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Have any questions for us? Need to know if we have something on display? Because we have significantly streamlined our 2018 website, we have consequently gotten ready for your questions. For any questions or clarifications either contact us through email or phone below, your choice.

Our first 25. 
As many in our industry are claiming all is good with audio, we are saying, facts do not support this. Some are in a better spot than others, some precarious at best. We are on the very lucky side of this equation. 
As we have seen lines being dismantled, sold on Amazon, closing and disappearing etc, we have tried to hold many doors down in those winds. We have adapted well, changed what we needed. One massive point where we have addressed this year is how our city reacts to line ups ( do they love and buy it, better said that way ). Further, we have addressed the near removal of RV's for dem's, placing analogue rigs closer to the front, bringing forth lines that are unique and highly musical, increasing brand identity etc. What we will need to clarify in a major way, will be the time in which we expect a line to start selling. In a way, this is where our clients come in. 
In business we never really know if love of a line will have success and how quickly it will start darting into homes, but now, lines will need to see movement at a much quicker pace. Further, expect line diminishments to continue into 2018 as we all know that what we carry on actual display is much too much for a city our size. However let it be said, that lines that are popular with our clients will be invested in and will occupy more shelve space.We are choosing to not let this proceed without fair warning to our clients. Openness with our supporter, friends and clients is critical for us, all the way, an untouchable. 
So it goes that as far as we are concerned, we are making the necessary moves to play a part of your audio lives for a long time still. 
Finally, consequently our website will equally see more focus and messaging. Our social medias platforms pale and are shallow in comparison to this website. Our folks prefer much more this web platform, for us anyway, the numbers prove it. We do not need SM's quite frankly, but this website is better geared to elaborate and explain to our clients and friends why SPI does well overall and why we are somewhat different and why we exist. 
In a big picture way, we cannot explain in details all that is planned for this year, but we do not mind explain some. In this 26th year, we will change significantly more than ever before, so tie down your tuques, the ride will be fun and yes, we will be sliding into a better place. 
This will be the last time we broach such a boring issue as this. We are listening and hearing you out more than ever before. 

The REVEL company. 

revel concerta

Quite a while back I remember saying to a dearly departed owner designer that I respected much, "Bobby why dont you now start concentrating on the stand mount that is equally good at standing up to your floor stander". Bobby being a sweet heart of a man would listen patiently, and I knew inside my mind that he was fixated on THAT floor model. I still own both models today as sacrilege. Several years before his death, its as if a light bulb was turned on and he devoted himself equally to that smaller model... but it was too late, the world had moved on, quite to Bobby's chagrin. The models were on the expensive side but they had quite the cult following I say. I sold just under 20 Merlin VSM's, and 4 TSM's
Years ago, and something I stated on this very website, I told the Audio Note guys, demonstrate something that folks can sink their teeth into and are capable of buying when you do the Montreal shows. They eventually listened. Why I stated this on both counts was that if you start off with a line up on the upper scale, it will instill the idea in peoples mind that such and such a line up is not affordable. I built all my lines from the ground up, to try to counteract this thought. When you add that detrimental thought in high end, that if something is affordable ( 1.5K to 4K ) in high end, therefore its not good, its like double jeopardy against such lines. I tend to say out loud when I hear this, "wholly %$#$ guys, 4 k is a lot of money, why would you say that guys". 
Revel is such a line up. Many high enders tend to think about their upper level lines. Truth of the matter is, the Concerta 2 series is a line up that has been properly and thoroughly designed on all vantage point. From limited foot print to high efficiency, The Concerta 2 series impresses. Yes even us. But it has an uphill battle, it relatively inexpensive, it cant be good, something we disagree with entirely.
For those that know a thing or 2 about audio, one would notice that the Concerta 2 is a sheep in a wolves disguise. This series portrays many competitors attributes, in fact Kris and I were able to cherry pick these, but what is their ace in the hole, is how easily these speakers do all of this effortlessly. The Revels are equally at home with even low wattage tube amplifiers, and one can even install power houses of systems behind these. Our Revels were set aside last year, when they were introduced, it was our fault truth be told, the Lucster was dealing with flood issue for most of the year 2017. My crew could not run interference neither. This year is different. So it goes that Revel will be seen and heard in a full frontal way, so that we may convince you all by way of your ears, that despite what some say where affordable series are, that we will prove otherwise. 
These are a well designed and extremely well voiced products, dont let these run away from our market place folks. Those that visit us will be hearing about this one series a lot. At days end, no line up can survive not being supported. We will point to these, share our passion towards this line up, we will play them, make these available for your listening pleasure etc etc, but the buying will need to come from you fine folks. In todays world, it ends up being the determining factor, always. 
We happen to think the world of these. 

