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It's been a while...

...since we've had these 2 playing together. It's now time. Playing on Audio Note DAC 3 / CDT 3 + M2 pre and Conq SIL Sign version amp. The top Conq model there is at this time. Of course, a full set of cablings from the AN boys. Follow through will be played Klipsch Palladium speakers.

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Within a short while later, within a few weeks, I'll be taking out AN-E models, with ISIS jumpers and speaker cables. Then after some time, I will need to refresh myself about one of my fave amps from AN, the AN P1s, driven by the M2 preamp. Between both those amplifiers, let's try AN Sogon's cablings and ISIS cables, were getting into serious AN cables folks. I am certain I will have fun.


SPI remains the oldest and most established Canadian dealer. Further, we possess more AN inventory than any and all other Canadian dealers. SPI makes them look like a bad joke, with one other exception that we respect greatly. We may be able to help you in this regard.

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On Display


Audio Note Cables (14/04): We carry quite a lot of AN cables, and by quite a lot, I am diminishing the value of musicality that these cables represent. As to interconnects, we have everything from AN-A, AN-C, Lexus, AN-V, AN-VX and finally Sogon. To be added to the previous skews, will be ISIS cables. We don't offer specialty lengths; we offer 1.0 M and 1.5 M; these will need to be ordered. Speaker cables we limit ourselves with a must listen AN-LA speaker cables which I happen to love actually, a level 1 cable that is not good at listening to where it belongs in the AN food chain, and yes, Lexus. Power cables are by order only, wait times are normal, though I intend to address the stocking issue very soon.



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Might as well tell you all... we no longer have a Cobra amp. Reason, our Chris wanted to have it before we shut down the retail location... what Chris wants, Chris gets that's what I say about this issue ;). By the time you guys read this, a Cobra will have been ordered. Wait time is expected.

Our AN brand. audionote.jpg

Where do we start folks, well lets start with the sources 1st and foremost.

Where we began within the AN was with a CD 2x, at the time . We did not do well with this model. We also at that time, did do quite better in terms of sales with the CD 3.1x . Many were taken aback with the performance of our CD 4.1x . We also sold a few of these.

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Typical of AN, we took this to an even higher level, from the DAC 2  throught the DAC 2 signature . For quite some time, and perhaps even my possessing one, our DAC 3 XLR  did reasonably well. We offered a CDT 2 (sold a few) but our most sold CDT was a CDT 3 .

We do have a fully fledge TT2 table on display

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AN Turntables are perhaps where AN is competitive with other highend companies. An AN TT2 with arm set up will start you in the high enough range , but I am afraid it gets expensive from there. They sell their own brands of MC phono preamps one adds to your pre-existing AN MM phono. The starts from 3,300.00 for a 0 level PH amp to 199,000.00 M9 PH amp.


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Where AN is quite interesting is where the amps are concerned. Many will begin to regret not buying used units on on line sales forums. Many owners will now think twice about selling these.


A AN Cobra now runs a cool into a cool sum of money , an OTO PP now begins at well over 5k and a full decked out OTO, phono SE, signature, Silver is cost an astonishing 5 figute sum   . An Oto SE runs with the Cobra in pricing. The Oto's big brother, the SORO begins at the same price as the Cobra and up from there.


Not whats to say about what a great many top reviewers in the call one of the worlds greatest amplifiers. We have historically offered 2 such models on display. Now the Meishu standard edition start a serious sum of money and goes up to on display top level Meishu , SPI has both on display . We know of no dealer anywhere that has both models on display.


Our 300B power amplifiers run the gamut we have everthing on display, starting at a Conquerer entry level at 5 figure price , a Conqueror Silver at 1higher still  and with our master Conqueror it will be a Conqueror Silver Signature at ...well , ALL on display in this series.

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Now, as we roll out away with the amplifier section, the AN P1 now starts  . The top-of-the-line P1 cost more than a Cobra .The P2's is also available . All on display, Again we dont know who has more AN amps than yours truly.

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Where AN pre's are concerned, the M1 starts at over 4k them up from there , the M2 and onward M3 ... All on display.


Lastly AN speakers. We have 3 models on display, These start at over  6K basic price for a standard AN -Z with hemp woofer, and AN-K all start at over 7k  for a basic model, an AN-J  is available , and a AN -E Lx as well .


All speaker models do go up substantially as one increase in model offereings.

Cables. Well we do have a lot, and because of the many models, we will not get into pricing. Suffice it to say, we have a lot of AN cables. (( see above paragraph in blue ))


Hope you enjoyed the read folks.