forward to updating what became our most popular web page ever, our TESTING 1,2,3 web page. On this webpage, I simply go about detailing how we go about testing our gear so we can actually know what the gear does and how well it performs under real life conditions. Its quite a good read actually as is. But it will be much improved.

So we will be keeping ourselves plenty busy and we look forward to initiating our delayed plans into reality in a few months time. Until then, stay safe.

We did it again...!

We are receiving still more products this week and the coming weeks from Naim, Musical Fidelity, Music Hall and the list goes on.

naim atom.jpg


Our new Naim Athom will be available and ON DISPLAY as of now as well as other Uniti family members. Start price is approx. 4,295.00. We are looking a receiving more than several pieces of Musical Fidelity components that have never been seen in Ottawa before. We do not think stock availability will be an issue. Also we intend to provide much by way of MF phono pre amplifiers, not seen anywhere else.

musical fidelity.png NEW

The same can be said with other Naim gear that will available to our Ottawa based clients.

Our Focal line ups and actual speakers are beginning to be received physically in Ottawa. We will bring more info later as we know.

Whats coming with Naim

naim_logo.jpg naim cd5si_2.jpg


We shall be introducing more than several components from Naim audio. Again we will cover our new younger clients and will also be covering our established client base. So in a way we are attempting to cover most everybody. Several sources, as well as several amplifiers and yes some accessories to back up our Naim line up. This is an exciting line up that we are investing in an unprecedented level in a rather unsafe time. We are ready for the gamble, its barely a gamble in our books.

naim nait_5i.jpg

naim supernait 3.png


We intend to have Naim gear for our newer clients and our established Naim clients. From standard Nait series to Supernait levels. What would Naim be without associated power supplies! Let it be said that the company has greatly simplified their offerings, making for a much cleaner look as a line. Spi will be fully operational when 2021 hits us all after our holidays.

We are able to do this because we have made quite of bit of room to store our displays within our shop. This line up starts at somewhere @ 2,500.00 dollars and it goes up from there. Something for everybody.

December 2020, Whats new... plenty in fact !!

musical fidelity.png NEW

Our investment cycle is making itself felt within our industry. We are intensively seeing to meeting the needs of our new clients in 2021. We are buying into new lines and yes, new components. Life continues despite Covid.

We are eyeing our investments on Musical Fidelity at all levels, some of which will be starting to arrive by mid December.

Much new cables by Wireword, Asona, Audio Note, boxes and boxes of them awaiting their arrivals. We will have our new clients covered in new affordable cables and some less so.

naim_logo.jpg NEW

Naim is sending many new components, The Uniti Star, the Uniti Athom, entire Naim series are on their way starting at Novembers end and continuing on December.

jmr logo.png NEW

In the better late than never category, our new JMR speakers, the BLISS Jub and the new LUNNA will be arriving quite later than expected, mid month December. We shall not have adequate time to burn those in, until the new year. Its about the only line up we know that contains the world CLASSIC on nearly all of their series.

audionote.jpg NEW

audio note cobra_0.png

In a word finally ! We will see some Audio Note return to form onto our floor space. The late arrived and Covid delayed the AN Cobra. Why I state FINALLY.

So we are working hard for our clients in the new but still uncertain 2021. The new year will see more investments in some serious Audio Note gear but let us get through this one first. One day at a time folks. Thanks for keeping us busy.


Some of the information below is historical in nature. It may no longer be factual.


Tannoy Revolutions XT 8F

tannoy - revolution xt 8f.png

Something happened when we had our backs turned this late year. This one models pegs itself as a relatively affordable speaker system, but a rather large pair at that. Multiple reviews that are all glowing and providing 5 stars ratings all the way, are making this underpriced and under selling pair a surprise. Truth be told, be barely burned our pair in ( well, its nearly burned in ), but it could of had some more burnin. We will have plenty of time to do this in the weeks to come.

One review from a very well known and respected reviewer was bowled over by this model. Our clients really liked the 8th's little brother that one can equally see on our website. The Rev's 6F's have been loved by some of our clients as well as the Rev's standmounts.

It will be this series day under the sun over the course of this odd summer. This entire series is one call away from a demo.

JMR on display

jmr logo.png

jmr banner 7.PNG

As we are arriving at our JMR demo days, 1 week late of course, we will be providing comparisons between our Bliss Anniversary and our La Folias Jubs. We are expecting our Bliss Jubilee and or the revered Lucia sometime this summer. Comparisons of this sort are rare, but with our new dem-IN shop system instilled last April, we can do exactly that for folks that like to do this sort of thing... of course you do, we all do ( This new venture will not be limited only to JMR products ).