Hello friend, glad your back. 
Audio Note logo
Audio Note Se
Audio Note Se Signature
Quite some time ago, our friend OTO was a party to several quick sales. Twice if I recall, we had to sell our OTO sig as people did not want to wait the required 4 months time. After the second time, I changed course with other AN gear. Could a, should a and would a wished I had not done that. That's history. 
The Oto is one of the most sold amplifiers in the word, the Oto SE Signature one of the most elaborate amplifier type in the world. Some would say THE one, I know different, but I would say top 2 or 3. So it goes, what makes the OTO sig special is its boding and ominous nature, with rich and ripe timbre, its sounds extremely powerful and yes, very emotional. Its quite simply a gentle giant among amplifiers. 
It may also come with tube based phono stage, as an option, but it is pure Audio Note, a highly addictive mix of musicality. I simply do not see these being sold nor returned, a bit of amplifier for the ages of sorts. Not sure if its your sound, but we have not seen anyone stay cold nor indifferent to this amplifier. No, I will not sell THIS one... I will stand my ground this time. 
It can be played on extremely efficient speaker, over 103 DB's with NO background noise, go ahead, add a 15 inch woofer, no problem, or just a regular 88 db speaker...as long as it is musical, the OTO version will grab you by the throat. Ouchie ;-)
For the first time I have stated in 2018 that our lines needs our support to introduce, tend and care for them in our village, and equally these lines need your permission to survive in this jungle of many great and not so great lines. We are now open about this point... Audio Note is the only line that has not asked anyone permission in the 18 years of existence with us. AN is the longest serving uninterrupted line that SPI works with... and once again, we add an amplifier that will have the ability to get anyone of you, once more. Spring release date, once fully burned in. 

Welcome and now playing. 
 Tannoy logo
unison reserach logo
Well the year started with all of us being stricken with the flu...but we're back, so are the following companies. We have new just released models from Tannoy, as well as Unison Research playing on brand new Funk Firm Gett turntable and TEAC Reference CD player. 
Units are now ready to demonstrate fully, and as with most big speaker demonstrations, we need a quick call ahead of time to place these for you should you show up later in March after dismantling our months set ups. 
We are happy and excited for our Ottawa area re this Ottawa proud Tannoy Brand. Well we say, welcome Tannoy ! 

Full barrel blast in 2018, starting now !
Well, as we loaded our analogue guns on our shop floor, we are about to do the same with tubes. Let me be as forthright as possible... NOBODY has the amount of tube gear we have anywhere in Canada. We cover every conceivable tube on working display on our shop floor. One would not know it because its was set aside like our turntables for specific shows and events. Time moves on but it moves forward. 
As the world has just discovered ( gaddddd the bloody ego of your Lucster is coming out again, down I say, down ), the same will be done on our tube lines. Instead of the occasionally Saturdays and show events which we will have greatly diminished in 2018, it's time that our tube lines share the limelight of our transistor based brothers. 
 Tannoy Turberry
Some may know this, and more will not, we are the only retailer to have Tannoy speakers with Audio Note gear in North America, and not just that, we equally have Audio Note speakers. And that is just for the first of our involvement. We were responsible for making this aspect of our business slightly above and apart the fray or crowd since we began... no more. With plenty of options tube wise, and combinations that are seen and heard no where else, we will begin to tear a new leaf that is accessible on a daily basis regarding our many tube offerings.
This simply means that our tube line ups will be opened up for all to appreciate when they can make time to visit us, it's really that simple. Starting effective NOW... how do you like them apples fella's.

