Our regions luxury retailer and analogue expert

Hey guys: Our 30th year is coming soon!

Construction: Yet again, at the end of this month and into the 1st few days of October. The city of Ottawa and its many main 417 transport arteries are going to be fully blocked for days on end, so we will be closed Saturday October 1. Full details on line. So sorry, again.


Your SPI, right here in Ottawa.

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For as long as we can remember, going on 30 years at years end, we have always carried a lot of gear on our sales floor. More so than anyone else in Ottawa. We still are doing our best at this level.

Our intense pride at offering much by way of options, services and knowledge base, has not waned by much throughout our 30 years. Knowing that the world is changing sometimes without us old archetypes, we still maintain a relevancy with our client base. Your visit, should you decide to come and see us, will be met with much great surprise.

SPI is the most stocked audio shop in Ottawa, by a country mile. One of the most well stocked country wide. Your arrival here will always be met with music, and a smile(s).

By all means, we will be glad to see you all at about this time , as the roads leading to our shop are now all clear from the daily drag of constructions and mayhem. We have survived over 2.5 years of Covid and 2 years of LRT seated right behind our beloved shop. Come and see what attainable world class audio products under one roof means.

We exist for you, see you all soon.