It might be said that the Folia has more in common with the Bliss Silver, but walking with a smaller stick, lighter on feet, and it will be fun if not important to hear the differences. The Lucia is said to be quick and fleet footed, giving breath and a sense of airiness and pin point accuracy where instrumentation are concerned. Why not decide for yourselves and test the journalist that are lucky enough to write about such audio product. If we are to rely on JMR feedback, La Folia focus of attack will be more towards the Bliss Jubilee than the Anniversary. I do admit the Bliss anniversary are loved. Another point of contentions, odd it may be, European audiophile that are JMR fans have been buying the La Folia and Lucia's in droves. I believe folks here are awaiting the Bliss Jubs.

jmr folia.jpg

Fun in the sun for sure. Driving duties will be via several companies. The system will be at the level that is somewhat real world and reaching towards the high end. Coming sometime in June... one of many Saturday events ! A first we believe anywhere.

More of these set ups will take place as the year progresses

jmr banner 8.jpg

PS : One of the best review magazines worldwide has adopted the The Jean Marie Reynaud Lucia in permanence in their office system

Trigon in Ottawa


It is a relatively new line up at SPI, since 2016. It's placed where it belongs, in the middle to upper high ground of high end audio within our walls. The line up starts at somewhere between 4-5,000.00 and up from there.

trigon trinity.png

In 2017, this one TRiGON line up managed to amass 2 the best shows within our walls where transistor gear is involved. They have fronted 2 Nordost yearly events. The Trigon Trinity all in one, managed to be awarded THE component of the year ( Called POYA awards ) in 2016, surpassing our own Sim Audio Ace. In one of the first Nordost events, The Trigon Energy blew away the entire group of attendees, being backed by nobody else than a Volents Paragone VL 3.5 speakers. People still recall this event and the performance they heard, yes still. One of our crew possesses a TRIGON amplifier, just try to take this amp from Steves dead cold prying hands. As Judas Priest song sing... you got another thing coming

trigon exxact 2.png 

Trigon will now effectively see growth in our main upper line ups. The sound is on the complex side to explain, but think it better to come and see our TRIGONS right here at SPI. Like most folks will have experienced, hearing TRIGON will not leave you indifferent. We promise !

A word to the wise !

Nordost superflatline.jpg

Cables can be fun, they can also be a pain. We have tried not to get into cables debate for at least 10 years if not more. I am glad I can share in on our knowledge base with what we know. I was reminded of 2 things that I stopped elaborating about many moon's ago.

I learned that many will use what they learned on this very website, and buy cables blind to place into their systems at home. I know this happens BUT I had really placed this in the back of my mind. Should I recommend anything cables wise, it comes with one caveat... I have tested the cables on several systems usually at home.

Many cables are great, yes even inexpensive one's, but even at this level, cables can turn a system inside out and sounding not right. This is why I always offer the following few words of caveat... the cables have low compatibility ratio, or medium of high as the case may be. SOoooo, should you be one of these folks that do this, make absolutely certain that I am saying that such and such cable have a medium or preferably high COMPATIBILY ratio. I can speak about cables that are superlative, but that have a super low compatibility ratio.

The last thing I would want is having instilled the idea that great cables are great no matter where they are installed... reality sadly is different than a one size fits all in our audio world.

I hope explaining this aspect of our website helps you fine folks.


Audio Note new Novembers systems display

December 8th yearly farewell xmas send off will spell a few firsts of a new introductions of Audio Note gear. These December events, we always use our classic AN-E's as the front man for our desired and designed systems. We also tend to use quite elaborate AN gear as well.

This year, we will be using its little brother, the AN-K speaker system. Its imperative that the appropriate AN stands back the AN-k up. Something we will be having of course.

As to having a world class AN source, we will be using a AN 4.1 x Cd player. Clearly one of the best in the world. Have not decided where we head on the analogue front.

As to amplification, well, let it be said that we will be reasonable, something we are not usually on those days. We will be using one of the most used amplifiers that AN uses at show fest. The AN OTO SE Signature. One of the best in the world. We may opt to use my baby, the AN Meishu as well. God audio can be viciously fun. Either way, the one that will not play, will be used in shop for the remainder of the week following December 8th.

Cables will of course be all Audio Note, from the Lexus to the Sogon and across those in between models. As far as AN goes, on that day, other if I pull a switch on amplifiers, it would be one of the most affordable AN systems to date.

Novembers AN system, Kris will be building a real affordable AN system around the AN P1, M1, Aqua DAC, but for a week, Tannoys REVOLUTIONs 8F's will be used. After our full week is done, then we will also be using a coup de grace with a very special and classic model called the TRIANGLE Antal EZ.

Of course, AN cables will be power for the course.

She begins early on Saturday the 10th of November. Our AN display ends on the 24th. No appointments necessary.

