I would like to thank you all on behalf of my team, Kris, Roger, our now retired Stevie and myself. Not many could have survived this pandemic without the unwavering support of our clients and friends. The fact we that survived for nearly 1 and a half year without scar nor blemish, is simply astounding. We look forward to meeting any future challenges head on and we equally look forward to serving you all for years to come.

Thank you
Luc Morin

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News 1

Yoohoo folks! June 7th 3 pm

We set out our dates this morning with Roger, getting ready to change them on a whim like so many other times before. It happened again, but in a good way !! What good news, so now we can get ready without the idea we may be doing things for nothing once again.

We will begin the process to get our shop fully ready for June 15th onward . That is all we can provide at this time, but for the many that have been waiting for us ( as our email shows just now ), I am glad that Kris let Roger and I know of this breaking news just now. Let there be light we say.

A word to the wise, by appointment , and we can only have a maximum of 3 clients. Hand sanitization and masks still required.

One last yoohooo folks.



Linn Lp 12

linn logo 2.jpeg

Our return into service will be done efficiently as we can, however we will be entertaining some delays with our Linn Lp 12 works, repairs and rebuilds. We have several new Linn LP 12's that we need to build from the ground up. I will make sure I place some pictures of this work on this very website. I even have some pics of a rather intensive repair and refurbishment job that I did right before Xmas for one of our clients. The client was very happy, both for the work done (he had never heard it sound so good) and for the fact I busted both nuts delivering said refurb right before Xmas.

For our new clients, we only use original Linn parts, as well as belts for your Lp 12. We also have most likely the worlds largest LP 12 micro parts selection. Where our approach to fixing your LP 12 up... Expect a wait time, as we do these repairs without rush, always...and I mean... always. With the departure of Steven, I should be able to use his desk to work on any table, this fact should help make the process faster.

Lastly, on a particular forum ( CAM ) its stated that we do not fix Lp 12 anymore. At the time, when the gent called us, our Steven stated we did not and he was right. I needed to take a break from fixing tables. Soon after that time, I did return back after taking a 2 year break. I can now say I keep a smile on my face when I fix your beloved Lp 12's.

About Audio Note


So it goes we have been doing AN for a very long time, in fact we remain the one original AN retailer in North America. Its our longest serving line up. We get many calls about this line up, but we also get folks asking us how much these gems cost 2 to 3 times a week. We stopped providing retail pricing more than several years ago. We did notice links for such enquiries with the same AN skew being offered as used by on liners on all sales forums... 100% of the time. Here is a funny punch line, we've never received a thank you for responding, 100% of the time. Why we only provide pricing at time of your AN demonstration. Lastly, since this is made very clear and visible on our website, why we choose not to respond.

SPI carries much display of AN gear, most likely more than any retailer in Canada. This brand is expensive to entertain. Always has been. But since Covid has hit the world, the wait times match the wait times for Magnepan. Deposits are required before we proceed with any purchase order. I can say this without smirk, listening to AN gear, and where this sound will bring you, is well worth the wait.

We're looking to see if our realities will allow us to have our yearly annual AN event. Time will tell.

How our return may play out.

We can venture we will be hit hard. We're officially opening up next week. This week has reserved how our return to commercial activity will be... we suspect it will be hectic and you folks will keep us very busy. With our Stevie Wonder out of the picture and retired, there will be some dancing and adapting on our parts. Right our of the gate, we will be catching with quite a few clients. Organizing our shop will be the order of the day in this first week.

We will have to catch up with a phenomenal 6 Linn LP 12 work orders, plus 2 new builds. Its a lot of work. We have simplified our Tables offerings. Now we carry Linn and Funk Firm. Our entry will be met by a complete Linn system for a few weeks, then a Naim system. Magnepan is extremely popular at this time, so we will need to respond and make sure our floor models are playing hard and plenty good for this summer.

We will be taking a shortened vacation time sometime in August when most are away. We will know more later as to timing.

Other than that, the above carries us well into August. So plenty to going on this summer. Our website will equally be kept vibing and vibrant.

Naim and Linn all in one units.

naim_logo.jpglinn logo 2.jpeg

I rushed a buying spree in late 2020, hastily preparing for what seemed for our 2nd Covid lock down. I was right, it happened. Without skipping a beat, this permitted me to burn in at home some most wonderful gear. The Naim Star took forever to burn in. When the markets came back in active mode, Naim was front and center, because burning was central on the Naim side of things. We've been doing Naim long enough to know how a burned in Naim unit sounds like. But before we had time to fully burn in our Naim, we were facing a 3rd lock down. So Naim came back home and burn in continued. I am happy to report that our Naim is now burned in.

As stated in another article, I am glad to say our return will be full of these 1 box wonders that are very musical and yes high end in every way. But both these lines have been sculpted and as for Naim reduced in order to make sense in our present market place. There are some wait times associated with both lines, but not as much as some of our other line up. Our new beginnings will take shape with these types of products. So welcome back folks, so now you know what awaits you all.

Events in 2021, let us hope!

We can chat about the multiple gear that we have on display that would be at the Signature level. We do have a lot to be sure. Rather than chat on this website about this or that, I would rather let the gear do the talking. So we intend to have one event later in the year with only Signature level products. A kind of Signature weekend sometime in either late November or early December, as long as we never see another wave of horror after our present time.

audio note meishu.jpg

I already have a precise idea of what will be playing but only if things calm down in the coming months. Looking forward to this, after 2 years of having no events... cross our fingers.