Better late than never !
Copland logo
Reference 3
Dracousitcs logo
We admit 2017 was a really wacky tacky year for my company. Things happened where new lines were just about to be introduced and bam, we got hit right in the kisser on the home front. A total of 4-5 lines were not introduced properly because of the drama's, so we need to make up for it. 
By the time one reads this, we will have an operational set up of Reference 3a, Copland 215 DAC and Copland amplifier's as well as other fine companies in that mix. We have tried to also add another tube very noteworthy company, but our clients hearts are definitively in the higher up food chain. Enter Copland. Our new Copland 215 DAC will also, make its first introduction in 2018. New DR speaker cable, new speaker cable, new interconnects and the list continues. 
For those that always like Canadians in that mix, well we will give Reference 3a speakers the proper respect, finally. Sonics delivery will be on the very melodic but dynamic side. Extreme finesse will abound and invade its listeners and we dare say, it will be one of this years best on display system. 
Starting in February, it will be the same system but with new Tannoy Eatons, we get why folks were hit in the gut with the new Tannoy Eatons. Then we will switch to our Reference 3a's. Most will know that not many shops in Canada offer this level of gear and number of companies. 
Dont take our word for it, come on in and see for yourselves. 

Affordable Adcom Audio making its debut at Stereo Passion. 
Adcom logo
Since 2008 SPI got into and has since never given up on affordable audio, sometimes we feel like it because it is not our niche crowd, but we always revert back to offering service at this very affordable level. Adcom audio, many would agree with us here, has cornered to be the king of the hill in the specific niche. I called it a real badass company, now being introduced late, but its here for you to experience. 
Adcom Audio ace in the hole is high musicality, extreme on tap High current power for those that need it and reliability. Most vintage Adcom's are still operational. So I would recommend to our clients to support this incredible solid line up, we need your permissions and yes, actual support, as we cant go about this alone. 
See why we are excited about this line up fella's. 

Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile Jubilee
JMR logo
We have stated that these specific JMR models are called by the Euro press as one of the best pound for pound speakers. The proof is in the pudding we say, and yes, some have agreed and bought this very models. The level of detail, ambience, transparency to the finest degree helps ground the listener inside the music...as in crazy glued.
We like to prove what is said on this website, so later in February and March. Definitively for those that require fervent involvement when they listen to music. Truly one of the best somewhat affordable Euro speakers. On display as well as the entire JMR line up. 

I am breaking a promise, yes sir ree bobster. No shows in 2018 I wrote. That promise did not last very long, did it. When I was offered the opportunity to do another Nordost show this year, I jumped on it. Why ? It seems you folks really enjoyed that May 6 th day 2017. Like really enjoyed...so why should I get in the way of this, this year. However this show is being organized way ahead of time. 
Bruno, the consummate Nordost showman hosted last year. He will again be your master of ceremony. Only those that have seen Bruno in action know how entertaining and yes, very informational these Nordost shows actually are. Those who have not, will be blown away in certain respects by the man and the product. 
The real catch, is the following : Only on 1 day, on a Saturday in mid April to early May and spaces are limited. The positive are, libations are offered, door prizes, the listening of a true Reference system and a comparison of cables technologies second to none anywhere and in our industry. It event lasts all day till approx. 3pm or so. 
The investments for Nordost and ourselves are rather exhaustive in organizing such events, but plan on reserving your spot soon. 
More information on its way the moment we can provide them. 