Our private affair. How high can we go folks ! Watch us go.

On this entirely different plain, Audio Note will be sharing the lime light with a few others... equally great companies. For those that have good memory, as far back as 2012, our variant system will be sharing quite a few attributed.

Not intending to let go of the surprises that are reserved in that private affair or ours, let me say, that it will be certainly one for the books. We are heading quite with a rare and elevated Audio Note variant system. Even Audio Note show fest systems will pale in comparison, this system will be at a very high level of play.

So it goes without saying that on that evening, our friends will be sharing plenty of laughs and yes, music and spirits to boot. I even plan on staying the night at the shop to continue listening at this system after all have left... may not be there next day, but my boys will take care of you all. How do you guys like them apples ! Life is tough, we do need to roll with it sometimes.

Comedy aside, this is by strictly by invite special evening.


copland logo.png

Copland KT 120 amplifier

How many systems are we supposed to have playing for you fine folks... countless I say. The more the merrier Santa Claus would say, its never enough James Bond would say, well, you guys get my point.

copland cta 405.jpg

An entirely different flavor, and with a lot more power to spare. In many ways, this one system is the one to remember because of what I will be placing around what is one of the best tube amplifiers bargains around. This is the only system where an analogue rig will be front row and center. Our Copland ports a 4 tube internal phono stage and pushes with relative ease approx. 75 wpc. It's all academic.

acoustic solid - Classic wood mpx.jpg

Acoustic Solid table take the honors. As many know, our shop is kept to busy to play vinyl, but we will make it a point before our holidays, but for a brief while.

tannoy - kensington.jpg

Just to make matters better as in good, better and best, I intend to play with your emotions on this set up. Some of our guys will forget where the exit to our shop is. It will be easy to do this, The Tannoy Kensington's will do this every time. These need no introductions whatsoever.

So in a matter of 5-6 weeks, SPI will have played more than 7 different Oxford systems, with many to spare. I have not even mentioned our complete Line Magnetic system on Audio Note AN-Z speakers playing in our green room late October for more than a week.

However debuting December 13th our Copland affair will cap off a cherry on all our Sunday's. Great I could not find a better way to finish off our 2018 together.

So a happy and merry Christmas are in order folks.

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

We finish off our 2018 with JMR

Should there have been a brand that has closely honed in its careful attention to its sound and design detail in general, JMR would be on top of many list. Extremely well know on the Euro front, it still makes people think aloud here on this side of the pond. The feedback is all good, no surprise really.

Already in high mileage mode here with us, our JMR models have already acquired 2 main shows at the OXFORD Reference level : In October of 2017, mated with our ROKSAN BLAK series, and in May, our second NORDOST show. As Bruno ( Nordost master of ceremony ) privately said to me privately... "the speakers are really good". This man has listened to a lot of great speakers in his day. We concur.

Even our very own Kris is likely to buy a pair of 7K JMR Cantabile. Kris is a prickly listener.

For the better part of January, 2 French brands will be highlighted within our walls.

Jean Marie Renaud family, sound is everything.

jmr abscisse.jpg

What is not to like about JMR, clearly walking the line between organic and detail.

Our JMR Bliss, the near baby of the line, has in and for the past 3 months through its burn in process amassed a little army of fans. Coming at you at several levels of shadings, open dynamics, transparency, timbral richness and an emotional maturity that comes shining through the music. These we say are unique sounding, and equally at home with good transistors and yes, tubes. Somewhat inexpensive in high end ways, its will be for your emotional listener, and we really think they are superlative on classical and acoustic music, of the highest order.

Their sonic signature of our Bliss as well as our Euterpe Supreme is reminiscent of our much more expensive Audio Note AN-E’s that so many love here in Ottawa.

Our Eutrepe Jubilee : As many know we burn in our models near and fully, everyone of them. Unlike the JMR Bliss, our Euterpe Supreme held their secret for nearly a full month of burning in. Once the burn in was nearly and done with, the ES provide quite the homogeneous impression as well as being quite transparent. Spatial information was there in spades we all noticed, room ambiance as well as air around clapping hands. A clear window inside the room and the performance all the while maintaining JMR’s distinctive warmth. It relays abundant texture and a wide array of what some call diverse nodal interplay, something one does not get for the less than 4 k price. Typically French performer, offering spontaneity, naturalness of delivery, and what I hear is incredible nuance within the musical message. We expect to do well with this speaker, and for good reason.

Our Cantabile Jubilee : What many Euro journalist call one of the best pound for pound speaker for the price anywhere. Spatial information and an absolute capacity to lay out everything that the music has to offer. Even if you want it or not. Incredible extension, and elegant in manner, style and precision in all matters of music. Note the word, elegant. For those that cannot afford the best, but who would want to have a hint of what other do at a much expensive level. More dynamic, than our ES, it offers plenitudes of imaging, and a word to the wise, gear begins to matter at this level.

