Our response times starting Friday May 7th till end of day of Friday May 14th will be significantly affected. We will not have access to our computer work stations during this time. More info on our new UPDATES web key.


Its a bit of a mess out there.

Without getting into detail, we did witness a few first yet again less than 24 hours ago, May 5th. Somethings simply don't make sense in these pandemic times. We can only surmise things may get worse with our Covid rides. There is little we can do about this. If we're in for a ride, so will our clients. Hold tight folks. Roger and I will be updating our website in late May, and yes, we will take these deleterious changes into account as we update our website. One short statement sums it up, we're hoping for the best but bracing for the worse with the Covid damages before us.

Our company is dormant but alive and well.

We have been dormant for approx 2 weeks already as of May 1st, and shall remain so for at least another 2 weeks time. However we do provide 7 days oversight on our mailing system. But we have parred down our website to virtually nil. The following information will provide a clearer picture in a near future for our clients as to when SPI awakens up.

For those needing assistance with technical issues, please email us. We will assist you over the phone or via email. We were able to assist 3 of the 4 service calls received last weekend in this fashion. But we cannot open for any reason under the present rules, and we remain closed till we can legally open again. Further we do not know what is going on with certain suppliers and business contacts. We should be able to place pending orders upon our opening, but expect delays, everything is slow in ordering.

In approximate 2 or 3 weeks time or so, we will reawaken our business. Those needing assistance will be communicated with in very quick time. Our client base will further have a full website to refer to. Our email response times which are always quite quick and solid will become even more so ( "our normal standard" ). Once the website opens up with all our contact information, we figure we will be very close to legally opening up yet again.

Follow our NEWS page for details which we can open about OUR certainties in regards to servicing YOU all! Our Facebook page is updated for all matters that change nearly daily.

Truth be told, SPI remains in a very good place BUT we are blind and will only find out what are the outside damages to either supply chains or other service people we use, only once we reopen again. Business is indeed very messy at this time, but I know SPI will get through it folks. Chat soon enough in several weeks time folks. Stay safe.


* Please note, we have had a one of the largest teams in country as far as audio shops go, and all members play a role. Our Stevie Wonder has now effectively retired, and hence I have lost my right hand man office wise. Therefore we will refresh our clients memories that calling ahead to make sure I will be in the shop, will be a must. Also when the weather is atrocious like severe winter storms, historically we may not open the shop on those days. There is no way we can forewarn our clients on the spot when this happens. So call or email us ahead of time will prevent a useless trip which we would hate for you all to do.

About your SPI in May!

As we enter the month of May, it seems we shall be caught up in this Covid drama for quite some time. We are awaiting news when it will be time to reopen again just as we all. As of now, expect significant delays in email response time and our website will also go on standby mode, a first in our history. Again we shall state that we are in a safe spot and can carry on for a very long time yet. We are unsure where Covid will have had an effect on our operations and our supply network, but we will deal with these as they appear upon our arrival back. Thanks kindly for your support folks.