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2017 is ending with excitement and fun

I am writing this just after our 25th and our Audio Note show. The news hit, it seems hard enough, about where we are about to take this company in new directions, and it seems to me, that folks don't want us to touch those blogs of ours. They are not being touched and were not being touched (mainly because every time I do revisit this issue I come back and change my mind !!), so this time, I will not come back, as blogs are were and are NOT being touched... that is what I meant by the using the word "humanity". We can and must change, yes, but we cannot throw the baby with the bath water either. We just cannot go where we were in our 20 year history of blogging ( the age of our website ) about audio, that's all it means.
1) Our Clearance page is being brought back, its where we will sell our high end exclusively. Start date will be sometime in late January.
2) Another aside (a central one and very important one at that), will be, in our new year, we will be disposing and letting go of using blocks of time for our portfolio of companies. The present busy pace at our shop no longer provides time nor space to allow us to do this. Even my hard head has to acknowledge this. It was long overdue by years, I must admit and it was affecting our clients, something I am no longer willing to do with our new client base.
3) Thirdly on our 25th anniversary, how we would like to thank those wonderful men that visited us today, it was 3 Celcius and a beautiful Saturday and with the pressures of holiday shopping on top of that and still, quite a few still managed to make time to share a few hours absolute fun on what was, for my company, an equally important and fun day. A kind thank you all is in order fella's. I am quite certain my team and I showed our appreciation in kind, and with the comedic and occasionally salty language to boot ;-), noooo, not coming from my mouth... if you believe that guys, I have real estate in Florida ;-)
The "guys" were treated with an Audio Note system that was heard for a 1st time at our location and publically in Canada. I think you folks liked a lot. It was our pleasure fellas.
4) Without revisiting what was said in a prior blog, we are now at the end stage of this years activity. Linn is about to come into play at years end, and it will continue to play in our new year. Then after, we will use an open format on our floor affective 2018, mostly like all other dealers use on their floor.
5) Introductions of Tannoy Products will also come in for our clients to see and hear. Our website will be revisited with no start date in mind, and several key lines are being seen on our sales floor for a first time. Of special note will be new Unison Research, of course new products by Linn and Tannoy, Funk Firm, Trigon, Adcom Audio, and yes Aqua DAC's, these have the reputation as being the top 3 DACS worldwide, with Audio Note and DCS.
And Finally : ) My boys and I are being blown away with the new Monitor Audio Silver series, but the one that takes the cake for us is the Silver 300. We were driving this with an Audio Note OTO, 12 glorious watts and a wicked Cary and Copland source, and the sound was stunning, and Kris and I have heard our fair share of good sound but this one sound took no prisoners... .food for thought.
In this yin and yan year for us all, we here, have seen both in spades. Winter is entering its rightful place, we are just about to get ready to knock off and close for our holidays and all I know is that I have my eye already on next year activity.
Please remember that what I have provided for our client base at this very time will be quicker response times and certainly a more efficient company not bogged down by the disparities of self imposed messiah, preacher and god like complex for great audio in every home ( I am now taking Prozac, my delusions of grandeurs have changed elsewhere, just joking :-).
Its time for someone else to take up those mantles. Placing our love of audio out of business interest and its hands is a good thing at this time. What do I know, I think, after 25 years, its time to give those joys of preaching good audio to someone else.
2018 will be exciting for us folks, and just saying this, should make you feel good, as we are entertaining as one of our dear friends Paul said earlier today... "Luc, we hope that you will remain another 25 years"
 We could not have said better ourselves Paul!
A kind thanks for your support for the last 25 years, our measure of success is that we were able to deliver and provide happiness in your lives, its really that simple, and I think we did.
Very sincerely



My god, what just happened !!

By the time you will be reading this, our website will have begun going through a crash diet of sorts. We will simply get ready for what we think may well be a terrific year for us in 2018, so it is we have lost some "web weight" and so we will need to offer better and quicker focus for our clients where our website is concerned.

Further changes taking place are that, other than a Linn event in late spring 2018, one organized by us but with Linn running with the ball as it were, we will not have any other shows planned for 2018. Our Audio Note event next year will be sent directly to our friends and clients.

I don't believe there has been a year in our history to finish any years prior, ever, where we started... and finished off like a bat out of hell... the introduction of many new lines and dare I say, some exclusive and high end ones at that.

2017 started with the dismissal of one of our biggest commercial accounts. They have not recuperated the Ottawa marketplace anywhere close to where it was, even after close to 1 year later. We further had suppliers that closed. Where holes are left agape, new companies are willing to fill them out. In 2017, we introduced...

