March 3rd : We are catching up, and as for us, it is a rosy and perky existence for the time being. But we are seeing turmoil and pain out there. Shipping and receiving is in turmoil, no matter who you ship with. It's a guessing game at best. We have started to accept RV's. Overall all one needs to do is call ahead so we can ok your desired time. We may ask you to pick another time if we are busy at that time. After more than 10 days of wait shipping time, we should be finally be receiving much gear that folks are awaiting. We will reload our one of popular page, soon enough. We have simplified our website. Our line up was also simplified. Much of what we are doing is behind the scenes. We should reload new info late next week or so and we dont mind keeping our clients abreast of what is going on with us. BTW, we are experiencing record breaking website attendance... congrats folks. Chat soon, Luc

ON DISPLAY : Both very new components, from Naim and Linn, cabled by Nordost playing for a week or 2.

Our 2nd week…

We should be nearly all caught up with our back log by the 7th March or so. We are ready to accept RV's now. We are nearing our burn in cycles on new gear in its totality!!! We remain under the black cloud of Covid. We continue to bring new gear onto our floor plan, and we are at your service. Thank you all for your patience folks. Stay safe.

Here we are into a speedy recovery.

We have received more than several long awaited components in the last 10 days, after the oh so many we received before xmas and covid shut down. Though we are still listening and burning in a lot of gear, as of March, we are now running against the clock as we are reopened again on 25-02.

Our much awaited toys will all be introduced in much quicker fashion right at our location... as of now. This has already begun with nearly all our new line ups, including our Audio Note Cobra introduction on the 11th March ( after a nearly 5 month wait ). We are fast preparing for folks coming out again to visit us. Why our trucks are consistently busy bringing new gear in every work day.

Several of our affordable line ups exist no more. Our ( something for everybody offerings ) has taken a shit kicking. We have taken measures to limit any damage. For the for seeable future, this is everyone's reality. However, don't worry, we have it covered as we speak. More toys are making their way into SPI fun land. We are ready for business. See you all soon.

PS: by no later than of March 11th, you will be able to visit us WITHOUT an RV. Dems remain by appointment, cheers!

We're now back swinging !

audio note - banner 9.jpg

We will be finally be receiving our Audio Note Cobra in the coming days, with our AN cable order. With Covid creating so much havoc worldwide, our 4 month delay for this order, will not be prolonged further by many suppliers due to Covid. Now, as well, we happen to know that its out there in public, that AN have increased their pricing. When one considers the USD conversation, of this increase, it becomes a another significant increase by itself.

It goes without saying our display Cobra will start burn in process before February ends. A very well known Asian audio journalist wrote in his review that the Cobra was in his experience, one of the best pentode amplifiers out there, and an experience to get the Audio Note listening experience at a highly affordable price ( Im not sure on the latter ;-).

SPI has never burned In so much gear in our past than now. Many folks are rushing our soon to open doors. As is always the case, keep an eye on our website, as it is often uploaded with fresh and important information up to 3 times a week!!! No kidding folks.

A quick note…

We will be consolidating our website in order to reflect the interests that our fan base are extolling at present times. This will be a minor work in progress. This will have begun immediately. Thanks kindly for understanding.

Crash… the movie.

Please Note : Interesting and worthy read as an addition to our below article in the most recent Stereophile RE TALES section. If your interested in the state of audio retailing, including the pending retirements, company closings and takeovers, the mortal demises of so many audio actors, massive adaptations across the audio landscape and so on, this Stereophile articles can expand more than we ever could here.

Its important that this should be known, it is changing certain realities in so many ways. This article will be one of the last ones on this subject matter. Our NEWS page will be reconverted into an news page on audio rather than a CNN news feed. Happy reading folks.

For those that have seen this seismic if not iconic movie in 1986 I believe, will not have forgotten it. There is this ultra realistic undertow about how some quiet everyday rumblings take shape without our consent or noticing, they just happen and change us all in the course of our everyday lives. Its never ending and quite powerful movie this tells us. Its very existentialist in nature.

In the course of the last few weeks, I was brought into the fold of this undertow where services, company survivals, warranties, our role in this infinite mess that Covid is creating on us all, how it goes on. Despite this, we had noticed, and in fact for warned so many before the pandemic took hold, to expect a kind of "crash" to happen. Then we were hit with this Covid, and things really began to tumble where services were concerned. Folks are realizing companies have disappeared outright. Well known brands are teetering, just not in audio.

Where my views are, is we are barely seeing the iceberg. Despite this, and this is what I have said to our clients, we will continue to maintain services to our client base. In this present reality, this being said, is becoming a challenge. Many have deplored how the value of their gear has plummeted, how basic securities have changed kind of overnight...but again, this happening everywhere, not just audio.

Because we are service based, we have seen this situation falter in a major way in 2020, more so in 2021. This has affected our much loved trade in program. If we look at what we could sell our trades for ( where we dont expect to make any money or little ), its peanuts now ( meaning we now loose money are also expected to service said gear ), effectively and sadly the market has tumbled. And the more we sell, the more we attach ourselves to servicing said gear that we have lost money on in the resell process. This is why we have shifted to big international companies and reducing drastically the ratio of trade ins.

But I must say the more I look forward into 2021, I am saying we are barely seeing all unintentional consequences too come. Having seen some companies wash their hands outright , these folks are thinking that we will deal with these people problems, being a end provider. This is rather worrisome tendency at this time. We will try to take care of our own, but on the other hand as to others, we cannot save the world either. Also being an end supplier, we are seeing first hand the worry many have where this is involved. We must adapt, we have no choice, but also the consumer must acknowledge that we or many of us, have our hands tied as much as you do. Knowing few will read this article ( our 4th on this matter since June 2020 ), what we are saying here will need to stand. We are going from, we will stand behind what we sell you too we will try our best. Market forces are forcing to revisit things that we are still unaware of. Enough bad news folks.

This above story will not end with the vaccines, I hope it will as I see, but the damages are permanent. This hope is all we have at this time.