As 2018 enters, we say welcome the following gear. Since we have shortened our burn in time from hundreds and sometimes 1000 hours before we introduce our gear to the public as of October 2017, it becomes possible for us to mass introduce our gear like we never did before and with much improvement time wise. 
Few offer the following in Canada, and Ottawa is proving to be a boon for new gear introductions, just as the world of audio is somewhat turning on its head. 
In the world of DAC's, the Aqua company is renown for making some of the best DAC's out there at this time. I spent the holidays listening to this Aqua DAC La Voce. Another introduction at this level, one that was not introduced at all, is the COPLAND 215 DAC, a tube based DAC that offers both a pre and a Headphone amp option. 
It will surprise most of you if I say, that several companies ( that were introduced in early 2017 Feb-June ), did not see the light of day as being introduced formally. In that light of flurry and drama, our fan base will know our 2017 was tumultuous indeed, and it clearly caused a lack of proper line introductions. It must be said the 7 daily events and show in 2017 and the preparation's thereof did not help matters. So heavy they were it prevented us from doing this fully. We will give ourselves a break of these this 2018.
So at this very time, REVEL speakers are playing for several weeks time, MAGNEPLANAR will equally have our floor for a month or so more, COPLAND tube gear and REFERENCE 3a will also see the light of day in a prolonged fashion. Both the latter had to contend with circumstances that limited their involvement and introductions. In 2018, we will be righting that wrong permanently !
As stated, we will now have systems display lasting up to one month, sometimes longer. Several others will be at the ready, so plug and play it will be the new norm. 
On the TANNOY front, several series are being offered as we speak. The reintroduction of the TANNOY XT Revolutions and the newly introduced TANNOY HERITAGE series. Add to this, new introductions of UNISON RESEARCH amplification.
MONITOR AUDIO Silver 6 series are here, barely out, the press is abuzz as well as having garnered several awards of the year worldwide. The series is here as playing as we speak.
ADCOM Audio is another line up that has been introduced much quicker than it would have been before, now on display. ADCOM is being offered for those new comers that want a piece of high end at what is entry level prices. No one will accuse me of lying if I state that perhaps, ADCOM offers its owners maybe the highest level of high end sound to its rightful owners. Anyway, they are beautiful and on working display. Adcom limit themselves or have historically done so, to a new integrated amplifier, several behemoth amplifiers, and preamplifiers. 
On quite another playing field, but nonetheless, affordable, we have just finished burning in the Jean Marie Reynaud La Folia. The La Folia, is the JMR BLISS replacement. I mentioned they were brave to replace such a classic and loved design. They have surpassed the Bliss. Well, as in all the JMR series which we have on display, La Folia deserves a seat besides its bigger brothers. The JMR is working and ready for display. 
We must not forget about ROKSAN Audio. It has seen major activity, since being introduced in September. It was the last line to go through a rather brutal and prolonged burn in. We dabble with ROKSAN from the most beautiful K3 series to their BLAK reference level gear. Our Jean Marie Reynaud show was displayed by the latter BLAK level with CARY side source and LINN LP 12 turntable
Our December 2nd Audio Note event comprised of AN gear that few have ever listened in Canada, even elsewhere. Pictures are available on top of our Picture key on this website. So it goes that we have the capacity to offer approx. 10 or so variations of AN systems ON DISPLAY at any time. In late March or April, we will set up a different AN system. Again, one will have to visit us for all the dates or give us a call if one is interested in listening something of interest. 
There are several new companies, some that were established in mid Autumn BUT many that DID NOT see the light of day until now. We are ready now to introduce on working display, ACOUSTIC SOLID tables, FUNK FIRM Gett table, new TARA LABS cables, New DRACOUSTIC cables, as well as NEOTECK cables. New cartridges for turntables, and the list actually goes on quite a bit.
Chat you fella's up again in March for our Spring blog. 
Hoping you all have a happy and safe 2018 in what is our first written piece in 2018...so be safe and good fella's.

jmr logo

jmr jmr jmr


Jean Marie Renaud family, sound is everything. 

What is not to like about JMR, clearly walking the line between organic and detail.

Our JMR Bliss, the near baby of the line, has in and for the past 3 months through its burn in process amassed a little army of fans. Coming at you at several levels of shadings, open dynamics, transparency, timbral richness and an emotional maturity that comes shining through the music. These we say are unique sounding, and equally at home with good transistors and yes, tubes. Somewhat inexpensive in high end ways, its will be for your emotional listener, and we really think they are superlative on classical and acoustic music, of the highest order. 

Their sonic signature of our Bliss as well as our Euterpe Supreme is reminiscent of our much more expensive Audio Note AN-E’s that so many love here in Ottawa.

