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Hello from afar Luc

Its been our pleasure to do business with a company such as yours over the many years. Stereo Passion truly represents our core values. You have done so historically, it's our honor Luc. Thank you.

Ivor Tiefenbrun
Linn Product

Dear Luc

Being associated with one of the most colorful, yet performing KR dealer worldwide where our products are concerned, gives me the honor to congratulate you for your sheer enthusiasm and business ethics in representing our product line. May we see you again soon in Montreal Luc.

Dr Ricardo Kron
Kron Enterprises

Congratulations Luc, for being our most successful dealer in North America. Good selling!

Anthony Michaelson
Musical Fidelity

Translated from French :
What you have accomplished as our #1 Canadian dealer in the city of Ottawa , is likely never to be seen from anyone else ever.

Jean Luc Petit

Dear Luc. We are very happy to have you do such a wonderful job representing our product line. You are one of our top Merlin dealers in North America and a long established fan. I am certain, this adds to your success in Canada. Congratulations Luc.

Bobby Palkovic
Merlin Music Systems

Thanks Luc, you are an upstanding human being. It is a pleasure to be doing business with you.


Peter Qvortrup
Owner of Audio Note UK

Hi Luc,

If I am ever allowed to come into Canada, I will make a point of visiting you.
That was a real fun evening and I’m glad the empty bottle gives you pleasure.
All the best,

Roy Hall
Music Hall Company


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