A rarest event is about to happen in our nearly 31 year history. Our massive AN inventory is about to be liquidated. A first for us. AN is also rarely seen on CAM. Our protracted list will see the light of day within the coming days. All is to be liquidated at never seen prices... please see our Clearance pagee ( link )...

Last update: June 08, 2023

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613 762 7850
(Active number in the AM till about noon hour)

Sunday/Monday : Closed/off line
Tuesday/Friday : on line & working early morning till 1 pm
Saturday : RV's, demonstration or deliveries

SERVICES : Turntables, I am a Linn LP 12 specialist with an over 1,400 LP 12 work sheet. 34 Years in the making.
INVITES : Our established clients can pencil in a visit at my home, so verbal chats can still be "our thing".
Please Note : As many know, with my chronic back health, I have good days, and bad days, so delays in response times may occur.
Verbal Chats : Are still possible, in fact I prefer these. Please include your phone number so I may get in touch with you.

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