Our Eutrepe Supreme : As many know we burn in our models near and fully, everyone of them. Unlike the JMR Bliss, our Euterpe Supreme held their secret for nearly a full month of burning in. Once the burn in was nearly and done with, the ES provide quite the homogeneous impression as well as being quite transparent. Spatial information was there in spades we all noticed, room ambiance as well as air around clapping hands. A clear window inside the room and the performance all the while maintaining JMR’s distinctive warmth. It relays abundant texture and a wide array of what some call diverse nodal interplay, something one does not get for the less than 4 k price. Typically French performer, offering spontaneity, naturalness of delivery, and what I hear is incredible nuance within the musical message. We expect to do well with this speaker, and for good reason. 

Our Cantabile Anniversary : What many Euro journalist call one of the best pound for pound speaker for the price anywhere. Spatial information and an absolute capacity to lay out everything that the music has to offer. Even if you want it or not. Incredible extension, and elegant in manner, style and precision in all matters of music. Note the word, elegant. For those that cannot afford the best, but who would want to have a hint of what other do at a much expensive level. More dynamic, than our ES, it offers plenitudes of imaging, and a word to the wise, gear begins to matter at this level. 

Our Abscisse Anniversary : Touching a tad less than 5 figures, and just when you think you have tempered the JMR line in ones mind, one clearly goes into another level. Think Volent but with less attitude, a more forgiving and organic delivery as well as that pure Volent predisposition to lays pretty much everything on the line... but our AA’s does it with more softness, some would call soul. Sonics play at what would say an entirely different level, and while one listen to our AA’s, one gets the picture why our Cantabiles come in where they come in, these hint at where our AA’s play at. Another level of texture, transparency, ambience, homogeneous delivery, utter extension and a smooth, organic and full midrange without being soggy, and a full and very clean bass line. A word to the wise, only incredible gear need apply to drive these. 

Should one be interested in listening to these marvels, by all means, give us a call. All of the above require an appointment with no exception.  


JMR logo
JMR banner
Once again we stated in one of our most recent blogs, that we divide our machine called SPI into a few distinct levels. I for one admit, there are levels and or companies that I hear, see, accept into our midst that must not behave like slime balls. I look at the actors, the shows they do and at what level they do it at, and most of all, the level of passion and commitment they have for their products. In this case, I see JMR, and have stated as such, that some product demand to be treated right. Strong terms coming from a "sales guy ". I don't slum it when it comes from my job, nor do any of my crew.
Once again, Ottawa and our expansive client base will be introduced to something that just floats beyond emotionally and musically than other key product. Clearly a LOUNGE 376, but a company that is in my mind, that must be, heard by many. 



One of our best cables in 2017 (POYA)

All on display and much more

Tannoy is back with a new and fresh North American supplier. We do have Tannoy stock already on display, but with the new arrangements now in place, we will be adding to what is a prestigious British line . If we take account with travelling time for incoming new stock, we should see many more Tannoy models on display between our walls here at SPI.

Monitor Audio
Monitor Audio
Silver 50 / 100 / 200 / 300
Now on display
We are pleased to offer nearly the entire series of the most outstanding Monitor Audio Silver series. The work involved is evident from the first musical note one hears. This is their best effort yet at this level. As good as the previous series was and liked by the press and consumer, this new series is about 20-30 % better. No guessing that it's better, just greater sense of musical involvement  all around. MA have added new finishes, that pay homage to their prior finishes that were class leading . Now on display as of mid November.

Moon logo

Sim Neo

Sim Audio banner

In this picture, one sees Bruno having taken care of business with Kris, including placing ground breaking KORE units, quite the relevant reference ODIN speaker cables and a panoply  of cable of our own. As many know, as a business, we have more than 175,000 dollars of cables. Our friends at Nordost also brought some of theirs!
Bruno also prepared Nordost Q and Kore technology that blew many away. How could these little marvels do so much. There are technical reasons, but like Buckley syrup, they work. Yes, even in a system designed too offer much resolution like the one folks listened on that day.
Unfortunately, we lost one of Bruno's pics, and we only have his back side (...and a beautiful backside he has, which of my boys took that picture..... KRISSSSSSSSSS ;-)
The show took in planning and yes a great many hours to conclude. Counting preparation time on our end, a whole weekend for Bruno and his lovely wife and and drive back home in Toronto, and yes, Steve and Kris. I would want to thank them again and again for this successful show. But most of all, thanks you all for attending this show despite the horrible weather.