** Copland tube line up,

** Tara Labs cables,

** DRACoustic cables,

** Magneplanar speaker line up,

** ROKSAN Blak and

** Roksan K 3 line ups,

** TRIGON audio (winners of both system of the year awards in POYA 2017, a first)

** the entire line up of Jean Marie Reynaud speakers,

** Funk Firm tables and accessories,

** new and entire Silver series from Monitor Audio that are creating quite the stir,

** new Audio Note levels that come from Lounge376,

** Adcom Audio, where affordable audio is concerned where our younger and not so young clients are concerned,

** the coming back of Tannoy and

** entirely new technology from Linn,

** Unison Research where hybrid technology is concerned,

** new AQUA DAC's, leading edge Italian DAC technology

***... and our 25th anniversary and Audio Note bash. I have left some out, but 2017 was a gradual crescendo in the making... and we have left some off our list. I even had one hand tied behind my back as our family suffered quite the damage with the spring floods.

This being said, despite the damage to our home that we had to cover out of pocket, the commercial investments with my company were massive by all accounts, ask my accountant ;-)

Many new little things have also began to change behind the curtains, most will go unnoticed, some will not. These are a reflections of what we are going through as I write this. For one thing, the under the radar feel I always attempted to pursue with my company, is crumbling before our own eyes. Dare I say, I was able to sustain for 25 years but in the last years, its been a losing battle. Where many knew us outside our own city ironically, I am afraid that we have been generally and finally " discovered " by our own community or back yard. This is provoking the changes before you.

We are testing out new ways of selling on line or on our website with our trades etc. Our Clearance page may come back, but we will see where it goes first with our SPIONLINE. Decisions will be made by the time we leave for our holidays at this level. Our website is always changing, its a breathing thing, and so it will becoming metaphoric once again.

Our POYA 2017 is being delivered in a different manner, and for one last time. Very popular, they have been a mainstay of SPI for about 16 or 17 years, if not 18 years... and a complete free labor of love on my part. In 2014, I truly believed I would end POYA, we even placed 3 prior POYA's on our website in October this year, so our new clients would know what they meant. This years POYA will be sent to our clients, and further, the 2017 edition will be our most exciting but equally it will be our very last. I nearly cancelled this 2017 edition just as I was finishing off writing it, but I decided this was to be done on our 25th date and not before. Now you know.

In a way, we may be using our 25th year to promote new ways to adapt, and deplete things that are no longer necessary in todays world. Shows may be virtually discontinued, our website will reflect a new kind of reality while we try to maintain some humanity, will this kind of reverb that you are reading right now cease (thereby stopping the " open heart " secrets to our competitors), they may well stop as of now. But if this is so, this must be done, so, we can increase our response time towards our clients needs, and the list continues.

These fun and long lasting things we insisted on for our client's and audio in general, do wear on you, and this company is not run by kids with boundless energies. At this stage, we have nothing to prove anymore, to anyone.

Nevertheless, let it be said that it was a exciting year for us all here, but one cannot go through these incredible changes without feeling some measure of discomfort and excitement. Let it be additionally said, is that by the 15th of December, my team and I will be ready to relax and share a glass of red or a Stella Artois with Santa and friends.

Let it not be said, that we do not give our friends and clients (... and competitors ;-) some heads up for what will be happening in 2018.

By December 1st, our benchmark Audio Note system will be fully on display and ready to play our anniversary song as we headstart and head toward our 26th year in business. The last quarter century has been a slice of pleasure and pain that I am happy to share with you all. I am quite certain that my team think the same way as well. Its time for us all at SPI to accept some form of warriors rest and respite of the many realities that were imposed on our own shoulders to prove that audio can be fun. My team and I need to relinquish this platform to someone else, perhaps younger and more vibrant young people.

Please don't read into the above that we are stupid or slow, its just that, we really don't feel this will happen anytime soon, but hope is eternal. For those who wish to meet with me, I shall be at the Montreal show, should there be one. Told you that many changes were happening ;-)

On this momentous and important time and year for my company, my staff that I love and respect to death and I, a Happy and safe Holidays, we will see you back on Saturday January 6th... bottoms up !

L. Morin



Its now officially November 23rd 2017, we met with Linn Products and have worked out an understanding that we will officially fully represent this prestigious company that we have been associated with for well over 20 years for the Ottawa/ Gatineau area. Protocols are now in place where we can deliver Linn goods and products in a much quicker time frame than under our initial July agreement. 

We already do possess Linn products that will be on display, and why we are capable of having an entire Linn display week in December ( our last opened week before we close on holidays ). Think of it as a cherry on all our Sundays. New Linn products will arrive effective 2018 after we come back from Xmas. 
Congrats are now to be given to our loyal Linn clients... so we say... congrats folks !


The end of the year is near...

