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Linn Servicing agent: Linn has proposed that we could service our Linn clients either for in and out of warranty service or that we may be able to supply new Linn components to our Linn clients. For the latter, we may be able to help. Should you have any questions, please visit us in person. We do have Linn on display and for your listening pleasure.

End of September / October
A well known audio journalist communicated with me and asked for an interview later this year. He stated he was going to ask "What do you do or know that other dealers don't know". I answered quickly, work hard and effectively... A case in point is that I am working on this article and web mods as I'm starting our real vacation on a Saturday evening. Another thing I told him is that we are work incredibly hard for our clients, we drop ego and attitude at the door, and promise our clients to do no wrong....and even before this... my team is essential and an ultra critical part of who our organization is. Still I added, even with all the work we do, we are not for everyone tastes. We accept that.
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The few other points are the next, we plan and organize way ahead of time. So it is we will be bringing news that will have a major effect on our analogue clients. On another point, some were very quick to point out about the reintroduction of Linn or its involvement within our walls. I make no pretense, I have always greatly respected Linn, and the way they do business. It's a limited involvement and one based on a proposition they made to us, which was accepted. So our Linn clients can call or visit us and we can see if both of us can help and meet your needs. Remember that piece of forth coming news, it will be major.
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So it goes that we will be having quite the affair with the French Prestige brand called Jean Marie Renaud. No expense will be spared, I promise. Places are now filled and those of you who were chosen will be communicated with in early September or so. A bit of fun to know information, all concerned components for this show are being placed under its last listening session THIS evening. Red wine in hand, as I start my time off, bottle of red awaits me.
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We have received our much anticipated Audio Note skid, over 500 pounds of beautiful reference AN gear. Later this Autumn we will receive What will get then is our Audio Note Meishu displaying on our new replacements of AN-E's in a few weeks time ( Those AN-E speakers are starting their burn in tomorrow !!! hmmmm ). We look in our future as the month of late November being the introduction time for our Meishu. With this line, there is simply way much to chat about. Come in and hear for your selves when time comes.
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We have brought for quite the stack of Roksan K 3 and Reference BLAK series. We still have one or 2 left to fully burn in. Those that have listened and looked at already, are all quite impressed, technology meets beauty I say. Playing on our new JMR Euterpe Jubilee. The Roksan BLAK series amplifier is a control freak and a stage freak as well. Extremely powerful to say the least, its one of many powerful and expensive amplifiers we have on display. Remember we carry mucho stock that is on display and yes, all ours. Yummeeeeee !
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We will be receiving the new Sim NEO 240i streamer amp, the little brother of our ACE, which saw a price reduction btw ! Pricing is somewhere at 3,000.00 for the 240i and 4,000.00 for the ACE. 
Acoustic Solid
We introduced a solid German analogue line up. More to come, and you bet it will have a starting position on our UNDER THE MOON show. Phono may well be our benchmark Linn Uphorik, still to be decided as I write. 
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This line needs no introduction, I have owned 4 pairs in my life time, and I have the fondest memories. I still have a ProAc 2.5 in our storage room. You may not know JMR, until now, but ProAc is a well revered line up and its not for meek at heart. Welcome later this Autumn. 
 There is much too much to chat about as we close for our vacation, but to say, our fan base will see many new things happening in the coming early autumn in a big way. Also let us mention our new website which is a yearly thing with us, will happen at about this time. New websites are not cheap, but for me they are a necessary evil in doing business and proving to our clients that investing continually proves that we are going nowhere soon. Enough bragging for god's sake.... shut up Lucster ;-)
My red is begging me to attend to it, enough, time to shut up, one last listen to my Jean Marie Renaud Abscise Jubilee approx. 10,000.00, as we both start our vacation together...maybe I might keep these in the system, or I might use some other new toy that begs me to plug it in tomorrow, who knows. 
You have kept us incredibly busy this summer, many thanks for your support. 
Have you all a great end of summer, safe, fun and with lots of love with family and friends. See you all soon. 

* Our team would like to share our well wishes too all of you. Happy summer, happy trails, happy BBQ season, most of all, stay happy and safe.