Many audiophiles that are beginning to amass grey hairs, or that have plenty of these or no hair at all for that matter, will all recall a line up that was and that became synonymous with affordable high end. Adcom had one major problem, they did not know where they belonged in the scales of things ( like that little squirt who fights with the school yards biggest bullies, and won every time ). The ADCOM phenomenon was in fact striking musical fury the world over. It was the school's yards badass in many ways. Further, few Adcom's ever broke, Adcom's performance sheet in this regard, was in fact flawless. At another level, reviews were gushing with praise, the world over, from Stereophile, Absolute Sound, etc etc
We are proud to represent this line and also happy that we can offer something special for those wanting to have a lot for less. Models have been tweaked, and improved as well and they are even more musical than ever before. By the way, even today, something tells me Adcom will remain a badass. 
Welcome aboard badass.

Audio Note
Coming soon - Audio Note Meishu
Audi Note Meishu
On Display - Audio Note Oto
Audio Note Oto
On Display - Audio Note an-e
Audio Note an-e
On Display - Audio Note
Audio Note


Acoustic Solid turntables.

Acousitc Solid

On our Audio Note system, AS is making its first introduction with us. Burn in of gear has already begun, on you know what is one of the best phono amps around, the Linn Uphorik.


Monitor Audi logo

The entire series of MA Silver products, and they are setting a benchmark all around the price points. We stock Silver and part of the Golds series as well.



Audio Note speaker series.

AN-E's are one of the worlds best. They have made their introduction once again on a full LOUNGE376 system display December 2nd 2017. From what we know, we are the only North American dealer to offer 3 different pairs of Audio Note speaker level anywhere. What has been a highly prestigious product for 18 years, and our longest non interrupted line up in our history. Strictly by appointment.


Adcom logo
Welcome Adcom in the new year, we just received these components and they will go through some limited burn in, then up they will be playing for our clients looking for affordable high end. 


Tannoy logo
Tannoy Arden
We will be receiving our new TANNOY series, 2 series in all to begin with. The new Heritage, Revolution XT and Precisons that we did both have before. I believe we are one of the only dealers in North America that have both Tannoys and Audio Note lines ups, and yes, as we stated before, the mating of the lower AN line up with Precision and or Rev's XT's are a sight to look and listen to. We will be concentrating on affordable Tannoy rather than the Prestige, where we still maintain some models on hand ( Kensingtons ), even the diminutive Mini Autograph on hand. As per usual, demonstrations by appointment. 


Welcome AQUA DAC's

Aqua logoAqua

We will now have on hand AQUA DACS, which are some of the best DACS in the world. Together with Audio Note DAC's and DCS ( which we do not carry ), its amazing that a Canadian dealer is capable of offering 2 of the 3 best in high end DAC's in the world.


Unison Research Unico line up
We are heading back into Hybrid technologies. We were the first retailer in North America that started promoting this line. Here we are once again and we will start from the beginning. The straight up UNICO to begin with. Style and sound that meshes well for those that are just beginning their high end journey but that are only willing to have visual statement pieces. 


Copland logo
Copland 215
Now in and just now on display for the first time in December. 








November is Trigon month, system display $90,000.00

All JPS Aluminata cables on display





Audio Note cables on display

Audio Note cables

    jmr logo













JRM - banner


Trigon Exxact

JMR abscisse


Roksan m2

Roksan k3

roksan k3 cd player

Roksan k3 power amp

Roksan Black

magnepan 1.7

Reval Banner


Monitor Audio

Acoustic Solid

Acoustic Solid

Monitor Audio Roksan

magnepan 20.7

JMR banner

JMR banner

JMR banner

JMR banner

TrigonJMR banner