Our Abscisse Jubilee : Touching a tad less than 5 figures, and just when you think you have tempered the JMR line in ones mind, one clearly goes into another level. Think Volent but with less attitude, a more forgiving and organic delivery as well as that pure Volent predisposition to lays pretty much everything on the line... but our AA’s does it with more softness, some would call soul. Sonics play at what would say an entirely different level, and while one listen to our AA’s, one gets the picture why our Cantabiles come in where they come in, these hint at where our AA’s play at. Another level of texture, transparency, ambience, homogeneous delivery, utter extension and a smooth, organic and full midrange without being soggy, and a full and very clean bass line. A word to the wise, only incredible gear need apply to drive these.

Should one be interested in listening to these marvels, by all means, give us a call. All of the above require an appointment with no exception.

jmr banner 5.PNG

atoll IN 200 signature.jpg

Multiple introductions of ATOLL gear in the coming weeks, power, finesse and tube like sound.


trigon trinity.png

What else can we say, one of our pound for pound prized fighter's within our walls, sonic's are simply sublime!


audio note Conqueror 300 B silver.PNG

Between 3 Conquerors in our past, 2 models upper levels Conq's on display, and our own fan fabulous Audio Note Meishu, we have our Audio Note fans covered in a big way, like no where else. Check out our Audio Note show later this year... a SPI classic show that happens once a year.


Audio Note SOGON cables

The funniest joke surrounds this very product... why Sogon...well we do warn you in advance... : say SO-GONE to your money. An extremely serious product for like minded folks.


Audio Note Meishu 

Reputation or lore and near myths, a substantial one box wonder house of musicality.

audio note meishu.jpg


Tannoy Turnberry

A self explanatory speaker, quite literally one of the worlds best.

tannoy turnberry.jpg



proac DT8.PNG


Atoll IN 100 SE

atoll in 100 se.jpg


Audio Note cables

Audio Note Cables, Lexus at all levels, coming soon. We carry more AN cables than anybod, period !!!

audio note cables banner 2.PNG


Roksan K3 Power Amplifier

Another 5 star power amplifier, class leading Roksan K 3. We have sold several already.

roksan k3 poweramp.jpg


Roksan K3 DAC

K 3 DAC by Roksan, 5 star with exception of one. Use your ears fella's

roksan k3-dac.jpg


Tannoy Kensington

A self explanatory speaker, quite literally one of the worlds best.

tannoy - kensington.jpg


Wireworld cables

An introduction and wide array of of highly compatibly cables at all level

wireworld fullxx.jpg


Atoll Electronique line up

A down too earth line up that is beguilingly musical, a company that Ottawa has adopted and fallen for in a big way.

atoll banner.jpg

atoll in50.jpg

Atoll IN 50

atoll in80.jpg

Atoll IN 80

atoll in80 CD.jpg

Atoll CD 80

Nordost Super flatline

Who says you need to spend a lot on cables, an old classic just made better.



triangle - esprit.PNG

On display

Monitor Audio Studio

A clear attempt by MA to change the waters and guide themselves into leaders of small monitor worldwide

monitor audio studio banner.jpg

Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia

The one that somewhat replaced the all time classic JMR Bliss.

jmr folia.png

Tannoy Mini Autograph

Perhaps the best smallest speakers in the world. Compared to the best out there at this time

tannoy autograph mini.jpg

Audio Note OTO Signature amplifier

Speaking of one of the worlds best, one of the most beautiful sounding amplifiers. A real classic.

audio note oto se.jpg

Copland DAC 215 and pre

Stunning beauty and versatility in one box, DAC, Preamp and Headphone amp all in once.

copland dac 215.PNG

Tannoy Eaton

A big monitor by all accounts, a totally revised sound from previous equivalent models. A Prestige level product for less money

tannoy EATON.PNG

Tannoy Revolution, entire series

New series intended that we brougt in to replace The Tannoy Precision, but with more of that historical and relevant Tannoy sound.

tannoy revolutionxt xt 6f banner.jpg


Monitor audio new silver series

monitor audio - equipement.jpg

Entire series

Roksan K3 series

roksan k3 amp.jpg

Entire series

Roksan blak

roksan blak-amp.jpg


trigon exxact 4.png

trigon exxact 2.png

NeoT Nemoi cables

neotech cable.PNG

Talk Electronic Edwards table

Edwards Audio TT2SE Turntable.png


Audio Note new replacements of AN-K, AN-E

audio note an-k.jpgaudio note an-e-1.jpg

JMR series of speakers

jmr - banner 5.jpeg

from La Folia to the Abscise, all on display