Summer FUN !
Just as we are getting ready to roll out our 1st week's vacation, we are nip tucking our many new arrivals for your listening pleasure. 
When we say new, you folks should be asking how many ? We should be saying, open your eyes and start counting. We have been inserting new lines as well as new gear that one can only attest to our capacity to invest in our company and yes, with our clients' hunger to see brand new lines and gear. We are investing far more into our operations and clientele than what we can see and hear anywhere else at National levels. Don't worry folks, all bought and paid for, the banks do not own us at all.
Let's start with the simple. New TARA Labs cables will see the light of day. Tara Labs and Nordost are base lines in the last year or so. Brand new DRACoustic cables that just came out and lets not forget brand new Neotech cables at the upper echelon levels are in and burning in. The latter, the new NEOMOI level cables that I happen to be extremely enamored with, extremely impressed and yes, even blown away ( I will explain why face to face ) soon to be on display. 
On the more serious side of things, we have now introduced the Cary 600 CD hybrid player ( 6,500.00 USD ) along side our Moon EVO amplifiers on actual display. Who says top notch CD players are dead !
Roksan Audio will be seeing the light of day here at SPI , from the K 3 series to the Reference Blak series. Something for everyone. Reasons behind this introduction is simple : We were awaiting things to happen here and we needed to replace some of our previous line ups with a 5 star purest 2 channel company. This was 7 months in the making. Now its time to introduce.  What else would one expect from us. Welcome Roksan !
Our Jean Marie Renaud Cantabile Jubilee are now ready for demonstration ( 6-7,000.00 CDN ). What is not ready for demo are our JMR Abscise 50th Jubilee model ( 8-9,000.00 CDN ). Both are pictured on our website. What is not pictured is our JMR La Folia ( 2,400.00 CDN ), the JMR Bliss replacement. As stated before, these La Folia's do take in performance on the above mentioned models in spirit and temperament.
Our Jean Marie Renaud Eutrepe Supreme ( 3,900.00 ) are now fully ready and burned in. In contrast to the above models, this models prefers emotions over neutrality. They are, as in the Bliss, clearly an emotional speaker. On display and ready to go.
The Abscise models are being introduced in September 2017, a special event.
More on the way with speakers, we did introduce right before the flood waters affected yours truly, yes, our Magneplanar models. Again, pictured on our website. Something in the bigger models will soon follow. These present special considerations where shipping and delivering are concerned, but we have bitten the bullet anyway, and yes, some have sold already. 
Coplands arrived in March, some of our samples had to burn in for a month, more too follow. But the amplifier is busy turning heads. July is the month for Copland with REVEL speakers. 
We are equally happy to reintroduce Acoustic Solid tables. German made and yes some of you will remember that over 10 years ago, we further sold these. The American supplier past away and it took some time to be relayed to a Canadian network. We are offering a Special edition model for a very limited time, we have it on display. 
Many have taken note during our Nordost show May 6th, that what was fronting the show was Volent 3.5 speakers ( 28,000.00 ), that blew away the crowd, but also we made sure to add our TRIGON line up. Its not an accident that we used this very line as amplifier, the TRIGON Energy ( 5,600.00 ). Sim Audio DAC and TRANSPORT ( approx. 5,600.00) was used on this set up. All that attended gave us positive feedback More TRIGON gear that is new additions will to be added very soon this later summer. 
Volent 3.5
Our Audio Note systems will soon be delivered, new speaker models to replace the one sold this year, some back up models, new finishes, new 1/2/3 level components in both colors. We have just introduced 4 Reference level Audio Note pieces for public viewing ( each starting at 10,000.00 and above ), all were and are awaiting for what is in effect our Reference replacement speakers ( between 5,000.00 and 13,000.00 ) for this AN level gear. Starting point for this Reference gear is 10,000.00 per and up for what is and what will be on display. 
Audio Note m3
Our Line Magnetic CD player was just named one of the top candidates as best sounding. It was compared favorably to top 2-3,000 Cd players. We have this on display. Not to mention that we have several of their amplifiers on display and stock. 
As this is being written, we can vouch that we have not worked what is a seminal line in speakers that we have basically just started, and that one is :Revel.
The REVEL, what many know is that it's beyond reproach. Clearly one of the premier American line ups and a very new line for us. Burn in did take some time ( and being very busy both with clients and our saturated burn in schedule did not help ! ). As of now, these are all burned in and being honored for the duration of the month of June and July.
Monitor Audio
We are looking at introducing the Monitor Audio NEW silver 6th gen series. Later this summer we should have those in. 
We are also looking at another tube line, real high end, real esoteric... but ha ha ha, cant say until later dudes. Will this be driving our JMR Abscise show in early autumn. 
We have introduced 3 van loads of very high end gear from my home, with at least 3 more van loads to come this summer ( Sorry Kris !!! ). Despite being caught off guard with water issues at home, our push into establishing a " super wow " beachhead for my enterprise has been for lack of a better term, relentlessly forward, despite having one hand ties behind my back. 
At this time, we are being kept very busy, please bear with us if we missed the ball with one of you, we will come back and make up more than enough. We are equally about to let our social medias go with exception of one media, our stats show they are irrelevant, and furthermore, that our clients and fan base prefer our website 99 to 1. Actual stats folks, not even make believe !!!. Life goes on folks and for this summer, be good, stay safe, all of you. 
PS : I am officially back full time with my crew.