Just as we are preparing a few worthy and fun things for you all, most of all our December 2nd Audio Note show, we are equally preparing a simple and yet quite elegant Linn week on our last week. 
We are choosing to bow tie this year with Audio Note and then, Linn. The Linn system will be based on the Linn DS and Linn power amplification. No Linn Lp 12 nor Linn Uphorik, just something very simple. Speakers will follow, what may be speaker of the year in Europe. 
All we know is that it will be quite the " finessy " and musical system from Linn. 
This last week will be one where my entire team will hum along at a reduced pace as we await Santa soon enough. For those that have not had their " Linn fix ", its the time to visit us then. 
As we are awaiting to give you all our Xmas greetings in person, during that last week, we will be as happy to give you some heads up's on some new toys coming out in 2018, from Linn and others. Some delayed work in 2017 on our website is likely to take shape in early 2018.
Our 2017 year end's Friday December 15th and 3pm.


* We will be closed for Christmas Holidays from Friday December 15th @ 3Pm till Saturday January 6. We will be open on this day. Luc will be back Tuesday January 9th first thing at day break.
* Many new changes inside our company walls. Most will be felt right before our holiday closures and after our return in January. I hope you enjoyed all our events this year, it was our pleasure.
* Right in our last week, as a Linn service agent, we will have on working display a Linn system on new Monitor Audio Silver 300.
* At 3pm sharp, on Friday December 15th, we will be closing for our Holidays. We will be unreachable till early new year. This is one of our last upload for the year, so we better say this now...
* Happy Holidays with Santa, next to a toasty fire, Cherry, Brandy or a Red wine, laugh's, love and happiness, Turkey dinners, apple pie  for all and do not forget those we love, and we wish you this, and a whole lot more. Come back safely folks. Cheers.

One of our best cables in 2017 (POYA)

All on display and much more

Tannoy is back with a new and fresh North American supplier. We do have Tannoy stock already on display, but with the new arrangements now in place, we will be adding to what is a prestigious British line . If we take account with travelling time for incoming new stock, we should see many more Tannoy models on display between our walls here at SPI.

Monitor Audio
Monitor Audio
Silver 50 / 100 / 200 / 300
Now on display
We are pleased to offer nearly the entire series of the most outstanding Monitor Audio Silver series. The work involved is evident from the first musical note one hears. This is their best effort yet at this level. As good as the previous series was and liked by the press and consumer, this new series is about 20-30 % better. No guessing that it's better, just greater sense of musical involvement  all around. MA have added new finishes, that pay homage to their prior finishes that were class leading . Now on display as of mid November.

Moon logo

Sim Neo

Sim Audio banner

In this picture, one sees Bruno having taken care of business with Kris, including placing ground breaking KORE units, quite the relevant reference ODIN speaker cables and a panoply  of cable of our own. As many know, as a business, we have more than 175,000 dollars of cables. Our friends at Nordost also brought some of theirs!
Bruno also prepared Nordost Q and Kore technology that blew many away. How could these little marvels do so much. There are technical reasons, but like Buckley syrup, they work. Yes, even in a system designed too offer much resolution like the one folks listened on that day.
Unfortunately, we lost one of Bruno's pics, and we only have his back side (...and a beautiful backside he has, which of my boys took that picture..... KRISSSSSSSSSS ;-)
The show took in planning and yes a great many hours to conclude. Counting preparation time on our end, a whole weekend for Bruno and his lovely wife and and drive back home in Toronto, and yes, Steve and Kris. I would want to thank them again and again for this successful show. But most of all, thanks you all for attending this show despite the horrible weather.

Many audiophiles that are beginning to amass grey hairs, or that have plenty of these or no hair at all for that matter, will all recall a line up that was and that became synonymous with affordable high end. Adcom had one major problem, they did not know where they belonged in the scales of things ( like that little squirt who fights with the school yards biggest bullies, and won every time ). The ADCOM phenomenon was in fact striking musical fury the world over. It was the school's yards badass in many ways. Further, few Adcom's ever broke, Adcom's performance sheet in this regard, was in fact flawless. At another level, reviews were gushing with praise, the world over, from Stereophile, Absolute Sound, etc etc
We are proud to represent this line and also happy that we can offer something special for those wanting to have a lot for less. Models have been tweaked, and improved as well and they are even more musical than ever before. By the way, even today, something tells me Adcom will remain a badass. 
Welcome aboard badass.

Audio Note
Coming soon - Audio Note Meishu
Audi Note Meishu
On Display - Audio Note Oto
Audio Note Oto
On Display - Audio Note an-e
Audio Note an-e
On Display - Audio Note
Audio Note

Linn logo
Linn Klimax
Linn LP-12
Liin Uphorik
Linn Majik
Linn Servicing agent: Linn has proposed that we could service our Linn clients either for in and out of warranty service or that we may be able to supply new Linn components to our Linn clients. For the latter, we may be able to help. Should you have any questions, please visit us in person. We do have Linn on display and for your listening pleasure.

Funk Firm GETT On display
Funk Firm
Funk Firm