Our 30th year, Thank you


We've seen the fake news on CAM from a chorus of people stating that we are closed forever, this is not fact nor is it the case. We do know where this rumor started.
We remain commercially open and very active: Roger and I are in fact quite busy, and Kris stands at the ready for deliveries. If we are closed , someone better explained to me why our sales level is quite active. No where does it say on our website that we are closing. In fact, our website does get refreshed quite often on a weekly basis. Why we discovered where this rumor really began. It's a rumor, nothing more.
Our lines: Ask our friend Rheal at Distinctive oh so many moons ago when I worked there... he would say quite a lot to our supply network, out loud of course ...  "Lines come and go constantly , but Rheal (and Lucster and Bobbey) are here to stay".  This remains true today till we ourselves disappear. Loved it when he spoke in third person about himself, a classic in my book,
Working in my home office...: Has not been an issue at all surprisingly. In fact, it's opened us up with our client base that could not get to our shop in 2022 and, has freed me up from dealing with the nonstop chaos LRT issues that were massive. This was a lot to deal with and 6 months later as of now, whenever I look at the local Ottawa news, aren't I happy to have made the correct decision to remove myself far and away from the LRT chaos. This LRT had been a constant source of aggravation.
My English prose on our website: I've always liked to communicate with my public. In our history of doing so, it ended up pissing some guys terribly off, only a few, but a constantly irritated few. They were coming back on our website like a young boy picking a scab on his knee. Truth be told, this formula actually worked, in a way it was like Buckleys cough sirop, the bitter tasting but hey, it worked plenty well. This aspect of our marketing will drastically change. Roger and I had already begun on this issue in early 2023. Further, yes, I am a francophone, but many may not know (or how are you guys supposed to know this!!), that my 4 University degrees were all at English Universities'. In my head,  I am all English. 
Changing lines and portfolios: Of course, this was to be expected. Working from home will do this, especially with the major brands we had under our belt. Some, actually many, stayed the course with us. Perhaps it's better to stay with the devil you know than the one you do NOT  know. Fact remains that our retirement was AWAY from a shop setting into my home office and sound room, and our sales rhythms is going really beyond expectation. I am humbled and surprised. The formula works. I continue to be full service. My Dear friend Rheal at Distinctive Audio who has gone kind 'a part time himself, would have done the same thing himself if he would have been afflicted with my back issues. He would have done so, no choice about it. I am certain of that.
One last point: No SPI is not closed, nor will it close. My intention is to continue, as I love my job with the men that assist me. I am closer to the end of my work life , I must be honest with you folks , but for now I remain working . Some lines that have remained , will likely leave , and this is expected , but our parting of ways is very cordial and friendly . I would not be surprised if many companies double up their retail outlets here in Ottawa so they achieve our SPI numbers . But the retail outlook and the layout of the land post pandemic shuffles here in Ottawa , will be drastically changing forever. However, this being said , I have lesser days working in front of me than behind me. No one can deny this. I hope this clarifies this CAM fake news issue.
We still have a little ways to go yet folks.
Thanks for reading 
Luc, er, shucks, I mean Luke as in cool hand Luke