January 15th 2021: We will be fully but temporarily closed till further notice, till we can safely re-open again. Expect important delays in response times till we can reopen again. Do not leave voice mails. Stay safe and see you hopefully sooner than later folks.

LAST WEB UPDATE : January 19 2021


Communicating with clients : We have used this very website always in a big way in communicating with our clients throughout the websites 26 year history. This is still applicable especially even more so today, and when it is time to do, we tend to remove marketing information to make our message centric. So please, in order to keep tabs on us through Covid measures, refer to our Home page and our News I page. Our clients will always get the latest information as to when we remain closed, and yes, as to when we can reopen our doors again ON THIS VERY WEBSITE. Stay safe folks.

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Welcome back Linn Hi Fi just in time for 2021 Linn.

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We Welcome our new partners in 2021. More new partners will follow very soon.

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