Our 31st year, Thank you

noel 2023.PNG

Our Xmas holidays will start Saturday December 16 at 2pm. Kris, Roger and I wish you all a perfect Xmas holiday and of course new year with those that you love. I will start again January 6th 2024.


(02/12) I'm still dealing with the effects of the work-related accident I had last November. I'm working but it's on slo-mo and gentle cycle still for a short while yet. Expect some delays in response times. So sorry fella's.

*UPDATE Clearance page (1/12)

My accidental fall that occurred in late-ish November, makes the update on Clearance close to impossible to complete before the pulling of this page by our vacation time. I will not be able to finalize this webpage for now. I promise to upload what I was supposed to be done. This will happen after we return this January 2024.

Effective today (30/11), I am back working on your behalf, just at a tad slower pace, I gather for the next few days . Thanks too all for your patience.

My Linn LP 12 work status is only slightly delayed for the same reason. So, it's not all bad news folks.